Chapter 707 Domain Five people, five different styles, but the same characteristics, they give people the feeling of one type of very dangerous, but the Demon Race person and Magic Beast who at their back, these can fly flew, with at their back, moved forward to meet somebody toward undead army. undead army has not attacked directly, saw that Demon Dragon King they welcomed, undead army stopped, this arrived is makes Demon Dragon King raise a hope, he hopes that Zhao Hai these time did not come attack really they, otherwise why Zhao Hai suddenly stopped. The Zhao Hai three people stand on Bone Dragon, moved forward to meet somebody, Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai, then saw Berry, he also same saw on Berry that lozenge Crystal, this made his eye cannot help but shrink, sweeps him to look at one to stand in Zhao Hai behind Xu Wanying. Xu Wanying is also God Rank Expert, but Demon Dragon King felt that from the body of Xu Wanying a dangerous aura, he presently this is very dangerous God Rank Expert, this person is a soldier, a soldier of being unafraid of death. What most important is, Demon Dragon King saw Xu Wanying looks at the Zhao Hai look, that is the one type of absolute trust, even is bringing eyes of worship. Such look appears does not have on the body of any average person quite strangely what, however works as this look appears on a body of God Rank Expert, that appeared very bizarre. What God Rank is Expert? In Space topest existence, that feared before him, is a slave, after becoming God Rank Expert, he will also obtain God Rank Expert allowance, with proper respect, but God Rank Expert with must also know that they are belong to this Continent topest existence, therefore they do not use likely any lowering the head. With Demon Dragon King their five people, although superficially, Demon Dragon King is sightest, however he does not have the authority to order several other God Rank Expert in normally, this these God Rank Expert will possibly listen to his order, but actually not because of Demon Dragon King, because order under Great Demon King Your Majesty. In Demon Realm, nobody can violate the order of Great Demon King Your Majesty, that feared that you are God Rank Expert, therefore these God Rank Expert will coordinate Demon Dragon King to move now. Demon Dragon King turns the head look at Zhao Hai, the eye color of dreading was actually thicker, has not thought that God Rank Expert can actually make God Rank Expert not have in this respect to have the mood of worship, first did not say Zhao Hai true strength how, depending on this point, Zhao Hai absolutely was he has run into the person most fearful one.

Demon Dragon King look at stops slowly in his front Zhao Hai, deep voice said : „did mister look like does not want to let off us really? Can mister put together with us really life and death?” Zhao Hai look at Demon Dragon King showing a faint smile said : suddenly Demon Dragon King Your Majesty spoke, your Demon Race arrives at Ark Continent here for what, I know that you also know, now was saying these were not useful, now I only want to ask that a Demon Dragon King Your Majesty matter, Demon Race will give up to Ark Continent attack?” Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai, the eye has not winked said : meeting!” Zhao Hai laughs said : so on thanks Demon Dragon King Your Majesty, a matter I must tell you, actually I am to bring these Undead Creature today ask the person to eat meal.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, these Undead Creature suddenly vanished in his, waits for these Undead Creature in appears , the present Demon Dragon King their, these Undead Creature by some Great Formation, turned into innumerable small formation, each small formation is revolving the cone, these cone small formation fast are revolving, if each and every one huge turns the head to be the same, one has crashed in Demon Race Battle Formation. Demon Dragon King complexion changes, then his hand wielded bellows said : to kill them.” Said that his Black Dragon car(riage) had overrun toward Zhao Hai, his behind that several God Rank Expert also overran toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai does not have retreat, the personal appearance to move, Bone Dragon of under foot vanished, then he and Berry also had Xu Wanying personal appearance also Rong Xiaoshi in in midair, when they in the appears time, that archer Demon Race God Rank Expert surrounding, Zhao Hai in hand Blood Staff turned into large Glaive, a blade cut toward that archer. large Glaive this weapon does not have in Ark Continent here, but Zhao Hai took now, because at this time, large Glaive this weapon was easiest-to-use. Reason that Zhao Hai will choose this archer to be the own first attack object , because in these people, these archer is biggest to their threats, this archer is long-distance attack, one, but they they were given to tie down by Demon Dragon King, the surrounding actually flutters to them who God Rank archer is keeping carries on attack, that will not be one will let the person happy matter absolutely. That archer has not thought of Zhao Hai their unexpectedly first attack he, but he does not have the scared look of silk, conversely, on his face actually revealed that excited, sweeps his personal appearance to move, the whole person disappeared in in midair, that piece of region that then Zhao Hai they were by one group of Dark mist wrapping up, simultaneously Zhao Hai they also felt own weight one increased much.

Zhao Hai cold sound said : „is this Domain strength?” Zhao Hai is God Rank Expert, therefore he regarding the God Rank Expert strength is very clear, each God Rank Expert after achieving God Rank, will comprehend the one type of own Domain strength, this Domain strength wants to comprehend, he is the person in fighting strength, with according to own fight custom, formation slowly, in this Domain, the God Rank Expert strength, can wield 120%, but was stranded in inside God Rank Expert actually can only wield 80% even lower fighting strength. However this Domain strength is not good to comprehend, do not think that became God Rank Expert can comprehend the Domain strength, that is impossible, after that need has wanted the fight and fumble of long time, can achieve. But has not comprehended the Domain strength God Rank Expert, most can only wield about 80% fighting strength, can say that has not comprehended Domain Expert with comprehending Domain Expert, that completely is two concepts. Zhao Hai they have not comprehended the Domain strength God Rank Expert, therefore these time to fighting superficially, probably was Zhao Hai has profited, these Demon Race God Rank Expert did not have the complete restoration, Zhao Hai they actually not to need to be worried about this issue, but if recorded to calculate that the Domain strength, suffering a loss instead to was Zhao Hai they. That several Demon Race God Rank Expert obviously also present this point, Demon Dragon clan silently said: Domain merge!” The Domain merge is the one type of Domain unusual usage-style, God Rank Expert is on this Continent topest existence, therefore their normally little cooperates with the person, if cooperates with the person, two people simultaneously cause to make Domain, such will only make two people operate independently, therefore underwent the fumble of long time, God Rank Expert present one type of method, is two God Rank Expert , to cooperate, can carry on the Domain merge, Domain after merge, will have two Domain common strength characteristics, moreover two God Rank Expert in Domain after this merge, are. Mutual attack, so long as has been separated from this condition, can mutually attack. Naturally, this Domain merge is also not the casual two people can use, first takes two people both same, next takes two people to trust absolutely, otherwise is impossible to use Domain to merge. Demon Dragon King presently Zhao Hai they are stranded to archer Domain, has not actually worked loose with own Domain, his immediately determination, Zhao Hai they have not comprehended Domain, this lets his great happiness, so long as Zhao Hai they have not comprehended Domain, they can come in handy the Domain merge, they rolls Zhao Hai in Domain, therefore his immediately has issued the order of Domain merge. That several Demon Race God Rank Expert not polite, several people have supported their Domain separately, slowly by in together, then several Domain unexpectedly fusions slowly in together, turned into incomparably huge, fluctuates uncertain Domain.

However when they cause this huge Domain, Zhao Hai they from disappeared same place, Zhao Hai knew the Domain matter before, because when with Bloody War they spoke knows that otherwise in Ark Continent here, may not have any about God Rank Expert the record. But Demon Race there already had God Rank Expert, therefore they definitely know how utilization Domain strength, he just wants to call this opportunity, what has a look at the Domain strength is. Now Zhao Hai they are sitting in Space look at Demon Dragon King their five people, Domain of their five people have the similarity , the has plenty different places, archer Domain is the one type of Dark mist in addition has Domain of gravity obviously, but he actually not by Domain sound influence, therefore that Dark mist can make the enemy unable to see him, the gravity can let the slow-moving of enemy, but he can actually see the enemy, wields itself in Domain quickly. Demon Dragon King Domain also very interesting, that type vacation in Spiritual Attack same Domain, in his Domain, you will fall into to an illusion, probably is Demon Dragon King is your king, your god, you must submit to him. Lich Domain is a piece of bone sea, is comprised of Bone in there all, there knows how things stand endless Undead Creature, moreover each and every one attack strength, what most important is, his not appears in your front, attack your Undead Creature, moreover you after attack these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature will have learned your method, will become stronger and stronger, finally will defeat you. The Knight Domain strength is actually very simple, inside has weakly, frightened, bites the blood, wild, waits for negative Black Magic, but Knight itself has the conflict, great strength, strengthening wait / etc. Magic energy, in there your strength by reduction of biggest degree, Knight strength by the enlargement of biggest degree. In that Dead-soldier Domain actually unusual, in that Domain, is a house piece by piece, the air intermediate hood faint Dark mist, but these Dark mist actually poisonous, can hide in there Dead-soldier in any place at will, disperses attack to you, you not only need deal with Assassin attack, but must cope with these poisonous mist. ro! ~!