But reason that Zhao Hai knows that theseall are the Space gang analyze, although other people entered in Space, but kept in Blood Staff Domain, but Staff looks like the detector that Space enters is now same, can survey then to deliver to Space to analyze outside these Domain characteristics ”, was telling Zhao Hai this Domain characteristics Along with Demon Dragon King they several people of Domain merges, in that huge Domain was born the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, first in that piece of huge Domain, appears house , the imperial palace, entire Domain probably turned into a city to be the same. Actually in that piece of Domain appears in Undead Creature that has braved greatly, they look like in this city is living the person, in city in all directions is taking a walk. In outside this Domain city also flutters Dark mist that toxin is formingsimultaneously the gravity in city also to have is heavy, inside is also flooding these negative Black Magic, but these Undead Creature brought that blessing/additional support in addition to fight the strength auxiliary Magicto say very unusual. Heard the analyses of Space about these Domain, was seeing this huge Domain appearance, the brow of Zhao Hai also cannot help but wrinkled now, he is thinking such as what method broke this huge Domain. Zhao Hai wants leave this Domain is very easy, he can through Space directly on leave this Domain ”, but makes any intent not to discuss, he wants to defeat Demon Dragon King they, first breaks this huge Domain, otherwise is Zhao Hai attack, before has not broken Domain, they will not have any influence to Demon Dragon King. But what Zhao Hai don’t know is, now Demon Dragon King they are also frowning, must know that this Domain is their several people composes with joint forces, however composition of Domain, needs to consume energy, after original Demon Dragon King they prepare a Domain merge, ” immediately copes with Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai their actually suddenly vanished in Domain, this made them feel very strange. Domain is in itself God Rank Expert comprehends, therefore mysterious Expert, in Domainlooks like Zhao Hai is the same in Space, Zhao Hai can understand all changes in Space when necessary, God Rank Expert, but Domain is needs energy to open, but Space does not need, Domain can only be used to fight, Space is actually not, Domain is very smallSpace is very big In because of this characteristics, therefore Demon Dragon King they, when wants to attack Zhao Hai they, actually suddenly presently Zhao Hai they disappeared ”, moreover Zhao Hai they do not have now Domain outsidethis five very puzzled.

In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly in Space is actually hearing Space in one time to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Kind of Space shape aggressiveness region, withdraws the region characteristics, join arrives at Space, Host use class Space shape attack region, the region characteristics, kind of Space exists.” Zhao Hai gawkedthen his suddenly to feel that in own head were probably many any thing, he carefully looked, was actually the one type of Domain application method, this type with Space very similar, there also Space same environment ”, but in that environment, Zhao Hai was the absolute god, can support all in that Space. However that person of Space is not[ really] actual balance, is only the Zhao Hai one type of Domain strength, Space helps the one type of Domain strength that Zhao Hai is making, ” Zhao Hai in that Domain can along with the change terrain, can along with change inside environment, looks like Zhao Hai is the same in Space. But when with Demon Dragon King their different, Zhao Hai the Domain, actually does not need to use energy to support, because this Domain is equal to Space is helping the Zhao Hai support actually, Zhao Hai simply does not use the fee anything thoughts, that is Domain, rather is projection that Space makes, Space projection. Sees ten Domain, Zhao Hai actually laughs, in this Domain, Zhao Hai is almost invincible existence, because in Zhao Hai the Domain, has own Law of Space, will not come under an influence of outside world, God Rank Expert that so long as was surrounded by Zhao Hai this Domain, actually do not want in 17351) Naturally, you must surround the opposite party first, looks like Space is the same, wish makes Space come the attack person, you must draw the opposite party to Space in first, wish makes Space enter well attack to the person directly is impossible. Other God Rank Expert Domain also probably so, just their Domain also has the foreign attack ability, but Zhao Hai this Space does not have the foreign attack ability, is other Domain wants attack Zhao Hai this Domain, wascan say that Zhao Hai this Domain that ” could not break through was a meat grinder, outside was bringing the one layer iron casing, you will unable to break the iron casing, iron casing not attack you, but you must walk to enter to the meat grinder, that affirmative will be twisted becomes the meat stuffing. although this Domain does not have what ability outward, but Zhao Hai or very happy, God Rank Expert has only groaned own Domain, what can be true is God Rank Expert, otherwise can only be False God level Expert.

Now the Zhao Hai sea had this Domain strengthhe naturally to use, therefore the Zhao Hai flashes body came out from Space, immediately has supported own Domain. Saw mini version Space suddenly appears in Zhao Hai all around, in this mini version Spacewith Space most appearance looks like very from the beginning, several fields, a piece of grass, a log cabin, in field also steadily Little seedlings. However Zhao Hai the Domain characteristics, his Domain is very big, is big, compared with that Domain that Demon Dragon King their five people merge, is not small. Zhao Hai just supported own Domain, immediately received Demon Dragon King their this to merge the repel of Domain, a huge pressure toward the Zhao Hai Domain pressure, wants to crash his Domain. However Zhao Hai the Domain can so be good to cope? Saw the Zhao Hai that Domain surrounding, suddenly dodges seven colors of the spectrum radiance, then this seven colors of the spectrum radiance started in revolving that Zhao Hai Domain outside kept, these pressures were brought Spacenot to have a point influence to Zhao Hai this Domain unexpectedly. Demon Dragon King they look at this situationimmediately using their strength, bit by bit Zhao Hai the Domain squeezing out outside their Domain. Zhao Hai Domain arrives at Demon Dragon King their to merge outside Domain, Demon Dragon King their Domain immediately transformation of merge, suddenly turned into a giant skeleton archer appearance, this skeleton and his in hand arrow, tothen this giant skeleton archer that the black gas mist composes, slowly has pulled open in hand longbow comprised of Dark mist, arrow appears that Dark mist composes that skeleton has met fullythen an arrow to shoot the bow toward Zhao Hai in the hand of this skeleton ”. Great, in the arrow that Dark mist composes one shot on Zhao Hai Domain, on Zhao Hai Domain suddenly has formed a whirlpool, that arrow one shot in the whirlpoolwhirlpool rotation, that arrow also slowly vanished. Zhao Hai standing still in his Domain, in the eye is actually flashing the joyful expression, when just Domain received imbue arrow attack, in suddenly Space in one time transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently kind of Space shape area foreign department attack style, prompt attack style join Space, shrinking the lord may use exterior attack style ” the attack method to ask Host to comprehend voluntarily. ” Some although Zhao Hai do not understand this voluntarily comprehensions are any meanings, but he actually knows that his Domain currently had the exterior attack ability, comprehended the attack method regarding oneself, Demon Dragon King their attack style to proposes one to awake to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wields, sees his, Domain in slowly is fluctuating the shape, finally forms one with the Space Stone Giant very similar appearance, then that Stone Giantbig hand, one group of transparent Stone form in in his hand, then this giant stone one lost in hand Stone. But Demon Dragon King their huge merge Domain actually suddenly was divided into fivehas become five small Domain, these five small Domain outside opened also lives the change, archer that Domain appearanceturned into an appearance of arrowDemon Dragon King Domain appearance to turn into a Black Dragon appearanceLich Domain to turn into a giant skeleton shape, Knight Domain appearance, actually turned into a Knight Spear appearance, but Dead-soldier Domain appearance, was actually group Dark mist.

Zhao Hai annoys the changes of thought look at Demon Dragon King their these five Domain, Demon Dragon King their Domain, the characteristics, looked toward from outside that could not see inside thinghis only Domain was being covered by one group of Dark mist, but his Domain is actually transparentfrom outside can clear seeing Domain inside situation, inside every bit of propertyoutside front can see clearly, even now his Domain transformation has become, outside can see clearly his Domain appearancealso to see the Zhao Hai position, to Demon Race Domain completely different. But Zhao Hai a side presently should not be, Demon Dragon King and Lich Domain is on the other hand more complex ”, but archer, Knight, Dead-soldier, they three Domain are much simpler, that said that Demon Dragon King and Lich in five person strength formidable some, therefore their Domain appearance can complex, but archer their Domain appearance are relatively simple, explained their strengths to in the other hand weak some. If this is really the case, that had one to explain, Domain can also grow slowly, the person strength of use was strong, the change of Domain was also many, Black Dragon same Domainhis will attack style be more than Knight Spear? Probably in confirming the suspicion of Zhao Hai is the same ” a release another Dark mist arrow that in archer Domain keeps, toward Zhao Hai Domain attack, he puts the arrow very fastlooks like a machine gun is the same. But Demon Dragon King Domain, actually like is real Black Dragon, a body pendulum, clashes toward Zhao Hai Domain, in process that clashes, that Domain Black Dragon big mouth, puts out black gas of one group from inside like flame, direct Zhao Hai Domain attacks. Lich Domain is also same, that Domain skeleton, direct Zhao Hai Stone Man Domain flushed, simultaneously in hand of Domain skeleton also formed a body root spearto puncture toward Zhao Hai Stone Man Domain. Knight Knight Spear Domain is also same, but Dead-soldier that Dark mist Domain, was actually fierce disappearance in same place, then in the appears time by Zhao Hai Stone Man Domain, that has rolled Dark mist one moistening on Zhao Hai Stone Man Domain, his Domain just moistened to Zhao Hai Stone Man Domainon Stone Man Domain in the view on emitting the intermittent white smoke, obviously Dead-soldier this Domain attack was the toxin corrosion! 【...... Chapter 708 Domain war......】 a!!