But therefore Zhao Hai this thinks that turned into a Stone Man shape own Domain, is received Demon Dragon King their reminderDemon Dragon King their time attack he time, his Domain turns into a skeleton Sagittarius appearanceZhao Hai to have a look, whether own Domain can turn into a Stone Giant appearance, but also let alone, these made the person turn This success lets Zhao Hai at heart one bright, his understand, so-called comprehended Domain attackis the attack method that because can use were too many, therefore Space does not have promptto make him comprehend. In sees Demon Dragon King their attack, Zhao Hai also has to recognize, these Demon Realm Expert are really very strong, their attack have their characteristics, even if like archer, Dead-soldier the strength is inferior to Demon Dragon King, their Domain foreign attack ability is not weak, has inseparable relationship with own fight characteristics. Zhao Hai nodded, his Stone Giant Domain actually instantaneous changed to the shape, in one time turned into a sphere appearance then Domain semblance to start revolving fast, Assassin Domain, in cannot moistenone to be flung on Zhao Hai Domain. However several other people of attack also arrivedfirst is the archer arrows, his arrow although looked like the attack strength probably is not strong, but was actually very fastthat may the machine gun was the same, if Domain of average person has met, certainly was hit to be thrown into confusion. However Zhao Hai Domain actually did not care aboutsemblance rotation to be too quick, these arrows shoot Zhao Hai Domain outside, immediately are brought to side, a point did with not to get up. But Demon Dragon King that Black Dragon Domain spat came Fireball that to have some hard to deal with, that rolled Fireball after meeting Zhao Hai Domain, has burnt outside Zhao Hai Domain unexpectedly, how even if were Zhao Hai Domain to transfer is also useless. But at this moment, Lich skeleton Domain has also overrun to with Knight lance Domain, Zhao Hai Domain in one time fluctuated transformation outside his Domain to flash blue radiance, then entire Domain outside probably one turned into big water ball to be the same, still in revolving that there kept, Demon Dragon King that was gathering round his Domain combustion Fireball actually slowly to extinguish Demon Dragon King Fireball one to extinguish Zhao Hai Domain immediately to turn into one incomparably huge Fly-Swatter, one patted on patting in Lich on skeleton Domain, under one Lich skeleton Domain gave to pat. Must fly, then head distortion of Fly-Swatter one turned into a big hand, capture Knight lance Domain, the big hand has then wielded, Knight lance Domain hits toward Demon Dragon King Black Dragon Domain. However at this time, Knight lead(er) spear|gun Domain suddenly changed the shape one turned into a sphere the appearance, has worked loose from Zhao Hai big in hand. But Demon Dragon King Black Dragon Domain also arrived by Zhao Hai big hand Domain now, has bitten a Zhao Hai big hand Domain finger. Zhao Hai in Domain felt that own body resembled suddenly to look for a fist to be the same ” lets his chest great severe pain. Zhao Hai then understand, originally Domain by attack, can injure to the main body, although his Domain is among the feast helps him make, but command(er) fight after all he, therefore Domain by attack, he could be felt.

Had this enlightenment Zhao Hai actually not to flinch, his hand moved, big hand Domain one turned into an appearance of iron shovel, a shovel patted in Demon Dragon King the head of Black Dragon Domain, was hitting Black Dragon Domain big end swaying of Demon Dragon King, but Demon Dragon King in Domain also felt better, dragging the dizziness brain rose by this shovel. But at this time Lich skeleton Domain in one time flushed, this chapter of skeleton in hand is taking a giant bone sword, a sword thorn looks like Zhao Hai iron shovel Domain. Zhao Hai had just eaten Demon Dragon five owing, he is suffering how possibly a loss, iron shovel Domain immediately/on horseback turned into sphere Domain fast to revolve got up 17351) Demon Dragon King shocking look at Zhao Hai this series to performhim to think most from the beginning Zhao Hai did not have Domainto be good to bully is fortunately good to teach Zhao Hai, best to give exterminate Zhao Hai But who knew Zhao Hai when appears suddenly has met Domain . Moreover the Domain strength returns very formidable, five has not dropped the wind by an enemy unexpectedly. What most important is, the Domain change of Zhao Hai was really too many, like such that former Zhao Hai guessed, their Domain, were the impossible so many changes, like archer Domain, because his strength insufficient present also can only turn into an appearance of arrow, if other later strength, slowly in living the change, what turned into appearance finally, on must look at archer own meaning. However their Domain, are impossible like Zhao Hai Domain, has that many changes, that is impossible, after his Domain setting, can only change back and forth between the circulars and present shapes, impossible like Zhao Hai, causes that many hua types, therefore Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai Domain has so many changes, straight feel being startled. Zhao Hai does not have mood tube that many, although he looks like deals with these people of attack now probably is very relaxed, but Zhao Hai actually knows that he is actually not relaxedarcher fog arrow attack, was too quick, defense of although his Domain to the influence that has is not very big, but is influential, but Assassin poisonous mist attack also very unusual, to his Domain ** the nature is very strong, Lich and Knight attack does not accommodate the small ritual, although is among Domain to spelling ”, but Zhao Hai felt present chest Pin Men, obviously was injured. However Demon Dragon King their several people do not feel better, Zhao Hai first attack is rudely, although does not come out superficially anything ”, but several people also received some minor wounds, especially the Lich kingwas flown by the Zhao Hai Fly-Swatter Domain positive racket, that is the same he to injure may be heavy. But Zhao Hai their here looks is so lively, outside these Undead Creature and Demon Realm these people have not been idling, Demon Realm these person of although fighting strength are not weak ”, but they after all are not 9th level Expert ”, in adding on these undead lives to perish when Lizzy and Megan command(er), no matter the war is loose, composes every large or small lineups, these lineup gathers, flexible incomparable.

But is making these Demon Race that fights also to feel very strange with these Undead Creature, now Zhao Hai they are making the war with Demon Dragon King, normally is impossible to divert attention command(er) these Undead Creature, will they possibly have such performance? This was too strange. Demon Race army there slowly the casualties came out, but makes Lizzy they be dissatisfied what is, these Demon Race although is given to suppress by them now, but after has plenty Demon Race strikes, immediately/on horseback will not actually die, these undead Demon Race, immediately has chosen self-exploding unexpectedly, they had several Undead Creature killing by this self-exploding. However Undead Creature attack is not good to keep offsome and other low level Demon Race, they after by Undead Creature attack, including choosing self-exploding opportunity do not have, was killed directly ”, but all killed Demon Race, were all received by Space, prepares to turn into one in undead army. But these can kill Undead Creature self-exploding, generally was come from 8th level Demon Raceand other low level Demon Race has chosen self-exploding, will not have anything to affect regarding undead army. The although undead army casualties are not big, but Lizzy and Megan feel very dissatisfied, because since this has been their command(er) undead does to fight, the appears a batch casualties, this makes them feel life form. …… Demon Dragon King also noted this situation, his immediately/on horseback sinking fresh said : witch ghost, copes these undead, here had us to be OK.” The Lich skeleton Domain personal appearance movedto withdraw to fight circleto kill toward undead big there, his turn around time, in hand appears a body root spear, then the bone spear directly flew, target was a undead squad, that undead small formation is opposing the enemy by Cone Formation now, suddenly was stabbed by the Lich Domain bone spear, several Undead Creature including pitiful yell with enough time one, by bone spear puncturing smashing, saw with own eyes that does not live.

although just Zhao Hai and Demon Dragon King their several to war, very relaxed that in the surface hits probably, but you must know, God Rank Expert Domain attack, not weak, moreover each God Rank Expert Domain, minimum has the hundred generations of sizes of his body, such volumeregarding these Undead Creature, absolutely is the colossus, therefore the Lich bone spear one assassinated several Undead Creatureis good, must know that Lich make a move in the Domain situation, that body root spear although superficially probably was a body root spear, was actually comprised of pure energy. With is competent, the attack strength also is very naturally strong. Zhao Hai also noted this situationhis intention to moveXu Wanying and Berry already appears before Lich Domain, their although nobody comprehended Domain, but they after all were God Rank Expert, tied down Lich. Berry appears , immediately/on horseback drinks one severely fiercelythen her head head flings, one entangles on an arm of Lich skeleton Domain, but Xu Wanying in hand has also put out own big axe, does not want underestimated his in hand this big axe, this big axe, but Zhao Hai makes with Space Universal Machine, actually cannot production Artifact Spirit like Divine Artifact, but this big axe also absolutely is not every. A Xu Wanying axe in the hand, immediately/on horseback gives a loud shout, ” about ten meters distances of an axe he and Lich skeleton Domain alsobetween the Lich skeleton Domain detachment, but Xu Wanying this axe make a move, giant axe mirage actually from his axe along extending, an axe has chopped on Lich skeleton Domain, the Lich skeleton one was hit probably painful, face upwards long hissing, in hand suddenly left a body root spear, a spear punctures toward Xu Wanying. 【...... Chapter 709 Myriad Transformation Domain......】 a!!