Xu Wanying manipulation also very simple, his personal appearance fierce in a flash, another Xu Wanying appears in his side, then their personal appearance moves, was divided into the different directions to run. Lich has not thought obviously Xu Wanying really also has such one, when he stares slightly, Xu Wanying vanishedbut another Xu Wanying, in an axe divided on Lich skeleton Domain. although Xu Wanying these two attack, have not broken Lich Domain, but gave Lich to cause some damage, but the head of Berry was not that simple, her Spiritual Attack exited through her head, but Succubus Spiritual Attackalthough Berry has not comprehended the Domain ability in entire Demon Realm went out of now ”, but her present Spiritual Attack does not allow to look down uponthat after is God Rank Spiritual Attack. Comprehended Domain God Rank Expert is compares not to comprehend in Domain God Rank Expert many, but that also had a limit, Lich, the strength of his most peak can also simultaneous coped with Xu Wanying and Berry, but now he underwent the battle with Zhao Hai, had been injured, the strength did not have the means to compare with his peak time, in this case, he on wanting relaxed coping put Berry and Xu Wanying on was not too possible. Moreover Berry and Xu Wanying somewhat are different from Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai beforehand forms of combat make the war with Undead Creature, the genuine close combat is few, therefore his fight experience not very rich, but Xu Wanying is different, Xu Wanying before becoming God Rank Expert, is a adventurer, Assassin, fight don’t know of lifetime process has many, fight experience very rich, he in working as adventurer, jumps the ranks to kill compared with must also existence of Advanced level, now his although has not comprehended Domain, but no matter what, he and Lich are actually same level, therefore his fight experiences one. Also many. But Berry say nothing, she is the Demon Race birtheach Demon Race, no matter that race, they almost bit by bit grow up in the fight, her fight experience is manyjust she becomes the God Rank Expert time limits ”, therefore has not comprehended own Domain. Lich most from the beginning truly was some underestimated Berry Xu Wanying attack, in his opinionwas two has anything to be good to fear that including God Rank Expert that Domain nobody comprehended ”, however true exchange hands, he presently makes a mistakeobviously he to forget, they also think most from the beginning Zhao Hai has not comprehended Domain, now is actually injured by the Zhao Hai person. The head of Berry entangles on Lich skeleton Domain, will carry on continuous Spiritual Attack. This Spiritual Attack although does not have the means to injure Lich, but lets his headache. Lich to general physical attack can the immunity, has arrived at God Rank after specially, but Lich most fears is this Spiritual Attackthis attack regarding the influence of Lich is very bigalthough Lich currently has Domain to protect, but this Spiritual Attack becomes to other party influencehe now refers to near Domain not being flexible to the wartime with Zhao Hai.

Demon Dragon King sees this situation, immediately/on horseback deep voice said : punctures the shade , helping Lich, solution that two as soon as possible.” Assassin complied with onedirect Lich there to throw. Zhao Hai looked that punctured the shade also to walk, a complexion ugliness, his year Demon Dragon King deep voice said :, this was being you compels my.” Said that his hand moves, suddenly appears in front of Assassin Space rift, has swept vine suddenly to extend from the crack, one entangled on Assassin Domain, then these vines fierce shrank, went to toward the cloth Space lira Assassin Domain. Assassin is surprisedwhere he to be possible in don’t know that Space to be, naturally does not dare to go insees Assassin Domain fierce flashes ” to work loose these vines, but actually cannot work loose, Assassin more startled, his suddenly present, own Domain does not have the means to work loose these vines Assassin to clench teeth probably really ”, fierce receives Domain, was calling these vines had not responded the time, he one flew from these vines coming together. Just flew Assassin immediately in supporting own Domain, but at this moment, his front suddenly appears a long giant whalehas pouched in him the belly, but Assassin actually saw that whale was transparent, but in the belly of whale actually full was some huahua carelessly, a log cabin, a person, was Zhao Hai! Assassin one startled, he then presently, he arrived in Zhao Hai Domain, Assassin immediately must support own Domain, but he presently is actually defeatedhis simply not to have the means to support his Domain, he does not even have the means to movedoes not have the means reassignment[ body] in that feared that a strengthexcept for can ponder, can see all in this Space, he in cannot do any matter. Zhao Hai imprisons Assassin at the same time, actually similarly also withstood Demon Dragon King, Knight and archer alliance attack, this three people may go out fully, a Zhao Hai blood has spurted, this time he was injured. Just Zhao Hai looked that Demon Dragon King must make Assassin support Lich he really to be anxious, his very clearBerry and Xu Wanying constrained Lich to be possible, if caused anything to injure to Lich is really impossible, therefore Zhao Hai cannot, let Cai'er make a move. Cai'er is he kept a in hand card in a hand, he will not use easily, but actually has to use now, the Cai'er strength crosses general God Rank Expert, therefore she, as soon as tied down AssassinAssassin not to move on the basis.

Zhao Hai also thinks that Assassin will let loose own Domain, then runs away, therefore he is waiting for Assassin such to do, looked at Assassin to run away, Zhao Hai also no longer pay attention to Demon Dragon King their attack, one made in his Domain to imprison Assassin. If foreign attack Zhao Hai Domain is also not very formidable, that internal attackZhao Hai Domain can be called absolutely is incomparably powerfulin this Domain he is a god, even if God Rank Expert so long as enters with his Domain , is also whatever Zhao Hai rubs the circle to pinch flatly, in his Domain is bringing with from different Law, the Law strength is very strong, the God Rank Expert means have not gotten rid. Reason that Zhao Hai must take Assassin, to hide the Cai'er strength, he has not let Cai'er by hua monster form appears , naturally does not hope that made Assassin run, then told Demon Dragon King their Cai'er strength, therefore Assassin he must take. Just Cai'er in beginning, had not demonstrated fortunately Seven-colored Flower characteristicsthat several vines look like look like the vine of vine are the same, if otherwise made Demon Dragon King they present the Cai'er status, that troubled. Also because Zhao Hai has not paid attention to Demon Dragon King their attack, therefore he was injuredDomain after is not true Space, Space Zhao Hai does not go to control, Cai'er can also help his control, but Domain can only be he comes control, he just full tackled Assassindid not have the thoughts to deal with the Demon Dragon King three peoplethese three people of seize the opportunity to strike, Zhao Hai injuring. Zhao Hai actually does not dare, when towedto call Demon Dragon King they have not moved second attackhis personal appearance and between Domain suddenly disappearhave then been besieging Lich Berry and Xu Wanying also disappeared, these are also vanishing with Undead Creature that Demon Race battled. Entire battlefield here, besides Demon Dragon King they with these Demon Race people, linked a bystander not to haveDemon Dragon King unexpectedly they also in preparation attack naturally is also nowhere available. In Demon Dragon King heart one strict, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Careful alert.” Said that he turns the head the look at Demon Capital City direction, he knows that just Zhao Hai was injured, if Zhao Hai must return to the demon, that Demon Capital City there will certainly have the response. He just turned the head, on the present to about their kilometer place, Zhao Hai in appears , standing of his still calm in the head of Bone Dragon, his still dense and numerous stands these Undead Creature, Berry Xu Wanying is still standing in his side.

Zhao Hai complexion calm, could not see a point injured appearance very much, Demon Dragon King has been careful, he also slowly diverged his Domain, static look at Zhao Hai, Lich they also arrived at the Demon Dragon King side. Zhao Hai look at they four people of appearancesshowing a faint smile suddenly, then slightly bows to Demon Dragon King said : „, today finally asked for advice the Demon Race Expert fierce place, to be honest, profits significantly below, later has opportunity, in asked for advice the Demon Dragon King good idea, today says goodbye.” Said a head of Zhao Hai revolution of Bone Dragon, has flown into undead army slowlythat leisurely however flies in demon direction. Why nearby archer said : „doesn't Demon Dragon pursue? Did you fear? ” Demon Dragon turned the head to look at that archer said :, Herd, did you have confidence to leave behind him? You think that our four people do have confidence to cope with him? Do not forget, his side that two person although have not comprehended Domain, but their fighting strength is good, tied down our person to be enough, just he coped to puncture the shade these vines, you know that what thing that was? If that thing is only ordinary thing, will puncture the shade to give up own Domain? Has that thing, finally can also tie down our, you think that two people sufficiently did cope with Zhao Hai?” Herd in speaking, he also knows right that Demon Dragon King said that just Zhao Hai Domain demonstrated that formidable strengththeir four talented people have exempted block, three people of times, can only constrains Zhao Hai, wants to defeat Zhao Hai is almost impossible, Zhao Hai suddenly must live to puncture the shade words industriously, feared that was just they had suffered a loss, now although Zhao Hai was injured, but said that their how many did have confidence Zhao Hai keeps here? That truly is impossible. Nearby Knight deep voice said : now what to do can that we?”, Demon Dragon King turned the head to look at that Knight said :, oppression of the people, you returns to Demon Realm now, said to Great Demon King Your Majesty the here situation, how many people making Great Demon King Your Majesty immediately/on horseback send to assume now you not to look? They Assassin to industrious the past, disparity simply of our strength was not big, if coming several, we were dangerous, do not forgetto send for from Demon Realm, but must adapt some time, we must guarantee that fortification here was absolutely safe. ”! ~!