The oppression of the people complied with one, turn around flew toward Space rift, Wu Gui and Herd have not spokenthey also to know Demon Dragon King said was injuredalthough to say in the fight totoday's Zhao Hai although it seems like said regarding God Rank lou, injury was very troublesome matter, however the Zhao Hai method were too many, they cannot affirm that Zhao Hai had method that can restore quickly ”, if Zhao Hai had the method of quick restoring, was adding on his strength, his helper, that Demon Dragon King their troubles on were big. But they looks like in Demon Dragon King, not having anything more important than the fortification, therefore for can the safe fortification, they one probably guarantee that own strength can press Zhao Hai but actually. In fact the beforehand Demon Realm person before hitting Zhao Hai them had said that takes turns idea of attackGod Rank Expert unable on the Ark Continent here dull too long time, but Demon Realm there God Rank Expert may be many, they are plan to let these God Rank Expert appears in turn in Ark Continent here, carries on attack to Ark Continent here, they believe that such attack Ark Continent here could not keep off the too long time. But Demon Dragon King several people in Demon Realm there are also some fame God Rank Expert, therefore first time sends them to assume Demonic Abyss hereto believe that will not have any matter. However they were underestimated Zhao Haiunderestimated Zhao Hai Space, they have not thoughtwhat Zhao Hai can leave three God Rank Expert in such short time neighborhood unexpectedlymost important was, they have not thought that Zhao Hai can comprehend Domain unexpectedly, was so formidable Domain. Because they have underestimated Zhao Hai, therefore this Zhao Hai attack makes them suffer a loss, but Demon Dragon King also present, they presently the in hand strengthis not enough to guarantee them to be able the safe fortification, therefore he must make oppression of the people returned to Demon Realm request reinforcements. In Demon Race, requests reinforcements matter that but one type of does not have the face very ”, but Demon Dragon King has actually done, because of Demon Dragon King very clear, this city was too important regarding Demon Race. But at this time Zhao Hai healing in Space, ” Zhao Hai was first time is actually being injured in the fight after these many fights, has to recognize, these God Rank strong partners in the fight, really very much have the method. Zhao Hai although can body Crystallization, but this time, because uses Domain, therefore this wounds are more like spiritually the injury to Zhao Hai, body Crystallization simply cannot block Demon Dragon King their attack. Actually this is also Zhao Hai regarding own Domain use insufficient skillful, he can definitely also use oneself Divergent Technique in his Domainwas a pity that Zhao Hai such has not done now, because wants to use in own Domain own Divergent Techniqueis not an easy matter, so long as has succeeded, that Zhao Hai Domain strength also will become great strength.

Zhao Hai underwent these many fights, first time by such heavy wound, but Zhao Hai was not worried that ” he has the too many methods to let in Space here cure own wound, was needless to say other, even if were Spatial Water and Blood Pond ” has strong healing effect. But Zhao Hai also present Space another place also had good healing effect, is Hot Spring there, Hot Spring there also has good healing ability, is not weak in Spatial Water and Blood Pond. Wound although that this Zhao Hai receives looks like probably is heavy, is actually in the Elf strength was under impactsuch wound regarding others is very troublesome, but regarding Zhao Hai actually and is anything's trouble. although Space has not treated the mental injury good means that but do not forget, now the Zhao Hai side has one to be skilled in the spiritual force expert, Berry. A Succubus clan itself opposes the enemy by spiritual force, in Demon Race reputation of first spiritual force using ”, therefore Berry that race in vain cannot come regarding the treatment of spiritual force also very has the attainment, moreover her specifically is also used to treat the mental injury Cultivation Method, therefore Berry after knowing the Zhao Hai woundhas used directly own spiritual force to give Zhao Hai to treat an under wound, then fought various utilization spiritual force and wound treatment method told Zhao Hai. Has not actually thought that Berry just said thesehear Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Host obtains spiritual force practice method method level, Advanced levelHost spiritual force is further strengthened, strengthens to the spiritual force Magic injury resistance. ” Zhao Hai listens to the prompt soundhe not to think that can be this, oneself actually like this obtained one type of spirit class practice method, moreover Space also strengthened own spiritual force unexpectedly, was injured to the spirit by oneself had the resistance, this is very extraordinary matter. Zhao Hai all these do after returned to Demon Capital City there, made first returned to Demon Capital City there, under the gazes of Demon Capital City all people, returned to in the body of Bone Dragon, has taken also back these Undead Creature.

Zhao Hai such does, to give the Demon Capital City here person confidence, he cannot demon here to look that he was injured, morale of such words to demon here garrison troops will have the huge influence. Good Zhao Hai wound semblance simply could not look, therefore Demon Capital City there person and don’t know these, but just Zhao Hai their fight these people actually looked in the eye. After all several people of Domain very big, fight in Space, even if also leaves can see, they see Zhao Hai by an enemy five, the appearance of big invincible might, although Zhao Hai capture punctures the shade appearance they not to see finally, but Zhao Hai they actually saw by enemy five appearances, therefore sees Zhao Hai to come back, Demon Capital City here all people left the giant cheers. After Demon Capital City here, Zhao Hai also told that they complete stand guard, this in the belly of returned to sub- Bone Dragon healing to oneself, actually has not thought that actually because of Berry relationship, was obtained enhancement by own spiritual force. Zhao Hai now already complete such as beginningthey had also relaxed in nearby Laura, such long time, their first time saw that Zhao Hai was injured speaking the truth in the fight ” ” they just real worried to death. Looked that the Zhao Hai wound was good, Laura has then referred to the room corner, entangling and tying strong/sturdy solid thorn shadepunctures the shade now to be completely sober by Cai'er, he has not thought that oneself God Rank Expertunexpectedly such by capture. To this Space, he also has wanted to struggle two, but is quick he presently the wrong childin this Space, looks like a small winged insect is the same, was caught the in hand small winged insect, the opposite party wants to be how good oneself, but he does not have a point rebel ability. He sees the Zhao Hai healing process clearly, he hears the Space prompt sound clearly, to be honest, this Space, here all left his understanding range, but he probably understand anything, he knows why now Zhao Hai did with entire Demon Realm right, depended on was this Space.

Zhao Hai stood getting upto arrive punctured shade, look at punctured shadeto show a faint smile said : I to congratulate you, you become first God Rank undead, became in my undead army, what kind of? Feels being honored very?” Said that Zhao Hai waved, punctures the shade presently to speakhis coldly look at Zhao Hai said : Great Demon King is omnipotent you to do right with Great Demon King, will not have the good end. ”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be possible not necessarily, said it, won't I do with Great Demon King to will have the good end? I know that the Great Demon King of your present is very fierce, leaves fierce that I imagine, his although has not arranged like God Race for tens of thousands years, but his arrangement, actually records to calculate God Race, concealed the truth to be a pity God Racethat he has run into me, this time your Demon Realm personfeared that will not have any good end. ”, Punctures shade look at Zhao Hai, his don’t know must say that any was good, Zhao Hai look at punctured the shade, coldly smileshand to wield, Cai'er naturally did not have any politenessto twist directly, puncturing shade neck twisting and breaking, punctured shade Life Force very formidable, but was useless, Zhao Hai in this Spacewas the god, Zhao Hai must kill him to have the innumerable race laws, how wants to make him die makes him how diehis rebel opportunity not. although punctures shade Life Force to be formidable, but receives such wound treatment attack, quick died, Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite with himturned into Undead Creature him directly. Has not actually thought that Zhao Hai just puncturing the shade turned into Undead Creature, in Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: variation strengthens Assassin shape Cyborg-type object, withdraws the Cyborg-type object ability in join Space in all Assassin shape class Cyborg-type special forms, Space ** has Assassin shape Cyborg-type object 503, completely strong to God Rank. ” Zhao Hai stares, then the great happiness, his ten thousand never expectedthese Undead Creature unexpectedly can also further strengthen, few of although this strengthening, but one were many more than 500 Undead Creature, this regarding Zhao Hai them, was really too important. What most important is, Zhao Hai also through this strengthening, knew lets the Undead Creature liter to the God Rank method, before Zhao Hai liter God Rank, but these Undead Creature did not have the sound, Zhao Hai also to think that these Undead Creature rose to the top, ” actually not to have thought in impossible Level Up that this time Level Up enabled him present one type of to be able unexpectedly the Level Up Undead Creature responsibility method, this regarding Zhao Hai may really be too important. Laura they also heard the Space prompt sound, they have not thought that can be this, Zhao Hai laughs, turns the head look at Laura their said : today is an auspicious day, we should celebrate I to think that should make in Demon Capital City all people celebrate to be good. ”, Laura they naturally cannot oppose that Zhao Hai showed a faint smileis bringing Berry and Xu Wanying appears in Demon Capital City, now these adventurers in Demon Capital City and these do not have the duty soldier, in[ was popular] the discussion that exerted just war, was seeing Zhao Hai to come out, all person collectives has lost one's voice, then cheered. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile, the personal appearance moved, has flown in midair, stood the head of Bone Dragon, then his release punctured the shade, told everyone/Great Clan one to be good to vanish just I to following people said :, when with the Demon Realm only person to war, has massacred a they important character, God Rank Expert, this was Demon Realm God Rank sees the shade, now he is one in my undead army! ”! ~!