Person dull look at Zhao Hai in Demon Capital City, their brains at once had not responded that ” God Rank summit, that is only exists in the legend, now unexpectedly on appears before them ”, moreover was killed, was turned into undead! This too cannot intent discuss 17351) …… Hears this cheers, Demon Dragon King complexion cannot help but cloudier, his very clear this cheers are representing anything, feared that was punctures the shade more unfortunate than fortunate. Demon Dragon King cannot help but sighed, he real don’t know must say that now any was good, he presently these time attacks the Ark Continent also really not their original tentative plan was so simple, conversely, feared that meets very difficult. In this time, sky of suddenly distant place was living the huge change, blood red radiance from brightly teaches the direction of country's to natural, putting in order sky gives to reflect now red, along with this piece of red light, entire taught country there appears brightly incomparably huge blood red Magic Formation, that Magic Formation had almost entire to teach the country to be so bigthis Magic Formation to rise brightly slowly, flushed sky. Zhao Hai complexion changes, personal appearance flasheswith Berry several people returned to in Space, then did not have they to say with enough time to Laura a few wordswhole person in flashes, appears in has taught the country and Buddha Empire intersection point brightly, his look at is taught the country by the light that white mist covers, complexion very difficult looks. That blood red Magic Formation rose slowly, but the light teaches white mist in country also in disappearance slowly, white mist vanishes, there in cannot prevent the investigation of Zhao Hai, when Zhao Hai Divine Sense searches teaches in the country brightly, Zhao Hai complexion really completely changes. Before he had not come Ocean Waves Dynasty, therefore he and don’t know Ocean Waves Dynasty here is any situation, afterward here became has taught the country brightly, he actually in being busy at other matter, did not have diverting attention to manage here ”, when he wants to manage here time, here had been covered by white mist, his God Rank cannot be sighing, therefore Zhao Hai can only wait for 17351) However before Ocean Waves Dynasty , is actually is one of the Continent five big powerful nations, the although strength is not very strong, however their navies are actually most invincible existences, but entire Ark Continent, Ocean Waves Dynasty is also the richest country ”, because their seaborne commerces do best. A country was richmoral behavior also to increase, the special person here did not have what plan in Ark Continent here ”, the birth, a man can marry many wives, in this case, entire Ocean Waves Dynasty the population did not compare several other countries to be few actually, moreover must mention wealthy degree, Ocean Waves Dynasty feared can arrange at Continent first to the second about position.

Reason that Ocean Waves Dynasty is considered that the strength sets the base in Ark Continent five big Empire , because they were too rich, too took seriously the navy ”, therefore their 6 armed forces strengths were really too bad, therefore they were considered as the strength most similar great nations, this had nothing to do with the population. Zhao Hai just spiritual force sighed in Ocean Waves Dynasty to leave here not to suit very much, the entire city emptied probably, only then Radiant Church some church there people in citynot only has the person, entire city people in there, moreover they died. All people, no matter old person, childwoman, man, all person trapped pieces, these Magic Beast that even in the city raises died ” a living witness not to have. But cause of death also very unusual of these people, their present each and every one probably turned into dry corpsehe to produce flesh and blood to vanish probably, the remaining skin blood were only carrying together the head. Under the bodies of these people, the Magic Formation signature, is very obvious, Radiant Church has used the one type of method, was centralized all people to here, then killed, carried on one time to be similar to their blood in Sacrificial Offering same Magic Formation, but this Magic Formation, was needless saying that to cope to make a connection with the God Realm [say / way] The Zhao Hai complexion ventilation, two eyes emits ominously light, he is the air/Qi, he has not thought that God Race actually compared with Demon Race also wants frantic, Demon Race not to need to take the Sacrificial Offering object with some Magic Beast, but Radiant Church use is actually the person, living talisman people, entire Ocean Waves Dynasty person! Xu Wanying also saw this situationhe has not thought that Radiant Church and God Race person frantic to this degree, Zhao Hai complexion is unexpectedly getting more and more red in this time ”, his chest fierce fluctuating, he suddenly could not be bearing, a blood has spurted. Xu Wanying in great surprise, how did support Zhao Hai said : Young Master you? Young Master, do not frighten me? Young Master! ”, Zhao Hai face upwards long and loud cry said : God Race my Zhao Hai, if non- slaughter completely God Race, the person of unseemly behavior Ark Continent! ”, This entered Space to sew flashes fiercely, Zhao Hai their returned to in Space, Laura their immediately ran over, at this time the Space prompt sound transmitted said : Host to be stimulated significantly, energetic disorder carried on the spiritual adjustment, received the stimulation to be oversized because of Host, stirs up[ body] in the potential, the Host strength has been promoted in one time, spiritual force has been promoted. ” However now actually nobody cares about these, Laura they encircle in the Zhao Hai side, how look at Zhao Hai don’t know Zhao Hai this was.

Zhao Hai look at Laura their appearancessmile bitterly next step: Vanishes to tell major Patriarch and various King this quickly, demon there person immediately/on horseback retreats, carries on the second plan, east Buddha Empire and south, enters the 1st level alert posture, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, goes to Blood Pond me quickly, Bubble, you and I receive Blood Pond your[ body] in horse.” Along with the Zhao Hai life lead(er), gave people a hard time the people in Space to move, Xu Wanying fast was holding Zhao Hai to the Blood Pond, put Blood Pond Zhao Hai, the Bubble personal appearance moves, one received Blood Pond and Zhao Hai[ body], at this moment, has followed to move in nearby thorn shade suddenly, his in hand left a black beadhe to give Xu Wanying said : this to be useful to Young Master the bead „.”, Xu Wanying stares, he has not thought that will puncture the shade actually to speak in this moment, some of his don’t know had not known what to do. This enters Zhao Hai actually to nod to Xu Wanying, Xu Wanying not in hesitant, a capture that bead has thrown into Bubble[ body], that bead one entered Blood Pond, then Bubble started rotation fast, Laura they almost can feel, energy in entire Space fast carried on strongly toward the body of Bubble. Looked at Zhao Hai one, although extremely worried, but Laura or immediately/on horseback said : is also gawking doing, has not heard the Elder Brother Hai words, immediately/on horseback moves, teaches the country there situation to look like Continent major race Patriarch and King brightly notifies, making them prepare fully, God Race must come.”, Lizzy their although also extremely worried Zhao Hai, but hears Laura this saying, clenched teethto comply with one, turn around entered the room, only then Xu Wanying and Berry defended in the Bubble side, but Bubble was still actually revolving in there, quick extraordinary. …… Not only Zhao Haialmost on Continent all people noted this Magic Formation, Beastman Race there present these two Magic Formation, these two Magic Formation were really too high , was really too big, looked like looks like moon same dazzling of spacethinks that did not pay attention difficultly. Demon Dragon King they look at that two Magic Formation, don’t know why, Demon Dragon King does not like on that two Magic Formation the aura, that aura made him dislike. suddenly Demon Dragon King has thought anythinghis immediately/on horseback turns the head to archer Herd said : Herd immediately/on horseback returned to Demon Realm, told Great Demon King Your Majesty, God Race possibly moved . Moreover the sound was not goodto make under the fox probably be ready, we continued to monitor in herehave the situation, the immediately/on horseback repayment. ” Herd does not dare to neglect to comply with one, turn around walked, at this time Lich has arrived at Demon Dragon King said : „, Demon Dragon, you think really this is God Race makes?”

Demon Dragon nodded said : well your don’t know, these year of Great Demon King Your Majesty have sent out many scouts toward Ark Continent here, these scouts also very much knew about Radiant Church that they also knew Radiant Church has big relationship with God Race, butreason that God Race was also eyes covetously to Ark Continent Great Demon King Your Majesty in this time sound, was because he knows that now does not begin, God Race will possibly begin, he wants before God Race has not beguncontrol Ark Continent, has then been coping with God Race, why this was also he only sends our five reason that came here to assume, because he knows that later must be right with God Race. War, only depends on 9th level Expert useless, God Race strength very formidable, has not actually thought that God Race such quickly began. ” Lich look at that two Magic Formation said : these two what Magic Formation, haven't I how seen?” Demon Dragon King shook the head said : I not to see, but looks like probably Magic Formation like Blood Void, this Magic Formation also is really very unusual.” Lich nodded, they like Human Race, do not know God Race didn't have long time, almost does not have what preparation, they already know has God Race existed ” , moreover knows that God Race must do, therefore already had some arrangement, therefore they are not extremely worried God Race. In sky two Magic Formation slowly about in together, fast was then revolving, looks like a giant stone mill, following Magic Disc of stone mill is motionless, but now these two grinding formation, are one one counter-fast is actually revolving. Two Magic Formation slowly transfer is getting quicker and quicker, is getting quicker and quicker, finally unexpectedly fierce gathering in togetherthen with a bang sound loud noise, Heaven and Earth color deterioration. 【...... Chapter 712 is startled changes, God Race must come......】 a!!