Change of Chapter 713 Law, start of chaos Along with this a loud sound, entire Ark Continent sky suddenly shone white radiance, this radiance very bright, compared with high noon Sun also in bright, the people on Continent felt at once their eye pain, all people called out in alarm one, has closed the eye. But Demon Dragon King their face shocking look at is good to say white light, they are God Rank Expert, this light naturally does not have a point influence to them, but lets is actually, said white light along with that they are shocked, occupied greatly incomparable Space rift appears together in the Radiant Church sky, Space rift getting bigger and bigger, then suddenly piece of land appears fiercely sewed there in Space, that land slowly has pushed from Space rift, Space rift was ripped open by this piece of land probably was the same, the crack was bigger, most the crack to having half taught country that big time brightly, slowly stopped, But that piece of land actually slowly downward falls, finally hears bang one, that piece of land fell to teach the ground in country's finally brightly, but the entire Ark Continent domain trembled trembling. At this moment, Demon Dragon King is actually complexion changes, he turns the head look at Lich said : witch ghost, do you have to feel that our Law pressures vanished.” Wu Gui stares, felt, is complexion changes said : „, the Law pressure vanished, what's all this about?” …… Heard Demon Dragon King saying that Lich complexion changed, his immediately/on horseback complied with one, turn around flew, Space rift that Demon Dragon King look at that still had, coldly said : good God Race, the good method, that to make us have a look, this world, whose was!” Said that Demon Dragon King immediately/on horseback flies sky over camp, lowers the head in all Demon Race said : all strengths to camp to achieve the 9th level people to stand, tenth person of one group, defends camp fully, such as meets God Rank Expert attack, immediately/on horseback uses the energy link, direct self-destruct, I want you not to hesitate at all costs, defends camp here!” This completely is an order of Blood Slaughter type, however under these Demon Race person complexion do not have a point change, they have complied with one, nobody hesitates, all 9th level Expert have stood completely, then ten people of one group, has composed Combat Squad, to camp outside, static standing in there, was waiting for arrival that they fight.

Demon Dragon King very clear, although can wound God Rank Expert in Demon Realm 9th level Expert self-exploding, but that has not comprehended the Domain strength God Rank Expert, if comprehended Domain strength God Rank Expert, 9th level Expert self-exploding does not have any use. However after using the strength has linked, was different, concentration of efforts uses of ten 9th level Expert, equivalent to God Rank Expert, calculation of God Rank Expert has almost exploded, that absolutely was awfully, even if were the opposite party comprehended 2nd level Domain, was impossible to be able to block this type to calculate to explode. The Zhao Hai beforehand guess is correct, the Domain strength truly is divided into level, exactly said that is God Rank Expert divides level, God Rank Expert generally for the minute False God level, just became God Rank Expert, has not comprehended the Domain strength, looked like Xu Wanying and Berry belongs to False God level Expert. But like archer and Assassin they, although comprehended the Domain strength, but is not very flexible, changes not in a big way, this belongs to 1st level Domain, they were official God Rank Expert. But like Demon Dragon King them, Domain strength very formidable, can change flexible, changes appearance that want to change, can carry on the fight like the human, this is the 2nd level Domain strength, they are called higher authority god Expert. On God Rank Expert, a level, was called Saint God Rank Expert, Saint God Rank Expert also few people can achieve in God Rank Expert, their strength extremely powerful, raise hand, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, stamps stamps the feet, moves mountains, they are in God Rank Expert, some strength strongest people, but these in Demon Realm there your simply could not see, listening to some people saying that these people went to a level are the mysterious places, but went to there, nobody knows, only will then achieve the person of that level to know. Because of Saint God Rank God Rank Expert appears , therefore in Demon Realm there, topest existence was not on God Rank Expert, looked like Demon Dragon King this, in Demon Realm there is a region's Overlord, even if were Great Demon King wants them to handle any matter, must discuss is coming, cannot force them. But reason that they will listen to Great Demon King like Demon Dragon King \; first, because the Great Demon King method is high, two are because Great Demon King is the same with their strengths, is on God Rank Expert, third, is most important is because Great Demon King can please obtain Saint God Rank Expert, only then Great Demon King knows how please move Saint God Rank Expert, therefore on God Rank Expert on Continent, nobody dares to challenge the Great Demon King prestige.

However in Demon Realm there, even if in one God Rank Expert, does not dare to carry on with Demon Realm army to the war, although their was powerful, however Demon Realm that energy chain draws Magic is really too formidable, he can concentrate the use the strength of person, such strength was very astonishing. In adding on the Demon Realm there person, many are grows up in the fight since childhood, their fighting strength very formidable did not say that each and every one fierce has not feared, compelled sharply to come a blood to explode with you them, your anything could not fish not saying that but also was possibly injured, therefore in Demon Realm there, on although God Rank Expert very fierce, actually also needed own influence, why this will be Demon Dragon King becomes the reason of Demon Realm northwest king. Demon Realm are also many regarding a God Race understanding point, therefore after Demon Dragon King presently change of Law of the Heaven and Earth, immediately issued has committed suicide the trial order like this, his very clear, God Realm there God Rank Expert has plenty, if God Realm there person immediately killed, they can only be able to block the attack of God Realm by the method of this Blood Slaughter type. Demon Dragon King has not actually thought that these words that he spoke, were heard by Cai'er, although Zhao Hai now also in Bubble within the body healing, but Laura they also in informing various clan and various countries' King, but surveillance of Cai'er on regarding Continent has not relaxed, not only has not fired the spear|gun, to was instead stricter. When Demon Dragon King said outside Law of the Heaven and Earth change, Cai'er complexion one changed, his too clear this change means anything regarding Ark Continent here. Reason that Zhao Hai has the confidence and God Race and a Demon Race war, takes advantage is Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth, has Law of the Heaven and Earth, God Race and Demon Race these God Rank Expert, are impossible to enter to Ark Continent, as the matter stands, Zhao Hai their present strengths, fully can have met as an equal with God Race and Demon Race, but this Law of the Heaven and Earth changes, no matter God Race or Demon Race, can send out God Rank Expert that braves greatly to invade Ark Continent, the great words by Zhao Hai their present strengths, are impossible to put together God Race and Demon Race. Cai'er immediately vanished to tell Laura this them, Laura they heard this to disappear have also tarried, they have not thought that God Race will come this, their this was really too certainly, equal to was one except Ark Continent here biggest taking advantage, what did that Ark Continent here person also take to win them? Laura they have tarried, but Laura is also a capable woman, her immediately restored calmly, deep voice said : don't be upset, immediately/on horseback told major Patriarch and various countries' King this information, Cai'er person immediately/on horseback concentrated to God Rank Expert Assassin these liters, having a look at them to be able the Domain strength, making them stand by, strict surveillance God Race and Demon Race there sound, told Buddha King, immediately/on horseback all retreats, if really came not to be anxious, Cai'er, helped with Space, but do not make them know that existence of Space, opened Space passage to be good, delivered to Lyon Empire them, let Dwarf Race, Elven Race With Beastman Race, immediately/on horseback sends out 9th level Expert, takes their in hand Divine Artifact Buddha Empire to come, to turn over to our unified command(er), their army also immediately/on horseback send Buddha Empire to come, to inform Lyon Empire and Rosen Empire, making their army also immediately/on horseback enter Buddha Empire, the mire that Elder Brother Hai said plans to be ahead of time.”

In Zhao Hai several women, must say that with Zhao Hai earliest that is Meg, but Meg that disposition, cannot control the person, but Laura with the Zhao Hai second morning, she is also in Zhao Hai several women the status is highest, even if Lizzy and Megan such person must listen her, when Zhao Hai healing, Laura immediately has become of several women, order that she issues, on likely is the order that Zhao Hai issues is likely same. Lizzy their immediately/on horseback complied with one to prepare, when they told various countries' Patriarch of various King and clans, with telling their Zhao Hai has been injured, but told them, Zhao Hai was busy finding the way to constrain God Race and Demon Race, did this for the stable morale of troops. Now the people of Continent various countries know, Zhao Hai strength, moreover just Laura they also became Zhao Hai the God Rank Expert matter told Patriarch of various clans, but also told them Zhao Hai to kill a God Rank Expert matter, for promotes morale, but now God Race suddenly descend, injury of Zhao Hai suddenly, all these might cause the flurry of entire Continent, in this case, the Zhao Hai injured matter cannot tell them absolutely, otherwise entire Continent was really chaotic. ……