Chapter 714 Dao Lotus Zhao Hai static lying down in Blood Pond, to be honest, since Ark Continent here, this is the Zhao Hai first breakthrough, before his practice almost all was Space by busy, but this time was he breaks through, therefore Zhao Hai felt in that moment of breakthrough that own strength obtained the promotion of very big degree, but has not arrived at the top, own strength can also promote. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai immediately entered Blood Pond, but also made Bubble encircle him, Blood Pond was the blood of God Race, the strength in that blood very tyrannical, but in Bubble was actually the strength of water, happen to had doing of being nourishing to use, he can the feel relieved absorption Blood Pond strength. Zhao Hai did not fear that the Blood Pond strength will be absorbed light, Space has recorded the Blood Pond surface energy material, later Space here whether there is energy use completely, therefore Zhao Hai did not fear. However Zhao Hai and don’t know, he puncturing the shade turned into Undead Creature, punctures the shade wisdom and his vision also, but punctures the shade is God Rank Expert, his vision is very sinister, but he has not harmed the heart of Zhao Hai now, therefore he has given Xu Wanying his Demon Pill, making Xu Wanying give Zhao Hai Demon Pill, making Zhao Hai attract the Demon Pill strength. Zhao Hai has not thought that really punctures the shade such to do, from, from puncturing the shade puts out Demon Pill time, Zhao Hai has thought punctures the shade wisdom still, his not understand, but he believes that punctures the shade not to be afraid, if punctures the shade to have evil intention to him, that Space already surrendered him, therefore he agreed that makes Xu Wanying give him Demon Pill. Punctures good type that the shade also firmly such as Zhao Hai thinks, his evil intention to Zhao Hai point, he has not been only Undead Creature, said with Space, his present thought that but looks like a procedure is the same, the highest request of this procedure must be loyal to Zhao Hai, forever being loyal Zhao Hai, therefore he is impossible to harm Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai must promote own strength at this time, he naturally can make most helps the Zhao Hai matter, but that Demon Pill is so. Now punctures the shade is Undead Creature that Space changes, his strength is provided by Space, itself provided the strength Demon Pill not to have the use for him, therefore he took that Demon Pill. Original Blood Pond energy, after passing through Space transform, although also very formidable, but in good enough to not to be fierce, but Demon Pill is different, Demon Pill is the fountainhead of Demon Race strength, but Demon Race strength very formidable, therefore this strength enters to Zhao Hai within the body, immediately starts to clash in his within the body horizontally straight strong, is very painful to his omnidirectional original meridians.

However the meridians of Zhao Hai compared with Xu Wanying much better, these energy unable to break through unexpectedly, but Zhao Hai actually felt the even bigger pain, but he has not moved, still lying down of calm in Blood Pond, defending strictly Spirit Platform piece of clear and bright. This is Zhao Hai promotion strength most painful one time, but actually is also he must experience, strength continuously promotion of Zhao Hai extremely in smooth, this lets the strength that his spiritual force quantity somewhat cannot follow him to use, therefore in previous time with Demon Dragon King their wars, Zhao Hai meets the spirit injured. But now promotes strength such pain, actually also promotes his spiritual force quantity with this method, has enough spiritual force quantity to come the command(er) Zhao Hai body strength by him, this is promotes the strength the kingly way. Zhao Hai static lying down in Blood Pond, he does not have presently his to roll him to wrap pool of lotus flower, slowly entered Blood Pond, this was also Bubble does, naturally, Bubble to not cope with Zhao Hai, because Bubble felt that this lotus flower currently has big using to Zhao Hai, but now Zhao Hai is fighting with the strength of his within the body, simply does not have the time to speak with Bubble, Bubble does not dare to disturb Zhao Hai, therefore he, only then made the decision, entered a that lotus flower to Blood Pond, then used own strength to moisten Zhao Hai and a that lotus flower, Blood Pond Also is the same. Zhao Hai don’t know how long, he had not been have felt energy that finally own own within the body that clashes in all directions randomly, but what is strange, energy of his within the body along a strange route long journey, this route has almost been including all meridians in his body, forehead meridians including. Zhao Hai has gawked, does not live wants to have a look at oneself within the body now is any situation, has not actually thought that he just one thinks, immediately saw the situation in oneself within the body, now situation very special of his within the body, in his dantian place, seven color Demon Pill type thing is rotating slowly, is absorbing outside strength, but in the mutton smell in his chest in the hole, is actually a that strange lotus flower stops in there, colorfully, cannot see a meaning of dry committee the lotus flower blooms, but on Zhao Hai hundred Acupoint, has one. mini version, his phantom, is sitting cross-legged to sit in there, this phantom is long with him, but is actually growing silver long, but that is long his you to be likely void is extending, don’t know how long. Zhao Hai look at this change in all directions, by having Zhao Hai is a novel fan, he is very clear these three places to represent anything, in China, that three acupuncture points, will be called the dantian generally, hundred Acupoint there were called on the dantian, in the mutton smell hole there is called the dantian, but Guanyuan hole that the next dantian usually refers, these three are the Chinese thinks that is the most important three acupuncture points. However Zhao Hai also knows these three is, but before him, no matter the study fights institute Magic, has not used these three, he thinks that these three were only ancient China one type of fantasized, simply was not important was, but now will look like actually completely not that a matter. Zhao Hai own spiritual force centralized to under dantian place, his immediately felt a formidable strength, moreover simultaneously he also had enlightenment, got down the dantian to locate here is in his body the fountainhead of quantity, provides strength that his body fight needed.

Zhao Hai own spiritual force as centralized in hole there as mutton smell, static has been attached to the lotus flower, his immediately/on horseback felt that the line of lotus flower, this lotus flower can be said as treasure of the Heaven and Earth, in Ark Continent inauguration is, does not know that floats a lotus seed from that Space, fell Ark in the six, this lotus seed was buried in earth slowly was receiving nourishing of Ark Continent. The innumerable years passed by, the place that dark green sea Kuwata, this lotus seed is, turned into piece of small lake, in small lake lotus seed bud, then growing up slowly, does not have the innumerable years, lotus seed growth slowly, the earth also in the fresh change, small lake turned into ocean, the lotus seed still had not actually stopped growing, its root turned into own range the surrounding rock, slowly, the lotus flower bloomed, finally became the appearance that Zhao Hai saw, Zhao Hai from this lotus flower saw same thing! The root of lotus flower divides Yin-Yang, Eight Trigrams that rock and lotus flower compose, this combination agrees without consultation Heavenly Dao, therefore this Dao Lotus flower is the Heaven and Earth most precious object, Dao Lotus. But just Bubble felt that this lotus flower is useful to Zhao Hai, entered to put Blood Pond the lotus, finally was given refining by Zhao Hai accidentally, has become Zhao Hai Life Source Magical Artifact, but the lotus flower agreed without consultation Heavenly Dao, can say that the wondrous use of this lotus flower was infinite, had this lotus flower , the Zhao Hai strength did not promote a least bit to be so simple, compared compared with this lotus flower, Dwarf Race, Beastman Race and Elven Race these anything Divine Artifact, difference too many. Zhao Hai slowly has drawn back from Dao Lotus own spiritual force, just his spiritual force was attached to Dao Lotus time, he felt really the change of this Heavenly Dao, the change of this Universe, that type felt most profound, made Zhao Hai resemble understand a lot, was anything does not have understand probably, but Zhao Hai actually knew the Dao Lotus usage, this Dao Lotus may be used to attack the enemy, may be used to protect, may be used for trapped enemy, may be used for wound treatment, may be used to help the Zhao Hai attraction ability practice, could be said as multipurpose Magical Treasure. Reason that Dao Lotus will have such formidable energy , because in process of this Dao Lotus really growth, has not met a point destruction, therefore his root long surface the Tai Ji shape, this has gathered Yin-Yang, but in the root is wrapping the rock, actually agrees without consultation with the root Eight Trigrams, in Eight Trigrams led the principle of Five Elements promoting and constraining mutually, the Eight Trigrams axle center to compose Nine Palace, can say that this absolutely was unsurpassed Magical Treasure. Had this Magical Treasure Zhao Hai naturally is happy, but he controlled his hundred Acupoint spiritual force, Zhao Hai has not actually thought that his spiritual force just entered hundred Acupoint, immediately enters in that spatial shade villain, Zhao Hai one startled, actually woke, simultaneously his also understand that villain was anything, that villain was his spiritual force quantity, but that the head of villain, not his faint trace spiritual force. Zhao Hai opens the eye, presently still in Bubble within the body, he lie down in Blood Pond, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Bubble, puts me to exit.” A Bubble body revolution, Zhao Hai came out from Bubble within the body, Blood Pond also returned to the home position, Zhao Hai look at Bubble said : Bubble, is who made you put Blood Pond that lotus flower?” Bubble quickly said: „Was Young Master, what Bubble makes the mistake? Nobody makes me put, so long as I felt at that time puts that lotus flower to put Blood Pond, is very big to the help of Zhao Hai, therefore I have done, is Young Master, I does isn't right?”

Zhao Hai laughs, one holds Bubble in bosom said : not, you do is very right, is right, Bubble, well done, HaHaHa, Young Master my very happy.” At this time Berry also responded, arrived at Zhao Hai said : hastily Elder Brother Hai, were you good? Was all right?” Xu Wanying also walked, eager look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai laughed said : to be all right, not only has been all right, my present strength also increases, HaHaHa, making you be worried, right Berry, did I go in how long?” Berry quickly said: Time is not long, more than a day, but Elder Brother Hai, we go, has had an accident, God Race broke Space with that Magic Formation and another Magic Formation, meeting of God Race arrived Continent Xie Luo has taught country there brightly, moreover they also changed Law of the Heaven and Earth, later God Rank Expert will enter Ark Continent not to have the limit of Law.” Zhao Hai stares slightly, then smiles said : „the God Race really good method, this is not a day or two that planned them, they already began, these many years, Ark Continent here did not have God Rank Expert appears , was the ghost who they did!” ro! ~!