Zhao Hai originally already faint had this type to suspect, but just he when felt Dao Lotus, faint grasped Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, therefore his affirmation this point, is adding on now the God Race dry matter, Zhao Hai almost can affirm that these year of Ark Continent here nobody can become God Rank Expert, went ascend to God Realm, certainly was God Race is being up to mischief. Zhao Hai is clear, wants to change Law is very difficult, what is Law? Actually is one type of manifestation, only the non- corridor also divides Yin-Yang, if Ark Continent here various thing of normal long journey, are positive, that this restrictive Law is cloudy. Yin-Yang combines, became a plane [say / way], but reason that this plane exists, because of existence, but now God Race broke Ark Continent here to be the [say / way] of cloudy that side, the Ark Continent here [say / way] inadequately has also balanced, not the balanced [say / way] cannot call saying that matter that therefore this God Race handled, not only broke Ark Continent here Law, may also break many plane Law. This Universe is comprised of the innumerable positions, but reason that these plane exist, and relative independence, this is also the Universe avenue, now the balance of Ark Continent here was broken, that was also broken a piece on the equivalent to entire Universe [say / way], what influence this will bring to entire Universe, Zhao Hai returns don’t know now, but he can affirm that will be certainly influential. If this Universe is comprised of innumerable plane, then first composes this Universe plane, is dominoes, he stands in there, so long as he had not been destroyed, he will not have any occurring together with other positions, but one but this dominoes, will have provoked the chain-like response but actually, looks like dominoes that starts to dump ”, no matter you suspend this dominoes is long, what suspends becomes shape, he always has one day that all dumps. However Zhao Hai actually believes that this Universe Grand Daohas certain self-help ability, looks like initially Ark Continent here is the same, although had been broken Space by God Race, but Space have closed finally, Demon Race has also broken Space, finally Space closed. But Zhao Hai also believes that perhaps Universe Grand Dao has the ability of this adjustment, Universe Grand Dao was balancedis Yin-Yang, Ark Continent here is destroyed, will have certain influencethat Universe certainly also to make some adjustments in another person of place, making this influence vanish, making Universe in one time balanced. However Universe Grand Dao needs how long to adjust, Zhao Hai on don’t know, but these days, what change Ark Continent here will have, that was also difficult to say. Because has existence of Universe Grand Dao, therefore wants to change a [say / way] is very difficultGod Race did not prepare for tens of thousands years to achieve, if a principle God Race wants to make Ark Continent here God Rank Expert not have means ascend to go to God Realm, that was much easier.

The God Realm strength after all compared with Ark Continent here in many, they can definitely use the form of seal, making the Ark Continent here person not have means ascendeven to Immortal Realm small range Law of the Heaven and Earth of some change Ark Continent here, this be easier than change entire Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth. One wants to have this idea, all 9th level Expert of Zhao Hai immediately in Space convened, these 9th level Expert in Zhao Hai Space, majority of subdue from Carrion Swamp, ” the time of only then Origin Sword Saint was them who Zhao Hai please come in came to practice was very long, moreover Zhao Hai, when fought with them, present, their strengths were very actually strong, but these many yearsare nobody can become God Rank Expert, this by Zhao Hai puzzled. Now he has thought probably, this possibly is trick/hand and foot that God Race moves, if is really such, that present outside Law of the Heaven and Earth changed, their can appears in Ark Continent there, break through to God Rank? These 9th level strong also practice in Zhao Hai Space for a long time, the although strength enhanced, but they cannot become God Rank Expert, now Zhao Hai wants to give a try, has a look to make them exit from Ark Continent now, can they break through. These 9th level Expert one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately has nodded assent, in these most people are Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, only then Origin Sword Saint is not, but old Sword Saint now also life completely, if he in cannot break through, feared that was also can not live on much longer, therefore their immediately agreed. To the 9th level person, biggest is willing to be promotion as soon as possible God Rank, only then they can obtain the even bigger strength like this, has the long time life. Zhao Hai has not let them directly on appears in the battlefield, but made them go to Black Wasteland there first, Law of the Heaven and Earth changed in any case, they went to there are the same. After these people send off, Zhao Hai immediately returned to in the room, he in Bubble[ body] in stayed more than for day, now outside is anything changes him to return don’t know, he only knows that responsibility Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth changed, reason that Zhao Hai such anxiously is delivering these 9th level Expert, wants to have a look at them to have many people to break through, in such his year strength can has further been strengthened.

Zhao Hai enters the room, how many sees Laura their to be busy, everyone is thin and pale of face, how many people looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately/on horseback has put in hand thing, the half step walked, look at of face care he, Zhao Hai looked at their appearances, move, grieved [say / way] this „didn't you, make you rest at heart well? How to be busy? Outside situation how?” On the Laura face is hanging dark circles, forces a smile said : we to be all right, Elder Brother Hai, were you all right?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, all right, outside situation, if were not quite bad, rest well, not anxiously in the two days.” Laura nodded was similar, saves gave Cai'er that said : the present also carries on to be good, Elder Brother Hai, the demon city there garrison troops retreated, now Demon Race there person also in full defense, moreover their immediately must adjust army to come, in the there defense already not any significance, moreover I have made the armies of various clans ahead of time entered Buddha Empire, in Buddha Empire these have not withdrawn had, passed Space passage to withdraw, now entire Buddha Empire according to your meaning, turned into a stretch of battlefield.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, is very good, now our in hand has more than 500 God Rank Expert, I already they exited from Space Little Wen and Origin Sword Saint, now outside Law of the Heaven and Earth changed, I want to take a look at some of their people outside to break through God Rank, they are Ark Continent here are locally born, has not promoted many strengths by Space, I think that they do not have Law in means complete adaptation Space, might as well make them try to outside.” Laura nodded „the rapidness that said : Elder Brother Hai you responded, this was also good, they the although strength in Space promoted, actually not to break through, making them exit to try also well, now God Rank there did not have what sound, don’t know they were knocking any ghost.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to tell me in the final analysis what's the matter, did not say that God Race Continent did run?” Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, you have a look.” Said that Laura turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, has a look at to Elder Brother Hai that record following picture.” Cai'er has complied with one, God Race that two huge Magic Formation change let out, is Space rift, however is that a piece suddenly appears Continent, is Demon Dragon King told matter that Lich handles.

Zhao Hai calm the content on look at screen, to putting however, then Cai'er assigned out the big land map, Zhao Hai looked on a map that dense and numerous red, knows that now the has plenty army entered Buddha Empire here, Zhao Hai nodded said : „saying that currently some Buddha Empire here altogether many armies, unexpectedly have these races.” Lizzy immediately/on horseback nodded said : these armies in present original Demon Capital City, has fallen back on the second tone, below has put down, next refers , the water wheel, Guangping and other cities, are based on these five cities, has formed the second against silk, except for person who Demon Capital City there draws back, the army two hundred thousand person who Buddha Empire sends, the Lyon Empire devil Knight fifty thousand person, the Infantry hundred thousand person, the Rosen Empire rewiring Infantry fifty thousand person, the ordinary army ten fifty thousand people, horse's head Human Race in Beastman Race, Tauren Clan, Wolf Race dispatches troops to the two hundred thousand person, Elven Race dispatches troops to the Mage 200 people, the archer 5000 people, Dwarf Race dispatches the soldier fifty thousand person, now. That five city there altogether had the military strength to cross 1 million.” Zhao Hai nodded, second tone one is another defense line outside Demon Capital City, these city in city tall wall are thick . Moreover the transportation reaches, his these city established the defense line for the foundation is it would be the best, this can a good horse strategic depth, like Demon Capital City there, only unable to cling to tenaciously the orphaned city. Lizzy then said : then takes Ashi many rivers as the line, east bank of river, has built up a against silk, in the river has river channel two hundred thousand, river bank there has various clan soldiers to cross 1.5 millions, they mainly to aid a second tone army, can, when reinforcement, can help a second tone army retreat.” Zhao Hai nodded, Ashi many rivers are the second river in Buddha Empire, the entire river almost passes through entire Buddha Empire, is adding on the help of Elder Brother Hai, composed a defense line in here well. Lizzy said : „is then solid by the tooth, Qi Bai, parallel, the tongue is often broad, Bai Hao, top, Ox Wang, on such as and other cities, composed a huge strategic depth in Buddha Empire center here, here currently altogether has the military strength about 3 million, Beastman Race 1 million, the Human Race military strength reached 1 million, Dwarf Race left latter five hundred thousand, Elven Race dispatches troops to hundred thousand, four hundred thousand were the Sea Race army, the branch in various river channel, moreover Sea Race must supplement the military strength, then a against silk centered on cavalry city, there now also not completely. Forms, we army toward the there accent.”! ~!