Zhao Hai hear Lizzy words, satisfied nod said : good, is very good, is good, these defense lines not only need cope with Demon Race, but must cope with accurate line that God Race we must complete to retreatpresent God Race suddenly to make such big move to comeBuddha Empire here not to be better to defend the child, if we are clinging to tenaciously Buddha Empire here, that God Race and Demon Race possibly meet to cope with us, if we resign some areas, that Buddha Empire here, will become the battlefield that God Race and Demon Race will compete, therefore you must prepare under one, the commodities among various defense lines do not put in too. Many ”, in order to avoid when the time comes affects to retreat, I do not think we retreat, these commodities cheap enemy. ” Lizzy they complied with one, were similar, rested, I who Zhao Hai looked at their said : arrange present here you must have a look, if these people could not see us, may be flurried.” Lizzy they nodded, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you must add carefully on present Continent to be able do without you, if did not have you, that this war must defeat without doubt. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I may not have to be so easy dead, the truth you told that this time my simply is not injured, but broke through, but is because I am, therefore I who break through need to absorb many diameter quantities, therefore I arrive at Bubble[ body] in attracted Blood Pond energy to go, punctured the shade to give me Demon Pill fortunately, let my ability big improvement ”, moreover a Bubble this fellow, has also put Blood Pond that lotus, now that lotus has become my treasure, had. This lotus, my attack strength formidable, now Demon Dragon King their several are together make a move, is not my match, feel relieved was good. ”, Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” then relaxed they to fear Zhao Hai left any accident or by any wound, was too big regarding the war influence of entire Continent, now their finally feel relieved. Laura they were worried like this, and has the Space of reason is Zhao Hai ”, if Zhao Hai were injured, that this Space can also with two say, did not have this Space, they will want to mobilize soldiers become very difficult, will want to ship the commodity also to meet very difficult, what most important will be, if did not have Space these fighting strength formidable Undead Creature, will change complete disappearance, Ark Continent here can only the armies of various relying on clans resist God Race and Demon Race army this regarding the Ark Continent here person, absolutely will be a disaster. Zhao Hai look at Laura their appearancesshowed a faint smile said : to be good, did not need to be worried for me, you rested, outside I went to have a look, the matter of mobilizing soldiers did not need you to worry, but was opens Space passage to make Cai'er come to be good, Cai'er, was laborious you.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master to be too polite, Space is my control, moreover my simply did not need rest Young Master feel relieved to be good, I will arrange.” Zhao Hai noddedturns the head look at Laura their said : to be good, you go to rest well I to exit with Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Berry you also keep the rest, this several days was laborious you. ” Berry smiles Elder Brother Hai that said : I am all right, I also went me with you am God Rank Expert, does not need to rest.” Zhao Hai looked at a Berry point, to nod said :, that good, walked, you and Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow need to undergo the fight of long time now, then comprehended own Domain to come, good.” Said that Zhao Hai flashes body, was leading Berry and Xu Wanying left Space, this Zhao Hai appears place was not other where, was Demon Capital City there, he wants to go to there to have a look first, was going to Yangping city there. A Demon Capital City here really person did not have, all people retreated, only leaves behind the empty city, the Zhao Hai look at Demon Capital City present appearancecannot help but sighed, present Demon Capital City is more like an demon ghost town, a point voice did not have ” the ground also to scatter some junks, bleak sceneries, what was lucky, here has not died because of the war many people.

Xu Wanying also some look at Demon Capital City of sobbing, had yesterday here a babel of voices ” the present to be actually reminded of dear ones who have left, here these mercenary and adventurers, no matter they did want them to give up their homeland, this was makes people somewhat sad. Zhao Hai has flown Demon Capital City above, looked at Demon Race camp there one of the distant placeDemon Race camp there now also in busily, these Demon Race people resemble don’t know tired same going all out is building the city, but most makes Zhao Hai feel has[ is popular] what exerts, now Demon Race camp there, ten God Rank Expert sat the town, Zhao Hai can feel their aura. Zhao Hai sighed said : looks like Demon Realm Expert is catching up, but this was also good their strengths is formidable, was manywas better regarding the diversion of God Race, let's go, a while to Yangping city there, I have left behind some God Rank Undead Creature in there, then we went to teach country there to have a look brightly, God Race made such big move to come, will not have acted. ” Said that Zhao Hai turn around entered Spacethen immediately to Yangping city here, the Yangping city, is closest demon big city, the Yangping city and demon, is only away from five small town, therefore after the Yangping city became the demon, second choice defense line here bridgehead. Yangping city here is big city, the original resident population has taken advantage of 1 million big city, now there oneself after turning into a giant military compound, this distance in the Yangping city and demon, besides some mounted scouts, already not any person. Bass they are also yesterday grounded Space passage has fallen back on Yangping city herethey obtain, but Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai retreat of order camedid not have appears , this lets their extremely worried. Not only Bass was worried that all arrived at the second tone in the city people to feel somewhat was worried, their although was grounded Zhao Hai Space passage retreated to Yangping city here, but they had not actually seen Zhao Hai, this was the place that they most were worried about. He sets up retreats to the Yangping city timealthough obtains the notice of Zhao Hai, but is actually not he informs, but is the Undead Creature notice of his under the hand/subordinatehas not seen Zhao Hai I, they always felt that is not at heart steadfast. in the city all person extremely worried that comes out from demon there, but well in Bai Xin is also stableno matter what, Zhao Hai Space passage can also use, showed that Zhao Hai nothingpossibly is only because any matter was mixed.

Zhao Hai these time has not sat Bone Dragon ”, but drew appears in in the city of Yangping city, Zhao Hai just appears , by Elven Race archer present, they could not bear one cheer. These Elven Race person although are arrogant ”, but they are not the fools, when Zhao Hai and Demon Race person fights, they knew the Zhao Hai strengththeir very clear, if no Zhao Hai, they want to block the Demon Race person's attack are almost impossible. Zhao Hai looked at second tone in the city person one, entire Yangping city here has about five hundred thousand about armies ” came from Demon Capital City there majority, this arrived also makes Zhao Hai feel relievedZhao Hai look at in the city these garrison troops oneto show a faint smile, the hand wielded, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in outside the city. This lets the in the city person is cheering, these people noticed that Zhao Hai felt feeling at ease, normally look at not too pleasing to the eyes these Undead Creature ” the present look like also appears that adorable. Zhao Hai fell in the city from Space, saw Dwarf Race in his not far away, his immediately/on horseback smiles said : „, brothers General's Residence in that I looked for the general a little matter. ” That Dwarf immediately/on horseback said : elder my this leads you to go. ” Said that two small short feet fast have turned over, proceeds to runZhao Hai to look that this Dwarf appearancecannot help but shows a faint smile, is leading Berry and Xu Wanying proceeds to walk. Before long they arrived at City Lord Mansion of Yangping city, here is City Lord Mansion, but changes to General's Residence now, Bass they in here, now the Yangping city here highest senior official or Bass, some are reinforcement, but the population is not extremely numerous . Moreover the military rank does not have Bass to be high. Zhao Hai arrives at General's Residence hereto defend in in front of the door garrison troops immediately/on horseback to a Zhao Hai ritual, then garrison troops without demur ran toward the palace inrun while said : Zhao Hai the first glow to come Mr. Zhao Hai to come. ” Zhao Hai was teased by that person smiles, turns the head to that to Dwarf said : that he guides, thanked the brothers, takes away to drink.” Said that lost to that Dwarf one bottle of purify from now on Milk Wine. That Dwarf[ is popular] exerted to meet, bowed said : to thank the elder to Zhao Hai.” Said that turn around ran, looks at his appearance, probably showed off with his companion, Zhao Hai has not cared, walked toward General's Residence. He just entered the palace gate, saw Bass and Yari and Gellar also has Barres several people to welcome, their also with several Human Race soldier, these people of soldier used one type of curious look look at Zhao Hai.

Bass they arrive around Zhao Hai, simultaneously to Zhao Hai ritual said :, welcome mister, in the mister imperial edict requests personally.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good not to be impolitewhat kind, here prepare? ” Bass immediately/on horseback said : mister feel relieved here already complete prepare, not only here, below puts down, next refers , in the water wheel, Guangping and other city also prepares, mister, we also arrived say. ” Zhao Hai noddedthen from person to the City Lord Mansion hall, there turned into a huge doing fighting room, now this made the fighting room to be nicer compared with Demon Capital City that ” , was not only hanging many maps, inside also had few soldier to bustle about, but in hall mostwas also suspending a simple sand table. Zhao Hai looked at all around point, satisfied nod said : good, is very good, this little sets the example of fighting room, he he, come, told me.”, Was saying Zhao Hai while has arrived around the sand table. Bass several people of immediately/on horseback have also arrived at the sand table, Bass is suspending sand table said : „, because the time is tight, therefore can only make this simple sand table, currently in second tone outside the city all cities has the army to guard, many are some mobile quite strong Cavalry, to let fights among various cities and retreats convenient, the Dwarf Race brothers' dig in various cities were saying that is only the work load is too big, now could not have looked at too many achievements, after I am want the second tone city, several place big city use the tunnel to give to unite first, cannot dig too big tunnel ”. Must unite first, like this no matter reenforces retreats, we can carry on the tunnelby present opportunity little. ”! ~!