Zhao Hai nodded said : this method to is feasible extremely time-consuming, this, I will discuss with King of Continent various countries, making them send some Earth element Magic Formation to help, but must speak of dig saying that Dwarf Race is an expert, when these Magician arrived, I will make them turn over to Dwarf Race to unify command(er), the Yari Chinese, you must as soon as possible links these big city with the tunnel, then in slowly these small town also continually, like this we and Demon Race fight on diverse words, will remember keeps some vents many, Demon Race also has Magic Formation, must momentarily. Is careful them the destruction to the tunnel. ” The Yari Chinese nodded said : your feel relieved, I have prepared, the tunnel digs is very deep, general Magician may not destroy, the tunnel that said it, our Dwarf Race digs, you should see and ensure cannot have the matter.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to arrive is, regarding Dwarf Race the skill, I very admires, a while I must go to teach country there to have a look at here I to leave behind some Undead Creature protections brightlyyou not to need to be worried that what even if the opposite party comes will be God Rank Expert will not have the matter, moreover I just went to Demon Race camp there to look, their present most important will be the fortification, will not take the initiative comes attack we, now Demon Race does not have the danger temporarily, conversely, I to be worried that what the God Race there these fellow will cause matter, there has a look at the line. The Yari Chinese nodded said : „to make Patriarch bring God Race to come here to assume personal command, such here security.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : now not to use, Billy Patriarch they have arrived, wants Accra Mountain there arrangement defense line , if not really good, we will give up Buddha Empire here, gives God Race Demon Race the domain, such God Race and Demon Race to contend for the domain, will certainly have the fight, we can also relaxed. ” The people in room static listens to the Zhao Hai wordstheir complexion is not being very attractivehere most people are the Buddha Empire people, here is their families, must give up their familiesthey naturally not being able happy. Zhao Hai looked at person one in roomto know that they in thinking anything, Zhao Hai deep voice said : do not want to be too many, what you gave up was only the land, the house, however your family members also, only then the family member, that had family to be good, the here matter I will not manage too me to think manyDemon Race person a short time will not come to come inthey also to have certain understanding regarding God Raceto God Race also dreading, before their strength ” they have not been cannot leave camp there. ” The people relaxed, Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, meets to begin to wield, punctured shade appears Zhao Hai to turn the head said : in the room this is punctures shade Demon Race God Rank Expert, but he now is my Undead Creature, assumed personal command in here by him, even if were Demon Race brings God Race to look like ” you do not need to be worried about anythingso long as has met attack, I by quickest hurried back, was goodI to walk, Bass, here looked your. ” Bass complied with oneZhao Hai to lead Xu Wanying and Berry leave the hall, the flashes body vanished. The people in hall know that Zhao Hai has Space Divergent Technique, therefore looked that Zhao Hai such performancedoes not have now what quite strangely. Zhao Hai three people of immediately arrived has taught border here of country's brightly, before them that city that had been, that any change, in the city has not had any change, these person and Magic Beast, still lying like dry corpse at that time, but Zhao Hai saw these corpses timedid not have the anger, he must wait for that day of revenging angry deep burying in him at heart ”.

Zhao Hai this time is to come to see that new Continent, he wants to have a look at that new Continent there what's the matter, why the God Race person has not abandoned to the present. Zhao Hai is God Rank Experthis was not naturally slow, is quick he to be close new Continent there he, when close new Continent there, Zhao Hai stares, because he saw the person, a troop person, this group of people wears the Radiant Church standardized long gown, looks is the Radiant Church person. Zhao Hai onemet to focus to brave, his direct Radiant Church these people who killing intent could not bear flew. Radiant Church these people also present Zhao Hai, now the entire Radiant Church remaining people are not many, only then most core member, in addition altogether also about thousand people, strength worst is 8th level Magician or Warrior, but 9th level Expert has achieved about hundred people unexpectedly, this quantity may be many. Radiant Church these people present Zhao Hai they, these 9th level Expert immediately flew, these people take three people as, first is old person, looked like almost about hundred years old ” head, beard already snow white, his body wore a golden Radiant Church standardized long gown, in hand takes the book that golden light was sparkling, this made him appear such as a deity people is the same. Stands two red-clothed coats to teach in the old person side, these two person Zhao Hai did not know, but their strength in 9th level, person in hand is taking also white Magic Staff, another person in hand is taking a sword. Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, has not actually cared, these three people were any status, Zhao Hai have guessed Radiant Church Pontiff in addition two Red-clothes Archbishop, 9th level Expert, but has not placed in the Zhao Hai eye, what making Zhao Hai pay attention was their in hand is taking that three types of thing. These three types of thing look uncommonly, but most lets is actually, he who Zhao Hai pays attention on this Lan Yang thing, felt that with Iron Hammer, Bloody War their similar aura, these three types of thing had Artifact Spirit Divine Artifact. Radiant Church Pontiff looked that Zhao Hai only looked at their one eyes to stare at his in hand bookalso cannot help but to stare, then at heart actually Zhao Hai actually paid attention, he knows that Zhao Hai present the special place of his in hand book, this book was not the common book, God Realm God Race bestowed his god Sacred Techique standard, was Divine Artifact, but that two Red-clothes Archbishop in hand were taking was also different God Rank, a root was bright Magic Staff, one was actually the sword of ruling.

Zhao Hai can note the uncommonness of these three types of thing within such short time, obviously Zhao Hai does not have unearned reputation, he is very fierce. Pontiff look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai has not thought that you such quickly arrived, he he, submits to me now ”, when numerous Gods descend timeI will help you say that in front of numerous Gods several words of praise, you these days, have created very big trouble to us, finally we cannot change the plan, with giving people a hard time taught person Blood Sacrifice of country's brightly, this let numerous Gods very angry, because taught the country here subjects brightly, was the numerous Gods most faithful servant ”, but they actually died because of you. ” Zhao Hai coldly look at Pontiff, laughing said : suddenly joke, do they die because of me? Were they killed by whom? Was killed by your this hypocritical people, you in turn buckle my head this charge now you still that shameless. ” Pontiff calm look at Zhao Hai said : they are the god most faithful servants, naturally must prepare for momentarily sacrificed all for the god, if not you disturbs, they do not use, we will elect some heathens to carry on Sacrificial Offering, because of you, they will die, isn't this your mistake?” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : heathen? Your why they are the heathens, because their Faith Radiant God they weren't the heathens? In this world not, only then teaches a god brightly, why they must believe teach HaHaHa brightly, has a look to believe the Radiant God consequence, all died in here unexpectedly, has not remained, your light taught, may be suffices really benevolently. ” Pontiff cold sound said : all Faith Radiant God people are not the heathen, Radiant God are omnipotent, Radiant God is incomparably formidable, can be Radiant God sacrificed, is their good fortune, their soulsgo to be purified. ” Zhao Hai sneers said : purification, I look am soul flies away and scatters, the fool speech that I am disinclined brainwash with your, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Berry, has killed them, paid attention, what these three fellow in hand take is Divine Artifact, Might is not small, you must be careful.” They complied with one, Xu Wanying have wielded the big axe, the direct impact in the past, but personal appearance actually disappearance of Berry slowly in airborne. Zhao Hai stands in there has not moved, his static look at their movements, he must to them many fight opportunity, after they comprehended the Domain strength, they were true God Rank Expert they had the self-preservation strengthin this tumultuous times ”. Pontiff they looked at Xu Wanying to clash, their personal appearance to will draw back in the future, then other these 9th level Expert actually not awfully flushed, they have dispersed attack to Xu Wanying.

Xu Wanying may not have the time to waste breath with them, his personal appearance moves, side appears large quantities of Doppelganger, direct these 9th level Expert have killed. These 9th level Expert have not thought obviously Xu Wanying also has this, one was hit one to be caught off guardalmost to put in an appearance lost the most manpower. Xu Wanying has not managed these remaining 9th level Expert, but is they kills toward Pontiff, Pontiff has not thought that Xu Wanying so will be unexpectedly fierce, but saw that Xu Wanying flushed comingPontiff to hold up oneself in hand god Sacred Techique standard deep voice to read said : god to say gently, all my enemies, will be punished! ” He just said that departs one group of white light from the god Sacred Techique standard, this group of white light change into a light sword instantaneously, goes toward well ten thousand allow Zhan. Xu Wanying drinks one lowly, the in hand big axe wields, a giant axe shade, welcomed to cutaxe shade to cut light on the sword brightly quickly, but actually cannot block light the sword, by light the sword one axe shade breaking, has then cut toward Xu Wanying. In the Xu Wanying eye twinkling brightly, then personal appearance moves, has let attack of light sword, often Pontiff flushes away ”, but that turned circle the light sword unexpectedly, turns head to cut toward the back of Xu Wanying. Zhao Hai looked that the appearance of this swordcannot help but gently has only selected the eyebrow, he has not thought that reallyRadiant Church the god Sacred Techique standard unexpectedly such fierce, one broke the Xu Wanying light sword unexpectedly, will trace the enemy, this Divine Artifact was unexpectedly uncommon.! ~!