Chapter 718 comprehends Domain In this time, is taking bright Magic Staff that red-clothed coat to teach, has held up bright Magic Staff gently, read several Incantation in a soft voice, ray of light covered appears before Pontiff their bodies, protected Pontiff in the light, but another 9th level Expert just about to holds up oneself in hand the sword of ruling, actually probably feels anything, fierce toward side flashes. However is this, he does not have the complete shunt, on his left arm left four wounds instantaneously, the wound is very deep, the body outward is turning, the blood one flowed. At this time Berry form also appears in leaving that injured Red-clothes Archbishop about ten meters far place, now Berry like with that gentle appearance of Zhao Hai when together, her both hands nail is not long more than one foot to be long, was dodging cold light, looked like very scary, now her the four nails of right hand besides thumb on, is hanging the bloodstain, four drops of blood beads downward were dropping along her nail. The Berry young lady smiles tenderly, her laughter so is still delightful, actually hears in the will of the people the wool, Berry smiles, while moistening the bloodstain nail extended own front, stretched out Ding Xiang little tongue, gently was to lick on the nail, this was the movement of incomparable enticement, because actually on the Berry tongue was stained with blood, but appeared particularly evil. But Zhao Hai presently Berry attack may, not only her nail, her laughter, her just movement, was actually the one type of Spiritual Attack way, but Succubus regarding Spiritual Attack control fantastic, her Spiritual Attack very secretive, general 9th level Expert simply is impossible presently, if Zhao Hai were not spiritual force strengthens, he is impossible presently. Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at Berry, he has not thought really that Berry really also has such wild side, this is makes him feel being startled very. But the Radiant Church three people are also very startled, they actually had not felt that Berry dives their side, this in their opinion is impossible. Their several people are in Radiant Church strongest Expert, will otherwise not make them take Divine Artifact , because of this, they to own strength very self-confident, their simply does not believe some people able silent diving to their sides. Their there knows that a Succubus clan stealth fierce place, Zhao Hai has achieved the God Rank strength, incautiously the Berry [say / way], do not say that they were 9th level Expert. Berry the monster of young lady smiles, then the personal appearance slowly vanished, Radiant Church that three people were startled, that took the Magic Formation person, immediately/on horseback was adding several layers protective shield to three people, but Pontiff in one time has opened the god Sacred Techique standard.

When Berry carries on attack to that Red-clothes Archbishop, Xu Wanying Doppelganger has given to extinguish Radiant Church these 9th level Expert, has the overwhelming superiority in the quantity, the leeway of strength in Radiant Church these 9th level Expert simply not rebel on the equally matched situation. Zhao Hai waves, one group of black gave to wrap up these Radiant Church people, waited for black gas to vanish, these Radiant Church people turned into Undead Creature, Zhao Hai toward following these Radiant Church 8th level Expert one fingers, these Undead Creature immediately overran toward these people. This Zhao Hai may not have to change the appearance of skeleton these Undead Creature, but turned into the Zombie appearance them, in other words, maintained their original appearances, then may be serious, these Radiant Church people, look at their ally helplessly were killed, this is very extraordinary matter, is the present, they see these beforehand allies, the friend, the higher authority, brandishes weapon to kill toward them, an indifference of these person face, look at them to be fearful and apprehensive. In this situation these Radiant Church people, how also possibly to have any morale, is adding on these 9th level Expert that Zhao Hai release comes is very strong, was killed flesh and blood to fly at once horizontally. But Xu Wanying had actually met at this time troublesome, then has been entangling him the light sword, then light sword very strong, allow Ten Thousand Swords phantom of release ten uncle heads, has not actually been able to block up the sword. At this moment, Pontiff release a ray of light sword, this target unexpectedly Xu Wanying of light sword, after putting this light sword, Pontiff has not actually closed the god Sacred Techique standard, but then deep voice said : god said that all illusory in my eyes, was the real, real eyes!” He just read, one group of white light on appears in his side, this group of white light turned into a huge white eye slowly, turning the head that then this white eye transfers, a white light projects from the eye, is shooting in that is taking Magic Staff Red-clothes Archbishop behind. Reprimanded the sound to transmit tenderly, the hand of Berry welcomed to be good to roll white light directly, rolled white light to strike to disperse that however her personal appearance has also exposed. That with Red-clothes Archbishop of sword, immediately/on horseback with a low voice, the in hand sword moves, Sword Qi cuts together toward Berry, Berry thought stealth avoid, but she just a stealth, that giant eye, one group of white light, Berry was compelled to appear the personal appearance. Meaning that Zhao Hai calm look at all these, he has not gone forward to help, he knows that he has somewhat underestimated these types of Divine Artifact fierce this, if these types of Divine Artifact did not fear compared with the God Rank Expert difference, even was stronger than general God Rank Expert, was silk is not bad compared with on God Rank, no wonder in the past Dwarf Race they can repel that God Rank Expert through three Divine Artifact, this Divine Artifact also was really very strong.

However Zhao Hai did not regret that lets Xu Wanying and Berry attended this war, only then undergoes the fight that this wants, two people can fast grow, as soon as possible will comprehend own Domain. Xu Wanying by that two ray of light swords to attack ten people of distress, this is let Xu Wanying very angry now, he has not thought that he linked several to take Divine Artifact 9th level Expert unable to cope unexpectedly, this was really too disgraced, gave Young Master to lose face. Thinks of here, Xu Wanying cannot help but is angry, he has drunk one crazily, this time he unexpectedly not in phantom of axe, but injects the strength of own within the body to the axe on, his putting in order was flashing the axe blood red radiance, the Xu Wanying in hand axe frantic dance, centered on him, in the original ten meters, all was an axe shade, these time was not phantom that the axe came out, but after was the axe waved quickly, remnant shade that keeps. That two ray of light sword immediately/on horseback one jabbed into the Xu Wanying axe shade, then an intense battle sound, some little time, the Xu Wanying axe shade disappearance slowly, he now looks like somewhat distressed, clothes broke two, inside passes the bleeding silk, on his in hand axe also appears two gaps of grain of rice sizes, but, is not too fortunately serious. However Zhao Hai actually noted this point, his gently knitting the brows head, he knows axe although that now Xu Wanying uses was very good thing that in Space produced, but compared to true Divine Artifact to fall far short, it seems like it was preparing weapon to him. Xu Wanying struck to disperse that two light swords finally, then his furiously roar, wielded the axe to kill toward Pontiff, Pontiff changed the god Sacred Techique standard, mouth deep voice said : god was saying that all my enemies, will fall into Hell, can not live!” As his words just fell, in sky suddenly appears two white big hands, appears in the head of Xu Wanying, has been pressing Xu Wanying from top to bottom, but another actually appears under the body of Xu Wanying, from bottom to top is pressing Xu Wanying, probably takes to pat him is flatly same. Xu Wanying wants to move sideways avoid, actually presently simply cannot move, he was imprisoned to be the same probably, Xu Wanying panic-stricken, he cannot help but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, at this time, he hoped to obtain the help of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has not actually moved, instead to was a face hope color look at Xu Wanying. Xu Wanying looked at Zhao Hai complexion on the understand sea is any meaning, Zhao Hai will not help him now, but was hopes that he broke through. Thinks that the meaning of Zhao Hai, the Xu Wanying mind cannot help but swings, then his personal appearance fierce moves, furiously roar, in hand big axe frantic dance, but that two big hands did not fear probably his axe, being up and down has pressed, Xu Wanying getting smaller and smaller of axe circle pressure. Zhao Hai some look at Xu Wanying of worry, his although hopes that Xu Wanying can break through, but he feared that Xu Wanying will be injured, he feared that he was some were too impatient, Xu Wanying and Berry just entered the step are to become False God level Expert, immediately made their skin arrive at God Rank suddenly, truly was some goes too far.

Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighs, is preparing make a move, however the Xu Wanying axe circle completely vanished, his appears in there, has grasped standing of big axe face calm in there, Zhao Hai stares, in puzzled, a Xu Wanying axe wields. This axe is not quick, can say that also appears very slow, probably is his each sound can make you see clearly, but is such movement, an axe has broken out that two toward the big hand that he presses, probably was Space dividing splits by this axe was the same. As this axe chops, one group of blood red gas wrap up Xu Wanying, then this group of gas getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, finally grew with archer that Domain almost big time, stopped, slowly turned into a huge red sphere, Xu Wanying wrapping in inside. This has not ended, this red sphere then slowly is changing the shape, finally turned into an appearance of big axe, this is a double ax, all over the body the blood red, is actually only the position of axe blade edge, is golden, this makes this appear the big axe very sharp. Zhao Hai sees this big axe, actually laughs, he knows that Xu Wanying has succeeded finally, he comprehended his Domain successfully, although is only primary Stage, but this was very great. However sees Xu Wanying to comprehend the Domain process, to some Zhao Hai also advantage, Zhao Hai Domain is Space directly makes, some he is also not completely understand, but Xu Wanying Domain is actually comprehends, he to own Domain completely understand, actually from the False God level to God Rank, what difference is only Domain, but want to lead becomes aware Domain, is actually not difficult. False God level and God Rank, if mentioned really the strength came, was similar, what they missed was only the strength with and absorbed. ro! ~!