Chapter 720 God Race comes In this giant palm, including rope, this rope is being be made up of the innumerable filaments, that filament looks like heads, looks like somewhat fearful. Zhao Hai spiritual force withdrew from the phantom villain slowly, he understand, that has grasped with axe almost big flying of Xu Wanying, is not other thing, is Berry Domain. Berry Domain now looks like with the tricapability \; first, the stealth, Berry Domain has the function of stealth directly, moreover compared with her stealth Advanced level, bright Magic cannot break his Domain stealth unexpectedly. Second possibly was that only huge flying grasps grasping to strike the function, that only flies to grasp will not turn into that shape with no reason at all, therefore Zhao Hai believes that flew to stress one also to have other use, possibly like the hand of Berry flexible also perhaps. But the third function, possibly was Spiritual Attack, flew to grasp following that rope certainly is not ordinary rope, not so that rope like the head of Berry, does not become, therefore Zhao Hai bold referred, that rope possibly had the Spiritual Attack ability. When Zhao Hai suspects like this, that is only great in flying grasped, flew to grasp fierce proceeding to extend, one grasped on protective shield that in Pontiff they were, that protective shield flashed with brilliant rays that Pontiff they were, was scratched and torn two directly, to the third time, has blocked attack that flew to grasp, this had also been lucky just that was taking bright Magic Staff Red-clothes Archbishop very careful, ahead of time gave them many cloths several protective shield, otherwise this, certain they non- will die by Pontiff already the wound. Pontiff three people of calling out in alarm, their don’t know what's the matter, why among suddenly their two protective shield were broken, but their immediately has thought that certainly is the Berry behavior, because they just saw the Berry stealth, now they suddenly by attack, but they did not have presently by who attack, this very natural made them associate to Berry. However they actually could not find the Berry shadow now, in that is taking bright Magic Staff Magician just about to them several layers protective shield on blessing/additional support, at this time, Xu Wanying moved. Xu Wanying has been paying attention to Pontiff their motion, saw that Berry suddenly vanished, Xu Wanying stares slightly, then a immediately/on horseback axe has divided, the double wedge had opened opposite party two protective shield, at this time Pontiff they had one layer protective shield to protect. Berry has not actually let off this opportunity, flies to grasp following that rope, suddenly moves, then entire rope fierce flings, one entangled in Pontiff on their protective shield, then not.

But at this moment, Zhao Hai actually presently the Radiant Church three people, their movements all stopped, dull standing in there, probably turned into the clay sculpture woodcarving to be ordinary. Zhao Hai knows that these three people certainly were Berry spiritual Magic, now they think certainly one with the Berry Xu Wanying war, simply have not been thinking, their simply not any movement. Zhao Hai knows that this Berry their winners, although Pontiff their in hand were taking three types of Divine Artifact, but Divine Artifact in the cow, after all was only Divine Artifact, was not true God Rank Expert, therefore they were impossible to escape Berry Spiritual Attack. Under the gaze of Zhao Hai, flying of Berry grasps in time raising, scratching the head that flies to grasp, has put Pontiff on gently their finally one layer protective shield, then entire only flies to grasp looks like gets hold of the fist to be the same, fierce grasps, gently Pontiff their final protective shield scratching and tearing. Then flew to grasp approached Pontiff slowly, in flying to grasp arrived at the head of Pontiff is, was preparing Pontiff grasped, among suddenly, in the god Sacred Techique standard has emitted one group of white light, one has blocked the attack that flew to grasp, simultaneously the Pontiff three people also one sobered. But at the same time, the Xu Wanying actually fierce proximity left several axe shades, on them the detachment toward Pontiff, Pontiff they had not responded the time , the sword of ruling has been separated from the hand of that Red-clothes Archbishop fiercely, the high and low fluttering, has blocked Xu Wanying all attack. Then light law Magic Staff root edge left several protective shield, they protected Pontiff in the middle, Pontiff they, making to stare by this sudden change, but along with it was actually one happy, when they must put out a hand to take these three types of Divine Artifact, an old sound conveys said : and others to dare attack my God Race servant, you will certainly receive the penalty of my God Race!” Berry they are one turn the head to look in the direction that the sound conveys, originally new Continent there, there don’t know when appears old person of white robe, the beard and this old person were all white, this is makes him appear the sage-like outstanding behavior look flies. Berry and Xu Wanying are one startled, they know that this certainly is a God Race person, this God Race person suddenly appears regarding them is not the good matter, that equal to they attacked the plan of Radiant Church to go bankrupt comprehensively. But Pontiff they are actually overjoyed, bow to kneel down, said loudly: Has seen my sacred Master, your loyal servant gave regards to you.”

That God Race person they were actually built the appearance that pays no attention to regarding Pontiff, but nod said : of gently gets up, useless thing, this matter cannot handle, but read, in you did not have the merit also to have in the share of efforts, I prepared to guarantee your undead.” This God Race person just a saying ended, hears person said : to be short in there boasts the atmosphere, you are one are stranded Houzi/Monkey in basket, but also wants to guarantee others' safety, wait for you can come out saying that I must kill them today, I to have a look, you guarantee cannot preserve them.” The people stare, turn the head to look, is Zhao Hai, Berry and Xu Wanying personal appearance moves, drew back returned to Zhao Hai, but that God Race person actually gawked, then a face was startled look at Zhao Hai that accommodated. Zhao Hai look at that God Race person, coldly snorted said : I most disliked your god sticks, was the time has not arrived obviously, you have not been able to come to Ark Continent from there, actually must ship out an arrogant appearance to throw a bluff on, today I must butcher them, what? you bit me!” That God Race person two eyes flash of cold light, then coldly snorted said : good, I have not thought really that Ark Continent such quickly had God Race Expert, but was I now can be what kind to Ark Continent, I can the command(er) god Sacred Techique standard, bright Magic Staff, the pill of ruling carry on attack to you, by your strength, simply was impossible to block these three types of Divine Artifact attack, you do not think that these three types of Divine Artifact in my in hand, in in hand of these three waste was the same?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : that you try, I will certainly kill them today, turns into my Undead Creature them, simultaneously I must receive my in hand your God Race these three types of Divine Artifact, do you believe?” That God Race is angry said : extremely arrogantly! Ignorant children/my son, extremely arrogant, unexpectedly dares to put to disrespect to my god, suffers to death!” The hand wields, the god Sacred Techique standard one opens, then together great in the perpendicular incidence of light sword from the statute book, punctures toward Zhao Hai, simultaneously the bright Magic Staff also violent left one group of dazzling white light, but the sword of ruling also changes to makes together the flowing light, punctures toward Zhao Hai, the method that but this punctures is somewhat special, the sword of ruling with paths of-and-a-half arcs, directly soars the Zhao Hai back of the body. These three types to attacking that have not arrived at the simple, the light sword that positive god Sacred Techique standard flies superficially, is positive attack, moreover on this light sword, this attack is open and aboveboard, but also has a constriction, probably God Rank Expert strikes directly general. But attack of that group of glares, besides can let not to be able to open the look, but also has Spiritual Attack, very fierce, but finally, attack of sword of ruling, strange, the sword of ruling in attack, does not have a point voice, if you close one's eyes only judge with the feeling, you certainly presently he. If the average person meets such three attack, feared that will be is certainly hit to be caught off guard, flies, since, but Zhao Hai has not actually been serious these three attack, suddenly will drink said : lowly thunder!”

Thunder light falls from nine days together, divided on bright Magic Staff, bright Magic Staff fierce blocked, then white light vanished, Zhao Hai then said : mountain!” huge mountain suddenly appears before his body, one blocked that attack of light sword, the although light sword has exploded large hole on huge mountain, a use did not have, still by huge mountain blocking. Zhao Hai then said : Ze!” Such remarks, he behind appears a piece great in Swamp, this piece of Swamp does not have general of piece, but the sword of ruling enters to this piece of Swamp, looked like a moth hits the spider web to be ordinary, getting slower and slower, getting slower and slower, cannot be moving finally finally. Then Zhao Hai wields, three God Race Divine Artifact fell in his hand directly, had not run, these three Divine Artifact fell to his in hand time, but also was struggling, Zhao Hai wielded, has thrown into three Divine Artifact Space directly, these three Divine Artifact just entered in Space, Space immediately/on horseback transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently contains the Light Element energy appliance, one, may break covers the wicked statute book, two may cut extremely evil Divine Sword, three, the scepter of command(er) light, in the present three appliances includes the virus procedure, making three appliances not have the means to wield its normal function, the statute book cannot Bian Gaie, Divine Sword not only cut Evildoer, the scepter is used, eliminates the virus, virus elimination successfully, withdraws in three appliances light energy, in Space all Light Element kind of Cyborg-type life form, Level Up is to God Rank, three Divine Artifact and devil Blood Staff fuses, Host determines his guilty person, Host to its attack, strengthens 50%, Host to Light Element energy uses the ability, further strengthens, Host to Darkness life form attack, strengthens 50%!” Zhao Hai is listening to the Space prompt sound, somewhat cannot respond at once, he has not thought that really can be this, this stemmed from his anticipation, Space one all Light Element Undead Creature Level Up in Space arrived at God Rank unexpectedly, this regarding him may be good information, Light Element Undead Creature in Zhao Hai Space may be many absolutely. ro! ~!