Utilization of Chapter 721 trigram-shape Zhao Hai and number of times of Radiant Church war may be many, the person in although Radiant Church and certainly is Light Element Magician, but Light Element Magician and Warrior have also occupied majority, in adding on Zhao Hai has also killed the quantity from many other Magic Beast and Human Race, in these Magic Beast and Human Race has plenty is Light Element. The person on this Continent comes since birth, their bodies have their attribute, like Meg she is the water attribute physique, most suits studies Water element Magic, but the has plenty person and Magic Beast, they are also Light Element, but their some do not turn over to the Radiant Church tube. But Zhao Hai has calculated, his Space Undead Creature in all Light Element add, has almost about 10,000, in other words, he one were many God Rank Expert. However Zhao Hai asked Cai'er knows, these 10,000 God Rank Expert, can only be the False God levels, because of their also not Domain strength, but that more than 500 Assassin God Rank Expert, they actually meet Domain. Zhao Hai somewhat is from the beginning puzzled, but changed mind one to want on understand, these Assassin God Rank Expert, were because punctured the shade Level Up, punctured the shade is itself divides Domain, therefore that more than 500 Assassin God Rank Expert could Domain, but three Divine Artifact although very formidable, but they after all were only Divine Artifact, not Domain, therefore these Light Element God Rank Expert cannot Domain. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, this Space also was really sufficed stodgily, if turned fighting strength to come, three Divine Artifact under 9th level Expert command(er), fighting strength will not compare to puncture the shade to be bad absolutely, perhaps , because of their Divine Artifact, was not the person, their not Domain strength, therefore Space has only withdrawn their tremendous strengths, join to these Undead Creature, had not had the Domain strength by these Undead Creature. However Zhao Hai is very satisfied, no matter what, Space were also many more than 10,000 Undead Creature, about 1/1000 proportions, this will have made Zhao Hai have a dream can smile to awake, must know on Continent, the Light Element physique is also very scarce, Zhao Hai directly Radiant Church extinguishing, he impossible so many Light Element God Rank Expert. Actually Zhao Hai true happy is not this matter, but the utilization about Dao Lotus, Dao Lotus extremely was wonderful, may attack, may defend, may help his absorbancy, may help him comprehend boundary, the simplicity is unsurpassed Magical Treasure, but regarding the utilization of Dao Lotus, he is know one but understand half, not too many attainments. But that three characters that he just read, separately is actually corresponding Eight Trigrams three trigram-shape, the thunder, the mountain, Ze! Eight Trigrams corresponds eight trigram-shape, separately is, does day, Kun( place), ridge( water), to shake( thunder), Gen trigram( mountain), Xun trigram( wind), to exchange to( fire)( Ze). But just Zhao Hai transferred the Dao Lotus strength, has used in Dao Lotus three trigram-shape in Eight Trigrams, uses of these three trigram-shape, but also very convenient, so long as a character mantra exit / to speak, immediately meets scene that appears and knowledge correspond, moreover Might very formidable, Zhao Hai has used three trigram-shape, has blocked, on equivalent to God Rank Expert three Divine Artifact attack, obviously this trigram-shape fierce place. How after knowing these eight trigram-shape in Eight Trigrams to have used, Zhao Hai was more self-confident to own strength, had the help of Eight Trigrams, he believes that he will certainly not compare any God Race Expert difference.

Zhao Hai very clear this trigram-shape fierce place, if he had just not used trigram-shape, depends on his strength, minimum must support Domain to block three Divine Artifact attack, but now his anything is also useless, but has used three trigram-shape, with ease has surrounded three Divine Artifact, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is good information. With Zhao Hai jubilant bountiful crop contrast, is that God Realm Expert, he has not thought that among three Divine Artifact many such lost greatly! Must know, even if in God Realm here, three Divine Artifact is also extraordinary existence, actually beforehand Iron Hammer told the Zhao Hai matter to be somewhat wrong, Iron Hammer said that in God Realm all God Race strengths had formidable, this point was not false, but he did not have had not said that actually in God Realm, can produce Artifact Spirit Divine Artifact to be also rarely seen, can therefore produce Artifact Spirit Divine Artifact, in God Realm was topest Divine Artifact, otherwise in the past the ancestors of three clan, not feel relieved they put Ark Continent here Iron Hammer, was resisted Divine Artifact by them, if Divine Artifact really that fierce, God Realm on was not the God Race control. But was controlled by Divine Artifact. Three God Race this times to cope with Ark Continent here, put Radiant Church in hand three Divine Artifact specially, enabling them to be used to resist Iron Hammer they, but Iron Hammer they at that time severe wound, when Radiant Church suppresses three clans, Iron Hammer they do not have appears , but Radiant Church inheritance actually also appears an issue, the people had forgotten three Divine Artifact arrive at the Lower Realm point most from the beginning, they have forgotten three Divine Artifact missions, but regards the god same tribute three Divine Artifact, does not dare to use, therefore does not have a direct-viewing understanding regarding three Divine Artifact strengths, the nature on say nothing of wielded three Divine Artifact full strength., Therefore Radiant Church did not have a stick killing three big different race, but has carried on the suppression. Now God Race opens Space rift finally, moreover changed Law of the Heaven and Earth, but this change also has the price, looks like Zhao Hai said that although that Continent already descend to Ark Continent on, but on that Continent has protective shield, this protective shield is not used to guard against the Ark Continent here person, but is used to prevent that Continent when falling, vibration that can have, such great in the vibration, possible to be broken by that Continent, therefore God Race has used protective shield like this, this protective shield can prevent that Continent to break, Obviously this protective shield energy strong. Because this protective shield energy very formidable, even if better than God Race, impossible easily opens this protective shield, therefore they have not been able direct appears in Ark Continent here, waiting till now seven days later, after this new Continent was completely steady, they can appears on Ark Continent, in these seven days , they Divine Sense, not deal with according to law enter to Ark Continent here. Because of this, therefore by Zhao Hai present flaw, therefore Zhao Hai will say, but that God Rank obvious Zhao Hai insufficiency of strength understanding, therefore he thinks that only comes command(er) three Divine Artifact with own Divine Sense, certainly can exterminate Zhao Hai, actually not think, instead to letting Zhao Hai three Divine Artifact taking away. Felt that three Divine Artifact lost the contact with, that God Race cannot help but startled anger hands over anxiously, shouted loudly said : houseboy, you dare! has not come Divine Artifact in a big hurry, otherwise tore to shreds you surely!” Zhao Hai coldly smiles said : „, so long as you have that ability, you come, now, should tidy up your several running dogs.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, giant palm appears before his body, grasps toward Pontiff. Pontiff is surprised, on him must move sideways avoid, simultaneously in the mouth Incantation read continually, gave oneself blessing/additional support Light Element Magic protective shield. However he is quick, that big hand that Zhao Hai leaves is quicker, when Pontiff just one wants to move, big hand of Zhao Hai already capture Pontiff, in he does not have in any situation of response, the big hand pinches, one gave the crumb Bone of bright Pontiff whole body, a bright Pontiff miserable in addition, one turned into one pile of meat paste.

Zhao Hai throws toward Space in bright Pontiff, he wants to have a look, bright Pontiff now this, but can also turn into Undead Creature. Ok! Bone of although bright Pontiff whole body by crumb, but he can turn into Undead Creature, because wants to turn into Undead Creature a person, most important has two points \; first, their flesh and blood \; second, their souls, but Bone, but is used to make a Undead Creature carrier, looks like you must manufacture a sword, you must use the iron, you must have the fire, you must have the hammer, Bone on the equivalent to iron, flesh and blood on the equivalent to fire, but Magic on the equivalent to hammer background, the iron was broken, turned into the flake, can still be fused in together, so long as. Has the fire, has the hammer, can make a good sword. One look, Zhao Hai naturally also not in polite, in hand wields continually, gave to pinch directly another two Red-clothes Archbishop, then turned into Undead Creature. That God Realm Expert was been pale by complexion of Zhao Hai air/Qi, he has not thought that the courage of Zhao Hai so is unexpectedly big, dares to work as his surface to extinguish the Radiant Church person unexpectedly. Do not look that this God Rank Expert they teaches dog same reproving regarding Pontiff probably, actually they are very satisfied regarding the work of Radiant Church, no matter what, if no coordination of Radiant Church, they can break Space, makes a connection with Space rift, is impossible to change Law of the Heaven and Earth, but when he said that must guarantee the opposite party is safe, Zhao Hai actually works as his pinching of surface Pontiff they like pinching ant died, this regarding that God Realm Expert, absolutely is the great shame. look at Zhao Hai look at that god Expert complexion, showing a faint smile said : suddenly „the God Realm friend, I in Ark Continent high grade you, I already had been making extremely many preparations for this point actually, but I have not thought that Demon Race meets suddenly appears , this has disrupted my plan, but, this also has disrupted your plan well, now we on same starting line, so long as your God Realm person dares to come, I make certainly you give Ocean Waves Dynasty this person to pay with a life, only hopes that your quick arrival, I could not wait to kill several God Race people to play.” That God Realm Expert look at Zhao Hai, clenches teeth said : you to wait, when our God Race to Ark Continent, poked certainly the bone to raise the ash you, lets your family not a chicken or a dog left!” Zhao Hai look at that God Realm Expert, coldly smiles said : I’ll wait for you, do not disappoint me.” Said that is bringing Xu Wanying and Berry turn around, thought of turn around however to walk, almost being mad to brave the eye of that God Realm Expert. But what that God Rank Expert has not seen, in a Zhao Hai turn around that flash, his complexion also becomes pale, this did not mean that he fears these God Realm people, is not he starts out from opposite directions folio today's motion to have anything not to be unsatisfied, conversely, he to today's motion very satisfied, Berry and Xu Wanying comprehended Domain, moreover he also obtained 10,000 many God Rank Undead Creature, in adding on three Divine Artifact, absolute bountiful receives. But reason that Zhao Hai meets complexion to be so ugly, because of him in the vitality, regarding the God Race vitality, God Race these fellows, simply does not work as people the Ark Continent here person, can imagine, they arrived at Ark Continent here, regarding Ark Continent here altogether uncertain is any good deed, conversely, they in treating the manner of Ark Continent here person, certainly will not compare Demon Race to be good, possibly compared with the Demon Race also wicked nature. Zhao Hai currently had certain understanding regarding Demon Race, his very clear, Demon Race that is a complete Law of Jungle place, at that time, weak can only be eaten by Expert, the slave, does not have other way out, but like the race characteristics, they often will not be ruthless the person, because of one living slave, compared with dying slave useful.

The although Demon Race final point is Ark Continent here, but this does not conflict with their slave Ark Continent here person, Zhao Hai wants to do before, he tens of thousands years ago the Demon Race style is pushing section Demon Race these time special to move, that error is not a bad least bit. From this Demon Race style, Demon Race changed their doing wind, they possibly will not jump over to the Ark Continent person completely kill certainly, they also want to rule Ark Continent here. But conversely, God Race now regarding the Ark Continent here person, absolutely will not be lenient, looked that their methods can look, Radiant Church to achieve the God Race point, can kill off person of the country unexpectedly, like this bloody method, is really makes the person not have the means to accept, if God Race then treats the Ark Continent here person with this method, that Ark Continent here person really did not have the means of livelihood. But this is Zhao Hai is mad God Race the reason, before Ark Continent here, some people of ascend arrive at God Realm, said that with God Race some person also origins, the God Realm person deals with the Ark Continent here person with this method unexpectedly, this is really lets mock. Berry and Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai complexion, has not said anything, they and don’t know Zhao Hai is thinking anything, but said, sees teaches the country here miserable type brightly, their also difficult suppresses anger at heart. Person of that a country, that is not a small number, unexpectedly by Radiant Church killing off, finally only the remaining more than 1000 people, is the Radiant Church core member, Radiant Church these surrounding members, they have not let off, this was really too ruthless, was too virulent. Some little time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, complexion calm slowly, leading them to enter Space directly, returned to in the villa, just entered the villa, Zhao Hai immediately to Laura said : Laura, informs Buddha Empire here all armies, the key image rotation that defends teaches country here brightly, Radiant Church these time comes out, their attack certain very fierce will be fierce, making the defense line contract a point in the future, the forefront will leave me!” Laura has complied with one, informs the Zhao Hai words. ro! ~!