The Lizzy look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : God Race is very formidabe, this time they change Law of the Heaven and Earth, is not that the good intention to let the Ark Continent here 9th level Expert liter God Rank, but wants to adjust Ark Continent here to come God Race army, at one fell swoop Ark Continent here putting down, from the performance of that God Race Expert, the previous their failure has let them very annoyed, this time they must cope with Ark Continent here, can be potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, is good time our harvests is also good because of these, Elder Brother Hai, these ordinary army. Uses? They remain not to bring death!” Zhao Hai sighed said : how, regardless of must leave behind them, they were also a Ark Continent member, if in this time war, their strength, they very much will feel sorry, by that time they to us not only felt grateful, feared that was will dread, they feared that we used the favor to coerce them, moreover did you have to think, God Race these Clan were so big drum copes with Ark Continent here, the God Realm other person on will not cope with them? Must know that they have enemy, but their enemies are three big different race gods, making these different race enter the war, has the advantage regarding us, if like this three big different race people, them certainly will still help three big different race, like this we were imperceptibly many a ally.” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai said that this slightly said : my understand, Elder Brother Hai, you said three big different race gods, still do exist really? Crosses for many years to pass, even if three big different race gods still exists, feared that also already died, even if the god is impossible to live tens of thousands years of undead?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to know, but this not too tremendous influence regarding us, if these different race gods can, because their sentiment to the different race helps our that is best, even if they not, because the feeling of different race helps us, does not need to be worried about anything, now we depend is our strength, so long as we made these different race people see our strength, they on can help our, so long as they also had a grudge with God Race. ” Lizzy understand Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai the simple point that the words said is actually ” the enemy of enemy is a friend, if these different race gods, have a grudge with God Race, so long as sees Zhao Hai their strength, these different race gods can help Zhao Hai they, gets up with Zhao Hai alliance, together extinguished God Race, regarding the different race god is also the good deed. However Lizzy some said : of worry Elder Brother Hai you said that these different race gods, has a grudge with God Race really? If they do not have the enmity, what to do that can? ” Zhao two eyes flash of cold light said : has not had anything at the worst we meeting diligently raises itself, I to have a look, has Space me to be fierce, is God Race is fierce. ” At this time Laura also walked, she to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, the order has passed around, believes that they will make the adjustment, Demon Race didn't there use really against?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : against certainly to guard, but Demon Race there strength also is not very strong, I today felt now, in their camp probably be only ten God Rank Expert, such quantity is not many, moreover God Race made that big move, Demon Race has been careful, they will certainly put forth more energy to come against God Race, in their eyes, God Race have the danger compared with us many.”

Laura they also nodded, this is the truth, now no matter God Race or Demon Race, don’t know Zhao Hai in hand had these many God Rank Undead Creature, they press the beforehand sign preparation to regard Zhao Hai, they will certainly suffer a loss. Lizzy said : Elder Brother Hai you said that God Race also does have several days to come out? ” Zhao Hai sighed said : less than seven days, this was God Race that knew from Pontiff there one, feared that was immediately wants big War General, these seven days, feared that can be the entire Ark Continent finally peaceful seven days. Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, you looked that Dwarf Race there wants to make some arrangement, four big Empire there should better also make some arrangement to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, although now God Race Demon Race appears , but also just appears , now Ark Continent most land also control in four big Empire in hand, although Buddha Empire here turned into the battlefield, but good and evil or control in Zhao Hai their in hand, if God Race and Demon Race must cope with God Race, when their in hand strength was enough, they will immediately certainly send out in God Race Expert four big Empire to disturb, for is harasses Zhao Hai their rear area. However now arranges actually the difficult problem, is the issue of military strength, do not look that Zhao Hai presently in hand has more than 10,000 Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature, must use in the positive battlefield, no matter God Race or Demon Race are not affable, more than 10,000 God Rank Expert look like probably many, but Zhao Hai also is really some not feel relieved.

Without God Rank Expert, how even if he to arrange is also wastes, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat feel embarrassed, Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai awkward appearance, cannot help but in a soft voice said : Elder Brother Hai, you looked that was returned to black gentleman wilderness there has a look, to have a look these 9th level Expert made the breakthrough, if they broke through, we can protecting four big Empire duty give them, a country did not use too, several God Rank Expert have been OK, so long as ensure in God Race first time attack, can block their attack on the line, when the time comes our nature can pass. Space rescues.”, Zhao Hai nodded said : „, had good long time not chapter of Black Wasteland, walked, goes together to have a look.” Said that he has stood, then Laura their several flashes body returned to in Black Wasteland castle. Green they in the castle, now Black Wasteland here may be extraordinary today, person were many, Dwarf Race has dug out many cavern on the Iron Ring mountain, the fort has gone, moreover currently everyday also has large quantities of iron ore Dwarf Iron Mountain there to be transported to Iron Ring mountain here, the Dwarf Race iron furnace in Iron Ring mountain there, has been busy building various weapon. Elven Race has not certainly been idling, they need to live in hua city there, actually in planter of keeping, moreover they also in manufacturing weapon, Elven Race person also very clear, this time, but the entire Ark Continent disaster, they were impossible like before, put on the complete thoughts the artware. Only the Beastman Race person has not arrived at Black Wasteland to come, because does not need, Beastman Prairie was far from Buddha Empire too, even if front overturn the heaven, will not affect Beastman Race, but Beastman Race regarding dispatching troops to help Zhao Hai oppose the enemy, that is spares no effort. Black Wasteland here on the people by Continent was known, now also in also the has plenty Human Race refugee, now dares to have the idea of Black Wasteland in also nobody, has Zhao Hai such strong Patriarch, person who dares to have the Black Wasteland idea, but also are not really many. Green now everyday is very busy, the Black Wasteland here newly arrived these many people, the basic necessities of life of these people must arrange, will otherwise possibly make the big trouble, was good they had already prepared because of Zhao Hai, the commodity to did not lack, was adding on various different race to have own person in the tube, did not need them to hold too many hearts, therefore all were normal. Green they are meeting today, in the person of meeting has Dwarf Race, has Elven Race, Beastman Race, has Human Race, these people are the character who present Black Wasteland here is in the management, the although Black Wasteland here receive refugee, but regarding the management of here, Zhao Hai is very strict, he had already set one set of very strict law, only important criminal this law, no matter that race person, same severe punishment. The major Patriarch people to do not have what opposition, status of Zhao Hai in different race is very strong, these different race person also very respectful Zhao Hai. Green heard that Zhao Hai came back, immediately he is leading some supervisors sees Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai chatted one with these people, asked their situation, then let these person of leave. Waits for these people to walk, Zhao Hai is immediately/on horseback to Green said : Grandpa Green, the situation now what kind of? In that a batch 9th level Expert that comes, but did some people break through God Rank?” Green shook the head said : not to have, to cross Origin Sword Saint to close up, these time goes out, feared that can become God Rank Expert, but 9th level Expert of these beast shapes, want to rise God Rank, compared with wanting of Human Race on difficult many, how Young Master? What matter has?”, Zhao Hai nodded, said with the God Race matter to Green today, after Green listened to the Zhao Hai words, knit the brows said : this matter really not to be good to deal with, Young Master, I looked now we most important must make the people on Continent know ray of light wise teaching country there to live anything, making the people lose heart regarding God Race, otherwise on Continent possibly also some people think that God Race is a good person, if had been arranged some people by God Race in our interior, magnificent on was too disadvantageous to us.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : this when the time comes I to make major Empire arrange, but now our people somewhat is insufficient, moreover God Race one, but knew the Black Wasteland here matter, meets comes to cope with here for a while, because here is our roots, they hate my bone to inter the body now.” Did Green nod said : that Young Master your meaning?” Zhao Hai thinks that Radiant Church three Divine Artifact took, these three Divine Artifact although integrated in Blood Staff, but Zhao Hai , to use, momentarily can take, after all Staff only used these three Divine Artifact abilities to be good, regarding three Divine Artifact materials, Blood Staff also really looked does not glance. Zhao Hai has given Green said : Grandpa Green three Divine Artifact, these three types of thing are God Race gives Radiant Church three Divine Artifact, now was turned into my thing by Space, this sword of ruling, you takes is using, Magic Staff will give Merine Grandma, the book I to Grandfather Kun, will have these three types of thing secretly in the hand, God Race came attack, you also had certain resistance, when the time comes I can come back to rescue.” Green not polite, received got up said : well, Young Master, you must be careful that was right, now Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow situation how?”! ~!