The adjustment of Chapter 723 strategy Zhao Hai one hear of Green such asked that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : well very much, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow comprehended the Domain strength now, is very good, when two days of second batch of medicinal herbs one type of have been good, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow can let his Doppelganger Level Up, our strengths were stronger.” Green makes an effort claps said : that fantastic, as the matter stands we coped with God Race and Demon Race have had confidence, Young Master, then? What to do then do you plan?” Zhao Hai calm said : „and so on looked that then God Race, so long as one broken seals, immediately to our offensive attack, no matter what, this time attack must very pass, I prepare in the army, selects some skilled people to come, to give them some Spatial Water, enabling them to enter quick rising to 8th level is 9th level, only has the qualifications with such ability with God Race and a Demon Race war, other people, even if comes up is also one dies!” Did Green knit the brows said : as the matter stands not to expose existence of Space?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to think, they only think that my in hand has one type of to promote the level formula, does not think that has existence of Space, now has God Race and Demon Race these two archenemies, I think that they will not act unreasonably.” Green nodded said : so also well, the most minimum person can little die several people, here situation Young Master you do not need to be worried that will not have any matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : these different race not to use tube the strictness of too, so long as did not make a mistake has been OK, after all these different race very sensitive, if you tube was too strict, they think that we were bullying them.” Green smiles said : Young Master on feel relieved, all right, first time we must punish who time, Venerable to illuminate Young Master your instruction, made mistakes to investigate thoroughly that person, was punishing and ensure cannot have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, but now on Continent eventful time, moreover this God Race changed Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth, what consequence will cause, but also did not say, God Race these fellows were really too hateful, linked such method to use unexpectedly.” Green somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : how Young Master, did this change the Law of the Heaven and Earth consequence is very serious?”

Zhao Hai forced smile said : serious, naturally is serious, before Ark Continent here was independent Continent, had own Law of the Heaven and Earth, now this Law of the Heaven and Earth changed, the Ark Continent here Space wall by God Race and Demon Race breaking, their two clans to did not matter, but regarding Ark Continent, absolutely was not the good matter, I was feared that Law change of Ark Continent here, later Ark Continent will not be independent Space, may have some unknown Space and Ark Continent is connected.” Green stares, then can said : of complexion big change like this? Can be such words, Ark Continent does not end really?” The worry of Green also and had truth, reason that Ark Continent will receive Demon Race attack, was because Demon Race present existence of Ark Continent, therefore they will come attack Ark Continent, if Ark Continent here really because of the change of Law, was connected with other Space, then regarding Ark Continent, was the luck or the calamity really has not said. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, this is also only his guess, when with the Dao Lotus first contact, he probably faint grasped Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, what he understood was too few, therefore also can only be the guess now. Green looks at Zhao Hai complexion, his chest color also becomes very difficult looked, if said like Zhao Hai, that Ark Continent here disaster, this just started. Looked at Green one, Zhao Hai has comforted said : well Grandpa Green, you did not need to be worried about anything, all right, feel relieved was good, at the worst we hid toward Space, will not have any matter.” Green nodded, then knit the brows said : Young Master, you said that this can be God Race already planned, he must in this way, make Ark Continent here becomes unsafe, is Israel advantageous for their rules?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : also has this possibility, but makes these judgments now too early, when we many contact with God Race, may know, good Grandpa Green, I must go to Buddha Empire there to have a look, were not many stays.” Green nodded said : well, Young Master you go, here you do not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded, greeted Laura their, several people entered Space, then Zhao Hai immediately guided Xu Wanying and Berry went to Yangping city there. Yangping city there copes with Demon Race most frontline, the original Zhao Hai first war does not think that here comes, but he came, because of the team Pyongsong here person, some he very familiar, therefore he wants to make the here person strength promote to say first.

Moreover he comes to here, has wanted puncturing the shade trading, before his in hand not too many God Rank Expert, therefore he does not have the means that can only make the stimulation sit in here, now is different, presently in his hand has many Light Element God Rank Undead Creature, but Light Element attack to injury even bigger that Demon Race creates, therefore the Zhao Hai preparation lets puncture the shade to cope with God Race, but puts Yangping city here to cope with these Demon Race some Light Element God Rank undead since birth. although these Demon Race now not a point sound, moreover they also exhibit one to construct the appearance of city relieved, but Zhao Hai knows that now Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth changes, the plan that Demon Race made before feared that also will change changes. Before Demon Race because of Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth still, them must attack Ark Continent here, impossible accent too many God Rank Expert came, therefore they built a city, then advancement with steady steps, with having God Rank Expert assumed personal command, bit by bit annexed Ark Continent. Reason that Demon Race has not sent out too many God Rank Expert to come , because in Ark Continent here original Law of the Heaven and Earth, does not permit too many God Rank Expert appears on Continent. Demon Race these years are not a point are not studious have not done, although they like God Race, have not been thinking means change entire Ark Continent Law of the Heaven and Earth, but they have also performed some experiments, these experiments are, they try to send out God Rank Expert toward Ark Continent here, having a look at Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth most to permit several God Rank Expert appears , their appears time much is long. After undergoing the experiment of long time, the Demon Race there person can affirm finally that Ark Continent Law of the Heaven and Earth, most one time allows five God Rank Expert to enter, if God Rank Expert enters, that Ark Continent here can permit this God Rank Expert, when Ark Continent activity about a half year, but God Rank Expert must with about one month time adapts to Ark Continent here Law, one month later, this God Rank Expert can wield about 70% of true strength, three months later, he can wield 80% of real strength, five months later on by achieving. 90% th, half-day time he must return to Demon Realm. This also why the Demon Realm person opened Space rift, actually only sent Demon Dragon King and other God Rank Expert to sit a reason. But five God Rank Expert enter to Ark Continent here together, they are most, in Ark Continent here can only stay on for three months, including half a month time is used to adapt to Law, half a month later, they can use oneself strength 60%, one month later, 70%, two months later, 80%, the third month return. This is Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth, can look from this Law, Demon Realm there very takes seriously this motion actually, they one time sends out five God Rank Expert to assume Demonic Abyss, in the there fortification, feared by the Ark Continent here person destroying. very clear of Demon Race person, what method no matter they use, so long as has used Blood Void, that huge destructive power, will certainly alarm the Ark Continent here person, therefore they have not been thinking must conceal the truth, but sent out five God Rank Expert to assume personal command.

But Demon Dragon King they arrived at Ark Continent here, complete adaptation Law, Zhao Hai has not walked, came a war with them. Demon Dragon King they, because does not have complete adaptation Law, therefore is impossible to wield 100% fighting strength, although they have used the God Rank strength forcefully, but that big reduces them in the Ark Continent here time, without adapting to Law, uses the God Rank strength forcefully, they have to returned to Demon Realm go in one month, however then situation, they actually have to do, if no God Race to change Law of the Heaven and Earth, the certainty of that finally defeat is Demon Race, because there is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can use 100% strengths in here, has Xu Wanying and Berry, and other they completely. Adapted to the God Rank strength, Demon Realm these has sent out many God Rank Expert also insufficient Zhao Hai to kill, can say that God Race has helped Demon Race busy. However now Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth changes, Demon Race there does not need in the there dāng dāng fortification, they definitely to send out God Rank Expert steadily directly, is leading army, first overcomes Ark Continent here several cities as Stronghold, then has been annexing Ark Continent slowly. Moreover Demon Race also has to such do, God Race moved, if they also steadily dāng dāng fortification like before, when their city builds, God Race has possibly overcome Ark Continent, they may order the soup unable to drink, therefore Demon Race will certainly change itself to attack the Ark Continent strategy. Because has thought of this point, therefore Zhao Hai wants puncturing the shade they give to trade with Light Element undead, punctures shade strength although not to be weak, however in Demon Race is not top existence, is adding on is Demon Race Cultivation Method that they use, the Demon Race person to Cultivation Method completely understand that they use, therefore punctures the shade to defend Demon Race in here, certainly by Demon Race restrain, could not be wielded 100% doing to use. Opposite Light Element undead is different, Light Element has doing of restrain to use regarding Demon Race, even if these undead level is not high, only then False God level, but the quantity may be many, has them to help Bass in here, can go against Demon Realm some time attack. ro! ~!