Bass still stays in his General's Residence, although now behind had large quantities of reinforcement in them, but Bass does not have a moment relief, he had seen on the Demon Capital City wall Zhao Hai and Demon Race Expert fights, that entire process he saw, to be honest, when sees Zhao Hai and Demon Race these Expert to the war, he fell into the deep anxiety, fighting strength that Zhao Hai they showed at that time that strong, among raise a hand and throw a foot, almost can move mountains, facing enemy like this, do not say that their these ordinary person, was 9th level Expert, basic impossible was. Matches, Bass very clear, in coping with Demon Race and in God Race process, Zhao Hai is most important, but they can do, is help Zhao Hai as far as possible. Because had such idea, therefore Bass very hard-working, he has completed oneself each matter in one's power diligently, to let Zhao Hai can cope with Demon Race Expert relieved, therefore his present everyday relaxation time is few, almost daily bubble in making fighting room, with Bass in together these people, by the Bass frantic strength frightening. Bass in the look at sand table, suddenly external is transmitting sound said : to see mister.” Bass stares, then immediately/on horseback gains ground, presently the Zhao Hai space walks, Bass immediately moved forward to meet somebody, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, quick please come in.” Zhao Hai nodded, enters has made the fighting room, turned the head to look at Bass, showed a faint smile said : General Bass, you were laborious, this time I looked for you am something want you to do, other people exited, Berry, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, defended in the entrance.” Hears Zhao Hai such order, cannot help but makes Bass be startled, but he was immediately lets make in the fighting room all people to exit, Berry and Xu Wanying defended in the entrance. Zhao Hai hit to sit the chair, has referred to General Bass of nearby chair to Bass said :, you also sat.” Bass by Zhao Hai just performance making fearful and apprehensive, but he depended on the word to do, static look at Zhao HaiZhao Hai look at Bass, showed a faint smile said : General Bass, said that you to the view of this war, did not need any scruples, feel relieved said boldly.” Meaning of Bass although do not understand Zhao Hai, but he nodded said : well, mister, to be honest I do not favor this time war, the Demon Race strength is very formidable, but the God Race strength from these time breaks Space riftto change the Law of the Heaven and Earth matter to look, their strengths are also very strong, reason that I said do not favor, but has not said that must defeat , because has existence of mister, but a mister person of strength, is limited, but on Continent can help to the mister person is really too few ”, therefore I said that the situation is not very optimistic. Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile is very right, the present situation that said : you said is not quite truly good, but we have strength of the spelling on Continent all people to know that my Zhao Hai in hand has plenty good thing, these thing, are some ordinary thing on Continent, but my in hand compared with good of others in hand, why their understand this was not, actually must say, no big deal, but was I have Laboratory, made alchemy and Alchemy experiment place specially, but this Laboratory most point from the beginning actually only thenresearch. Quickly method that one type of can enhance person himself strength. ” Bass static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, when he hears last, he actually cannot bear two eyes one brightly, his very clear said such words to come in this time Zhao Hai is any meaning.

The Zhao Hai look at Bass appearance, shows a faint smile said : well, is a smart person, it seems like you understand I you told today this saying was any meaning.” Bass look at Zhao Hai said : „the meaning of mister is, this Potion did research come out now?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this Potion research came out now, does not have any side effects, after drinking, the average people can reach the 8th level level within two days, to 8th level time, I will drink another one type of Potion to him, this Potion can help him achieve 9th level, only by doing so, we have the possibility with God Race and a Demon Race war.” Bass dull look at Zhao Hai, he knows that the Zhao Hai strength, believes person simply of Zhao Hai this level will not say hurriedly, a Bass secure thinks Zhao Hai crazy. 9th level Expert, on before Continent, topest existence, before entire Continent, how many 9th level Expert has, that is knows how things stand, now Zhao Hai actually tells him, he can arrive at 8th level within two days, in one day can arrive at 9th level, three days 9th level Expert? This is not crazy this is anything. The Zhao Hai look at Bass appearance, shows a faint smile said : you not to believe that that tries.” Said that Zhao Hai turned the hand, has put out a small jar, in this small jar attire was Spatial Water. Zhao Hai has put on the small jar table, then turned the head to drink this bottle of water to Bass said :, you now are 7th level, drank this jar, tomorrow you can achieve 8th level , then I will be giving you another one type of medicine Potion, like this you can achieve 9th level.” Bass looked at Zhao Hai, looked at the jar on table, finally he nodded, his anything had not said that but has taken up that jar, Spatial Water in jar drinking. The Zhao Hai look at Bass appearance, shows a faint smile said : to rest, controls one's breathing while convenient, tomorrow I.” Bass nodded, Zhao Hai smiles said : I to tell them not to make them disturb you, you rest.”, Bass has stood, to a Zhao Hai ritual, turn around toward making behind of fighting room walks. This originally is City Lord Mansion, makes the fighting room is the City Lord Mansion lobby, has a small restroom in behind of living room, now that restroom was the Bass bedroom. Zhao Hai looked at Bass to go, this turn around outward walked, outside also stood is making some enlistments and Commander in fighting room, these people now respectful standing outside making fighting room, nobody dared the words speech.

Zhao Hai looks at their one eyes, calm said : today's General Bass a little matter must do, do not disturb him, left behind two people to defend the entrance, had any matter tomorrow to look for him.”, These person of although have gawked, has actually complied with one, nobody dares to say anything, they arrive at the clear Zhao Hai status, now Zhao Hai already, not only several big different race elders and Crown Prince were so simple, he is God Rank Expert, on Continent topest existence. Must say these countries on beforehand Continent, several 9th level Expert, in the Zhao Hai front, the words that but also wants to treat as an equal with Zhao Hai, nobody has dared to come now, Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum. After look at these people walked, Zhao Hai then release Alien, entered Alien with Berry and Xu Wanying[ body], then returned to in Space. Laura they are handling some matters of materials allocation and transport, simultaneously Laura they also gave several big King to send the letter, making them teach the country fresh matter brightly, in Continent good good propaganda, let the people on Continent, lost the fantasy to God Race. Besides this matter, Zhao Hai also made Laura ask next several big King, making them write some trusted aide lists, moreover Zhao Hai stated with several big King, he must promote the strength to list in I, the person who if several big Empire wrote was not trusted aide, that later Zhao Hai may not manage them. Several big Empire King compare to believe that regarding the Zhao Hai words, what strength Zhao Hai is, they knew, do not look in Demon Capital City there, is the Buddha Empire soldiers, but in these mercenary and adventurers, the has plenty people are on Continent other scouts of influence, what performance therefore Zhao Hai has in Demon Capital City here, other Continent Empire almost knew immediately. Knew after Zhao Hai strength, Continent several big Empire to were not worried how Zhao Hai met seize the opportunity to them, because of by the Zhao Hai strength, to be what kind to them, already began, simply will not wait till the present. Regarding this information most happy was the Lyon Empire person, but now Zhao Hai nominal Lyon Empire King, has such powerful King, the Lyon Empire person naturally was most happy. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore makes several big Empire write their trusted aide name sound in Zhao Hai, they almost not hesitant, immediately has written a big pile of trusted aide list, has given Zhao Hai, but the person on Zhao Hai look at list, is actually slightly smiles, because in this list all people are almost 8th level Expert. This regarding Zhao Hai to is good deed, this was short has been promoting the person to 8th level this process, can the big reduction time.

although these people are major Empire King trusted aide, on their impossible direct battlefield, but Zhao Hai had not counted on that lets their direct battlefield, Zhao Hai wants is the propaganda effects of these people, so long as level of these people have promoted, on Continent all people believe the Zhao Hai this promotion person equipollent method, when the time comes Zhao Hai when promotes level to others, will not have any issue to exist. After names of these King these people write down, Zhao Hai the Blood Pond person water, has delivered to the major Empire royal palaces, making him drink to consider as finished, he kept Buddha Empire here. After handling these matters, Zhao Hai relaxed finally, has rested in Space well, prepares for the war that will already arrive. Zhao Hai, he is mature and other Space medicinal herbs, is good to manufacture God Rank Potion, but God Rank these fellows also, they disappear and other that layer protective shield, so long as protective shield vanishes, they can appears in Ark Continent here, then greatly kill the four directions. Has rested in Space well a evening, next morning, Zhao Hai on appears in City Lord Mansion, but at this time, Bass awoke, he truly was arrived at 8th level now, saw Zhao Hai, Bass very excited, he bowed said : to thank mister to Zhao Hai, mister, I really to 8th level .” Zhao Hai nodded, has put out a jar, in this jar attire was the Blood Pond water, Zhao Hai gives Bass said : Potion in this jar you to promote 9th level the jar, after 9th level, I wanted you to handle a matter, you must Yangping city here all trustworthy people, the strength formidable person, find to me, then I promoted 9th level them, difficult then dealt with the war that will already arrive.”! ~!