Standing of Zhao Hai calm in Universal Machine, eye look at Universal Machine to have drawn in ground good medicinal herbs the machine, his gold coins has been then short of 1 million, then the figure on machine starts to beat. This is his second time manufactures God Rank Potion, therefore he is familiar with this process, now all prepare, so long as and other days, Xu Wanying can become God Rank Expert. Must say that Zhao Hai really is also in luck, accepted Xu Wanying to work as own under the hand/subordinate unexpectedly, Xu Wanying the Doppelganger ability was really too formidable, his equal to was an army, now he became God Rank Expert that is greater, his equal to was one army comprised of God Rank Expert, this was was too scary. Now Zhao Hai worry is, God Rank Potion that his these time makes, can make Xu Wanying Doppelganger promote God Rank, what his don’t know is, Xu Wanying these can Doppelganger also like Xu Wanying, have Domain, if these Doppelganger have Domain, then may be is absolutely good to vanish regarding Zhao Hai. The digit that look at beats unceasingly, Zhao Hai cannot help but let out a long breath, muttered said : hope time also to suffice.” Stood hears the Zhao Hai words in his Berry, Berry deep voice said : feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, the time has certainly sufficed.” Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master invited feel relieved, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow will certainly help Young Master, certainly will.”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head all things that patted Xu Wanying shoulder said : to be all right, you did not need too toward to go at heart, you can certainly help me, later you were Main Force, who let you Person Becomes a Thousand, HaHaHa, did not need to worry, I will think God Race not such quickly on appears on Continent, even if were their appears , we also not necessarily feared that they have spoken the truth, I also really want as soon as possible with God Race exchange hands, had a look at them fiercely. ”, Xu Wanying nodded, but in his eyes is still a firmnessthen Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, can I ask your matter.” Zhao Hai stares, then smiles said : „saying that any matter, is polite with me anything.”, Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, can you next time promote Junichi level? These days both of us cooperate, I feel very conveniently, if Young Master you have other plan to be young do not need to be I, is the Young Master important matter is important. ” Zhao Hai laughed, pats Xu Wanying shoulder said : to be good not to make that anxiously, Young Master I turned into God Rank Expert, I, you did not have any matter to tell me that must say Junichi that fellow also was really good, I used is very convenient, good, after waiting for these time to help you promote, ” next time helped him promote. ”, The Xu Wanying great happiness, bows said : to thank thanks Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai patted his shoulder said : to be good, returned to the room, we drank two cups, the in recent time matter were too many must relax well. ” Zhao Hai really was also careful regarding Xu Wanying just proposition, after Xu Wanying since followed him, had not proposed anything requested, this was the first time, he has not set the request for himself, butthis was becoming God Rank Expert on behalf of his although for Junichi, had not actually forgotten that own friend, this was, therefore Zhao Hai very happy that Zhao Hai most settled on ”.

After they arrived at Space, Zhao Hai made Meg make several vegetableshe to sit with Xu Wanying in the dining room drinks, but in Buddha Empire each every city, was having the person who each and every one was elected, was promoting own strength with Spatial Water, some of them were promoted 8th level , some were promoted 9th level. Was promoted to the 8th level person, later will also be promoted 9th level, but all was promoted to the 9th level person, Zhao Hai to make Cai'er carry on certain attention to these people. 9th level Expert, now on Continent was also a character, these person of although were elected, but was difficult to guarantee them after obtaining the formidable strength, will not make any excessive matter to come, if they have done, that Zhao Hai will be impolite to them. Bass now is 9th level Expert, besides him, Yangping city here the has plenty people turned into 9th level Expert now, includes arrives at Elf, Beastman and Dwarf. Along with 9th level Expert are getting more and more, Bass mood getting better and better, 9th level Expert were also many, means that fighting strength of Yangping city will also obtain the promotion of big spoke, this regarding Bass absolutely is the good deed. In the person who in adding on these time promotes has plenty is Beastman Race, Elven Race and Dwarf Race, this different race itself easily does not become 9th level Expert, but they one but became 9th level Expert, their strengths, compared with general Human Race Expert in many, therefore Bass is happy. But the Bass present performance, looks like on Continent most people's performance is the same, in Buddha Empire here, these cities the characters in general 1st level, sees seeks another 9th level Expert appears in own under the hand/subordinate, that feeling is really good. However these person of although became 9th level Expert, actually nobody dares to act unreasonably, after various cities some people were promoted to 9th level, thinks one had was great, person rampant serious, such person Zhao Hai will not manage generally, when these person have done the wicked matter, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback will send out Undead Creature this person capture, was in front of entire city person to execute him, was turning into Undead Creature him. Zhao Hai such thunder method, truly is played frightens to do to use, these promoted the 9th level person, dares to act unreasonably in also nobody.

Also was two days passed, Zhao Hai they arrived at Universal Machine , the number on Universal Machine almost all turned into zero, only then the last figure was still beating, when the last figure also turned into zero, that bottle of God Rank Potion in time appears . Zhao Hai wants not to think that took Potion directly, lost to Xu Wanying said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, immediately/on horseback has drunk him, I felt that the God Race person soon came out, fighting immediately must start.” Xu Wanying not in wordy, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, anti- Potion has drunk, this secure drank Potion he not to use in has controlled one's breathing, saw on him to emit one group of blue light, finally blue light vanished slowly, then Xu Wanying turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, good.”, The Xu Wanying side appears exactly the same Xu Wanying, Zhao Hai felt, this Xu Wanying is really God Rank Expert. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, was right, can he use Domain?” Xu Wanying nodded said : to be able Young Master, his it spoke the truth is also another I, I will he almost can, he not rise God Rank before, because Potion energy was insufficient, now energy was enough, his strength immediately was promoted, moreover he has also met me all of meeting, naturally also included Domain.” Zhao Hai great happiness said : good, fantastic, HaHaHa, your youngster this Divergent Technique I envy, good, we exit, I to have a look, God Race when to we, what expression can be.”, Said that Zhao Hai also has Berry with Xu Wanying, walked out from Space. Zhao Hai this place of arriving is on like the city, this is also Buddha Empire big city, but now here has become a palace empty city, original here is also a Zhao Hai formulation mire plan city, because of God Race suddenly appears , here left Radiant Church to be too near, therefore Zhao Hai made such as in the city all people retreat, on such as city nature on spatial. Zhao Hai prepares to deal with the God Race person in here, because on this such as the position of city is very good, from teaches the country to enter the Buddha Empire center brightly, steps onto such as city line is nearest/recent, is waiting for these God Race people in here, certainly will not have the mistake. Reason that Zhao Hai has such big assurance , because God Race these people very extremely arrogant, after the expression that since they spoke and treated taught in the manner to know, these God Race people, complete did not have the responsibility they to pay attention to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai was actually in front of their to kill Pontiff, but also snatched three Grand Divine Artifact, the God Race person will certainly not let off his, in this case, Zhao Hai simply did not need to look for the trouble of God Race person, because the God Race person can look his.

Some such considerations, therefore Zhao Hai feel relieved such as city here is waiting for these God Race people's arrivals on, he must in here to a God Race lesson, let God Race these person of understand, Ark Continent here is not their latter hua gardens, they want to come to think that wants to walk walks, Ark Continent here is not the pigsty, the here person is not the pig, they want to kill on killing, wants the slave on the slave, they to want conquer Ark Continent, is needs to put out a real skill, was they have put out the real skill, whose finally the volume died hand, especially. Cannot know. On such as city here originally is on a population ten thousand big city, in adding on here was Buddha Empire to brightly teaches country nearest/recent big city, itself very much had the strategic significance, what therefore on such as city here cultivated was the city tall wall is thick, moreover in the city also had Magic Formation, naturally, this Magic Formation has not placed in the Zhao Hai eye, but this also fully explained the importance of this place city. After Zhao Hai and Xu Wanying they arrived at in the city, Laura their let out, these days Laura they have also bustled about in Space, now finally can come out to trade the air. although Space there anything is good, but always stays in a place, will make people feel very depressed, on but such as city here although not others, but walks the lane to look that the scenery is also good. Several people stand on city wall, look at teaches the direction of country's brightly, before Lizzy deep voice said : „, but here the population achieves 1 million big city, now, actually turned into an empty city, oh, the humans affair is variable.” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Lizzy one, looked at behind Space, deep voice said :, here was good, if you went to teach country there brightly, you saw was not Space, but was the dead city, thing that the dead city almost all can gasp for breath died, that scene was most fearful.”, Lizzy their complexion are one white, was not speaking, at this time Xu Wanying actually to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you looked whether we can use this in the city Magic Formation, although defends characteristic, but there are always does not compare.”! ~!