Chapter 726 Crystal Stone Zhao Hai looked had a liking for like the city, such as city big city like on, naturally was impossible not to defend Magic Formation, but this Magic Formation regarding the God Rank Expert defense capability actually was really limited. Did not mean that this Magic Formation has difference how, conversely, defensive Magic Formation, altogether such several types . Moreover the size of by the iron accumulating differentiates, Magic Formation does not have the division of what quality. These Magic Formation defense capabilities, what mainly looks is provides the ability to them Crystal Stone, Crystal Stone energy is formidable, the Magic Formation defense capability is formidable, Crystal Stone energy is too low, that Magic Formation defense strength big will not go to that. But the issue is Ark Continent here does not have energy too big Crystal Stone, Ark Continent here now present Crystal Stone, can block 9th level Expert to strike was very great, do not say that blocked God Rank Expert. Xu Wanying also knows the idea of Zhao Hai, but he before proposing this idea, some of your consideration, his look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you have forgotten, don't you presently cross one type of Crystal Stone in North Polar Icefield there? That Crystal Stone energy is very probably full, you look to try, use that Crystal Stone to open Magic Formation, how has a look at the effect.” Zhao Hai stares, then he patted head said : unexpectedly forgetting this, good, immediately tried, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, you went to accurate Crystal Stone, I went to outside the city, wait for you Crystal Stone installed, I outside and protective shield, how had a look at protective shield energy, you also had a look at that Crystal Stone consumption, wanted the record of detailed.” Meaning of Xu Wanying understand Zhao Hai, if this experimental really success, then regarding entire Continent is good information. Xu Wanying nodded, Doppelganger immediately appears , Zhao Hai has wielded, puts out one to ice Crystal Stone in large numbers, has given Xu Wanying, Xu Wanying these Doppelganger immediately take Crystal Stone, in in the city in Magic Formation these is laying aside the Crystal Stone place to walk. Zhao Hai presently moves sideways appears in Shan Rucheng outside the city, his static look at Shan Rucheng, he wants to have a look at Magic Formation of these Crystal Stone such as in the city usefully to the mountain. Zhao Hai just arrived at outside the city not long after, saw the mountain such as in the city suddenly to raise one year of protective shield, protective shield that this protective shield and Zhao Hai saw in the past was not quite same, protective shield that in the past Zhao Hai saw was not his yellow was transparent, but this protective shield was actually the water blue color, above good also to have the water ripple to rock. Zhao Hai look at this protective shield, he could not bear put out a hand to touch protective shield, a suddenly piercing chill in the air has transmitted from protective shield, Zhao Hai has gawked, but he has not felt too surprised, Crystal Stone that after all his these time took ices Crystal Stone.

Zhao Hai, Domain immediately, his hand has then wielded, giant palm suddenly appears , this palm immediately/on horseback making a fist head, fought with the fists on protective shield. But makes Zhao Hai feel what accident is, protective shield had not been broken, conversely, on protective shield has also transmitted a chill in the air, unexpectedly one that only big freezing. Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that this protective shield really also has such effect, but his immediately/on horseback with own Domain, full strikes toward protective shield on, on this protective shield appears ripples, actually not broken, moreover Zhao Hai can feel from own Domain the intermittent chill in the air on that protective shield transmitting, this chill in the air very strong, is False God level Expert, in the situation of if not paying attention, possible also to be able on Cold Qi/cold air the wound by this protective shield. Nod of Zhao Hai attention, received Domain, nodded to Xu Wanying, Xu Wanying immediately took back his status, on Shan Rucheng protective shield also slowly vanished. Zhao Hai returned to in the city, immediately/on horseback to Xu Wanying said : what kind of? Just attack, how many energy has Crystal Stone used?” Xu Wanying said : Young Master, this Crystal Stone ability formidable, just attack has almost not consumed Crystal Stone many energy, moreover I also present a point, probably is so long as some people pour into energy toward Crystal Stone, Crystal Stone can change into his energy these energy absorptions.” Zhao Hai stares, then his immediately/on horseback has put out a piece Crystal Stone, pours toward Crystal Stone in the in hand strength, but what is strange, his energy actually cannot pour into, Zhao Hai stares slightly, then turns the head to Xu Wanying said : with a piece just had used Crystal Stone to me.” Xu Wanying has complied with one, takes a piece had just used Crystal Stone to give Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai received Crystal Stone, in one time pours toward Crystal Stone in the strength, these time very relaxed poured into energy, before long, Crystal Stone inside strength was overbrimmed, Zhao Hai has probably calculated, this time he injected the strength in Crystal Stone, similar equivalent to has opposed the enemy ordinary is make a move time energy, looked like the consumption of Magic Formation is really not many, moreover Crystal Stone can use repeatedly. Thought of here, Zhao Hai also takes a piece has used Crystal Stone to give Laura said : Laura, you poured into energy to have a look toward Crystal Stone.” Reason that Zhao Hai makes Laura such do also has the reason, after he rises to God Rank, the strength with was not quite same, after God Rank, the strength of his within the body was purer, moreover did not have original these attribute, is only energy. Such energy can pour into to Crystal Stone, but are the strengths of other people , is the 9th level Expert strength, must know that the 9th level Expert strength itself also has attribute, but Laura strength attribute is the fire, happen to with icing Crystal Stone is opposite, Zhao Hai wants to have a look at the Laura fire attribute strength whether to pour into to Crystal Stone.

Laura has tried, shook the head said : „not good Elder Brother Hai, my strength cannot pour into Crystal Stone.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Megan said : Megan, you tries.” Megan nodded, received Laura in hand Crystal Stone, tries to pour into energy toward inside, has not thought that poured into directly successfully, the strength in Crystal Stone has filled before long, Megan then turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, my strength can pour into, now the strength in Crystal Stone has filled.” Zhao Hai nodded, brought a piece Crystal Stone to give Meg, making Meg try, Meg did not have the means to pour into energy toward Crystal Stone, now Zhao Hai can affirm, this Crystal Stone can only attract energy with attribute, or was God Rank Expert energy, other energy were not good. Zhao Hai turns the head to Megan said : Megan, how many energy just had you poured into toward Crystal Stone in?” Megan has recalled next step: „It is not many, approximately on equivalent to about 1%, one can restore.” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : to be then good, I looked that what to do God Realm these person of this times must be able to take me.” Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you letting on various Continent have the Magic Formation city to use this Crystal Stone to cope with God Race?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, now on Continent the situations in various big city cities you also know, besides us, outside the place, other cities almost do not have any resistance regarding God Race, such as is God Race wants to disturb, on that Continent will certainly fall into to piece of chaos, if rear were chaotic, our here in diligently can be what kind.” Laura the meaning of their understand Zhao Hai, the present situation also truly is this, now God Race although does not have appears , but they actually have to prepare completely safe. Iron Hammer said that the God Realm there situation is different from Ark Continent here, child birth of there has almost about the 8th level strength, when has grown up, does not need to practice can achieve 9th level, so long as after the person of practice, almost can achieve God Rank, this is a very fearful probability. Thinks that if a plane person, is God Rank Expert, even if this plane population is not many, that also will be a very fearful matter, to deal with the attack of God Race, Zhao Hai has to prepare completely safe.

Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that the request replaces ordinary Crystal Stone with this type of fine stone, uses on Magic Cannon, that Magic Cannon can Might increase?” One hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai has gawked, then his immediately/on horseback nodded said : this idea to be good, walks, our immediately/on horseback experiments.” Said that got several people of flashes bodies to enter in Space, arrived at Lyon Empire here directly. No matter what, now Zhao Hai, but Lyon Empire King, handles any matter in here, is calculations that he said that works also convenience. although Zhao Hai is Lyon Empire nominal King, but rules Lyon Empire truly is actually Evan, the Lyon Empire here people knows that Zhao Hai is in frontline and Demon Race and God Race war, entire Lyon Empire is almost Evan in the tube. Fortunately, Evan when rules Purcell Duchy, very much had to experience, knows how to do with these Great Noble, therefore Lyon Empire here had not gone wrong, these Great Noble do not dare to act unreasonably, Zhao Hai powerful entire Continent knows, if they is a drag on Zhao Hai in behind, that may really exactly suffice. Zhao Hai they, as soon as arrives at the Lyon Empire imperial palace, immediately still looked, then in these Great Noble Lyon Empire looked, before long all people arrived at Great Hall, these Great Noble saw Zhao Hai to come, went forward hastily, bowed said : to see Your Majesty to Zhao Hai, Your Majesty completely secure.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at these Great Noble said : this time I to come back a little matter to want you to do, now your immediately/on horseback finds a quite peaceful place, the place is certainly big, is preparing several Magic Cannon, I was useful, have remembered, this matter too many to know, even if knows, if certainly trustworthy.” How many Great Noble although understand Zhao Hai are not what meaning, but immediately/on horseback nodded, has prepared, Evan puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this what's the matter? What do you have presently?” Zhao Hai nodded, presently the Crystal Stone wondrous use said to Evan oneself, but also put out a piece Crystal Stone to look to Evan that this Crystal Stone mentioned also strangely, his inside strength very formidable, but you took in hand, did not have a point feeling, took to ice Crystal Stone, you attain in hand not to feel coldly, but his inside strength release came, actually was really very extraordinary, looked like that protective shield is the same, even can injure to Expert of False God level, was really very unusual. ro! ~!