here is piece of mountain valley , is not quite far from the Lyon Empire capital city, in this mountain valley does not have the special product, is some quarry stone, normally does not have who to come, was called the quarry stone valley. Like mountain valley, generally is ”, but today's here that nobody can pay attention actually came many people, moreover these people also all will be Lyon Empire influential figurecasual that cough twoin Lyon Empire to have a troop person to catch cold. Can suddenly rush to the place that such a bird does not defecate among influential figure? As these influential figure come also has a batch Lyon Empire Magic Beast Cavalry, these Cavalry were selective, person who absolutely does not have the issue. Zhao Hai this time meetshim who the car(riage) is coming not to want too many to know that he arrived at here, this time he is only performs the experiment, he has certainly brought ten Magic Cannon, to conduct experiment. To mountain valley in these soldier immediately Magic Cannon good, however retreat to the one side, Zhao Hai have not dared to make these soldiers fire off, his shy anything accidentthat wants the deceased person. Zhao Hai has arrived around Magic Cannon, sizes up carefully this Magic Cannonthis Magic Cannon is on present Continent is most advanced, Might biggest Magic Formation, but this Magic Cannon looked like on the artillery with Earth a little is not quite same, this Magic Cannon looked like looks like a satellite receiver is the same, in the cannon with Zhao Hai impression, did not have the close place. This Magic Cannon power is Crystal Stoneperson must install Crystal Stone in the Magic Cannon center position, then Crystal Stone can on Magic Cannon through Magic Cannonenergy in Crystal Stone gather, has passed to this Magic Cannon nearby like large pan, is collecting the Magic Formation pillar through four, passes to these abilities the most top small metal disc, on this metal disc also has Magic Formation, when the ability passes to this Magic Formation, on can shoot out. The shoot out energy light pillar binding energy is not loose, can biggest display Crystal Stone Might come, what is a pity, the people give up to use Crystal Stone on Magic Cannon are one type of compare Inferior level Crystal Stone ”, therefore the lethality is not very big, like Zhao Hai and Demon Race and God Race to the war, simply has not brought Magic Cannon, because uses ordinary Crystal Stone Magic Cannon, its Might might as well tool steed, but wins in shooting does not need too many manpower, otherwise feared that was already eliminated. energy that the Crystal Stone different here surface institute that however this Zhao Hai takes contains too, Zhao Hai had feared that can have the accident, therefore only lets these ordinary soldiers the punmetals mounting good, remaining Zhao Hai prepared to make Undead Creature do. Put out a piece to ice Crystal Stone, has given Undead Creature, this Undead Creature icing Crystal Stone installed on Magic Cannon, then according to a Magic Cannon year start according to turning. Then according to turning just to press, entire Magic Cannon is centered on Crystal Stone, suddenly braved blue lightthen Magic Formation of blue light on through Magic Cannon toward in all directions to proliferate, through that four stick, had passed to that Magic Formation plate of peakthen together the blue light perpendicular incidence. This blue light looks like a laser is the same, perpendicular incidence to opposite mountain wall on, but made the Zhao Hai somewhat accidental matter live, that mountain road looked like probably is nothing, has not had the explosion, phenomenon that also the grit flew randomlyall looked like that normal.

Zhao Hai gawkedpersonal appearance to move already appears in that piece of mountain wall there, how he wants to have a look at this piece of mountain wall herehe not to believe that a that blue light effect did not have. Does not arrive at mountain wall there Zhao Hai to feel that Cold Qi/cold air, this Cold Qi/cold air very astonishing Zhao Hai to mountain wall had one meter far time, felt that oneself stood in the world of ice and snow probably was the same ” is looking at that mountain wall, above although did not have what change, but that earth has frozen is hard like Stone. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has dug digging toward mountain wall, has dug to about five meters time, dug the warm soil layer, in other words, just that Magic Cannon strength of the striking, unexpectedly one froze five meters Zuo Zuo mountain wall, such Might was really was too scary. Good that the vulgar logical expression saidthree feet of ice does not form in a single day, wants the earth frozen five meters depth, this is not the general temperature, can look at this Magic Cannon Might from this point in a big way. Zhao Hai general has calculated, such Might, if projects on a body of 9th level Expert, almost can affirmthat certainly by the second, even if God Rank Expert, if by this artillery punch, were feared will be will not feel better. Other people also gathered, looks at this situation, each and every one is also a face startled accommodates, their very clear Magic Cannon Might, beforehand Magic Cannon, even if hits 100 artillery unable to make such effect. Zhao Hai nodded, returned to field emplacement there, having made that Undead Creature then fire a gunhe to want to take a look, such Crystal Stone can make many artillery. Quick blue light flashes, when Crystal Stone when is also unusable, Zhao Hai has calculated that ” nose 238 artillery, this equivalent to God Rank force, full 238 strike, this may absolutely not be a small digit. Zhao Hai put out that Crystal Stone in Magic Cannon to look atpresent this Crystal Stone became the transparency, inside was not having energy.

Zhao Hai turns the head to call 8th level Expert, making him input energy toward Crystal Stone, that person of immediately input in energy Crystal Stone, but Crystal Stone actually turned into the red from the original white, just that energy was Fire element. Zhao Hai nodded, his general name in vain this Crystal Stone use, this Crystal Stone after energy uses up, can input energy of other departments toward inside, but will not have Ice Element energy like inside, cannot input energy of other departments toward inside. However the Zhao Hai question, the use order of this Crystal Stone is infinite, can sufficient energy continuously, then use? Is this unlikely probably? Zhao Hai has waited till that 8th level Expert, after energy inputs to Crystal Stone, he received Crystal Stone, own energy has controlled toward Crystal Stone, this controls him present, now energy in Crystal Stone, only then original about one-fifth, it seems like such a piece Crystal Stone, most can inject five 8th level Expert strengths, these thing carefully how Zhao Hai records getting downthis to regarding later well using Crystal Stone is very useful. Zhao Hai has not overbrimmed this Crystal Stone energy, but has given that Undead Creature directly, making him then use, because this time in Crystal Stone is Fire element energy, this shoot out, red light flashes, one struck together on stone cliff, stone cliff there transmitted a loud soundentire stone cliff one to be exploded one directly ten meters, a depth about three meters big hole. Such Might was not small, but Zhao Hai day Heaven and Earth wants can consume energy in this Crystal Stone, therefore he has not cared, making that Undead Creature then fire off, consumed up energy in Crystal Stone, then he in one time has imitated energy toward, then in consumption ”, if repeatedly ten times, when ten times, after Crystal Stone energy consumption light, Crystal Stone also a sound split, in did not need to use. Zhao Hai was also knew Crystal Stone use number of times, should be ten times, then Zhao Hai carefully looked at that Magic Cannonhe to know that this Magic Cannon also had use, use too multiple, these Magic Cannon appears breakdownsalso will have been having more than enough, Zhao Hai also wants to have a look atthis Magic Cannon to make many artillery to meet the appears breakdown. Carefully looked at Magic Cannon, but also let alone, made him see thing, on this Magic Cannon appears some careful cracksalthough has not affected the use now, but could look, almost soon arrived at the life.

Zhao Hai nodded, has traded Magic Cannon, then experiments, one tried several Magic Cannon continuously, the Zhao Hai hand could affirm finally, these Magic Cannon service lives, generally in 2000 to 2500 next bests, most not again 1500 times. After having completed these experiments, Zhao Hai on returned to the Lyon Empire imperial capital, had then found in these Great Noble Great Hall, after waiting for all people, ” Zhao Hai look at these person of said : this time I came back, for these Crystal Stone matters, these Crystal Stone was I, when the North Polar Icefield risk obtained, inside contained the extremely formidable strength, just Magic Cannon Might you also saw, not only this Crystal Stone can use on Magic Cannon, can use in defense Magic Formation of city, a while I also returned to frontline, I will give you to leave behind some Crystal Stone, had these. Method of Crystal Stone use and has the place that what must pay attention, can write clear you must deliver to Lyon Empire to use in these Crystal Stone the defensive Magic Formation city, is used to guarantee that the security of city, has remembered, this matter must handle, who if makes me presently dare privately Fei, I certainly not politelistened to understand? ” Lyon Empire these Great Noble know certainly this Crystal Stone precious degree, but they regarding the Zhao Hai words are also very careful, if Zhao Hai must cope with them, they will become the entire Continent enemies, now the status and status of Zhao Hai on Continent, is not they can contend, all people with one voice said : will be, Your Majesty.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to remember, sends, these Crystal Stone must give the trustworthy person, taking care well, cannot appears any mistake, later God Race, if has attacked, these Crystal Stone copes with their efficient instrument.” The people should be with one voice, Zhao Hai then nodded, explain/transfer several, have then put out several Crystal Stone application methods to give several people. After completing these, Zhao Hai explain/transfer several, on turn around returned to in Space, then went to Rosen Empire, this Crystal Stone experimented now, after nature immediately must hand over major Empire in handalso the aspect them, to pay God Race and Demon Race usehad these Crystal Stone, an ordinary Human Race point against anti- ability will not have, this absolutely was the good deed.! ~!