Seventh hundred 28 chapter of Person Becomes a Thousand, Xu Wanying The head harness silver helmet, wears the silver to fight armor, in hand takes silver long spear, the waist is carrying on the arm a silver long sword, on the face of everyone is bringing silver metal face armor, although full body armor, but does not have the unwieldy feeling, the body all flutters unexpectedly in in midair. Looks, this kind of silver army, actually cannot see from beginning to end, don’t know has many people, these person static standing in there, probably are waiting for anything. In front of this team, is standing people of several white robes, the ages of these people vary, but everyone gives people the feeling of one type of very sacred. If makes Zhao Hai see them, definitely knows that these people are not others, is God Race, but this only God Race army, the population is no less than 1 million, they now centralized in new Continent there, probably was waiting for soldier who goes to battle with. In fact they also truly must leave the piece, they are not for no reason standing for no reason in here, day that today that layer protective shield vanishes, so long as this protective shield vanishes, their immediately will set foot on the Ark Continent land, launches to entire Continent conquer. But what these God Race person don’t know is, Zhao Hai had already watched to their this motions, although said that Zhao Hai has not arrived at new Continent here to come these days, but Zhao Hai already had actually delivered to here Blood Staff, making Blood Staff monitor the God Race sound in here, now God Race gathers these many people to come, to make such big move, Zhao Hai naturally is impossible don’t know. Zhao Hai arrived at Shan Rucheng there now, prepared to welcome Wargod clansman, this several days time, he has sent to several big Empire people these Crystal Stone in any case, moreover Buddha Empire here all cities, Zhao Hai has also sent to Crystal Stone, although each in the city was not many, but was used to support protective shield and uses Magic Cannon to be enough. Now Ark Continent this city has prepared, waited to greet the attack of God Race, naturally, Zhao Hai had not relaxed regarding the surveillance of Demon Race there, now Demon Race camp there God Rank Expert are getting more and more, the army were also getting more and more, constructed of city in a big way sped up, but made Zhao Hai feel what was strange, they had not attacked Ark Continent, left Demonic Abyss there near at hand Demon Capital City not to fight the lead(er). Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Race present performance, quick they have been having any idea on understand, Demon Race these people certainly and other opportunity, they know that God Race to Ark Continent here, first will certainly not go to attack they, but can cope with Zhao Hai they, now therefore Demon Race hits sits the idea that Shan Guanhu fought. If Zhao Hai they had defeated by God Race, Demon Race immediately dispatches troops, area the war Yangping city that has led, if God Race suffered a loss, Zhao Hai they certainly will also be lost, when the time comes they are dispatching troops to cope with Zhao Hai to be also easier. To be honest, now the Demon Race person regarding Zhao Hai very dreaded that such Expert, but also so many Undead Creature, this, if puts Demon Realm, that was also a region's Overlord, like an enemy, Demon Race must attach great importance.

They also felt that rejoicing, God Race has made such one luckily, Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth changing, otherwise had Zhao Hai in Ark Continent here, they think that is invading Ark Continent here, is not easy. The Demon Race person respects Expert, Zhao Hai is such Expert, therefore Demon Race person although hates him, but they very admire regarding Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in them for the process of war, has not used any plot, by an enemy, makes him draw back finally calmly, although has not restored to have relationship with Demon Dragon King several people of strengths, but they have to recognize, the Zhao Hai this strength truly be strong. Therefore now Demon Race must do stands by, when Zhao Hai and God Race person decides the victory and defeat to come, they are beginning not to be late. Zhao Hai also knows what Demon Race hits is any idea, but he does not have the means now, Demon Race does not have the sound, happen to have given him a cushion time, if otherwise makes him simultaneously two make war, the manpower on his hand is insufficient. Zhao Hai sits in Space, the static look at screen, these God Race person also peaceful very standing on screen in there, besides the person of forefront that several wear white robes, occasionally get together chatted several, other God Race person each and every one were similar to wooden stake same standing in there, motionless. Sees this situation, the Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but single layer, his very clear, from these small matters, can respond that fighting strength of army, looks like the army of China very pays great attention to stand at attention to be the same, stand at attention is one type of looks like very simple, but actually most tests the utilization of person. But God Race these soldier, stood in there motionlessly already for a long time, they did not have any petty action, straight that a person stood, such person other people's willpower very strong, absolutely was one strengthens the armed forces. In this time, Zhao Hai is noting, outside new Continent suddenly at flood intermittent ripples, then one layer transparent protective shield, has looked like blister, silent breaking. Zhao Hai some have not been able to believe really that in the past let him and God Race Expert one also means no protective shield, such silently vanished unexpectedly. However the God Race movement, has actually cancelled Zhao Hai thought at heart, these God Race saw that protective shield vanished, their immediately has put in order dressing ranks, has killed from new Continent directly. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but take deep breaths, calm one own mood, then turned the head to Laura their said : Laura, Ryan, the matter of commodity to depend on you, Lizzy, Megan, these Undead Creature on give you command(er), Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, Berry, we exited.”

Several people complied with one, Zhao Hai have been leading Berry and Xu Wanying came out from Space, outside arrived at his immediately release 2 million Undead Creature, making these Undead Creature such as in the city compose Rubik's Cube Great Formation in the mountain, static standing was waiting for the God Race person in there. However he such is not waiting, he has sent out some Undead Creature, put Crystal Stone to in the city Magic Formation on, simultaneously put out 100 Magic Cannon to put on city wall from Space. These Magic Cannon are Zhao Hai after that experiment, keeping, him presently this Magic Cannon Might has increased, can cope with God Rank Expert, that naturally must keep some in hand, presently in his hand Undead Creature, mostly 9th level, with God Rank Expert to the war, definitely has to suffer a loss, there are these Magic Cannon in the hand, his in hand Undead Creature, the strength will increase, this also very much has the advantage regarding him. These God Race people have not disappointed Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai they come out for two hours after Space, God Race army arrived. The balls reveals very much, they come out from new Continent there, the simply moment has not stopped, one minute of rest does not have, has killed directly, can look from this point, they how wildly arrogant. Zhao Hai static standing in a head of Bone Dragon, God Race army that look at approaches slowly, a facial expression not change, he has not attacked on own initiative, he knows that God Race these people arrived, to demonstrate own superiority feeling, will certainly spend several words with him, immediately will not begin. Really does not leave Zhao Hai to expect, these God Race place of army in leaving about Shan Rucheng kilometer stopped, then Thousand-Man Team, with the God Race person of that several wear white robes, slowly such as the city flies toward the mountain. Zhao Hai felt, the strengths of these God Race people are very strong, this 1 million God Race Great Formation armed forces, unexpectedly 50% is God Rank Expert, this makes Zhao Hai feel that being startled, but remaining these although are not God Rank, actually is also 9th level Expert, such strength, no wonder God Race such rampant. Zhao Hai command(er) Bone Dragon, was welcoming these God Rank Expert to fly, both sides were distanced about fifty meters to stop, in these God Race people, of lead was previous command(er) three Grand Divine Artifact and of Zhao Hai war. That God Rank Expert sees Zhao Hai, cannot help but coldly smiles said : Zhao Hai, has not thought that we such quickly met.” Zhao Hai look at that God Rank Expert, shows a faint smile said : how possibly not to think that you had not looked I have prepared to greet you, he he, what kind , do losses of three Grand Divine Artifact, make you not have the face very much?”

That God Race Expert one hear of Zhao Hai raise this matter, cannot help but complexion one cold, look at Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : is short in there flaunts the advantage of argument, no matter today you say anything, the person must die, have remembered, will kill your is God Race shakes the deity, the silver must the guest!” Name of Zhao Hai one hear of this God Race Expert newspapers, cannot help but stares, then laughs said : interestingly, was too interesting, solemn God Rank Expert, had such a name unexpectedly, listens to your cateran to be the same? It seems like this God Race cultural level was really too disappointing.” As soon as these God Race people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but complexion changed, the God Race person had own pride, they confessed that wanted a cut above compared with the Ark Continent here person, now such is satirized by Zhao Hai, their there could bear, in which God Race Expert, coldly snorted said : houseboy, An Ganru my God Race? You may dare to fight with me!” Does your God Race of Zhao Hai like looking at idiot look at that person of said : what? also want to fight? Such ancient, way that already should be eliminated, are you still using? Day that this God Race was too disappointing, since you said that I did not have the truth of inadequate perfect person comfortably, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, extinguished this fellow!” Xu Wanying complied with one, personal appearance moved, appears has located in front keeping of Zhao Hai, refers to that challenging the enemy to battle God Race Expert said : you being probable to fight, that came, but at your level, but also did not have the qualifications to challenge Young Master, first passed my this pass/test to say.” That God Rank Expert resulted in three evil spirits suddenly Tiao by Xu Wanying to the air/Qi, yelled flushed toward Xu Wanying, other Zhao Hai and God Rank Expert in the future will draw back, the place left them two. Xu Wanying looked that person threw, suddenly facial expression one austere, in hand axe wan an axe was then colored, good a mercenary ritual, then deep voice said : Buda Family domestic servant Person Becomes a Thousand, Xu Wanying!” ro! ~!