Chapter 729 sly God Race That toward the God Race person who Xu Wanying throws, has not thought of among Xu Wanying suddenly such to have the politeness, this makes that God Race person stare, because when will fight, generally must hold the name mutually, will not wait for the person to report the name on attack, will be the motion of sneak attack, but this regarding the arrogant God Race person, will be not acceptable. Therefore that God Race person noticed that Xu Wanying such performance one was shocked, he has not thought that just also that impolite Xu Wanying, unexpectedly met the suddenly registration, this makes him rush is not, stops is not, at once unexpectedly in there. Not only this God Race person, other God Race people also in there, how their also don’t know has encountered this situation to handle. Zhao Hai actually look at Xu Wanying shows a faint smile, already before fight, Zhao Hai on present, that God Race person suddenly stronger compared with the Xu Wanying strength, Xu Wanying now is God Rank Expert, but reason that God Race person present strength minimum to on God Rank, Zhao Hai made Xu Wanying go to battle, was because Xu Wanying had Divergent Technique, he had Doppelganger, he can cause many Doppelganger to come attack that God Race Expert, therefore Zhao Hai to Xu Wanying was very confident. However Zhao Hai has not thought that Xu Wanying so is unexpectedly intelligent, although Xu Wanying just this registration looked like somewhat unnecessary, but Zhao Hai was clear, the Xu Wanying true intention was to break that God Race Expert attack knot presents. Xu Wanying also knows that God Race Expert very strong,, but just that God Race Expert plunged his time, been mad is soon insane, morale most abundant time, if at this time Xu Wanying really directly with him to war, even if won, membership dues many strengths, because was killed the crazy person, his attack meets very aggressive, the opposite party was one comprehended 2nd level Domain on God Rank Expert, his attack on was not jokes absolutely. Therefore the Xu Wanying very intelligent use the small method, his suddenly such polite registration, that God Rank Expert one was shocked, the offensive rhythm one was broken, before did not have that aggressive appearance. Meaning of Zhao Hai although understand Xu Wanying, but he has not actually made noise, is only calm look at that God Race Expert, what response he wants to have a look at that God Race Expert to be, is angry throws, registration after is coming up. If that God Race Expert is angry throws directly, that explained that the God Race person does not settle on the reputation very much, what they settle on is actually does to use, if he reported complete name to clash, that explained that God Race had stodgily, they possibly compared with the life that the reputation looked important. But deals with the different enemies, must use the different methods, therefore observation of Zhao Hai very attention that God Race person's response.

After that God Race person has gawked one next, then complexion one becomes pale, but he is restraining by force the anger, is bowing to Xu Wanying said : God Race raging fire War General Huan Hu.” After registering, Huan tiger immediately/on horseback has shouted wildly one, threw toward Xu Wanying, but currently Xu Wanying had enough time to prepare, therefore his personal appearance moves, immediately has supported own Domain. Huan Hu has not thought that Xu Wanying unexpectedly is also God Rank Expert, comprehended Domain God Rank Expert, he noticed that Xu Wanying supported Domain to stare, then immediately/on horseback has anchored the personal appearance, then personal appearance in a flash, opened Domain. His offensive rhythm because of this time accident, second time had also been broken, but after sees this person of Domain, Zhao Hai actually lightly wrinkled the brow. This person of Domain is human-shape Domain like Flame Demon, obviously this is 2nd level Domain, moreover Fire element Domain, the attack ability is very strong, defends the effect not to be bad, the opposite party really has such Domain, that may not be good to deal with. Xu Wanying has not actually thought that many, in his opinion no matter what person, he will cope, Zhao Hai said that makes him deal with this person, that this person he was uncertain the person to tidy up, he cannot give Zhao Hai to lose face. Xu Wanying also felt obviously the opposite party was not good to cope, his immediately/on horseback personal appearance moves, by his Domain, appears several with his Domain exactly the same Domain, are his Divergent Technique Doppelganger Technique. That God Race person obvious stares, this world Domain he saw a lot, what Domain had, but Domain like Xu Wanying, he first time saw. He thinks that Xu Wanying Domain is one type of illusion Domain, has one is Xu Wanying, other Domain are fake, is the illusion. He compared with on Xu Wanying level high 1st level, spiritual force also be stronger than Xu Wanying, he thinks that common illusion Domain is useless to him, therefore he had not been worried that has swept toward that several Domain on with own spiritual force, wants to discover Xu Wanying true Domain. However his spiritual force sweeps, actually presently that several Domain actually really exist, is not the illusion, this God Rank Expert stares, but he has not cared, he thinks that Xu Wanying Domain is one type of compares certainly Advanced level illusion Domain, therefore he could not completely understand, but he has the means that Huan tiger coldly snorted, his Flame Demon Domain moved fiercely, face upwards a long and loud cry, then the arm continually wields, two Fire Dragon overran toward Xu Wanying that several Domain.

He wants through this attack, to carry over belongs to Xu Wanying Domain truly, but made the matter that he has not thought of live, now Xu Wanying altogether release five Doppelganger, in other words currently equal to has six Xu Wanying to make the war with Huan tiger, but Huan tiger simply has not thought of this point, he thinks what Xu Wanying used was illusion Domain, this wrong estimate was very fatal. When Huan tiger release two Fire Dragon, Xu Wanying there also moved, two Doppelganger Domain was welcoming that two Fire Dragon, but Xu Wanying with another three Doppelganger, overran toward Huan tiger, axe Domain, took the Flame Demon lead(er). Xu Wanying did to fight with own Doppelganger coordination is not a day or two, in adding on that special ties at heart, their coordinate very well coordinated, Xu Wanying my command(er) Domain was therefore looking like Huan Hu Flame Demon Domain to cut around the middle, outside three people of Doppelganger do not divide the Flame Demon top of the head, took Flame Demon neck, last actually transferred a circle, has blocked the Flame Demon Doppelganger escape route. Huan Hu then felt that the matter does not suit, but he wants to make the counter-attack already late, but Huan Hu also worthily is in one God Rank Expert, comprehended existence of 2nd level Domain, he presently cannot shunt, cannot help but steels one's heart, Flame Demon Domain flame broad and magnificent, they strengthened the Domain defense capability obviously. Three axe Domain one divided on the body of Flame Demon Domain, Huan Hu a miserable in addition, a blood has spurted, but he supported, when the axe divided, he changed Flame Demon Domain appearance, making Flame Demon Domain turn into a round sphere, this not only let chop to look like Flame Demon neck that axe, using the characteristics of circular ball, released many strengths, fell to lowly this twice attack injury of Xu Wanying. But is this, he was injured, Huan tiger that however was injured has not withdrawn, instead to has gotten angry, he has not thought that in oneself solemn God Rank Expert, when to fighting god group Expert, put in an appearance unexpectedly has eaten such big owing, how this made him be able to bear. Huan tiger shout ferociously, his Domain turned into the Flame Demon appearance again, fire Great Sword appears in Flame Demon in hand, a detachment of his sword on toward his Xu Wanying Doppelganger Domain. Xu Wanying so many scruples, command(er) several Domain direct Huan Hu Flame Demon Domain detachment, Huan Hu now will certainly not be knowing, opposite party these Domain simply not illusory, all real . Moreover the attack strength is not weak. How Huan tiger although do not understand Xu Wanying achieves, but he knows that this certainly is one type of Secret Technique, he knows, if cannot destroy completely several as soon as possible, today feared that must keep here, therefore Huan Hu attack was fiercer. His attack is very fierce, but Xu Wanying is actually not facing him to conflict, now Xu Wanying looks like one crowd is besieging the bison wicked wolf, the tactic that they use copes with bison to be the same with the wicked wolf, in front of a person attracts Huan Hu the attack, when Huan tiger goes to that person time, other people from other place attacks, making Huan tiger have to turn round to help oneself, when he turns round, another person is attacking, such relapse, making Huan tiger be tired out from the press.

Zhao Hai look at Xu Wanying fight, cannot help but secretly nods, to be honest, Xu Wanying such method although looks like resembles very simple, the person who the one type of method that is most difficult to deal with, uses this method, coordination wants very well coordinated to be good, otherwise this method cannot cause. To break this method actually also very simple \; first, the dogfight, entangles with one in together, inextricably involved that hits, making the bystander not good to meddle, but this method does not achieve easily, the person who the request uses this method must very flexible, moreover wants the stronger than the other great ability line. The second method is strength, by the irresistible strength, struck to kill at one fell swoop one to two, this naturally this method breaking. However is very obvious, these two method Huan tigers cannot cause, therefore he by Xu Wanying this tactic making in an extremely difficult situation. But Zhao Hai besides in paying attention to this, but also is guarding against other that several God Race Expert, is paying also attention to the responses of army these armies. In Xu Wanying they kill the inextricably involved time, the suddenly Lizzy sound conveys said : Elder Brother Hai, God Race these armies has the change, they are the person circle to the back evidently probably come sneak attack you, now what to do?” Zhao Hai has gawked slightly, looked up God Race these person of one, coldly snorted, what God Race these people hit was such idea, making a person attract their attention in here, then sent out the army to circle to their backs moves, has given fatally strikes, good method, this method, if dealt with the average person also really to be possible the success. These people who God Race sends are God Rank Expert, is adding on their attack to have the effect regarding Undead Creature, if changes into the average person, but also possibly made them obtain. However was a pity very much that what their this meeting is Zhao Hai! ro! ~!