Chapter 730 Blood Lightning Bead After Zhao Hai heard the report of Lizzy, deep voice said : does not need to manage them, now lets these Undead Creature, slowly transfers the muzzle, aims at our, waits for these God Race people to our behind times, at their back in release a batch Undead Creature, both sides converging attack, we extinguished these to come sneak attack first.” Lizzy stares, then some indefinite can said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do in front of you these enemies?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : front these gave us to cope, have remembered, one in these people in release a batch Undead Creature, three batch of together coped with them, how I to have a look at their fighting strength.” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai said that was also not saying anything, has complied with one, has prepared, but at this time, Xu Wanying has not actually stopped regarding attack of Huan tiger, but Xu Wanying did not have one to strike to now kill Huan Hu the assurance, therefore he also coped with Huan Hu with his wolf pack tactic. But the people in these God Race, Xu Wanying and Huan in Hu complexion pale look at field, they have not thought that Huan Hu can compel the so distressed region by Xu Wanying. If not for own plan, they already make a move, they now, so long as their armies arrived, their immediately they will move attack to Zhao Hai, they gave to tidy up Zhao Hai at one fell swoop. Zhao Hai in observing these God Race people, he presently in these although performance probably in the attention of heart and soul the fight in field, actually their looks actually has been paying attention to their dead ahead, is Zhao Hai their behind positions, among the facial expressions also has an anxiety. Zhao Hai knows these fellows in thinking anything, but he has not moved, he knew, under his body, these Undead Creature transferred the adjustment of extension the muzzle the direction, they adjust is quick, therefore these God Race people have not noted, now the muzzle has adjusted, Spirit Stone was also well, waited to shoot. Zhao Hai also understand actually these God Race people regarding some Magic Cannon also certain understanding, after all Radiant Church these fellows collected these many years situations, that does not do fake. These God Race people know that Magic Cannon Might is limited, do not say copes with them, even if deals with Continent the people on general six, 7th level not to have what use, therefore they presently Zhao Hai is placed Magic Cannon of big platoon in city wall, not only a point does not care, instead to is at heart is ridiculing Zhao Hai.

In this time, in the field is also having the change, Huan tiger possibly really by Xu Wanying compelling, him also knows if anxiously today did not go all out to fold in here, therefore suddenly sharp roar, a fist strike in own chest, warm-blooded has then spurted, then his finger gearing, in the mouth kept was reading Incantation, but that blood that he spurted, unexpectedly strange drifting in in midair, then along with his Incantation, the tuck dive that that group bright red blood kept, finally was similar to the boiling water that boiled has seethed with excitement unexpectedly same, red retreat slowly, Finally turned into the black, takes the form of round bead. Then that God Race Expert immediately/on horseback severely drinks one, this black bead immediately was lost by him, strikes toward Xu Wanying Doppelganger. Xu Wanying that Doppelganger also felt that this bead is not good to cope, but he one side the strength of several giant blade edge, hit toward that bead. However what makes Xu Wanying that Doppelganger somewhat stare, that almost strength hits on that bead, was given the absorption by that bead unexpectedly, after having absorbed that several strength, a bead appeared clearer. Zhao Hai saw that bead is complexion changes, why although his don’t know that bead uses, but can affirm that bead is not very simple, moreover Zhao Hai felt a ten points prestige danger aura from that bead. Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, looked at that several God Race person one eyes slightly, that several God Race person faces have happy expression look at Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai knows that God Race these armies, arrived at them behind. Thinks here Zhao Hai in waiting, personal appearance suddenly moves, appears in that bead there, has met to begin a finger, Space rift appears in the front of that bead, that bead has thrown into Space rift together, vanish from sight. But these God Race people have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly make a move, this makes them somewhat stare, but the silver must guest immediately respond, he drinks said : severely Zhao Hai, you dare to destroy unexpectedly fight, then on do not blame us for being rude, Start! said that command(er) army was overrunning toward Zhao Hai. At this moment Huan Hu also felt just lost the contact with Blood Lightning Bead, restored with his relation, his intention moves, immediately directed to explode Blood Lightning Bead. This Blood Lightning Bead is one type of very formidable mix Magic, he is the Blood Demon method and Fire element Magic also has the Black Magic aggregate, this Magic regarding user's request very high, only if achieves the Immortal rank, is like Zhao Hai can energy of various very skillful use departments, otherwise could not use this Magic.

However speaks the truth, even if were Zhao Hai knew this Magic, he will not use, the foundation of this Magic use lay, he must with Blood Essence of user be to direct, then can use. This Blood Essence is not the ordinary blood, but is one type of Life Source Blood Essence, this Life Source Blood Essence regarding any person, is very precious existence, if a person lost Life Source Blood Essence, he must die not expensively, even if like Huan Hu, only lost Life Source Blood Essence, he will also fall level, in other words Huan Hu after using Blood Lightning Bead, his present strength had God Rank most, was not on God Rank Expert. Zhao Hai naturally don’t know this Magic, this Magic is God Race unique, although Zhao Hai don’t know this Magic use, but he actually does not dare underestimated this Magic, therefore he just that rotated, actually that Blood Lightning Bead changing to Space, then lost on, but the place that this he throws is not Xu Wanying here, but is these God Race army middle. Zhao Hai Blood Lightning Bead changes to Space the time, Space has transmitted the prompt sound, only that flash Space on to break short Blood Lightning Bead secret. In the Space prompt sound the general meaning is, this is the one type of aggressiveness hybrid energy ball, can use the Space Blood Pond water to manufacture, can use Lightning element energy carry out additional support in Dao Lotus, its Might compared with energy ball itself even more larger on many. Zhao Hai hears this prompt sound is a great happiness, this is a very extraordinary attack method, if he does not have Blood Pond, he naturally will not make this Magic carry on attack, but he had Blood Pond, he almost can unlimited use this Magic, this regarding him be good information. In Zhao Hai happy time, that was thrown into Blood Lightning Bead in God Race army with a bang sound to blast out, this Blood Lightning Bead also worthily can make God Rank Expert fall 1st level Magic, this blasts out, directly clear out piece of original about fifty meters an open area in the God Race army. All God Race people in these 50 meters scopes, all by this Blood Lightning Bead killing, but fortunately, God Race Battle Formation, the lineup is not secret Ji, in these 50 meters scopes, only then less than ten people, lose are not very strict are heavy. But when the silver must the guest they move, Xu Wanying also capture weak opportunity after Huan tiger attack, the area their three Doppelganger, at one fell swoop Huan tiger extinguishing, him had just killed Huan Hu, Space rift on appears , one corpse of Huan tiger receiving in Space, then when release comes, Huan Hu looked like fully restored, wound, just complexion paleness, he had not turned into one to have Zombie. However what is a pity, this time Huan tiger although was turned into Zombie by Space, has not actually led in Space its Undead Creature to live the level, this makes Zhao Hai slightly somewhat discontented.

Can look from Huan tiger Domain of use, Huan Hu attribute should be Fire element, wants to come according to Zhao Hai, Huan Hu should be able to make in Space Fire element Undead Creature Level Up right, even if cannot rise to too high level, rises is also good to the False God level, what what a pity is, in this Space in has not transmitted the prompt sound, this by Zhao Hai disappointment. However now the silver must the guest their immediately strategic place come, Zhao Hai does not have the mood to think these, his personal appearance moves, pulling Xu Wanying and Berry retreat toward the soldier, at this moment, they behind heard a war cry in Zhao Hai, the silver must the guest hear this to drink the war cries, cannot help but the face had smug look look at Zhao Hai, he wants to see the startled expression from the body of Zhao Hai, when the time comes he can speak several words wind discouraging talk, stimulation Zhao Hai well one. However he was disappointed, on the Zhao Hai face does not have a appears startled expression, instead to is the look at silver that a face sneers must the guest, the silver probably the guest cannot help but stare, then an unlucky premonition raises from their hearts. „After he also has what, inadequate?” This question just the silver must the heart of guest raise, his immediately present answer, from the mountain such as on city wall of city, dodging suddenly piece of blue light, Magic Cannon moved! Looked that Zhao Hai moved Magic Cannon unexpectedly, the silver must the guest somewhat flurried heart, has one on calm, cannot help but been sneering said : Magic Cannon? HaHaHa, Zhao Hai, do you want to deal with our God Race person with Magic Cannon such Inferior level thing unexpectedly? I thought you are really live did not bear every.” Can the Zhao Hai look at silver the guest, sneering said : suddenly „? Magic Cannon really very Inferior level?” 100 Magic Cannon quantities are not many, however salvo time, the city surface also very shocks, just the God Race person had not paid attention to these Magic Cannon, their simply has not been serious. However these time one makes them suffer a loss, these on blue light aiming the person of by Magic Cannon, simply did not have the meanings of avoid these blue light, some set the example has supported one layer protective shield, some simply are actually disinclined to get up including protective shield, plans with oneself formidable ** strength direct anti- Magic Cannon attack. Can wait till these blue light to shoot their bodies, they presently are not right, a formidable chill in the air direct impact their within the body, they one startled, immediately wants use the cultivation compelling outside the body this chill in the air, but when they want use the cultivation, they had been iced sealing up. ro! ~!