Chapter 731 machine gun and anti-tank grenade These God Race people just one were occupied by Frozen, Space rift immediately appears , has hauled in Space these people, then immediately/on horseback turned into Undead Creature let out them. Magic Cannon this time attack, lets God Race these army greatly surprised, their ten thousand never expected, they think that simply useless Magic Cannon, one extinguished their hundred people unexpectedly, this made the God Race army, suddenly appears a flurry, although this flurried quick vanish. The silver must guest dumbfounded look at this situation, he not think that can be this, Ark Continent here Magic Cannon, so is when formidable. In this time, Zhao Hai has been leading Berry and Xu Wanying they draws back walked into the mountain such as in the city, simultaneously started Shan Rucheng defense Magic Formation. Defends Magic Formation one to get up, Zhao Hai must the guest laugh said : to the silver cateran, now you know this Magic Cannon fierce? That do not blame my impolite.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, came sneak attack their God Race person to throw toward these. The silver must the guest stare slightly, but this time he to underestimated Shan Rucheng defense Magic Formation, although that has not defended Magic Formation looks like does not have what difference, but he is very careful, ordered said : to tie loudly, first gave me to break this Magic Formation!” These God Race people rumble has complied with one, has formed square-shaped formation, then under person command(er), all over the sky demon Magic Sword air/Qi, such as in the city toward the mountain on that blue Magic protective shield strikes. But Zhao Hai has not actually managed them, now these wanted sneak attack their God Race people to enter in Shan Rucheng, these people were not many, only then about ten thousand people, but they were God Rank Expert, but the days of these people may a little not feel better now, they already with positive these Undead Creature exchange hands, but they behind ran out of large quantities of Undead Creature, attacked toward them. These are the veterans in battlefield, looked to calculate these Undead Creature population probably, these Undead Creature population returned to fear that was 2 million, this absolutely was a very fearful digit. They want in behind sneak attack, then in the coordinate positive attack, at one fell swoop to give to defeat the opposite party, but now looked like actually by the opposite party planning, the opposite party already knows probably they requested sneak attack, was already waiting for them in here. First is Magic Cannon, one extinguished their 100 people not saying that now they were surrounded, moreover positive army also by mountain such as defense Magic Formation of city blocking.

These God Race soldier although also arrived at God Rank, but their were too after all few, only then ten thousand people, but they currently have undead of 9th level strength encircling by several million, in this case, if they cannot the silver probably the support of guest, they probably die in a short time without doubt. After knowing this situation, to also lets these God Race Expert raised at heart the hope, their very clear, so long as insists that their also some hopes of going on living, but if if fell Zhao Hai in hand, they died. These God Race people are not fools, they come out from new Continent there, saw taught the country there situation brightly, there did not have living person, but reason that these people will die, to help their God Race used Magic Formation to create. although these people do not place in the eyes of these God Race people, in the eyes of these God Race people, these people looks like some Magic Beast is the same, no matter dies many, they will not care. However God Race person also understand, these people die, their God Race has had the unresolved hatred on equal to with the Ark Continent here person, especially Zhao Hai. Even if they in God Race, had heard the Zhao Hai name, Zhao Hai these years destroyed many God Race good deeds, if because of Zhao Hai, God Race such dark green will not press on use that Magic Formation, but Zhao Hai has a grudge with Radiant Church, has a grudge with their God Race, this Qiu called to hate newly old, if Zhao Hai can let off them, that called fishily. Moreover these God Race people believe that silver must the guest they certainly in quick attack Po Shan/broken mountain such as Defense Protective Shield of city, so long as broke Shan Rucheng Defense Protective Shield, Zhao Hai did not have the mood to cope with them, they had going on living opportunity. However these people evidently extremely in underestimating Zhao Hai their strength, these God Race people although are also God Rank Expert, but they are also only ordinary God Rank Expert, but their Zhao Hai to, in hand, but many God Rank Undead Creature. At these God Rank Expert have formed Battle Formation, the preparation and Zhao Hai war the time, Zhao Hai moves, one big lost Blood Lightning Bead. These God Rank Expert have not thought completely Zhao Hai unexpectedly one after another throws Blood Lightning Bead outward, when their dumbfounded, Blood Lightning Bead exploded. After light loud noise, on God Race Battle Formation one was exploded several gaps, Zhao Hai regarding Blood Lightning Bead Might is very satisfied, what he is unsatisfied, after Blood Lightning Bead explosion, gave to gasify the corpses of all God Race people unexpectedly, he wants to turn into Undead Creature not to be impossible these God Race people.

However looked that Battle Formation of God Race person was broken, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback shouted: Kills, does not remain!” Said that in the Zhao Hai heart moves, has adjusted his in hand all God Rank Undead Creature, attacks toward Battle Formation of these God Race people. Xu Wanying is also the personal appearance moves, 1000 Xu Wanying simultaneously appears in airborne, threw toward the God Race person, is adding on Berry, punctures the shade, other Light Element Undead Creature, are adding on strength formidable Zhao Hai, all people extend the God Race Battle Formation gap to overrun, almost in the flash, these God Race people was divided the squad, operated independently. However these God Race people also worthily are Elite, after most flurry from the beginning, their immediately has stabilized, is based on the squad, started the resistance. These God Race people are God Rank Expert, they can also support Domain, now at this time, they also had certainly supported Domain, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, Domain that these person of getting up is the same, is Domain of long spear shape. Looks at the appearances of these people, Zhao Hai at heart cannot help but one cold, this ten thousand people Zhao Hai does not care, but makes him feel what heart startled is the God Race strength. They can select 10,000 use same Domain God Rank Expert unexpectedly, their strengths strong to what degree? This was too astonishing. However Zhao Hai also felt that now a heart startled, has not actually stopped the attack the footsteps, he also knows that Shan Rucheng protective shield cannot block to the silver must guest how long, the opposite party, but million army, his attack is not jokes, although Zhao Hai such as defense Magic Formation there of city has put many Crystal Stone on the mountain, but could not go against too long time, must therefore do now, was as soon as possible gave to destroy completely the in the city these God Race person. The Zhao Hai present strength is much more formidable than general on God Rank, these God Race person simply cannot block Zhao Hai attack, each and every one Domain is broken, each and every one God Race Expert was killed, is turning into Undead Creature, is coping with other God Race Expert in turn, such circulation Dark Magician most is good. At this moment, suddenly Zhao Hai felt that mountain such as the defense Magic protective shield fluctuation of city, then vanished, Zhao Hai has not returned, the hand wields, nearly Undead Creature spatially however appears surely in his, each and every one undead life throws toward God Race army. The silver must the guest the eye be now red, he has not thought that his first motion, can be such result unexpectedly, 10,000 Elite soldiers, unexpectedly under his eye hides, made the person killing off quickly, this absolutely was he intolerable, he must kill off Zhao Hai they, can solve hate of own heart. However look at this dense and numerous Undead Creature, the silver must the guest also know that at present now worries useless, he clenched teeth, deep voice said : ties, kills, does not remain!”

These God Race person immediately have composed the fight of each and every one, then these meet Domain, immediately has supported Domain, at once all kinds of Domain appears in front of Zhao Hai undead army. Must say that God Race also really has real skill, they call the same Domain people in together, divided only in the corps, as the matter stands they can simultaneously use the Domain strength, opposed the enemy, coordinate also very well coordinated, Might also formidable. However when lets these God Race people have not thought, these Undead Creature, stopped suddenly, then has composed Battle Formation, then sees in Battle Formation often has blue shooting light to leave, that blue light shoots to a person every time, God Race was frozen, then vanishes, in appears is Undead Creature. This is one type of Battle Formation that Lizzy they want to come out, this Battle Formation is the build huge undead of use like Dragon Race, then puts their bodies Magic Cannon, regards the motion turret to use, such Magic Cannon attack were more and varied. although this method is good, but now Zhao Hai in hand Magic Cannon was really too few, simply cannot get up to use to the pressure manufacture of God Race. However currently also has other means that is Blood Lightning Bead, if Magic Cannon is regarded the machine gun to use by Zhao Hai now, that Blood Lightning Bead was regarded the anti-tank grenade to use by Zhao Hai, many Undead Creature in hand are taking Blood Lightning Bead, discards toward God Race Battle Formation. However Zhao Hai also present, this Blood Lightning Bead fighting strength also is really limited, Domain that especially after these God Race Expert support, the Blood Lightning Bead lethality reduced, Blood Lightning Bead can cope with God Race Expert to be good, but must explode nearby him, otherwise God Rank Expert explodes undead. although Blood Lightning Bead and Magic Cannon are limited regarding the suppression of God Race, but actually really God Race diverting in there, the lethality of this different thing to God Race had, God Race these people have to avoid these two thing attack, as the matter stands, the battlefield fall into rubber unexpectedly. The silver must the guest really very much worry now, but he is worrying to be also useless, they only then 1 million person, but Zhao Hai Undead Creature has 10 million people, although has 100 Magic Cannon in them, but Magic Cannon Crystal Stone actually changed into Fire element now, energy light pillar that this Fire element Crystal Stone shoots will explode, is also very big regarding the God Race lethality, makes them not have the means to repel the opposite party unexpectedly at once. ro! ~!