The king of Chapter 732 non- king Cannot repel these Undead Creature, they do not have the means to rescue that only Ten Thousand-Man Squad, can only look at helplessly they by the Zhao Hai one by one slaughter. The silver must the guest first time raise a dilutedness, this feeling, he only in God Realm, with the different race god makes the war useful, has not actually thought that also made him feel unexpectedly in Ark Continent here. But only went to sneak attack Zhao Hai Ten Thousand-Man Squad the casualty to be serious in this that now added the population already undead 2000, moreover in continually reduction. This do not blame these God Race people anti- do not hit, they have been besieged by 10,000 God Rank Expert now, including several thousand their beforehand allies, now these allies, turned into Undead Creature, however their strengths are not small, moreover they can also support Domain unexpectedly, is adding on other Undead Creature, they were suppressed at once completely. More than 10,000 people besiege more than 2000 people . Moreover the strength also almost, has saying that these God Race people can insist now, was very great, but their present each and every one were also spent force. These God Race people have not used Magic like Blood Lightning Bead, because of their very clear, this Magic is perhaps effective to Human Race, but regarding these Undead Creature, does not have what effect. The people in these God Race when with these God Rank Undead Creature to war, already present, these Undead Creature resilience very formidable, that feared that was broken the arm or the leg, can intrinsic meet in very short time, such ability is God Race Expert of their these name brands does not have. Zhao Hai does not have mood tube these God Race people to think anything, he only thinks that the quick point these God Race people extinguishing, then turned the head to dealing with the silver must the guest they. Also about a half hour, these 2000 God Race people had been eliminated by Zhao Hai finally, Zhao Hai then turns the head the look at silver to the guest they and undead Regiment the wars. Can look, the casualties of this undead regiment are live very much miserably, attack of God Race army did not joke, was these has only supported the Domain God Race person, they through energy that Domain release came, was not smaller than Magic Cannon on many, was adding on Undead Creature that many, the appears casualties were inevitable.

Zhao Hai asked their Lizzy they, now the Undead Creature casualties had many, Lizzy immediately has given a Zhao Hai answer, from these God Race attack Shan Rucheng to the present, the Undead Creature casualties had twenty thousand to be many. This digit in Zhao Hai anticipation this, these Undead Creature level 9th level, to God Rank God Race, naturally very suffers a loss after all, can say that they found out with moving Magic Cannon are adding on comprehended the Blood Lightning Bead method newly, the casualties will be more, possibly waited for Zhao Hai to extinguish that 10,000 God Race people, the Undead Creature casualties already over a million, now this digit is big was lower than the estimate of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai Undead Creature in Space, crosses twenty thousand now, majorities come sneak attack his these God Race people, only then few parts are undead army hit with Magic Cannon. although Zhao Hai can cope with God Race army now with single-hearted devotion, but must say that immediately repels God Race army, that is also impossible, after all his in hand present God Rank Expert was too few. The silver must the guest also see that Zhao Hai turned the head, his two blood red eyes look at Zhao Hai, just in his at present, his under the hand/subordinate elite troops by Zhao Hai to exterminate, finally was also turned into Undead Creature, this makes the silver probably the guest very annoyed, because actually has scruples, cannot order the full rush. The silver must the guest also be very outstanding soldier, his very clear, in the battlefield, you cannot by the anger to the fainted brains, otherwise wait for your, only then died. Reason that he has not ordered to let the army full attack of God Race, feared that undead army in hand Blood Lightning Bead, to be honest, the silver must the guest not be serious Blood Lightning Bead before, in his opinion, Blood Lightning Bead this Magic Might although is very big, the time of however preparing is too long, moreover after shooting, cannot control, only if the opposite party does not hide, stands makes you explode in there, otherwise, this thing is almost not useful. However when now Zhao Hai undead army, after in hand were many Blood Lightning Bead, the silver must the guest present, the beforehand estimate is wrong, when the Blood Lightning Bead quantity achieves a certain degree, can become Ultimate Weapon absolutely, their army almost by Blood Lightning Bead blocking. If these Undead Creature throw Blood Lightning Bead toward, the silver must the guest not be worried that the Blood Lightning Bead explosion range is limited, so long as the lineup, can definitely loosely avoid majority of Blood Lightning Bead attack. However what the silver must the guest not think, these Undead Creature have another one type of to use the Blood Lightning Bead method, so long as there is a God Race person to proceed to clash, immediately will have Undead Creature to clash, their in hand is taking one or several Blood Lightning Bead, directly in that God Race person nearby detonates, no matter completely will also be killed, must perish together with that God Race person, such method is the silver must the method of guest most headache.

Proceeding that Undead Creature can not fear death clashes, however the God Race army is different, their although strength formidable, but they after all are also the person, they also fear death, therefore faces Undead Creature this suicide same attack, they are also scared, does not dare in optional proceeding. Zhao Hai does not want to use such method actually, these Undead Creature in his Space, very intelligent, can say that could not miss many with the ordinary person, in this case, but also made these Undead Creature end self-exploding, Zhao Hai somewhat could not have started. However he if now does not do, cannot block the attack of God Race, this method or Zhao Hai want to come out, is actually not his original, in Earth, on the television puts anything to commit suicide trial bomb surprise attack daily, the car bomb and so on, Zhao Hai already heard the ear to have the cocoon, but he has not actually thought that also will make some day the person do unexpectedly. However Zhao Hai also has to recognize, this method really very be effective, by undead life and death such attack not awfully several times, the silver must the guest they in not dare to launch the charge of large-scale, therefore in field rubber such. Zhao Hai looked in another big hero who in this fight performs merit, is Magic Cannon, Magic Cannon after using Crystal Stone Might increased, became Zhao Hai in hand efficient instrument. However Zhao Hai now is not quite satisfied, he has made on Continent various countries' Alchemist alliance get up, starts to develop new Magic Cannon, he has three requests regarding new Magic Cannon \; first, Might is big \; second, anti- uses compared with the present, three must the knot save energy as far as possible. Before new Magic Cannon has not developed, Zhao Hai said to Dwarf Race Billy Patriarch, making them help, full produce Magic Cannon, for after dealing, more and more brutal war form. But these people by Zhao Hai with 9th level Expert that Potion promotes, currently also had one any, everyday must with Crystal Stone sufficient energy, moreover must fill to be good. Crystal Stone in Zhao Hai Space are many, moreover there is Bubble, in Space can also one after the other producing many Crystal Stone, but Zhao Hai some are not quite satisfied, Crystal Stone that in Space produces generally is Water element, Water element Crystal Stone although energy also very formidable, the attack strength is not weak, but he actually cannot like Fire element Crystal Stone, have the explosion the effect, this suffers a loss in the war very much, therefore Zhao Hai hopes that now his in hand Crystal Stone is Fire element. Fortunately, Crystal Stone can imitate the energy, so long as has used up energy in Crystal Stone, toward Crystal Stone inside sufficient Fire element energy, can regard Fire element Crystal Stone to use, to prepare this, Zhao Hai adjusted to promote the 9th level Expert order specially, the fire attribute person first, Zhao Hai wants to promote some Fire element 9th level Expert, gave the Crystal Stone sufficient energy specially.

The person's on Continent regarding procedure any opinion of Zhao Hai, the entire war has not known now that Zhao Hai almost with strength of in frontline and god demon two clan deal with, their these rear people also does hold true by pulling Zhao Hai back leg, said it, they want to pull, could not pull. Now on Continent the first powerful nation, Rosen Empire King is the Zhao Hai father-in-law, Lyon Empire Zhao Hai is King, but Buddha Empire Sovereign, is seeking asylum in Lyon Empire now, naturally to Zhao sea surface, remaining Aksu Empire, will not have gotten strength back from the previous time war, even if their strength heyday, in this case, they do not dare to annoy Zhao Hai, not only they are neighboring with Rosen Empire, moreover in Aksu Empire, existence of Black Wasteland, Black Wasteland there also has Zhao Hai only elite troops, in this case, on Continent that also has the person to dare with Zhao Hai to give a tongue-lashing the tooth, the nature was Zhao Hai said that what on was what.. Just as is Dwarf Race prediction such, Zhao Hai now in Ark Continent here, is king of the non- king, his although does not have said one are the king of Continent, but each every race on entire Continent is actually listening his. But major different race regarding Zhao Hai did not have any opinion, Zhao Hai although to promote many 9th level Expert to Human Race, but has not actually forgotten existences of major different race, no matter Beastman Race, Dwarf Race, was Elven Race, Sea Race, Zhao Hai has given their many Spatial Water and Blood Pond water, now in major different race was promoted to be many to 9th level Expert. Therefore major different race regarding Zhao Hai being convinced, they naturally full support Zhao Hai, in this case, Zhao Hai really could be called the king of right and wrong king. Person research Magic Cannon on Zhao Hai besides letting Continent, gave back to Continent all races to issue an order, sought for Crystal Stone, Zhao Hai does not believe on Continent, only then North Polar Icefield there had Crystal Stone, he believes that other places also had certainly Crystal Stone, but the beforehand people have not paid attention, now Zhao Hai is makes them seek for Crystal Stone in the entire Continent range, to help dealing with the later war. Although Crystal Stone in can imitate the energy, but use has the limit, is the consumables, later the war, will be more with the Crystal Stone place, Zhao Hai has to be ready ahead of time. At this time in look at Magic Cannon Zhao Hai, feeling suddenly has been having the deep hatred the vision, he turned the head to look, was the silver must the guest! ro! ~!