The silver must look at Zhao Hai of guest two eyes torching, if the eye can kill people, Zhao Hai feared that was died 10,000 times, his hate to Zhao Hai, was unable to express with the language. Naturally, Zhao Hai has not thought must be the friend with him, uses from God Race teaches a person in country country's to carry on Blood Sacrifice brightly at that moment, Zhao Hai and God Race enmity could not untie. Zhao Hai is not a Savior, to be honest, he does not want to work as this Savior, must be because God Race and Demon Race are compelling him, lets his arriving gradually today, he feared that now is crossing also that type, two mu place, a cow, the life of wife child hot head, said simply, is without lofty aspiration. However pressing on step by step of God Race and Demon Race, the pressure of survival, making them arrive at today gradually, he does not want to work as the Savior not to be good now, he with the Ark Continent here life too many occurring together, here had his friend, had his family member's family member, had his family, he did not permit any destruction. The light teaches the people in country's with his complete it doesn't matter, his former simply has not come to teach country here brightly, here is the Radiant Church supreme headquarters, but he is the Radiant Church biggest enemy, how possibly to brightly to teach the country. Even if so, he noticed that God Race a person with country's carries on Blood Sacrifice unexpectedly, will still be angry, this on behalf of God Race complete not the Ark Continent here person, when the adult regards, Zhao Hai naturally got angry. Actually now in the Zhao Hai eye, the God Race person cannot be the person, they are one crowd are throwing over the bastard of person skin, therefore he was forever impossible to have the peace with God Race. The Zhao Hai look at silver must the guest, showing a faint smile suddenly, probably the guest bow to the silver, deep voice said : cateran, can you project on to decide the victory and defeat today?”, The silver must the guest know that Zhao Hai is any meaning, before Zhao Hai said his reputation likely cateran, therefore continuously cateran cateran such called him, to be honest this name made the silver probably guest not being feeling well of , but did not have the means. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that in looking the army that the army that one bring, he brings now Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature has twenty thousand to be many, much exploding turned into the ash by Blood Lightning Bead, anything could not find, this loss crosses thirty thousand, injured has not calculated, such loss was not absolutely small. The silver must guest command(er) army quantity although have about 1 million, but they can only be Vanguard, enters Vanguard such loss of Ark Continent not to be small, if loses are too many, that does not have means explain/transfer.

The silver must the guest think that here cannot help but coldly snorted said : today lets off you, Zhao Hai, you are waiting, when my God Race army arrives, I extinguished certainly you.”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to want you to be competent, does as you please.”, The silver must guest coldly snorted, silently said: Ties slow to draw back!”, Along with his order, these God Race people have formed Battle Formation slowly slowly toward retreat goes. Zhao Hai has not pursued, is only the calm look at silver must the guest they, Xu Wanying and Berry already appears in Zhao Hai, allow Baiying received all Doppelganger, Berry has also relieved stealth three people of static standing in there look at retreat God Race, the silver must slowly the guest they also static look at Zhao Hai. Must the guest they draw back returned to to teach in the border to the silver completely brightly, Zhao Hai is then leading Berry and Xu Wanying returned to sub- Space. One to spatial is Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to Lizzy said : Lizzy, how many have to figure out our losses to have?”, Lizzy nodded said : to calculate, this fight, we altogether have used the Crystal Stone 892 Undead Creature casualties hundred thousand, but these time also received twenty thousand God Rank Undead Creature, moreover just also had transmitted in prompt sound Space all Fire element Undead Creature, promoted God Rank to be only the False God level.” Zhao Hai happy said : a moment ago? Haven't I heard? Possibly patronized has been hitting, this was the good deed, in our Space Fire element Undead Creature, but Light Element was more, how many our hot mulberry did Undead Creature have?” Lizzy smiles said : our Space city original Undead Creature to cross 20 millions, but majorities are Sea Race, but Sea Race almost is Water element, therefore are most, but Fire element also many, in our Space altogether has Fire element Undead Creature, less than 2 million, although is the False God level, but fighting strength was not weak.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, fantastic, had these Undead Creature, next God Race, us can give them one to be pleasantly surprised.” Lizzy nodded with a smile said : „, now had these many Undead Creature, is adding on Magic Cannon and Crystal Stone, we could block the next attack of God Race, but this is not easy, Elder Brother Hai, I just looked at a draw, Demon Race there increased troops probably, camp there God Rank Expert quantity already about thousand, moreover increase that also continuing.” Zhao Hai nodded, although looks like Demon Race God Rank looks now probably is minimum, but Zhao Hai actually does not dare underestimated Demon Race, Demon Race fighting strength can be said as in three clans is strongest, this is related with their growth experiences, moreover according to Cai'er, the Demon Race there population base be more than Ark Continent, is adding on their 9th level Expert also to meet that self-exploding acrobatics, Zhao Hai does not dare underestimated regarding Demon Race that.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : Demon Race should a short time not need to act unreasonably, but I want to send these Light Element Undead Creature, there are these Undead Creature to assume personal command in there, can feel relieved some, now our in hand God Rank Undead Creature also be in any case many, divides more than 10,000 is not anything.” Lizzy nodded, at this time Laura did they also from inside walked out, Zhao Hai see Laura immediately said : how?” What Zhao Hai asked was how Crystal Stone, this fight, made more than 800 Crystal Stone complete did not have energy, can say that the consumption was not absolutely small, Zhao Hai has made the arrangement in the fight, therefore consumed up energy Crystal Stone in the fight, immediately is delivered to Space, then on delivering to Continent, let on Continent sufficient energy of these 9th level Expert in toward Crystal Stone. In order to fight need, now in Crystal Stone the sufficient energy is Fire element, few is Earth element, what Fire element is several is in Magic attack is strongest, but Earth element is actually defends strongly, Earth element these Crystal Stone Zhao Hai prepare to use on defense Magic Formation of city market, should Water element is easier-to-use. Laura one hear of Zhao Hai such asked that shows a faint smile said : to be all right, has made the beginning to be able sufficiently, but these 9th level Expert energy some excessively are low, a piece Crystal Stone takes several people able to fill.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to worry, takes your time, altogether more than 800, I want it will not take long, to be also right, the Dwarf Race there situation how, has Magic Cannon done?” Laura smiles said : feel relieved, the Dwarf Race craftsmanship you return don’t know, but before , they little make Magic Cannon, but must be familiar with some time, now a day can make about 30, later will be more.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, had the help of Dwarf Race, we are more relaxed, was right, the situation of Diamond Ape clan how?” The Diamond Ape clan is force War Clan, if their attack strength very strong, enhances their level, regarding Zhao Hai, many one big has helped, therefore Zhao Hai before , to promote all level time, naturally has not forgotten the Diamond Ape clan, moreover most is careful regarding Diamond Ape clan Zhao Hai. However what makes Zhao Hai not think, the Diamond Ape clan wants Level Up to arrive at 9th level, compares other races on regarding the Potion demand unexpectedly in a big way many, the Elephant clansman liter to the dose that 9th level uses, was inferior that Diamond Ape clan are many, this makes Zhao Hai feel very inconceivable. Finally after undergoing the multiple experiment, but also made Zhao Hai get to the root of a reason, reason that the Diamond Ape clan such slowly rose 9th level, was because wish made the Diamond Ape clan rise to the 9th level words, then must Diamond Ape clansman and their Giant Ape together Level Up, Diamond Ape clansman is very otherwise difficult to rise 9th level.

After having this presently, Zhao Hai not hesitant, but was directly rises 9th level Diamond Ape clansman and their Giant Ape, then Zhao Hai has tried their attack strength. This tries Zhao Hai to know that the Diamond Ape clan can call the king in Beastman Race, has the reason absolutely, after rising 9th level, Diamond Ape clansman actually lived huge changethey in the fight to use the one type of very unusual Life Source skill, this skill has huge relationship with their Giant Ape, this tenon skill was called the synthesis! Diamond Ape clansman in using this type this after the skill, their bodies integration like water to their Giant Ape[ body], they can command(er) like brain Giant Ape fight, but [gold/metal] Yuan the strength, defends, will become because of their integrations formidable, can say that this will be the one type of genuine synthesis. Zhao Hai general had estimated that fighting strength of Diamond Ape clan has not compared God Rank Expert to miss now, paid attention, is true God Rank Expert, is not False God level Expert. The Diamond Ape clan now the true strength in 9th level, they are impossible to use the Domain strength, so long as after having used their Life Source skill, their fighting strength non- quick promotion, the attack strength and defense strength, are not bad compared with general God Rank Expert silk. Such presently makes Zhao Hai be wild with joy, his immediately/on horseback starts fighting strength of massive promotion Diamond Ape clan, but although he fighting strength of Diamond Ape clan promoting, not to have let in the Diamond Ape clan the battlefield, these year of Diamond Ape clans have fought with these Ice Beast in North Polar Icefield there, passes two days of relieved days with great difficulty, how Zhao Hai being cruel enough to let on them the battlefield. In order to battlefield, Patriarch of Diamond Ape clan with Zhao Sea Lord many times, but Zhao Hai also thought that although has not let on the people of Diamond Ape clan the battlefield, but the Black Wasteland there security he has actually given the Diamond Ape clan, he also discussed several times with Patriarch, now Black Wasteland here can be said as the Zhao Hai root, no matter God Race or Demon Race, if knows that perhaps the Zhao Hai details, will cope with Black Wasteland, here, if did not keep powerful War Corps not to be good, therefore Zhao Hai kept the Diamond Ape clan evenly, Zhao Hai said that the old Patriarch nature must agree, therefore now Zhao Hai regarding Black Wasteland there The security to was complete feel relieved.! ~!