Laura one hear of Zhao Hai asked the situation of Diamond Ape clan, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : well very much, the Diamond Ape clan currently had near thirty thousand 9th level Expert, by their attack strength, on Grandpa Green they, Cai'er, can say that kept words Black Wasteland there absolutely not to have the issue, was right, good information, Origin Sword Saint to break through to God Rank, he could be said as Ark Continent here these years first time breaks through God Rank.”, Laura said that does not owe to open, Origin Sword Saint is really a Gu relying on own strength breakthrough to God Rank God Rank Expert, that looks like them, is busy that Space helps. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that great happiness said : „? fantastic, Ark Continent here finally own God Race Expert, but after arriving at God Rank, Sword Saint his Senior must learn comprehend Domain to be good, I look at this, currently on Continent had Crystal Stone Magic Cannon in any case, Black Wasteland there has not missed his such God Rank Expert, makes him arrive at our here to come first, participates in the several times fight, can perhaps be able to comprehend Domain to come.”, Laura nodded said : well, my a while informs saying that Grandpa Green, making Grandpa Green pass on to Sword Saint one, Elder Brother Hai, when did you say the God Race next attack to be able?”, Zhao Hai shook the head said : to return don’t know, but they retreat, is waiting for reinforcement obviously, otherwise depending on their present manpower, simply was impossible to cope with us.” Laura nodded, sighs said : „, if God Race reinforcement arrives, we can not be peaceful, has not thought really that God Race fighting strength so is unexpectedly strong.”, Zhao Hai nodded said : currently our in hand to have several types to be able fortunately with thing that God Race resists, otherwise really has troubled, feared that is must as before, prepared for moves to Space entire Continent.” Laura nodded said : these time somewhat to be also strange, I think that Fire element on God Rank Expert tidying up, in Space will have many Undead Creature becomes God Rank Expert, but has not thought that actually has not become, most afterward although has become, but actually False God level Expert, this matter also really somewhat strange.”, Zhao Hai nodded said : this matter is somewhat strange, initially we accept punctures the shade time, Space directly these Dead-soldier Undead Creature has promoted, but we have killed that many God Race, makes these Undead Creature be promoted, it seems like Space now regarding promoting Undead Creature, was stricter than the beforehand request.”, Laura nodded, at this time Megan said : now our in hand although had many Undead Creature these Undead Creature strengths majority is the False God level, looked like compared with true God Rank must miss on many, but God Rank Expert in God Race Main Battle Force comprehended Domain God Rank Expert majority, on the other hand our fighting strength to were on weak many, but installed to carry on the back this move to Dragon Race Magic Cannon to be effective very much, moreover Elder Brother Hai, we , not only can install to carrying on the back of Dragon Race, Undead Creature of all big shapes carried on the back can install Magic Cannon, Dragon Race build very enormous, we can also install likely many some, moreover Elder Brother Hai, You said us, if installs Magic Cannon to the bellies of these big shape Undead Creature is the mouth, can is safer?”, Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : this to arrive is good means that if puts their carries on the back that limit to be too many, puts in their bodies, these Undead Creature can from the activity of tour.” Laura nodded said : as the matter stands, needs to fix Magic Cannon on the body of Undead Creature, you looked that what thing reason we do want with decide?”, Zhao Hai thinks that said : I look at this, lets Dwarf Race manufactures Magic Cannon time on following turret on artillery on several steel wires, when Magic Cannon brings the hand, we directly fixed these Magic Cannon with the steel wire on Undead Creature Bone this are OK.” Laura nodded said : well, my this informed Dwarf Race this war, Magic Cannon to go out vigorously, we must prepare a point, if Dwarf Race there were unbearably busy for a while, first moved from other city comes, our here was frontline, should tighten us to be good first.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, you arrange, the matter of materials allocation and transport came by you, but has reached an agreement with these King, do not cause their disaffection, at this time, our backyards cannot be on fire.” Laura complied with one, turn around walked, Zhao Hai actually turned the head to look at the situation on screen, now on the screen is the silver must the situation of guest their team of God Race people.

The silver must the guest they such as city here retreats after the mountain, on returned to new Continent there, but this time they not since new yard, but nearby there several prefectural cities new Continent cleaned up cleanly, in the city all person and Magic Beast corpse, they have cremated, was very obvious, they hit also with the Demon Race similar idea, wants to make a base in Ark Continent here. Zhao Hai looked that they the volunteer fire brigade attacks for a while, turned the head to look at the Demon Race there situation, but also let alone, Demon Race there now the person were getting more and more, was adding on them to seize Demon Capital City there, was not far from Yangping city there, therefore Yangping city there entered the condition of alert completely. However now Demon Race person there God Rank Expert obvious are not many, therefore they have not carried on attack to the Yangping city, is very obvious, these Demon Race person understand, presently in hand God Rank Expert are also many speech to be unyielding, if God Rank Expert has been short, even if were they the domain occupying, sooner or later must others snatch, therefore before enough God Rank Expert, they will not have begun. Zhao Hai sees Demon Race such response, instead to was worried, if Demon Race comes up on the attack of frantic, Zhao Hai did not fear, but they now were too calm, makes people feel the fear calmly, if the Demon Race people so are calm, is adding on their formidable fighting strength, that Ark Continent here future day will definitely not feel better. Looked at these Demon Race people really not to have what sound, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he changed to Continent the vision, now Continent generally speaking was very peaceful, although said that Buddha Empire turned into the battlefield, but in Continent had not been affected, moreover before the preparatory work of Zhao Hai was done was very good, now the Ark Continent interior is very stable. But in Accra Mountain there, has been establishing the defense line, this defense line Zhao Hai is careful, large quantities of characters and Dwarf Race also wanted Beastman Race to participate, Sea Race, Zhao Hai must depend on Accra Mountain here, completed a long time solid defense line, became he copes with God Race and Demon Race last iron is noisy. Not only mountain in Accra Mountain ground, even if huge Space that under Accra Mountain that Demon Race makes, Zhao Hai has also used, this huge Space, had been completed a giant refuge shelter and commodity storage base by Zhao Hai, Blood Void in that Space has used in any case, in cannot use, happen to can apply.

Because Accra Mountain here does not have Demon Race, therefore their movements have not come under any influence, entire Accra Mountain here, turned into a giant work site, place that Dragon Race lived, also became a base of small shape, Zhao Hai also specially gave there to provide many Blood Hawk. In order to enter quick completion, Zhao Hai assigned out large quantities of Magic Beast to go to there to start the work from Space, therefore now there progress very fast. Looks at there nothing, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, he has also put in that this Undead Creature Space, then has selected some builds quite in a big way comes, when moves turret to use, in sending some 9th level Undead Creature acts as the cannoneer, some of his some Magic Cannon, installed the bodies of these Undead Creaturefor this reason he also specially with own metal Divergent Technique, turned into some iron chain appearances these Magic Cannon following turret, for on is by these Magic Cannon can the convenience use to Magic Beast. Below was manufactures Blood Lightning Bead, Blood Lightning Bead although had this and that shortcoming, but won in Zhao Hai can unlimited the manufacture in Space, was convenient for the wartime, Zhao Hai does not start section manufacture Blood Lightning Bead now. The time in busy in the past, Zhao Hai they were preparing the following war fully, Laura is often raises from Continent Magic Cannon to Space, Zhao Hai also in full installs these Magic Cannon to Undead Creature on. Three days of time in the blink of an eye on the past, in Zhao Hai also in Space busy clothing Magic Cannon, Cai'er has flown Zhao Hai said : Young Master, comes, to have the situation quickly.”, Zhao Hai stares, this several days light has been busy in Space, monitoring God Race and Demon Race matter gave Cai'er, now Cai'er said that certainly was God Race, but Demon Race had anything to change. Zhao Hai and Laura their immediately to the living room in villa, on the screen of living room had been demonstrating the new Continent there situation, new Continent there is currently having an intermittent God Race person to walk from inside, this time they use, but with flying.

In this only enormous team, before Zhao Hai beside God Race soldier who sees, Magic Beast that braves greatly, these Magic Beast with Ark Continent here Magic Beast long is not quite same, mostly is the white, moreover build very enormous, looks like probably is very docile appearance. These Magic Beast then car(riage)s, this type of car(riage) with the one type of white, probably is Saint light wooden same made of wood, in car(riage) upper garment large quantities of strategic resources, but those who most make Zhao Hai be worried, thinks of some Magic Cannon on these vehicles unexpectedly, these Magic Cannon shapes are similar to Ark Continent here Magic Cannon, but looks like even bigger compared with Ark Continent here Magic Cannon, moreover above Magic Formation also complex. Saw these Magic Cannon Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but ugly, originally God Race there also had Magic Cannon, Zhao Hai does not think that God Race these Magic Cannon were suspending attractively, the God Race strength was in itself more formidable than the Ark Continent here person, if Magic Cannon Might were small, simply could not produce anything to threaten to them, they do not need to manufacture, now they have made these many Magic Cannon, obviously these Magic Cannon Might certain very big, they had evidently troublesome.! ~!