Chapter 653 goes to jing Spirit Race( sought subscription) Next day, after Zhao Hai looks like Mermaid Race Queen said goodbye, on returned to on Haven Ship, travelled by boat toward the Continent sail upstream goes, Zhao Hai has not worried, he must wait for jing Spirit Race information in any case now, other was unimportant. So long as jing Spirit Race there has information, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback will begin, he will not tell Rosen Empire King this matter, is his father-in-law, without means that King, if thinks that protect anything secret was really too difficult, before Radiant Church was so sight, who knew they have arranged any spy in the Rosen Empire royal palace, if they have arranged spy, that Zhao Hai tells King the recording idea that he will move, Radiant Church knows on immediately/on horseback, by that time all plans of Zhao Hai on all expose. Zhao Hai although not anxiously not slow is walking toward Continent on, but actually enters the attention of carving the situation on Continent, can his Space, through Calci Family, the Crook Family information cue, situation of Zhao Hai on regarding Continent very understand. Response of Rosen Empire in expected of Zhao Hai, although Rosen Empire recognize status of Saint Dragon King Royal Court, but similarly, they also entered combat readiness equipment, momentarily copes with Dragon Race. But the response of Aksu Empire in unexpected of Zhao Hai, wants to come in Zhao Hai, because Aksu Empire beforehand although Radiant Church and Beastman Race matter was implicated, but currently has Dragon Race join to Radiant Church , the Radiant Church strength increases, at this time, Aksu Empire should use beforehand relationship, closes up like Radiant Church is right, what makes Zhao Hai accidental is, they not, not only does not have, they immediately have even formed the union with Rosen Empire. This somewhat stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had even suspected that they possibly had any secretive secret, but observed Aksu Empire several days, Zhao Hai presently has actually made a mistake, Aksu Empire this time was the sincerity must cope with Radiant Church. Matter that previous Radiant Church handles, has caused Aksu Empire dislike, even if were present Radiant Church other four country conquer, Aksu Empire will not be cooperating with Radiant Church, not only this meaning of Acher merit Empire King Boris, was Aksu Empire all Noble, therefore meaning of commoner. Such result although stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, lets Zhao Hai very happy, Aksu Empire such response, regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is the good deed, the enemy of enemy is the friend, before Aksu Empire although , the matter that handles is not quite typical, so long as they cope with Radiant Church, copes with Dragon Race, then regarding Zhao Hai, they are the friend. In Zhao Hai comes out the second day after Mermaid Island there, Billy there had information finally, information only then, jing spirit Queen must see Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai regarding such answer, is actually not very satisfied, jing Spirit Race Queen only said that must see him, but formed an alliance had not said that but Zhao Hai also has to see jing spirit Queen, this was also opportunity, opportunity that jing Spirit Race won over. Zhao Hai through Space appears in Dwarf Race mountain range, outside these Dwarf has been unalarmed by strange sights regarding Zhao Hai suddenly appears directly, some immediately people run to inform Billy. Billy also knows that Zhao Hai meets immediately/on horseback to come, looked at Zhao Hai to come, after immediately/on horseback invited Zhao Hai sat down, I to say the motion of Radiant Church to jing Spirit Race to Zhao Hai said :, jing Spirit Race there had to answer finally, please see jing spirit Queen, it seems like they were somewhat hesitant.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : my understand, what they in did not hesitate, now the God Race spear|gun has soon gone against to our noses was sharp, they also in hesitant, I felt strange really that a such race, how possibly does survive now?” Billy to seeking vengeance of Zhao Hai is also understood, to be honest, he to jing Spirit Race such procedure very did not understand, but Billy has not sought vengeance, but urged Zhao Hai said : to consider as finished, jing Spirit Race too many years, did not have blood ing peacefully, their blood however Magic really had the place of alone [say / way] . Moreover the jing Spirit Race archery and Sword Technique, very stemmed from, especially did to fight in the jungle, almost the race cannot defeat jing Spirit Race in the jungle.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to believes this point, if some jing Spirit Race methods, had not feared that was already grasping to regard the slave by Human Race, must know the jing spirit slave's most popular slave in Human Race, but these years, nobody in has been able to catch the jing Spirit Race slave. Reason that Billy look at Zhao Hai said : jing Spirit Race is not willing to see you, possibly is also because you are the Dark Magician reason, jing Spirit Race does not like Dark Magician, this is on Continent knows that but you become famous by Black Magic, therefore they do not like seeing you, is understandable.” The forced smile that Zhao Hai not bears, jing Spirit Race advocated the nature, respect life, but the undead summon of Dark Magician, looks like in jing Spirit Race, is to life biggest blaspheming, they can like Zhao Hai being able the strange event. Moreover tenacity that jing Spirit Race became famous, their tenacity are more famous than Dwarf Race, Dwarf Race tenacious sometimes can also be accommodating, otherwise Dwarf Race will not do business with Human Race, Billy is Juno is a good friend.

jing Spirit Race actually completely is a muscle, they recognize a runway black lord, no matter to oneself to others, ten severity, because of such ing standard, thing that therefore their there produced, almost each article was the artware, all had slight defect thing, they have disappeared to destroy. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will smile bitterly, facing a such race, Zhao Hai was don’t know must say that really any was good, the person of this race probably was the paranoia, could not convince with them. Billy looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed said : no matter what, now jing Spirit Race must see you finally, do not want to be too many, rested in here first, the balls day I accompanies you to go to jing Spirit Race, jing Spirit Race although does not like Dark Magician, however at this time, I thinks that they will not go too far.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : „, if they did not agree that allies with us, I will not be managing them, later was God Race extinguished the clan them, with our also it doesn't matter, so long as they did not cooperate with Radiant Church, I must move them.” Billy knows that Zhao Hai moved the real anger, to be honest, Billy is also angry, when now is, among Radiant Church Dragon Race suddenly will not have such big sound, their nong leaves such big sound, certainly is because God Race there had anything to instruct, possibly was they thinks that the conditions were ripe, in this time each point time was very precious, jing Spirit Race still rubbed gently in there, gentle swallowed, in this case, Zhao Hai also solicited their suggestions is gives them very much the face. Billy in saying anything, has arranged a room to Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai rest well, Zhao Hai enter room immediately returned to in Space, static sitting on the sand of living room. Laura they looked that the Zhao Hai appearance knows Zhao Hai is sad, to be honest, their are not happy, Laura has boiled one cup of sub to Zhao Hai, has put on tea table before Zhao sea surface, this in a soft voice to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, should not be angry, how tomorrow had a look at jing Spirit Race these people to say.” Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, he sighed said : I to suspect really that what in these person of heads of jing Spirit Race was thinking, a simple matter, they have towed such long time unexpectedly, if were not Dragon Race Radiant Church suddenly had the motion, they also will possibly tow, what were they actually thinking?” Laura forced smile said : jing Spirit Race compared with Beastman Race and Dwarf Race must seal up, is similar to Sea Race, Sea Race also knows on Continent establishes a caravan, finds out the situation on Continent, but, but jing Spirit Race almost on person any contact with Continent, they sometimes has not traded some thing from Dwarf Race here in the past, with other races complete has not contacted, such race, on entire Continent also only this.”

Lizzy sighs said : also no wonder jing Spirit Race like this, jing Spirit Race is different from Mermaid Race, Mermaid Race can also change the appearance of éng person, doing business secretly on Continent, but jing Spirit Race actually cannot, in adding on jing Spirit Race, no matter male is nv, so long as appears on Continent, almost does not have, all was grasped to work as the slave, in this case, jing Spirit Race, if were having to contact that with Human Race to blame.” Zhao Hai is also sighing with a heavy heart, he also knows this matter no wonder jing Spirit Race, any race must come across this matter time, may make with the jing Spirit Race same response, in the final analysis, because person including trouble that the heart causes. Rested a while in Space, Billy looked for Zhao Hai to eat meal, Zhao Hai has to come out from Space, these days Zhao Hai felt is really very tired, not only the body was tired, the heart was more tired. That night in the Dwarf Race there Zhao Hai rest to is very good, next morning, Billy will be leading Zhao Hai and ten Dwarf Race soldiers leaves toward Elven Forest. Not is near to the jing Spirit Race running regulation from Dwarf Race, moreover middle also horizontally Accra Mountain, but Dwarf Race also has own means that they after have a look at the account effort innumerably, finally made Dwarf make underground river in underground river and Accra Mountain in mountain was interlinked, they can through this river, direct traversing Accra Mountain, arrive at the Elven Forest surrounding. This was a very vast project, although they have used underground river, but underground river was not multipurpose, he was impossible to deliver to the Elven Forest surrounding you directly, Dwarf Race has also used more than 200 years of times, has made a connection with jing Spirit Race among the underground passage. For with relation convenient of jing Spirit Race, in this passage is comprised of underground river, must therefore go to jing Spirit Race to travel by boat, even if travels by boat very fast, need probably five days of can arrive at the Elven Forest surrounding. But Dwarf Race to be convenient, but also has established several rest points in the river channel, that several rest are actually several mountain range, Dwarf Race in mountain range also kept some grain and liquor, uses for the convenience and jing Spirit Race relation. h! ~!