However Zhao Hai quick on present an issue, the Magic Cannon heavy, general Magic Beast simply of opposite party has not drawn probably, although installs on the vehicle now, but that very enormous, looks like strength very big Magic Beast , can only be Magic Beast draws Magic Cannon, it seems like that the migration of this Magic Cannon should not be convenient, this regarding Zhao Hai to is good information. However Zhao Hai when seeing the gun carrier later God Race person, complexion immediately ugly, because these God Race people and former God Race people were different, the beforehand God Race person was Infantry, but this time God Race person, they unexpectedly all were Cavalry. These God Race person Cavalry, their Mount very unusual, are one type of is winged, is growing sharp horn horse shape Magic Beast, looks like likely is the white fox that on Earth the people fantasize, but Unicorn, but although is away from the screen, Zhao Hai actually still felt that these Magic Beast are not simple, moreover these Magic Beast Cavalry are not simple. These Magic Beast Cavalry their each and every one is a ten points light and convenient chain armor, in hand takes Knight Spear, the waist is carrying on the arm Great Sword, the back carries the shield, on their saddles, actually puts is drawing a bow with two pot arrows, is very obvious, these Magic Beast Cavalry strengths are not weak. In these Magic Beast Cavalry back, is actually another one type of Magic Beast Cavalry, this Magic Beast Cavalry looked that belongs to heavy Cavalry, on them puts on sincere full body armor, the whole person looks like like one is the each and every one iron suacepan, but their Mount are actually one type of looks like rhinocero same Magic Beast, on the skins of these Magic Beast is flashing the metal same gloss, dangerous gleam in the eyes, looked that is not affable. Zhao Hai immediately has made the judgment, one type of Light Cavalry, one type of heavy Cavalry, had these two Cavalry joinGod Race fighting strength more formidable, wanted to cope with them more difficult. Zhao Hai frowns the look at screen, he wants to have a look at God Race also to have any branch of the services, quick, another one type of branch of the services appears , but this branch of the services appears time, Zhao Hai also thinks one have misread, because these person of simply likely are not the soldiers, they sit on magnificent horse carriage, each and every one is merry, drinks on the vehicle, eats thingeach and every one to walk the Noble juniors of picnic. However on them actually puts on all kinds of Magic Robe, in hand is taking Magic Staff, looked that this situation knowsthey is a Magician team. These Magician walked out of horse carriage from new Continent, Zhao Hai probably have then counted, on horse carriage almost sat five Magician, but this only Magician caravan, now appears several hundred quantities added that also in other words, in this Magician team minimum had several thousand Magician.

But makes Zhao Hai feel that puzzled person, the person arrived at God Rank, then his strength will live the change, no matter Magician spiritual force or Warrior Battle Qi, will turn into another one type of energy, this energy pure, attack strength formidable, may also regard Battle Qi to use, can regard Magic, that should not have division of Magician and Warrior, but in God Race is also preserving these many Magician, what's all this about? although do not understand, but Zhao Hai is the quantity of God Race army general calculated these time to comehas to recognize, the quantity that this God Race came may be many, in the quantity of God Race army to horse carriage of some appears commodities has achieved about 5 million finally ”, then Logistics Corps of surface these commodities have not calculated. Zhao Hai complexion was heavier ” , if counted these Logistics Corps, God Race these time arrives at Ark, in 6 total military strengths have achieved nearly surely about, but Magic Beast these time comes the Ark Continent here military strength, Cai'er said is about 50 million, such two colossi simultaneously after Ark Continent leaves, the Ark Continent here future is really worrying. Laura they sitting with a heavy heart in the Zhao Hai side, they have not thought that God Race meets to send out these many armies unexpectedly, this was too astonishing. Some little time Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : looked like God Race these time really must destroy completely us, but was also good, how I to was have a look at God Race army fighting strength, but I think, not only the God Race army certainly these, some of they definitely still enemies, the different race god still existed, possibly was still fighting with the God Race person.”, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : you Elder Brother Hai that looks at from there? How don't I have presently?”, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : God Realm there compared with existence of Ark Continent even more larger, Iron Hammer does not say, God Realm there was divided into 13 Continent, we faced possibly was only the army on a piece Continent, the armies on their other Continent have not arrived, moreover you do not have presently, in these God Race armies, there is a a large part has gotten up the battlefield veteran, was only after the training, has not gotten up the battlefield soldier, will be will not have temperamental like this.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they are looking at the appearances of these God Race people, but also said like Zhao Hai, in these God Race people majority is some have gotten up the battlefield veteran, these veteran temperament have not gone to the battlefield with these, is complete is different. Zhao Hai said : they have then gone to the battlefield, explained that they have the enemy, without the enemy, the battlefield that there came, therefore I said that they also had certainly existence of enemy, was unifying the Iron Hammer words, I almost can affirm that their enemies were these different race gods.”

Laura nodded said : right Elder Brother Hai, your previous time turned into Undead Creature that many God Race, has not asked that they are in God Race that Continent? Also has not asked that the God Realm present influence distribution is what kind of?” One hear of Laura said that Zhao Hai cannot help but forced smile said : speaking of that I really had not asked that because the previous time went to war was too anxious, I have not turned into Advanced level Undead Creature these God Race people, but according to had the Undead Creature method to make lowly, therefore they have not preserved oneself Ran to realize, even to ask that cannot ask.” Laura nodded, then said : that present? What to do can we?”, Zhao Hai looked at God Race these army said : what to do also to be able, no matter what, this weaponry has hit, good these days we have also made some preparations, use Buddha Empire national territory with their deal with.” Lizzy nodded said : „the present also only to be able like this, but Elder Brother Hai, do you have presently, their heavy Cavalry, possibly did not have the means to fly the space to go, can only carry on the ground battle, but looked at this heavy Cavalry appearance, feared that was the general branch of the services could not have coped with them, did you have to think what army with coped with them?” Zhao Hai looked at God Race these Cavalry, God Race these heavy Cavalry, although looks like very heavy, however their Mount, walk is actually not slow, although Ark Continent here in also some heavy Cavalry, but compared to miss with God Race these heavy Cavalry on were many, God Race these heavy Cavalry, their Mount minimum were one type of 8th level , strength and defense strength very strong Magic Beast, but Ark Continent here wanted to discover this Magic Beast is too difficult. But training of his heavy Cavalry, not only but traded Mount to be good, must undergo the training of time to be often good, Ark Continent here was unable with God Race heavy Cavalry positive hedge Cavalry, sole to be a worthy opponent with them, possibly on was shape Human Race in Beastman Race, even if were the Hercules Tauren Clan positive hedge may not be victorious God Race these heavy Cavalry. Zhao Hai thinks that to was makes him think branch of the services, he turned the head look at Lizzy said : to cope with these heavy Cavalry, the frontage hard to definitely was incorrect, but I to had means that we can ask Dwarf Race Iron Armor Beast Cavalry to deal with these fellows, Dwarf Race Iron Armor Beast Cavalry, mainly by sweeping tunnel give priority to, if these God Race heavy Cavalry did not have the means to fly, making Dwarf Race cope with them to be just right.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Lizzy has gawked, then nodded said : this to arrive is good means that making Dwarf Race Iron Armor Beast Cavalry cope with them is very good, their Light Cavalry? Gives Elven Race to cope?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : „the present looks like also only then this means that making the Elven Race person cope with these Light Cavalry, God Race these Light Cavalry Mount, is the horses of winged, should be able to fly, moreover their although has provided the Cavalry spear|gun and Great Sword, but I think their main attack methods, is their bow and arrow, this bow and arrow is also most threatening to us, now fine God Race Cavalry, has provided Blood Hawk, should have with the strength that they fight.” Lizzy nodded said : I to look that then we cannot deal with the God Race person with the strength of our oneself, fighting strength of these God Race people are very strong, we definitely cannot block them, can adjust the armies on some Continent to help.” Zhao Hai nodded said :well, Dwarf Race Iron Armor Beast Cavalry, Elven Race Blood Hawk Cavalry, Rosen Empire Heavy Armor Infantry, Lyon Empire Magic Beast Cavalry adjusts some, the Buddha Empire cavalry , not adjustable came now, their mobilities were too slow, if with God Race to the war, will suffer a loss, Rosen Empire Heavy Armor Infantry, we can make them defend a city, in adjusts some quick Cavalry to come from Beastman Race there, we must start deal with with God Race in Buddha Empire. Lizzy nodded said : well, their these Magic Cannon we have to guard, I looked that is best we are hits under God Race, snatches two Magic Cannon to come, we come back research well.”, Zhao Hai shook the head said : this to fear that is very difficult, haven't you noted? Protection very strict of God Race to these Magic Cannon is dense, these Magic Cannon have put the middle of team around has protection with large army, wants to cope with them not to be easy, but the migrations of these Magic Cannon probably are not very convenient, I to am not worried about these Magic Cannon very much, what I am worried is another a batch person. ” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai said that was recalling God Race these armies, then her fierce gains ground said : Elder Brother Hai, what you said is these Magician?”! ~!