Chapter 736 adjusts the armed forces Zhao Hai nodded said : Iron Hammer also saying that one, but has achieved God Rank, became the God Rank Expert words, the Magic strength and Battle Qi in within the body, automatically will transform become one type of new energy, before God Race called this energy to be Origin Force, now also don’t know also calls this name, but a little can actually affirm that this energy can regard Magic to use, can regard Battle Qi to use, in this case, why can also divide Magician and Warrior? Properly speaking God Race there is impossible to have right of this distinction, but now in the God Race army, appears the Magician form, didn't you think strange?” Lizzy they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then also the knitting the brows head, Iron Hammer said the matter about Origin Force, they have not paid attention, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that thinks really had such a matter, if said like Zhao Hai, in that God Race army suddenly appears these Magician, truly were makes him feel very strange. Megan look at Zhao Hai said : that Elder Brother Hai your meaning is, these Magician have the special skill, therefore they can by such settling on?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I suspected that what special skill these Magician have certainly, otherwise God Race such will not attach great importance, what skill but is, can let God Race so attaching great importance to they? energy on this Continent, incomparably two types, Magic and Battle Qi, Origin Force equal to is Magic and Battle Qi Level Up version, if these Magician use Magic, definitely so well-respected, what skill they won't have?” Megan knit the brows said : „, Origin Force can transform is Battle Qi, can regard Magic to use, that does not need to train Magician, why is this? Right, Elder Brother Hai, can Origin Force be able summoned creatures to fight?” One hear of Megan such asked that Zhao Hai has gawked, let alone, this matter he real don’t know, his all undead summons, are also conducted through Space, simply does not use any Origin Force, therefore has not paid attention to this matter. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Megan said : that your meaning is, person who these make the Magician appearance, is some Summoner?” Megan nodded said : this has the possibility very much, you look at the Demon Realm not family Lich clan, special-purpose uses Summoning Spell to carry on the fight, this said solid Summoning Spell to God Rank time, same was very useful, but general ordinary Magician will actually not use Summoning Spell, but God Race there also underwent the fight of long time, they were impossible to put Summoning Spell this Ultimate Weapon not to use, therefore I think person who these made the Magician appearance, the possibility on was in God Race specially profession Summoner.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also thinks some truth that Megan said that but was unable to affirm now that his deep voice said : these Magician are does do, so long as actually got two to know, now immediately looks like the Continent notification this situation, told them the God Race military strength, lets that they were also ready to deal with, making on Continent big city city housing of entries of all person entering quantities to having Magic Formation defense.”

Lizzy they complied with one to arrange, Zhao Hai was then observing the trends of these God Race people, after these God Race people arrived at Radiant Church there, to has not moved heedlessly, but was immediately is admitted to the silver to the guest they tidy up in the good these cities beforehand, they think recuperation several days evidently, was moving. How Zhao Hai also wants to have a look at them to arrange, what a pity, strength suitable of these God Race people, they when discussing important matter, certainly will be covering the place that they talk Magic, Zhao Hai wants to investigate not to look up. although cannot see anything, but Zhao Hai is paying attention to the God Race sound very carefully, even if the present could not see, can understand when God Race attacks, he quite prepares. However looked at a while, Zhao Hai has given Cai'er this duty, outside he arrived then toward Undead Creature body upper garment Magic Cannon. Now when Magic Cannon was they copes with God Race and Demon Race Main Force, naturally must prepare well, this several days Zhao Hai light was busy at this being unbearably busy. although God Race reinforcement arrived, but they do not have immediately/on horseback to move, there is Cai'er to stare, Zhao Hai can also feel relieved handled own matter, the second day that God Race reinforcement arrived, Zhao Hai starts to be busy, Dwarf Race Iron Armor Beast Cavalry, Elven Race Blood Hawk Cavalry, Lyon Empire Magic Beast Cavalry, Beastman Race Wolf Race, Dog Clan, horse's head Human Race, the cat clan, Tauren Clan also had other not slow Cavalry, one after the other arrived at Shan Rucheng here, but Rosen Empire there Heavy Armor Infantry, has plenty to Shan Rucheng here, entire Shan Rucheng one under turned into a place to be huge. Barracks. However is good because of prestige of Zhao Hai in various clans is very high, have not acted unreasonably these different race to Shan Rucheng this city, the Zhao Hai also matter divided camp to them, to did not need him to hold too many hearts. How however these people coordinate to make the war, actually has become an issue, like these different race, they only listens to Zhao Hai, but Rosen Empire with these two lead the army people who Lyon Empire sends, the status is the same, everyone refuses to accept anyone, this matter was not quite easy to do. Finally Zhao Hai has to send Lizzy, making her unified command(er) these people to make the war, all people must listen to Lizzy command(er), this arrived is lets stem from the anticipation of these people, but thinks that the Lizzy status they also agreed.

Lizzy is the Rosen Empire princess, is the Zhao Hai wife, these two status that are not simple, especially Zhao Hai wife, was makes these people honest. These person present ideas are same as Lyon Empire these Noble, reason that they think Zhao Hai make Lizzy come out commanding a war, but does for show, actually true command(er) is not Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that this time they really have also thought mistakenly, if discussed commanding a war to come, Zhao Hai fell far short compared with Lizzy. Lizzy although is on first command(er) true Continent the armies of various clans, but before her, gained in the substantial experiences, moreover Zhao Hai also makes Megan add on, they also very good demonstration own ability, their cooperating with, entire Shan Rucheng here quickly became in good order. Zhao Hai does not cherish Ying regarding their energy, Lizzy and Megan their bodies, are bringing the woman unique exquisiteness, simultaneously they have very keen hole Zha Li to the war, these are become the general potentials, before they did not lack the experiences of some commanding a war, but after passing through the Sea Race fighting of matter and this several times and Demon Race and God Race, her type experience has enriched, therefore Zhao Hai to their feel relieved. For two days, the armies of various clans arrived, reason that they can come is so quick, is because Zhao Hai has helped them with Space, now at this time, wanted every minute of very heavy, the person who Zhao Hai must let various races arrives at Shan Rucheng here as soon as possible, making them be familiar descends the mountain such as the city terrain, this has the advantage to the later fight. Moreover now God Race reinforcement arrived, may come attack anytime, in this case, Zhao Hai impossible such to have made these person of slowly arrive at the mountain before you such as city here, this is not quite realistic. Before Demon Capital City there, Zhao Hai had confidence to cope with Demon Race, even if did not attack on own initiative, defended or does not have the issue. However now sees God Race army, Zhao Hai very clear, considers with a several strength, was impossible to cope with God Race, in God Race these armies, the ordinary soldier, was the 9th level Expert strength . Moreover the God Rank Expert quantity were much more than him, if he also wants to deal with these God Race people with strength of the, that definitely could not defend several days, if he were putting together the light his in hand Undead Creature, that can block the God Race person's attack on nobody. In this case, Zhao Hai has to let the major races comes Shan Rucheng here, together to cope with God Race, must look like various countries on Continent to propose one to awake with this way, tells them, now frontline became serious, must make them be ready.

Let these many races to the mountain such as city, besides the fight, Zhao Hai also wants to make them look at Shan Ruli the here situation with own eyes, with own eyes looks at the God Race fierce place. Since God Race to Ark Continent here, on Continent various clans also not with God Race true to fighting, this makes the major races not have a name true understanding regarding the God Race strength, this Zhao Hai makes on Continent the major races dispatch troops, must make them know that fierce of God Race, is good to be fully prepared. Reason that Zhao Hai will have such idea, is through the screen when situation that because couple of days ago he was coming to see Continent various countries, he presently Continent various countries now although knows that the front is going to war, but they actually idleness, these ordinary people probably are think that the war is very far from oneself, therefore the has plenty person is still one type of results in has cut the appearance, this made Zhao Hai really don’t know probably say any good. Such mentality is intolerable, Zhao Hai very clear, these people this , will therefore have such mentality , because upper layer attaches great importance to insufficiently this time war, if this is really the case, was dangerous on the prestige. Also through this matter, Zhao Hai present on Continent really also had this symptom, especially looks like Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire, this symptom is powerful , the people intense feeling, they like Lyon Empire, Lyon Empire here now have not been the place that Lyon Empire and Buddha Empire share, the Buddha Empire person have been far away from the homeland, they naturally very anxious, pain, but they have also taken to the Lyon Empire person this mood, therefore Lyon Empire here Zhao Hai to does not need to be worried, he is worried on is Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire. Through this matter Zhao Hai present, Zhao Hai probably these people on Continent fantastic that protect, making them not realize the brutality of war, if unfolding like this, when God Race, if sends out the squad, on the city to Continent carries on attack, that consequence was dreadful. Because had such idea, therefore Zhao Hai this ability came these many armies. ro! ~!