Chapter 737 fights to open Zhao Hai stands in the mountain such as on city wall of city, Shan Rucheng Defense Protective Shield opened, major army everywhere, all person look at brightly have taught the direction of country's. Performance that they so are critical situation, is not exercising, conversely, they are preparing to oppose the enemy, today Cai'er tells Zhao Hai, God Race army already appears , this God Race three armies by rewiring Cavalry and Light Cavalry give priority to, but also coordinated many Infantry and Magician, aggressive such as the city threw toward the mountain, it seems like they want to break Shan Rucheng at one fell swoop. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai so will display, the armies of various clans to Shan Rucheng the also three days, to be honest, such long time God Race has not attacked, this has stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai very much, now God Race has attacked, Zhao Hai instead to relaxed. If God Race did not attack, that must make any plot, now they have attacked, explained that they did not have other plot, before them three days in recuperation. The Zhao Hai side is standing Dwarf, the person who Elf, Heavy Armor Warrior, makes the Cavalry appearance, several Beastman, are adding on Lizzy, Megan, Berry and Xu Wanying. Now side Zhao Hai these people, were Shan Rucheng management staff, Zhao Hai also wants to make them look at fierce of God Race, therefore took charge of they to arrive on city wall. On city wall besides them, was massive Rosen Empire Heavy Armor Infantry, although these Infantry were used for the field operation generally, but they were Rosen Empire Elite, defended a city comfortably that also cannot dispute, now on entire Shan Ruli city wall is putting many Magic Cannon, this Zhao Hai has not made these Undead Creature control these Magic Cannon, but made these Heavy Armor Infantry come. Standing of Zhao Hai calm on city wall, although the God Race army did not have appears now, but the entire mountain such as in the city had the atmosphere that mountain rain wanted, the depressing letting person has not somewhat gasped for breath. Stands that Dwarf look at side Zhao Hai teaches the direction of country's brightly, muttered said : to come? I somewhat could not wait.” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at this Dwarf one, this Dwarf was not the Dwarf Race elder, he was Dwarf Race War General, was this Iron Armor Beast Cavalry Commander, this Dwarf Race altogether came hundred thousand Iron Armor Beast Cavalry, this absolutely was not a small digit.

Moreover after Shan Rucheng here, Dwarf Race started to take action, they in the mountain such as on the outside the city plain, have made many tunnels, these tunnels are pass through them to design strictly, these tunnel ordinary people will not have any issue above, will not cave, but looks like God Race these Heavy Armor Cavalry, if walks, that on was troublesome, these tunnel affirmative cannot stand up to the Heavy Armor Cavalry weight, when the time comes these Heavy Armor Cavalry will fall to the tunnel in certainly, but Dwarf Race has ambushed in the tunnel, so long as these Heavy Armor Cavalry falls to go, Dwarf Race on entertainment well they., In tunnel special environment, Dwarf Race fighting strength can wield to a big way. Zhao Hai smiles said : Baker, you and other worry? feel relieved, their immediately.” That Dwarf Race shows a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai „, I also really somewhat worry, wants to have a look at God Race these fellows to have anything to be great, this time can add on the elder you, is my good fortune, you were don’t know, the people in clan listen certainly to me to elect to help you, other War General have not fought me.” Did Zhao Hai laugh said : this time to regret? immediately must go to war, goes to war, but wants the deceased person, Baker, making everyone/Great Clan be careful.” Baker nodded said : feel relieved elder, we already had this type to prepare, Dwarf Race cannot die.” Baker just said that Beastman on good that deep voice said : said that our Beastman Race has not feared death, Crown Prince did Your Highness, when make us attack?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, the weaponry has you to hit, feel relieved was good, today main performance is Elven Race and Dwarf Race, but you must be ready that attacks at any time, but has remembered, you take long-distance attack as the clan, especially Elven Race, opposite party Cavalry is not weak.” Stands Elven Race on city wall is masculine Elf, to face on a complete mess, is always having handsome the Leng Bing ice expression, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his nod said : of gently elder feel relieved, Elven Race does not fear death.” Zhao Hai sighed, deep voice said : I know that you did not fear death, but I do not think that you such died, you could be said as on Continent a batch are facing person of God Race to, so long as you went on living, the understand God Race attack repertoire, this weaponry, was not a day or two can hit, you went on living, how can teach others to cope with God Race, on that Continent little dying many people, we hopeful God Race and Demon Race striking back native place.” Several people nodded, Zhao Hai look at their deep voice said : this weaponry is not good to hit, no matter God Realm or Demon Realm, are much bigger than Ark Continent, moral behavior are also more than in Continent Ark, therefore we cannot always hold the idea of not fearing death to go to war now, going to war is or fears death, but has remembered, can't the senseless sacrifice absolutely appears , understand?”

The people nodded, do not look that these different race each and every one normally whose words do not listen, but regarding the Zhao Hai words, they is actually always follows, Zhao Hai status in that pendulum, moreover he has the help to several big different race, different race person very grateful Zhao Hai, therefore to words listening of Zhao Hai. In this time, the suddenly distant place is hearing a hōng lóng lóng sound, the earth was shivering probably, so long as is the experienced person, hears this sound to know that this is the sound that large quantities of Heavy Armor Cavalry run, must say this Heavy Armor Cavalry, is in all branch of the services most has imposing manner one, time that runs, the entire earth is shivering, if any branch of the services dare to clash with them directly, the consequence only then, was expelled crushes. All people were passed to the attraction by this sound, before long sees the ground in distant place to well up silver spray, this spray very fast, imposing manner is astonishingly in this spray behind is being all over the sky dust. Zhao Hai turns the head to Baker said : Baker, you exit command(er), has remembered, you kill many enemies not to matter, first gives me the protect life to come back, now has not arrived with the god goes all out.” Baker complied with one, turn around ran toward the city under. Zhao Hai turned the head their Light Cavalry to these Elven Race person said : should also to approach fast, you also prepared, has remembered, with Baker they one, I did not ask you to kill many God Race people, must own life protect, Blood Hawk was quick, must use this point.” That Elven Race person bows to Zhao Hai, turn around walked. Zhao Hai then turns the head look at several Beastman said : you also to prepare, goes out from the city back door, must coordinate the motion of Dwarf Race, God Race rewiring Cavalry although is not slow, but compared to you also to miss, be not thinking always going all out, found out their fighting strength to me real.” That several Beastman Race also complied with one, turn around walked, Zhao Hai turned the head to look to these Undead Creature that Lizzy and Megan said : saved your, Cai'er, came out to help, Berry, Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, we walked.” Said that Zhao Hai waved, summons Bone Dragon, he and Berry also had Xu Wanying to stand on the Bone dragon, flew toward outside the city, but at this time Cai'er appears on the shoulder of Lizzy, then Cai'er had also waved, projection appears in the Lizzy front, facilitated the Lizzy command(er) fight. Lizzy and Megan look at that piece of projection, the green point on appears on projection, experienced they knows before long that on this projection all green points are the enemies, but the red point is a person on one's own side, now Zhao Hai did not have release Undead Creature, therefore red point Zhao Hai on projection they, were these Dwarf Race Beastman Race these people. Zhao Hai also saw opposite party Light Cavalry, these Zhao Hai have seen single horn Pegasus, is wielding own wing, slowly toward the forward flight, their movements is looking like that graceful, is not too quick, but Zhao Hai does not dare underestimated they, these Pegasus now obvious has not mentioned the topnotch, their is not certainly quick, when fights time, certainly will not be like this. However Zhao Hai attention is not these Flying Dragon Light Cavalry, what he pays attention is follows to put on the white Magic Robe person in these Light Cavalry behind one crowds, these Magician in these person God Race armies, although Megan suspected that they are Summoner, when to the war, no one has said certainly, Zhao Hai makes the person very attention of Magician appearance to these.

When these Pegasus Light Cavalry to Zhao Hai also several kilometers far, from the mountain such as behind of city, floats piece of red cloud, these red cloud naturally are Elven Race Blood Hawk Cavalry. These Blood Hawk Cavalry from mountain such as city afterward flew, dashes to God Race Pegasus Light Cavalry, this arrives at making to stare these God Race Pegasus Light Cavalry, God Race person regarding Ark in 6 on the race, some certain understanding, they naturally also knows Elven Race respectively, but they had not heard Elven Race really does have the air force? This stemmed from their anticipation. Actually this cannot blame the God Race person, after Radiant Church suppressed Elven Race, Elven Race there the understanding was few, although they sent many scouts to enter to Elven Race, however the main point thinks control Elven Race, therefore these scouts did not dare the optional biography outward to disappear, had the matter of air force regarding Elven Race they also real don’t know. said it, even if were they knew can be what kind, Elven Race original Cavalry, what rode was the voiceless sound bird, but the voiceless sound bird did not have no fighting strength, they were only one type of herbivorous Magic Beast, the personality very docile, otherwise impossible to be taught the clothing/taking by Elven Race. But but now Elven Race Cavalry Blood Hawk, Blood Hawk but in Zhao Hai Space produces, their fighting strength are very strong, even if God Race knows that Elven Race has the air force, in the don’t know Blood Hawk situation, will eat one to owe greatly. But reason that Zhao Hai feel relieved makes the Elven Race person cope with God Race Cavalry , because he has given Elven Race secret weapon, so long as Elven Race uses this secret weapon, even if God Race Pegasus Light Cavalry is fiercer than them, will suffer a loss in their hands. ro! ~!