Said that is secret weapon, actually did not have no secret to say, Zhao Hai gave Elven Race secret weapon is actually Blood Lightning Bead! bow and arrow that a Elf clan uses, generally by projecting stone ball give priority to, how also don’t know they accomplish, they not only can project the round stone egg, but can also shoot is very accurate, it can be said that one on Continent certainly. Because of such characteristics, therefore Zhao Hai has prepared many Blood Lightning Bead to Elven Race, making Elven Race make bow and arrow project Blood Lightning Bead, that Might is not small. Blood Lightning Bead that if beforehand Huan Hunong comes out, that definitely is incorrect, Blood Lightning Bead control that he makes, after hitting well, they must detonate with their Mind Power, but Zhao Hai Blood Lightning Bead actually does not use, Zhao Hai Blood Lightning Bead, after hitting, oneself will have the explosion, uses compared with Blood Lightning Bead convenient of Huan tiger. Because has this thing, Zhao Hai has the confidence to make Elven Race cope with God Race Pegasus Light Cavalry, not only has prepared Blood Lightning Bead to Elven Race, has also prepared to Dwarf Race Zhao Hai, but Dwarf Race there, because the terrain is quite special, therefore few of Zhao Hai preparation, moreover told them, when necessary, do not use easily. But Beastman Race there Zhao Hai has also provided big sui Blood Lightning Bead to them, Beastman Race is Cavalry, they do not have the means to use Magic Cannon, can only use Blood Lightning Bead. although said that Zhao Hai in recent time has been helping the major race promotion strengths with Spatial Water, but the time is limited, therefore now the lord Battle Soldier types of various large clans, the ordinary strength is not very strong, therefore makes up for the disparity in strength, Zhao Hai has to prepare Blood Lightning Bead to them. Must say really that Zhao Hai also really well thanks Huan Hu, he causes Blood Lightning Bead to come, Zhao Hai feared that arrives at now also don’t know this Magic, they were short of one type of to cope with God Race efficient instrument. These Elven Race Blood Hawk Cavalry, close God Race flying of slowly rode Light CavalryGod Race Pegasus Light Cavalry naturally also to note fine God Race, their immediately branched out a squad person to move forward to meet somebody toward Elven Race Light Cavalry. Elven Race Light Cavalry immediately/on horseback retreats, retreats while turns toward God Race Cavalry to project Magic Cannon. Elven Race stone ball is also special, above carved small Magic Formationalthough saying that Might was inferior to Blood Lightning Bead, but compared to general bow and arrow to come, Might actually big many. However is very obvious, this Magic Cannon does not have any effect regarding God Race Light Cavalry, they are grasping the spear|gun, is grasping the big shield, in has blocked easily these Magic balls attack, Zhao Hai on the shield that paid attention tothese God Race people to use, probably also carved is defending Magic Formation, so was no wonder strong. Elven Race currently has not used Blood Lightning Bead ” the meaning of Zhao Hai understand Elven Race, they, when God Race absolutely did not have the protection time, they in suddenly comes to God Race that all of a sudden.

Zhao Hai has not cared, his release large quantities of Undead Creature, have stood in his, simultaneously these achievement move the turret use Undead Creature also let out, static standing , etc. said God Race army in there. Is waiting for near big of God RaceZhao Hai while is paying attention to underground God Race heavy Cavalry, these God Race heavy Cavalry have not thought obviously Zhao Hai they will have the ambush ahead of time, simply is unscrupulous such as city here clashes toward the mountain, imposing manner is astonishing. Zhao Hai look at these heavy Cavalry, are calculating distance silently ”, let alone, this attention these heavy Cavalry, Zhao Hai also really sees a way, God Race these heavy Cavalry, the strength probably is not very strong, most is also about the 8th level strength, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. These heavy Cavalry or Zhao Hai have seen, strength worst God Race, some Zhao Hai most from the beginning also do not understand what's the matter ”, but after looking at playbacking that Cai'er has put, some Zhao Hai understand. These heavy Cavalry should not completely be God Racethey and God Race some appearance differences, these Heavy Armor Cavalry, their appearances probably do not have completely the evolution person! Forehead that he dodges not, the mouth suddenly, seems like more like the mouth of Houzi/Monkey, but likely is not the mouth of person, pili also very sincere, but each and every one stature very tall and big, whole body muscle strong/sturdy, looked that is not affable. But weapon also very special that they use, is not Zhao Hai has seen the Cavalry spear|gun, but long sword, but is one nail head hammer. This type of nail head hammer belongs to heavy weapon, looks at their appearances, everyone in hand nail head hammer feared that will be not light Yu Baijin, absolute sinking fellow, general 8th level Warrior, even if can use, will not use this type of nail head hammer, the weapon weight, with the Battle Qi amount of use of user will be to also become the erect, ten jin (0.5 kg) Great Sword, 8th level Warrior, can take him to carry on several hours of fight with the enemy, but if will be one 100 jin (0.5 kg) nail head hammer, that 8th level Warrior will use many for about one hour on. Battle Qi will consume the light, only if innate skill different reported that ” Innate Divine Strength person, the ordinary person will not use too heavy weapon. These God Race heavy Cavalry, they look like probably are wild man, but each and every one puts on heavy full body armor, is brandishing the heavy nail head hammer, actually probably is lightly annoys not to have the thing to be the same, has to recognize, their strengths very be really big. Before these Heavy Armor Cavalry frantic rushes, the suddenly their earth one even collapsed, moreover not only collapses a piece, one big looked all collapsed, Continent about thousand people of Heavy Armor Cavalry one fell go into the hole.

Zhao Hai knows that this is the Dwarf Race merit, must say skill that Dwarf Race is digging a pit, that is uninhabited can really, these pits that they dig, even if above will be Battalion Cavalry runs up to immediately not to collapse, but after must wait till these Cavalry have been certain quantity, because withstands does not believe the weight, will be adding on the vibration, suddenly collapses, type like to not pass the trap will be the same, row of Cavalry in the past on collapsing, a Dwarf Race this pit, one collapsed on is a big piece. This team of Heavy Armor Infantry fall go into the hole, latter row of Heavy Armor Infantry cannot receive the foot, these has been battered to death many people. When these Heavy Armor Cavalry must stand, appears of suddenly in tunnel a large quantities of stalagmite, these stalagmites, if the normally use, the lethality is not very big, general Warrior can evade, however used at this time, actually demonstrated that this Magic huge lethality, these fell go into the hole God Race Heavy Armor Cavalry, almost almost in completely was killed violently instantaneously. But Dwarf Race does not have appears from beginning to end, these Heavy Armor Cavalry die, corpse immediately vanished in the pit, waited for the above person to respond that toward in the pit looked, in the pit except for the bloodstain, anything did not have. These Heavy Armor Cavalry cannot help but were shocked, but when this time, suddenly they behind has heard sound of the shouting out, these Heavy Armor Cavalry responded, turned the horse around, gradually such as the city is advancing toward the mountain. However they just bypassed that pit, above appears large quantities of stalagmites, but these stalagmites live the alpha Cavalry lethality to these on limited, besides several not careful, other had almost not been affected. But at this time, in the Heavy Armor Cavalry team suddenly slowly left one group of yellow light, hits directly on their front lands, their front land rocking, waits for the time that rocks to stop, these Heavy Armor Cavalry proceed to walk. Zhao Hai made Cai'er look at a underground situation, just these God Race used was also one type of Earth element Magic, this Earth element Magic Might obviously be much bigger than Earth element Magic Might of Dwarf Race use, just that Magic, has killed unexpectedly also the Dwarf Race about hundred people, but also has injured dozens. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, just God Race person make a move probably did not have anything, but Zhao Hai actually looked from these person of make a move movements, they coped with Dwarf Race the tactic of the digging a pit, probably was very knowledgeable is the same, in such a short time, understand must be how right, this was not general can achieve. Changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai also probably guessed, God Race these people had certainly the enemy in God Realm there, perhaps was the enemy of different race god, the method that Dwarf used, perhaps they have met in God Race, means that therefore they such will quickly have dealing. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, these Heavy Armor Cavalry rushed to under the city, will not have the big threat to them, is adding on also has Beastman Race to coordinate Dwarf Race to make the war, Dwarf Race will not eat big owing.

Zhao Hai attention centralized to his front enemy there, in front of him these enemies, are these Pegasus Light Cavalry, in these Light Cavalry, is Zhao Hai very attention the God Race people of these Magician appearance, Zhao Hai to has wanted to have a look, their punishment high anything ghost. These Pegasus Light Cavalry still manners graceful flies toward Zhao Hai here, getting closer and closer, these Light Cavalry quantities had several hundred thousand fully, but the army quantity that Elven Race these time sends hundred thousand, strange they do not have to pursue, possibly in their opinion, copes with these Elven Race, these people who only with sending were OK. God Race is really arrogant, but they will certainly pay the price for their arrogance, Zhao Hai said in coldly snorted at heart that Zhao Hai behind is standing more than 1 million Undead Creature, upper garment Magic Cannon has several hundred, moreover these several hundred have installed Magic Cannon Undead Creature, their Magic Cannon, are not one, but is several, these Undead Creature lethality are not small. These Pegasus Light Cavalry strengths, obvious stronger compared with these Heavy Armor Cavalry strengths on many, some although majority 9th level Expert, but God Rank Expert are also many. Quick, these Light Cavalry stopped in front of Zhao Hai a kilometer place, stood in there static look at Zhao Hai, but they have not used, has not spoken, they were waiting very much obviously. Zhao Hai has not spoken, his static look at these Light Cavalry behind some God Race Infantry arranged in order the team, God Race person who then these made the Magician appearance slowly flew toward him. Zhao Hai look at these God Race people, don’t know they must be up to mischief, but Zhao Hai decides, must cope with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle.! ~!