Chapter 739 projection? Quick, these put on the Magic Cannon God Race person to arrive at their Battle Formation forefront, but their Battle Formation also lived the change at this time, Light Cavalry toward two wing points, Infantry has gone forward to compose Center Army, well-mannered swallow wing exhibited. The Zhao Hai static look at opposite party in there row of soldier formation arrangement, his here does not have a point sound, he already prepared Rubik's Cube Great Formation, waited for the opposite party to come, the opposite party suspends any not to matter now, why he wants to have a look at the opposite party not to attack directly, was also wants to spend several words with him. Also really made Zhao Hai guess right, Battle Formation of God Race person suspended, a wear Magic Robe God Race person flew, Zhao Hai always felt that this person was a little strange, but also cannot say for a while there was strange, he was taking a look at these God Race people curiously. Snow white Magic Robe, in hand is taking white nearly transparent Magic Staff, in this with a Magic Staff stick place, is actually winged a statue of young girl, that statue looks like looks like a Angel/Emperor's Emissary same holiness, is stepping on snow white clouds in his under foot, looks like makes him appear sage-like outstanding behavior. Wait / Etc.! Cloud? Is the under foot of this fellow stepping on Cloud unexpectedly? Zhao Hai has gawked, then his finally understand, why look at these people felt strangely, because of his Cloud. Must know now Zhao Hai they fly is not high, properly speaking such altitude, cannot see Cloud, but this person of under foot is actually stepping on Cloud, this is really makes Zhao Hai feel strangely. However Zhao Hai quickly presently, under that human foot is also stepping on Cloud, not only to be attractive, that Cloud should be weapon. although Zhao Hai wants the military to leave this stepping on the Cloud effect also yes, so long as enabled with Water element Magic at own under foot, looked like looks like steps on Cloud to be the same, but that after all was the invisible water vapor, was suspending at most attractively, you did not even have the one type of conscientious feeling. However Cloud under this human foot is different, his Cloud unexpectedly is the entity, he stands on Cloud, that Cloud probably is very soft, his foot steps on above, Cloud also slightly some downward fall.

The eye of Zhao Hai has not narrowed the eyes on own initiative, it seems like that this God Race person is not simple, is only this looks like Cloud weapon, makes Zhao Hai feel that was very startled, do not say his in hand that Magic Staff. That God Race person is also sizing up Zhao Hai, the ordinary appearance, black Magic Robe, in hand is taking blood red Magic Staff, the under foot is Bone Dragon, such shape understood at a glance that is Dark Magician. That God Race person bows to Zhao Hai slightly said : „, but Mr. Zhao Hai? Below God Race exceedingly high War General Yun Ying, has seen mister.” Zhao Hai has not thought that this God Race person unexpectedly such polite, he has gawked, but also immediately/on horseback bows to that God Race person said : Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has seen Yun Ying War General.” Yun Ying look at Zhao Hai with a laugh, such simply is not looking at an enemy likely, but probably in a look at good friend, good cannot in the good good friend. Zhao Hai looks at the performance of this Yun Ying, was at heart more vigilant, he knows that must the guest such person of not be dangerous like the silver, he will have any matter to be placed on the face, but the person like Yun Ying on very dangerous, this fellow is a typical person with kindly face and cruel heart, will be on the mouth calls Elder Brother, in the waist will pull out fellow that person. Zhao Hai has not made noise, he is only static look at Yun Ying, this arrives is makes Yun Ying somewhat accidental, he has not thought Zhao Hai really has such well contains to raise, an appearance of point vitality does not have. Yun Ying has included at heart also the dangerous character list Zhao Hai. Yun Ying also knows that they cannot be so stiff, therefore he opens the mouth mister the given name to Zhao Hai said :, the shade early to hear, hears mister is the mainstay of Ark Continent, the shade has had to admire to mister, today must see mister, is really most honored.” Zhao Hai suddenly felt that is a little sour, although his normally has liked ancient literature very much, opportunity that but spoke like were not many, but Yun Ying suddenly such spoke, Zhao Hai some have not been familiar with. However Zhao Hai also immediately/on horseback said : mister overpraised, Zhao Hai is the Ark Continent ordinary private, is really when can not mister so commend that to is mister, looked that mister your forehead is full, changes the surrounding area, wanting status of mister in God Race not to be low, can see mister such person, is being honored of Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai face calm was saying these words, he feels actually somewhat sourly, but the opposite party wants the acid, he is also sour, moreover he disgusting opposite party while convenient, any forehead is full, changes the surrounding area, but is reads smoothly talk nonsense. Zhao Hai such performance was makes Yun Ying stare, he has not thought of unexpectedly such good of Zhao Hai response, but also while convenient disgusting his, made him unable to say anything to come, Yun Ying felt that Zhao Hai some were not good to cope. However he bows said : to look at the mister appearance to Zhao Hai, to some of my God Race also certain understanding, that mister should know that the Ark Continent here person, the final dream is to enter God Realm, becomes my God Race people, this time my God Race uses unsurpassed Law Force, breaks void, does descend to Ark Continent, why mister actually want meet in battle?” Zhao Hai look at Yun Ying, shows a faint smile said : well, the Ark Continent here person, has wanted to consider to enter God Realm before, becomes a God Race people, but my Ark did Continent have tens of thousands years of nobody to enter God Realm? Why don’t know Yun Ying does mister know don’t know? Since God Realm does not welcome us, our Ark Continent person is not naturally good to seek friendships, passes own day to be good, but has not actually thought that we have thought our day is not good, God Race suddenly arrives, harasses me and other life of calm, why actually doesn't know so-called?” Yun Ying has not thought that Zhao Hai such impolite, in the words the belt thorn, his complexion also cannot help but slightly sank said : mister this saying, my God Race asked the Ark Continent people to come for the understanding, has mister instead to saying us disrupted the calm life of Ark Continent? Ark Continent, originally is Continent that my God Realm manages, turns over to my God Race management, the originally Ark Continent here person, compared with on my God Race person low First Grade, now my God Race breaks void, is the Ark Continent person, opened the door, mister did not know grateful, instead to a tone with satirized, was actually somehow?” Zhao Hai laughing said : suddenly God Race is really God Race, one thinks that the shameless invasion of slave Ark Continent, said such sacredly, HaHaHa, my Zhao Hai has seen the shameless person does not know every oneself, but looks like God Race to be so shameless, is actually first time saw that your God Race does break void? I to am ask mister, how in your God Race to break void? You break with flesh and blood of my millions and millions Ark Continent subjects void, now this shameless crime, has actually regarded the merit, your God Race shameless degree, my Zhao Hai was asked for advice, wanted to rule my Ark Continent? Ok, only if the person of my Ark Continent dies certainly, otherwise, I lead certainly the person of Ark Continent, enters God Realm, slaughters God Race all people!” Speaking of finally, Zhao Hai the stern voice and appearance, killing aura has soared to the heavens, Yun Ying looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but complexion big change, then his in a tone with cold ice said : „, since mister so said that did not have below anything said that Ark Continent originally was turns over to my God Realm jurisdiction, mister so to do, the shape with the rebellion, my God Race has to dispatch troops into battle to put down a rebellion, mister must Ark Continent, bring to the helplessness, was don’t know Ark Continent other people, can also be such idea.” Zhao Hai look at Yun Ying, shows a faint smile said : this to arrive at work mister not to be worried, to be honest, I to am worried about mister very much, first did not say Ark Continent here came Demon Race, even if in God Realm there, feared that is calculation that not only also your God Race said? don’t know God Race after Ark Continent here suffers heavy casualties, in returned to God Realm there, can't protect own domain?” Yun Ying one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion in one time changes, he presently understanding of Zhao Hai God Realm there, probably extremely numerous, this makes him very puzzled, Radiant Church these years, have been rewriting the Ark Continent here history book, now Ark Continent here should not have a God Realm material to be right, do Zhao Hai these materials come from there?

Zhao Hai looks at the Yun Ying chest color, cannot help but smile said : mister said that these many wasting breath, what are waiting for? Actually mister does not need so, I to wait for the mister prepare in here, then we are disputing, may all.” Yun Ying has gawked, sees the smiling face on Zhao Hai face, cannot help but coldly snorted said : copes with you, doesn't serve a need to arrange? You think how many Undead Creature with that can block my God Race army? I told you, your was sitting the dream, today makes you know that my God Race true fierce, any kept off in my God Race front person, must die!” Said that Yun Ying waves, his behind these Magician in hand Magic Staff flash have shone, then these people wield in hand Magic Staff, has emitted bunch of white light of their Magic Staff, then these white light centralized to together, has formed huge light ball, then light ball fierce one blasts out, not big Space rift one on appears in sky, then person's shadow suddenly drilled coming out from Space rift. When sees this person, Zhao Hai stares, this person wears a ash-gray long unlined close-fitting gown, head head is very long, but actually only uses silver belt optional in the head, looks like the natural nature, on his foot puts on a pair of soft bottom the leather boots, in hand is taking a folding fan. Such shape appears , Zhao Hai stares, such shape absolutely not appears in Ark Continent here, should not appears in God Realm, because this completely was the appearance of ancient China these expensive Young Master, but these people were also the yellow skins, the black head, the black eye, looked is a Chinese, this what's the matter? However quick Zhao Hai presently does not suit, this person simply is not the entity, he is only phantom, although on him does not have a feeling of projection, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that this is not a genuine person, is only thing like projection. ro! ~!