although Zhao Hai can affirm that is only projection, but he actually does not dare underestimated this projection, this threw to take to him a formidable pressure, this pressure Zhao Hai first time feltbecause of this pressure, therefore Zhao Hai knows that the strength of this person was extraordinary. That projection appears , turned the head to look at scene onethen on his face to show a not facial expression, what turned the head look at Cloud their said : and others to invite me?”, Zhao Hai notes, this person they spoke very impolite to Cloud, he called Cloud they for and others ”, but he has not said calls me, or looked for me, what he said invites me, thus it can be seen, the status of this person feared that was higher than Cloud. Really, Cloud has been seeing on the god to this person of bow peak said :, I and other today this handle matters for on god am actually blocked by this person, this person is talented, I and others feared by mistake on the matter of god, on please god make a move help one another especially. ” That person turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, cast aside said : trivial Foundation Establishment Stage to block your way quietly, wanted your what to use. ” Cloud probably very feared that this person, his immediately/on horseback lowers the head said : to report the words of god the strength of although this person to be ordinary, but all sorts of methods actually emerge one after another incessantly, I and others really does not have the means in short time exterminate this person, therefore on thing please god make a move. ”, That person looked at Zhao Hai, slight bow said : of you and others handle matters for me, I naturally can help, so long as remembers the intention handle matters for me already may, this person of I deal with.” Said that his look at Zhao Hai said : „, youngster, looked that you have such achievement to come young are also a talent, what a pity, today actually awfully loses my hand. Zhao Hai actually look at this person, deep voice said : God Race institute and change Law of Space is Magic Formation, you teaches them?”, That has not thought that Zhao Hai will have this one to ask, he stares slightly, his face curious look at Zhao Hai said : young man you are not then simple, actually one has thought this pointHaHaHa, goodthat Formation is I teaches them, otherwise depends on these waste materialshow possibly to change Space Law, young man, if trades to make another situation, I will possibly like you, receives you not to be uncertain for the servant, but was a pity that ” you must die today! ”, Zhao Hai is cold. Many said : I, when others' dog is not interested, you wanted to kill, that began, I think that you came to this Space, will have many limits, don’t know you can use the several layers strength now, can in the here dull long time?” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has gawked, then his deep looked at Zhao Hai said : well, young man, you were very intelligent well, I cannot stay the too long time in this Space, cannot use the complete strength, but coped with you to be enough. ” Zhao Hai is actually laughs said : „you are projection , can also have your main body several points of strength, even if the person is Nascent Soul Stage Expert, can my what! ” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that the complexion big changehe cannot help but cold the face, look at Zhao Hai said :, said that was who?” Should not the person have to know that in this Space Nascent Soul this word, who are you? ”

Zhao Hai calm, why his coldly look at that person of said : I must actually tell you.”, Zhao Hai just said Nascent Soul this word timeactually in probe ”, because just in this population said a wordthis word is Foundation Establishment! On Earth looked daily various types of novels Zhao Hai are not strange regarding this word, so long as has looked at the Xianxia novel person, does not have don’t know this word, in almost all Xianxia novel will have this word to exist , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai also will use word in a Xianxia novel to try his, looked that he has heard this word, if that person has not heard, what that on will not have to respond that looks like Cloud they are same, Cloud they obviously on a don’t know this word, therefore their what specially response not. Nascent Soul, this is also a Xianxia novel Ritter some wordZhao Hai takes this word to probe that person, has not actually thought that person has swallowed the bait unexpectedly, this lets Zhao Hai cannot help but downward sinks at heart, his very clear, in Xianxia novel, Foundation Establishment was just one type of quite low boundaryin the words with some novels said that this boundary just touched the Immortal Cultivator threshold. although his don’t know that person is any boundary, but can affirm that in that person of world, Foundation Establishment is also very low boundary, from the beginning can know from that person of most language, if is really such words, that God Realm back person is not simple, but he is going facing enemy, great strength. That person obviously enraginghis two eyes staredfierce said : by Zhao Hai good, good, good, has plenty year nobody dares such to speak to the old man, youngster, you must pull out the Soul Refining soul to make you not seek livehood you, asked unable. ” Zhao Hai is actually coldly snorted said : that you tries.” That person was not wasting breath, drinks one severely: Mountain River Fan!” The hand wields, the in hand fan one flew, this increases the fan, then a river suddenly departs from the fan, clashes Zhao Hai to look at this Jing Yaokuang toward Zhao Hai, the personal appearance moves, fierce goes toward retreat, then these Undead Creature, Berry also has * Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow, was received in Space by Zhao Hai, do not look unyielding that Zhao Hai just said that but deals with this person, he is a point grasps does not have, moreover he just also listened to this person saying that his present strength, only idea in a Foundation Establishment Stage person, but this person. The strength obviously be higher than him on many, therefore Zhao Hai does not dare to be negligent. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, one has supported own Domain, then his Domain one turned into a Rubik's Cube Great Formation appearance, whirlpool appears in the Domain middle, welcomed that river directly.

River water that person of release comes, probably very heavy, impulse very strong, only blinked has hit on Zhao Hai Domain, hits rocking that Zhao Hai Domain kept, Zhao Hai was complexion is also redthis he actually really hit heavy. This has not played, that person of river water attack likely is not Ark Continent here Magic, that river water to put it bluntly is one type of weapon, in that river water includes multiple Dark Energy, after this hits Zhao Hai Domain, ” although stopped, but the river water probably is one mobile river is the same, the mighty waves are attacking Zhao Hai Domain one after another, in the first wave of impact, is bringing Dark Energy, clashes transformation that Zhao Hai Domain keeps. Zhao Hai first time met such attackto press against one to eat the invisible losses, could not be bearing, a blood has spurted, Zhao Hai knows, this person used certainly was Magical Treasure, otherwise Might so will not be big. In this time, Zhao Hai feeling head suddenly one dark, a huge mountain overhead depresses unexpectedly, Zhao Hai one startled, now blocks this riverhe to exhaust fully, in wants to block this mountain ” is almost impossible. In the Zhao Hai heart moves, his Domain immediately/on horseback turned into sphere-shaped, then fast has rotated, as the matter stands the impact of river water became small, however head huge mountain still has actually pressed. Zhao Hai coldly shouted, on his Domain fierce extends a big hand, a request to place huge mountain, that huge mountain although still depressing slowly, but actually slow. That person looks at the performance of Zhao Hai, cannot help but somewhat surprised said : really has not thought that you are small Foundation Establishment Stage, can block my Mountain River Fan unexpectedly strikes, although my this Mountain River Fan is also projection, but can wield about the main body six layers strength, you can block unexpectedly, is very good I also to think that in this Space all Magic are the waste, has not thought of also some ways. ”, Zhao Hai now is actually the non- flaw reply, his coldly snorted, latter moves, small blue water ball appears in in his hand, then he lost Domain water ball, happen to welcomed that river. However looks, this water ball Bubble, Bubble said that is the source of Myriad Water, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, can cope with this river with Bubble, therefore just he made Cai'er ask Bubble. Bubble actually said that Zhao Hai then lost Bubble, Bubble comes out from Domain, the personal appearance is against the wind long, unexpectedly in turning into the child looks at a lake water the appearance, then starts rotation fast, is getting quicker and quicker along with his rotation that river, is getting quicker and quicker, finally complete disappearance in lake.

Then Bubble personal appearance fierce shrinks, drew back returned to in Zhao Hai Domain, Zhao Hai moved, received returned to Bubble in Space, Zhao Hai felt that Bubble although that river inhaling[ body] in ”, but that river has not actually stabilized, Bubble also needed to digest some time. The entire process writes slowly, does is actually fastputs out Bubble from Zhao Hai, loses to draw to Bubble the river water Bubble ”[ body], in returned to Space, in a blink of an eye. Waits for that person presently incorrect timeBubble to draw the river water[ body], returned to in Space, that person of cannot help but startled angry occurring together, what the although team these time comes to Ark Continent here is only projection ”, but this need holds including energy is not small, projection also Doppelganger one type of, one, but was broken, can injure to main bodyhis all Magical Treasure Mountain River Fan, is one has Artifact Spirit Magical Treasurethis Magical Treasure projection, on equal to is Magical Treasure Doppelganger, one, but this projection broken, that Magical Treasure will also receive the wound treasure., Does not do well will fall the level. Must know that decides Immortal Cultivator, Magical Treasure is very important, each Immortal Cultivator, doing everything possible by own Magical Treasure Level Up, if Magical Treasure fell the level, it seems like said regarding Immortal Cultivator that the attack was very big, moreover will directly affect their fighting strength. That person looks Wudinghe River projection in own Mountain River Fan unexpectedly by Zhao Hai taking away, cannot help but startled and anger, shouted: Houseboy, you dare!, must know that this Wudinghe River is he has spent very in the strength gets so far as, this is not common river water ”, but includes very my Moon Profound Waterthis Moon Profound Water is Yin Force greatly strengthened water, has the nutritious effect regarding various ghosts, has very strong corrosiveness regarding general Magical Treasure, he was takes very big effort in Mountain River Fan a strip indefinite river water seal sub- to use for oneself, has not actually thought that today is given to receive projection by Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this regarding the damage of Mountain River Fan how, but was not smallhe to be able not startled, how. Can not get angry.! ~!