Chapter 741 presses to guard Zhao Hai heard that person of shout, turned the head to look at that person of one, sneered said : „to kill me, must pay a price to be good.” Because the river water by Bubble receiving, the Zhao Hai pressure reduced straight greatly, only deals with that huge mountain, he to also deals with comes. Zhao Hai also present, the mountain in opposite party Mountain River Fan, was inferior probably the river has the attack strength, although this mountain in looking like formidable might is uncommon, has the potential of withstanding great pressure, but except for a pressure, he did not have other attack strength probably, but that river was different, wave after wave Dark Energy in that river, kept like the river water welled up. Actually Zhao Hai has not guessed really wrong, a mountain river in that person of Mountain River Fan, but also is Might of this river is big, this river was he received in the Wudinghe River a river Water Refining system, that Wudinghe River was in itself their that treasure, Might incomparably huge, therefore the attack strength nature of this river water on, but that mountain was actually only an ordinary place mountain, was when to coordinate the indefinite river water, manufactured Mountain River Fan, at will income, Might nature impossible with the Wudinghe River aqueous phase compared with. That human spirit results in complexion to be pale, look at Zhao Hai said : good, good, I to was underestimated you, but youngster, you die today.” Said that every wields, in his hand is bringing in a ring fierce departs a long sword. This sword long three feet and three inches three, sword blood red, after the sword, brings a long sword Guangzhou, the hand to pinch Magic Secret Art, then toward Zhao Hai one finger, said loudly: Scolds!” Then scarlet long sword fierce flies toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks at the appearance of that sword, knows that sword is not every, but he does not fear him, Zhao Hai in hand wields, in hand Magic Staff lets go to fly, welcomed toward that person of long sword. On that person of face has cannot help but shown a fierce smiling face, in his opinion, Zhao Hai this is courting death purely, thing that Ark Continent this Realm produces, how possibly compares with thing that their produces, in his opinion, Zhao Hai Magic Staff although very beautiful, but with his sword simply is not thing of scale. However what lets that person of being startled, when Magic Staff and sword must put together together, in suddenly that Magic Staff one extended a hand, capture that the sword, the offensive of that sword one stopped. That person cannot help but was startled, because he presently control ability to sword is reducing, he is surprised, in hand Magic Secret Art pinches continually, in the mouth drinks said : to scold loudly!”

That sword immediately/on horseback vibrated fiercely, probably must work loose Magic Staff control, but at this moment, on Magic Staff appears big suddenly, another head of capture sword, then two hands makes an effort, listens to one, that sword was given unexpectedly to break off by Magic Staff. That is startled, he does not have to think own release scarlet Blood Sword unexpectedly by Zhao Hai breaking, broke his two Magical Treasure to present Zhao Hai equal to. He in does not dare to regard as Zhao Hai now is ordinary Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator. This person of complexion single layer, in hand read several, in hand Magic Secret Art moved, was pressing Zhao Hai that huge mountain one to receive, turned into a picture in Mountain River Fan, then this person handed over, the in hand fan vanished, then his in hand ring flashes, was taking a black flag from inside. This plants black flag very enormous, the black flagpole, in adding on the black flag surface, is drawing severe Ghost Picture in the flag surface, this lets this flag obviously gloomy terror. That person of in hand flag swings, innumerable Malicious Ghost depart from the flag, simultaneously in sunny sky, suddenly had covered entirely the dark clouds, gave to block sunlight, Zhao Hai here has looked like dark sky/Hei Tian was the same, then these Malicious Ghost each and every one were screaming threw toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai static look at these Malicious Ghost, his look at these Malicious Ghost, are thinking the method of to break, has not actually thought these Malicious Ghost one threw on Zhao Hai Domain, each and every one opens mouth to nip to look like Zhao Hai Domain, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that own Domain some were not unexpectedly steady, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai be startled, but his immediately release some Undead Creature, had a look at these Undead Creature whether to cope with these Malicious Ghost. These Undead Creature appears in Domain outside, immediately these Malicious Ghost threw likely, normally these Malicious Ghost do not have the entity, should not fear these Undead Creature attack, but these Undead Creature actually do not hit these Malicious Ghost, but approaches these Malicious Ghost, immediately opens mouth, makes an effort to attract, that Malicious Ghost was screaming had been drawn the mouth by Undead Creature, that Undead Creature obtained the thing of any big making up to be the same probably, the soul in eye and so on was exuberant, threw toward in addition only Malicious Ghost. That person sees these Undead Creature unexpectedly in eating Malicious Ghost in his Ten Thousand Ghost Flag, cannot help but anxious, must know that this Ten Thousand Ghost Flag is not good to refine, with living souls of countless person, then lets these living souls long-term fights, these living souls slowly turned into Malicious Ghost, can release offend somebody, harms others Magical Treasure, the end is fierce, actually has not thought very much by Zhao Hai with Undead Creature breaking. Malicious Ghost is belongs to Yin Force, but Zhao Hai Undead Creature, belongs to Yin Force one type of, but the skeleton be fiercer than Malicious Ghost, Malicious Ghost does not have the strength, but the skeleton has, these Malicious Ghost are only Yin Qi, missed compared with the skeleton much, happen to worked as the tonic to the skeleton.

That person looked that fierce in Ten Thousand Ghost Flag had been eaten much by the skeleton, cannot help but startled and anger, immediately received Ten Thousand Ghost Flag, two eyes wicked look at Zhao Hai said : good, I also really underestimated you evidently, has not thought that you also really had real skill, but he also arrived at this.” Said that every wields, in hand appears Tiny Pagoda, this Tiny Pagoda black, above black surrounded all over the body, on the tower is collecting severe Ghost Picture, tower 9-storey high, in the tower of each level eight small sharp horn, on each sharp horn are hanging wind chimes, but this wind chimes are actually each and every one Skull. That person swung in hand Tiny Pagoda gently, a wind chimes light sound on that Tiny Pagoda, that sound is not clear, conversely, that sound is similar to ghost wailing is the same, mind of direct impact person. Zhao Hai although stays in Domain, but has not actually thought that opposite party suddenly came Spiritual Attack unexpectedly, presses to guard, among one by that ghost wailing sneaked in mind, Zhao Hai felt that an own head severe pain, cannot bear two hands hold the head, loud. The Zhao Hai spirit received attack, nature is not having means control Domain, his Domain one was broken, that person looks in hatred flashes, the hand at one fell swoop, Tiny Pagoda departs from his hand, rises against the wind, one turned into a more than hundred meters high great tower, covers toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai now recover from Spiritual Attack, naturally is impossible to resist, one by this tower covering, looked at that Zhao Hai was covered by the tower, that person cannot help but laughs said : youngster, you can compel the old man to use Soul Eater Tower, could be proud fully, you become this inside tower main soul!” But what his don’t know is, Zhao Hai just one took in Soul Eater Tower, that tower probably changed generally, fast has rotated, raised a big mouth from the tower bottom, bites toward Zhao Hai, but Spiritual Attack that at this time Zhao Hai received did not have, the spirit was somewhat absent-minded, was naturally impossible to evade swallowing of that Tiny Pagoda. In this critical time extremely, suddenly together Space rift appears , then Zhao Hai one vanished in inside tower, returned to in Space. Enters to Space, Zhao Hai felt suddenly one one energetic, was not painful, Zhao Hai stares, he knows that is hand that Cai'er leaves, in this time, Laura they had been running over, how many person of look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, are you all right? Has what kind of?” Appearances of Zhao Hai look at several people of face cares, show a faint smile said : to be all right, feel relieved was good, but this time Cai'er draws luckily promptly me, otherwise was really dangerous, it seems like I was somewhat negligent, was good, making me rest a while.”

Laura their several people have complied with one, in disturbing Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has sat cross-legged to sit down, is enduring also the somewhat painful head, own spiritual force control of slowly in toward own body. He looked at Monster Core of dantian place first, still well in there, nothing, in looking settled on Dao Lotus of dantian place, is very good, all right, then Zhao Hai searches the spiritual force upward dantian, his spiritual force entered to dantian, immediately enters in that phantom villain, his spiritual force entered to the phantom villain, immediately felt own spirit compared with before better, was formidable, some pains, unexpectedly under one on entire were just good. Zhao Hai has gawked, then immediately understand, this certainly is the merit of this villain, it seems like oneself cannot complete utilization their strength, otherwise today not eat this to owe. Zhao Hai own Strength God strength centralized to that villain on, that villain opened the eye slowly, Zhao Hai felt that this one sobered probably, spiritual unprecedented good, spiritual force searched outward, all in Space, mapped in his mind. Zhao Hai has gawked, suddenly wants to have a look at itself whether command(er) own body in the villain, to think of here, he cannot help but wants to move his trick/hand and foot. However this thinks that he presently own body unexpectedly one has stood, has moved trick/hand and foot, with just he thought that but this feeling is actually very bizarre, he feels himself probably in control his body, but is relative to the independence beside own body, he looks like a puppet master, can his body be a puppet, but that phantom villain is the silk thread of his in hand control body, this feeling relative strangeness. although this can also very good control own body, but the Zhao Hai actually water likes this feeling, this control the feeling like control puppet, are makes people very uncomfortable. In this time, suddenly Zhao Hai was feeling that he with body the uncomfortableness of that a little bit disappearance slowly, that type like raising line puppet the feeling also in disappearance slowly, his slowly can feel each slight change of own body, Zhao Hai happy, when he when one time own spiritual force centralized to own body, actually presently on the villain in dantian still sits in there, probably is what has not changed, and other he in one time spiritual force centralized to a that villain, he withdraws from the condition in regarding, restored. consciousness. ro! ~!