Chapter 742 surrenders After experimented several times repeatedly, Zhao Hai understand, that villain is actually the place that his spiritual force is , is also the origin of his spiritual force, his former although was obtained the promotion by own strength, but after that actually promotes, he does not have well uses the villain, is his spiritual force, only when his spiritual force unified with his body completely, he was the true promotion own strength. Zhao Hai relaxed, slowly has opened the eye, because just received attack continuously in the painful head, now was completely good, moreover he also felt that own spiritual force unprecedented great strength, the present was the time deals with that person. Laura they looked at Zhao Hai to open the eye, immediately have encircled, said : that Laura cared about Elder Brother Hai, were you all right? You may not probably have the matter.” Zhao Hai look at Laura they several people of appearances, show a faint smile said : to be all right, was just only has not guarded, can hit by his Spiritual Attack, now entire was good, should tidy up his time, was really strange, before this person, these Magical Treasure that used, was projection, was not the strength, was this Tiny Pagoda, was actually the entity, was too strange.” Meanings of some Laura their do not understand Zhao Hai, but they can actually look, that person is not simple, that person of each attack very formidable, Zhao Hai . Moreover the method emerges one after another incessantly, is adding on that person, but God Race summoned, looked at the God Race appearance, to, this that person respected fully explained that person of strength. Moreover strength that just that person of institute showed that also truly is very astonishing, therefore Laura their some look at Zhao Hai of worry, Laura is said : Elder Brother Hai, or we hid in Space let us not exit, you just did not say, that person impossible in here dull too long time, so long as he walked, we were exiting to deal with God Race these people.” Zhao Hai remote shook the head said : not to be good, this person must tidy up, I settled on his Tiny Pagoda, that Tiny Pagoda, will be very possibly helpful regarding Level Up Undead Creature, feel relieved, all right, I have confidence.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, vanished from Space, returned to in that Tiny Pagoda. When Zhao Hai vanishes from Tiny Pagoda, that person felt, his slightly has gawked, this Tiny Pagoda also belonged to Magical Treasure that has not refined completely, but the attack strength was actually very strong, that ting specifically aimed at person Divine Soul to carry on attack, just Zhao Hai was not careful the [say / way]. So long as by Tiny Pagoda covering, Tiny Pagoda refining that person of flesh and blood slowly, will extract that person of Divine Soul, becomes inside tower energy, flesh and blood that gathers are more with Divine Soul, Tiny Pagoda attack is high, but this Tiny Pagoda also lacks same thing now, is the main soul in tower. In this Tiny Pagoda needs a main soul to revolve Tiny Pagoda, so long as there is a main soul, his to Tiny Pagoda control bring it up a level, moreover later when using Tiny Pagoda, will be more relaxed. That person had still not found appropriate Divine Soul to act as the Tiny Pagoda main soul, but this time he settled on Zhao Hai, although Zhao Hai level is not very high, however the strength of his Divine Soul is very strong, is used to make the Tiny Pagoda main soul to be just appropriate.

However when he just the Zhao Hai income to Tiny Pagoda, Zhao Hai actually suddenly vanished from Tiny Pagoda, that person has cannot help but gawked, a hand move, Tiny Pagoda returned to in his hand, his Divine Sense searches toward Tiny Pagoda, presently really does not have Zhao Hai, this cannot help but lets his some ignorant. Must know Magical Treasure that in this Tiny Pagoda is he most settles on, he can arrive at Ark Continent here to come, depends is also this Magical Treasure, Soul Eater Tower although can swallow the soul, can protect the soul, he takes possession the body of Tiny Pagoda by Divine Sense now, this arrived at Ark Continent here, other Magical Treasure that therefore he uses, is Magical Treasure projection, only then this Tiny Pagoda is the entity. When that person feels puzzled, suddenly Zhao Hai appears in Tiny Pagoda, that person has gawked, then immediately/on horseback starts Tiny Pagoda, prepares refining Zhao Hai Divine Soul. However what he has not thought that Zhao Hai appears in Tiny Pagoda, immediately started oneself Crystallization ability, like this he did not fear that physical attack, his mind in time sleep into on oneself in the dantian villain, immediately has then launched Spiritual Attack! The Zhao Hai mind sinks to that villain , the villain has opened the eye fiercely, his head that silver head, has fluttered fiercely, then outward extends. That turned into the head of Berry to be the same probably, can turn into the innumerable fine Divine Ability quantity filament, one attached on the Tiny Pagoda tower wall, has carried on attack to Tiny Pagoda. In control Tiny Pagoda that person was feeling that own Tiny Pagoda started probably a little not by own control, he cannot help but gawked, then complexion changed, in hand Magic Secret Art pinched continually, starts full control Tiny Pagoda. His very clear, his present Divine Sense is attached to Tiny Pagoda, if Tiny Pagoda were broken through, his Divine Sense also vanishes, his projection Doppelganger will also vanish. To be honest, Divine Sense regarding him is not anything, most lets Tiny Pagoda that he does not give up, if Tiny Pagoda loses in this Space, his loss was big. Although he in pinching Magic Secret Art, but Tiny Pagoda not by control, that person one anxious, the personal appearance moves, entire vanished in airborne, entered in Tiny Pagoda. Zhao Hai is carrying on attack to Tiny Pagoda, he felt that in this Tiny Pagoda by very formidable spiritual force control, but now he is striving for the Tiny Pagoda control power with this formidable spiritual force.

Zhao Hai the spirit attacks method from the Berry there study, must say that the Succubus race's achievement in spiritual force aspect, is really very strong, carries on attack with spiritual force, had been utilized pinnacle by them, therefore Zhao Hai although felt that own spiritual force does not have the opposite party to be formidable probably, but must rob the Tiny Pagoda control power, has the possibility. In this time, Zhao Hai was feeling that more formidable spiritual force poured into Tiny Pagoda, this spiritual force he very familiar, just with that person that the person fought. Zhao Hai already in guarding against him, therefore that person enters to Tiny Pagoda, Zhao Hai immediately knew, Zhao Hai not hurried, but careful uses own spiritual force and that person of dogfight. Zhao Hai present, actually own spiritual force is not worse than the opposite party, but he just used his spiritual force, was unable to wield the spiritual force 100% strengths, therefore he can only with these dogfights, unable immediately/on horseback to decide the victory and defeat with that person now. Along with spiritual force utilization skillfulness of more and more, Zhao Hai also being in the upper hand of slowly in battle, that person of although is still resisting, but Zhao Hai believes that eliminates him is only an issue of time, but he currently also has carefully against that person, he feared that person also like Demon Race comes self-exploding, he troubled. Zhao Hai idea not wrong, that person presently unexpectedly cannot stand off Zhao Hai, more worried, was used together several methods not to be good, that person cannot help but cruel-hearted, prepares self-exploding this Divine Sense, wanted severely wounded Zhao Hai, must leave behind the mark on the body of Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai had ability ascend to the Advanced level position, his immediately can find Zhao Hai, when the time comes was tidying up Zhao Hai. Now he in projection of this position, but his Divine Sense composes, strength that can wield, 1/10 of his strength, therefore he will unable to stand off Zhao Hai, if he can wield 100% strengths, Zhao Hai feared that can only hide in Space, simply possibly is not his match. When he prepares to move, Zhao Hai actually first began, Zhao Hai spiritual force jabbed into Tiny Pagoda fiercely, when that person has not responded, Zhao Hai one opened Space, one has hauled in Tiny Pagoda Space. Zhao Hai already wanted to haul in Space Tiny Pagoda, but before , his spiritual force has not occupied the winning side, even to haul in Space not to be impossible Tiny Pagoda, now his spiritual force occupied the winning side, therefore he can relaxed hauled in Space Tiny Pagoda. Entered Space, Zhao Hai immediately came out from Tiny Pagoda, then in Space transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently has hostility procedure to Space, surrenders the procedure, the procedure has served.” Presently includes massive Darkness element ability aggressiveness weapon, this weapon can be Host all, Host can carry on Level Up with Universal Machine to this weapon, becomes the level needs Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, Level Up requires three days of time, needs gold coins hundred thousand, Host can the join procedure in weapon, prompt: Best is the procedure that join just surrendered, is of great advantage to the weapon promotion.”

Zhao Hai has gawked, then the great happiness, does not have to think among one however can Level Up this Tiny Pagoda, moreover now Tiny Pagoda unexpectedly can use for him, what most important is, Space has also surrendered Divine Soul of that person, he can ask well that person, where he from comes, to here for anything. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback brought Tiny Pagoda to arrive at Universal Machine there, then turned the head to Bubble said : Bubble, took Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice.” Bubble has complied with one, a body revolution, release massive ten thousand years of cold light, then Zhao Hai immediately started Universal Machine, opened weapon to block, has carried on Level Up to this Tiny Pagoda. On Universal Machine appears one group of white light, Tiny Pagoda covering, gave to cover these Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, Bubble these time has put out ten cubic meters Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, but obviously, ten thousand energy had more than enough very much, he has only used about five cubic meters, then Tiny Pagoda and cold ice all vanished. Zhao Hai looked that the figure on Universal Machine starts to beat, he then relaxed, then immediately/on horseback drilled from Space, now he with the God Race war, was unable the leave too long time. When Zhao Hai altogether vanishes with that person, Yun Ying somewhat was shocked, he does not have to think one so are unexpectedly hard to deal with, within however vanished with previous god together, now his real don’t know Zhao Hai was eliminated, on the god failed. He to god is very confident, but saw Zhao Hai just performance, his suddenly also did not have the confidence, now he knows finally Zhao Hai was fearful, he hopes that really on the god can eliminate Zhao Hai, otherwise had Zhao Hai , the threat to God Race was too big. ro! ~!