Cloud looked that Zhao Hai vanished with previous god together, on immediately made the attack, his behind these Light Cavalry immediately such as the city expunged to the mountain. Shan Rucheng there to does not have what changeLizzy and Megan also command(er) in the city, they from Cai'er there know that Zhao Hai has been all right, naturally also advocates feel relieved fought in here command(er). These Pegasus Light Cavalry, approached city wall slowly, Lizzy immediately ordering has made Magic Cannon on city wall fire off the fire, these Light Cavalry must guest there know from the silver obviously fierce of Magic Cannon, immediately has carried on the avoidance. However Crystal Stone of this Zhao Hai use may be Fire element, an artillery hits, even if were opposite party avoid, that said that energy will also live the explosion, had the lethality regarding these Light Cavalry. city wall here just exchanged fire, heard in sky of distant place to hear a fierce explosive sound, Lizzy and Megan looked at one in that direction, presently that was just Elven Race that direction that Light Cavalry directed, it seems like Elven Race has used Blood Lightning Bead. Cloud also the explosive sound that notes there to hear, he must guest there know from the silver that Zhao Hai almost can unlimited use Blood Lightning Bead, but this explosionis Blood Lightning Bead comes out obviously, his complexion cannot help but sinks, he knows that these Light Cavalry were possibly more unfortunate than fortunate. His former although also knew Zhao Hai to be able unlimited use Blood Lightning Bead, but he has not cared, this Blood Lightning Bead Magic he was knows that Might was not small, however the similar limit were also manyBlood Lightning Bead, only then manufactured his Master to use, other did not have the means to use, was because of this, therefore his feel relieved, he thinks that Elven Race was impossible to use Blood Lightning Bead. However now looks like, he guessed mistakenly, Zhao Hai can give others to make Blood Lightning Bead withthis unexpectedly stems from his anticipationthat team of Light Cavalry now to be also dangerous. In this time, suddenly Zhao Hai appears in Shan Rucheng the sky, was seeing Zhao Hai appears , the Yun Ying look cannot help but shrinks, Zhao Hai appears , on the god did not have appears , that representative what? Has killed on the god on behalf of Zhao Hai? Is this possible? Zhao Hai look at Cloud, has not spoken the idle talk, direct release large quantities of Undead Creature join the fight, in these Undead Creature has plenty is God Rank, but also some bodies have Magic Cannon, had their joinbattlefield God Race these Light Cavalry, the day does not feel better. At this momentCloud in time waving, these follows in him behind, the God Race person who makes the Magician appearance, immediately starts in a low voice was reading Incantation, these Magician have held before long up Magic Staff, on their Magic Staff flash of white light, then large quantities of devil appears before them. These Magic Beast all are the white, any appearance haseach and every one looks like very fierce, what most important isthese Magic Beast all flies unexpectedly in in midairlowly is also 9th level, some unexpectedly are God Rank Magic Beast ”, moreover their quantities return extremely numerous, each God Rank Expert will summon Magic Beast, the quantity will not be lower than 10,000 heads, these Magician characters may be many Magic Beast that ” they one will summon, has achieved several million.

These Magic Beast come outsuch as the city to throw toward the mountain, part ran up to the following ground to overrun toward these Beastman Race Cavalry unexpectedly ”. Zhao Hai looked that the opposite party is really Summoner ”, moreover one summoned these many fierce Magic Beast, immediately/on horseback wieldedlarge quantities of Undead Creature appears in front of these Magic Beast, some supported Beastman Race, some in sky and these Magic Beast dogfights. The war also official start, these God Race Light Cavalry, now receive their Knight soldierto put out itself and bow and arrow, is putting the arrow to Shan Rucheng, their shoot out arrow Might very big, Shan Rucheng Defense Protective Shield although has blocked their arrow, was actually shot flood ripple gently, has the possibility shatter appearance anytime. Zhao Hai had not actually been worried that after release these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai immediately has supported Domain, direct Cloud they threw, gets to the heart of the problem, Zhao Hai projects on now is such idea. Cloud present the Zhao Hai soundhas also spoken the truth, he also really somewhat fears Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai can kill in their hearts unexpectedly the invincible on god, this regarding the Cloud impact is very big. Cloud naturally cannot make opportunity that fights to Zhao Hai near body, immediately command(er) these God Race Infantry, ” has arranged the numerous defenses before the bodies of their these Magician, does not give Zhao Hai point opportunity. Cloud also knows that Zhao Hai meets Space Divergent Technique, to fear Zhao Hai uses Space Divergent Technique to cope with him, he makes these Infantry to him very near, does not give Zhao Hai point opportunity. Zhao Hai also really wants to cope with Cloud with Space, but looks at the Cloud appearance, he knows one did not have opportunityZhao Hai directly not to cope with Cloud, but turned the head, special coped with these Light Cavalry, simultaneously Berry and Xu Wanying also came out, their join to has also fought in the circle, but they are not far from Zhao Hai today, but stood in Zhao Hai behind, has formed a squad with Zhao Hai, among direct Light Cavalry has killed the past. Takes Zhao Hai as the arrow, Xu Wanying and his in Zhao Hai has composed one triangle array, along with Zhao Hai toward withering, Berry in there, actually nobody can see, but among Light Cavalry some once for a while people were killed, these naturally are Berry do.

Zhao Hai fighting strength naturally was needless saying that took him as the arrow, this triangle array, looked like a pointed knife is the same, in -line Light Cavalry Great Formation middlethis all the way, probably was the hot blade knot butter was the same ” easily Light Cavalry Great Formation ripping open big opening. These Light Cavalry immediately open slightly to think the foundation by about thousand people, turned into each and every one small shape Cube Formation, avoid Zhao Hai this arrow, started to launch fight with Zhao Hai. Very obviously, these Light Cavalry, regarding this forms of combat very familiar, among various Battle Formation to coordinate very well coordinated, Light Cavalry that Zhao Hai slowly can kill were also getting fewer and fewer, instead to is his behind Xu Wanying they, pressure that receives gradually big. Zhao Hai looked at these Light Cavalry Battle Formation, the hand has wielded, big piece of Undead Creature appears these Undead Creature has also been divided into the squad in his all around, has killed toward these Light Cavalry. These Pegasus Light Cavalry really quick, what is rare, these Pegasus although builds are huge ”, but they are very flexible, is not worse than Blood Hawk, no wonder God Race with these Pegasus will come, when Mount, is very good. What most important is, these Pegasus also meets Magic, moreover one type of very rare Lightning element MagicMight is not small, Zhao Hai rides the eye to slander to this flying, but he just when coped with these Light Cavalry, received in Space several, later in Space can raise these Pegasus. Magic Beast that not only these Pegasus, these God Race summoned, Zhao Hai made these Undead Creature catch in Space several, these Magic Beast fighting strength did not missZhao Hai prepared well is raising them. When Zhao Hai catches in these Magic Beast Spacein Space has transmitted the prompt sound, Magic Beast in Space in time Level Up, now in Space Magic Beast, mostly was also 8th level most common Argali and Blue Eye Rabbit such Magic Beast arrives at the 8th level levelother Magic Beast almost to arrive at 9th level. This regarding Zhao Hai to is good information, Zhao Hai to hear this information, immediately comes some these 9th level Magic Beast in Space to release, this time his release comes, is many raging bull that in Space raises, raging bull and Argali also had in Blue Eye Rabbit these Magic Beast Space to raise, Argali now is 8th level , was unable to use ”, but raging bull is actually 9th level, Zhao Hai came these raging bull release ”, only then a point, coped with ground these Heavy Armor Cavalry. Now these Heavy Armor Cavalry also hundred advancements of ground ahead slowlyalthough said that Dwarf Race and Beastman Race have carried on attack to these Heavy Armor Cavalry, but these Heavy Armor Cavalry defense capabilities are very good ”, moreover their Mount also meet Earth element Magic, is adding on the strength to be very big, therefore Dwarf Race and Beastman Race Cavalry does not have the means to pose any nice threat to them.

These Heavy Armor Cavalry impulse are very strong, although their impossible team to fly city wall to come up, if made them arrive under city wall, they can such as Defense Protective Shield of city to the mountain launch attack, such will add huge mountain such as the city Magic protective shield consumption, one, but Shan Rucheng Magic protective shield was brokenthat their casualties to increase, therefore Zhao Hai release concubine Ox to come has coped with them. raging bull now although was also 9th level, however their strengths were actually not very strong, after they arrived at 9th level, strengthened ability only then two points \; first, the strength, two defended, after 9th level, these raging bull strength become biggerdefense strength also big strengthened, what was a pity, they actually not like to Ark Continent here Magic Beast, after 9th level, had own wisdom, Magic Beast in Spaceon was Magic Beast, their not what wisdom. However Zhao Hai to also understood that Space such will do why, thinks that if Magic Beast in Space had oneself wisdom, can exchange like the human, that is a how terrifying matter, later Zhao Hai feared in does not dare to eat Magic Beast in Space. The Magic Beast quantity that Zhao Hai this release comes may be many, these time came and went out near hundred thousand raging bull, these raging bull appears in the mountain like outside the city, immediately overran toward God Race hanging armor Cavalry. Now this raging bull each and every one grows one pair of more than one meter to be long, curving ox horn, that ox horn unexpectedly is the silver-white color, looks like looks like two curved iron angular length awls is the same, the attack strength is extraordinary. raging bull skin also turned into iron cyan, the defense capability increases, Zhao Hai prepares to make Space kill a batch raging bull, then makes Dwarf Race make leather armor his, to all soldiers of participation, to enhance their defense capabilities, like this , can also reduce some casualties. However now Zhao Hai, only then a such idea, has not taken effect with enough time, after all now raging bull also just Level Up.! ~!