Chapter 744 repels Zhao Hai although is also not the performance of very satisfied these raging bull, but his don’t know, Yun Ying was actually very actually startled. Their God Race has spent very big strength, caused god Summoner this profession, these Summoner are the people of his behind these Magician appearance, these person of most important attack methods summoned, thing that they summoned, in these Magic Beast that in God Realm grew up. God Realm Magic Beast and Ark Continent here Magic Beast is different, God Realm there weakest Magic Beast has Ark Continent here 7th level Magic Beast fighting strength, good point can achieve 8th level or the nine classics strength, in God Realm there, God Rank Magic Beast may be not infrequent. But the god Summoner that God Race trains, they did not have what difference with Ark Continent here Summoner, Magic Beast that but they summoned, must be they surrenders, these Magic Beast one, but was surrendered after by them, can receive to their summon Space, but their summon Space were actually very big, can accept many Magic Beast, with increase of their strength, their summon Space can also increasing slowly. Status of these Summoner in God Race are very high, because not only they will summon Magic Beast, most important because they can summon on the god. These time with Summoner that Yun Ying comes, is Expert in Summoner, their summon beasts are almost 9th level and God Rank, fighting strength is extraordinary. To come in Yun Ying, Battle Beast that these Summoner summoned, fully can let Ark Continent here has suffered loss, after all before Ark Continent here, simply did not have no God Rank Expert, here Magic Beast was highest is also 9th level, moreover quantity also very few, such fighting strength, how compared with God Race. However in Yun Ying and God Race all people have not thought that Zhao Hai suddenly meets appears , one broke their understanding to the Ark Continent here, these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai summoned, had almost about 9th level fighting strength, moreover these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai can batch produce come out, the quantity many to letting head was painful. Now Zhao Hai release large quantities of 9th level Magic Beast, this has made Yun Ying don’t know probably say that unexpectedly any was good, Zhao Hai demonstrated now the method , this feels to be startled in the people who in God Realm grows up extremely, Yun Ying understand, the place like Ark Continent, how possibly cannot appears Zhao Hai such monstruous talent. These raging bull rushed to nearby God Race Heavy Armor Cavalry quickly, God Race these Heavy Armor Cavalry fighting strength have demonstrated in the moment, their fighting strength are very strong, raging bull had the 9th level strength, but actually cannot bear their hammer.

However these raging bull after all are also 9th level, the strength is very big, many God Race Heavy Armor Cavalry, by these raging bull going against the ground, then the herd crossed, gave to stamp directly. But Zhao Hai naturally will not waste, all raging bull and God Race of dying Heavy Armor Cavalry, was received in Space by him, now his Undead Creature, can resist Main Force of god demon two clans, he must carry on the supplement to be good. His in hand Undead Creature, cannot achieve true undead after all, wanting to be destroyed, or by overweight attack, will die, from battle to the present, many Undead Creature had been killed, Zhao Hai supplemented. God Race these Heavy Armor Cavalry, were such flushed by raging bull, has to stop, but at this time Beastman Race Cavalry also received these Magic Beast attack that God Race Summoner summoned, their in hand had Blood Lightning Bead fortunately, in adding on them was some not slow Cavalry, this can run away the life under these Magic Beast attack. This time war also let these person of understand the God Race fearful place, talented person understand God Race fearful place that only then the frontage and God Race have fought, they faced was also only in God Race ordinary Heavy Armor Cavalry, what if they faced was God Race stronger branch of the services, they feared that can only wait for the slaughtered share. Those who make these Beastman Race disappointed is, these God Race of their use ordinary weapon to carry on attack the time, to damage that God Race causes very limited, if no Zhao Hai Blood Lightning Bead, they want to kill Heavy Armor Cavalry are very difficult. Did not mean that their weapon are inferior to God Race, but is their strengths was inferior that these God Race people, Heavy Armor Cavalry, in God Race, is only an ordinary military strength, can say besides the impulse, they not too many good points. But is this, their ordinary 8th level strengths, with their inborn Divine Power, think that dauntless incomparable Beastman can't compare with, this also made these Beastman Race understand God Race fighting strength. Only the person said in many, was inferior the reality that own eye sees, these Beastman know that now why fighting of Zhao Hai such attaching great importance to and God Race, simultaneously these Beastman also matching took Zhao Hai, must resist entire God Race by strength of the, this must big compelling strength, the strong strength to dare to do, can achieve. The fight is continuing, but Yun Ying actually presently, they think that with descending the mountain such as the city is almost is impossible today, Zhao Hai that layer leaves not the poor method, making Yun Ying their difficult take to descend the mountain like the city in a short time, it seems like they must prepare long-term war. At this time Elven Race already returned to in battlefield, but just pursued their team of Pegasus Light Cavalry, vanished, was not coming back.

Yun Ying has calculated the loss of this side, he presently from the fight to the present, they lost ten thousand people, must know that they from beginning to the present several hours, such big loss, are Yun Ying have not thought. Before Yun Ying must the guest unable to attack to descend the mountain regarding the silver like the city, moreover suffered heavy casualties also felt that disdaining, thinks that was the silver must incompetent of guest, but he knows with Zhao Hai exchange hands really that Zhao Hai was not affable, his method were too many, what most important was, Zhao Hai was connected including the above Doppelganger of god to give to kill unexpectedly, this was too big to his attack. Following Heavy Armor Cavalry is blocked, Pegasus Light Cavalry of space is also blocked, almost does not have the means such as to carry on any effective attack to the mountain, this situation lets Yun Ying does not have the means boldly, the weaponry projects on this degree, is his ten thousand never expected, but he believes now that the weaponry was unable such to hit. Yun Ying looked at the battlefield form, besides has not put into the fight beside Infantry, Light Cavalry and Heavy Armor Cavalry by cradling . Moreover the casualties are many, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature fighting strength are not weak, Yun Ying clenched teeth, silently said: Withdraw!” He just a saying ended, by him a messenger, immediately has put out a small copper clock, has knocked several on the small copper clock, this copper clock although seems like very small, the sound that however comes out is very loud, the entire battlefield heard the dāng dāng clock. These God Race people hear this ding to know that this is the sound that makes them retreat, they have not stayed, form Battle Formation, slowly goes toward retreat. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, has not ordered to pursue, the army that today the God Race person comes is not many, Zhao Hai feared if one pursue, at meeting ambush of God Race, even if no to ambush, if God Race were calling he pursued the past time, suddenly came attack Shan Rucheng here, that was also very dangerous, after all Zhao Hai knows that the God Race army quantity may be many. Zhao Hai stood in there, look at God Race has drawn back slowly, however his mood actually very heavy, although they have blocked God Race attack today, the method that but God Race showed that also made Zhao Hai deal with very difficult. That Immortal Cultivator who especially God Race that Summoning Spell, they summoned, making Zhao Hai live greatly vigilantly, opposite party Doppelganger, almost oneself extinguishing, if main body, that strength strong? If God Race can summon many Immortal Cultivator Doppelganger, his trouble was big. All retreats to these God Race, Zhao Hai returned to on Shan Rucheng city wall, Lizzy saw Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, are you all right? Just I thought that you were injured probably?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I am all right, this harvest is not good, you prepare, in Dwarf Race and Beastman Race have were injured much, must secure as soon as possible govern them.” Lizzy nodded, immediately ordering made the people in army prepare, also removed Shan Rucheng Defense Protective Shield, making outside three clansman come. Before long three clansman came back, in these people have some injured, some died in battle, person Zhao Hai that these died in battle has not turned into Undead Creature them, treats the enemy, Zhao Hai can turn into Undead Creature them, treats the person on one's own side, Zhao Hai has not actually done, although this will make him lose many Undead Creature, but he knows, if he has done, that three clansman feared that will be angry, even if not get angry with him at the scene, later in wants to cooperate to oppose the enemy, will be also difficult. Lizzy has made the preparation ahead of time, these injured immediately obtained An Zhi, is also making these Undead Creature give these wounded person wound treatment in this time Zhao Hai, but he is getting the team leader people of several clans, to Shan Ruli City Lord Mansion, City Lord Mansion here turned into the operations room now. After waiting for several clansman, Zhao Hai turned the head look at their said : today to fight with God Race, said that felt what kind of?” Several people of complexion are not quite good, God Race stems from their meanings formidable, if today does not have Blood Lightning Bead, does not have Zhao Hai, their simply is impossible to result in God Race. Zhao Hai turns the head the look at people, shows a faint smile said : not to speak? Felt that God Race is very formidable? He He, they in formidable, had not been expelled by us, feel relieved, I am making the best use of the time to manufacture Potion now, believes that will have more and more person strengths to be promoted, when the time comes we did not need to fear God Race.” Baker nodded said : God Race is very formidable, but they are also not one surmountable, if our strengths were promoted, we not necessarily cannot hit them.” Several people nodded, they also know that they and between God Race, disparity in the maximum disparity this strength, in the God Race army the lowest strength is 8th level , but 8th level in them, is Expert, the disparity of both sides was too big. ro! ~!