The disparity of strength is obvious, but also most makes head painful, the strength was not one day can practice, but this issue actually is also the present Ark Continent here army most universal issue. In the Ark Continent here ordinary army, the soldier strength is not very strong, soldier in has plenty army, most is also about the 5th level strength, even if likely various countries' Elite department armed forces, strongest is also 7th level or 8th level , ordinary is strength of 5th level about to 6th level. If such strength with Ark Continent here other countries to the war, to is not a problem, everyone/Great Clan is such strength. However with God Race and Demon Race to war, appears is insufficient, God Race was needless saying that in their armies now looks like, strength lowest was also 8th level , but the strength of Demon Race army people was also very strong, weakest was also 7th level, in adding on Magic Beast living environment and other reasons, their fighting strength came compared with God Race is not bad, as the matter stands, the disparity of strength one under on demonstrating coming out, this disparity looked like a gap, horizontal between Ark Continent and god demon two clans. Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, show a faint smile said : „the matter of strength to be easy to do, wait for two days I to come out with a batch Potion, mister your strengths have been promoted, minimum makes you promote to 8th level to arrive at 9th level, we have with the strength that God Race fights.” Nods of Baker several people of one face happy expression, this information regarding them, absolutely is good information, if they do not come Shan Rucheng here, but when also don’t know can drink Level Up Potion that Zhao Hai provides, after all on Continent the population were too many, even if only promotes the strength of soldier, when is one's turn them, don’t know was that year that moon/month. Zhao Hai looked at their said : except for the promotion of level, everyone/Great Clan must also think to cope with the God Race tactic well, in today's war, you also looked, God Race fighting strength was extraordinary, moreover their Battle Formation, use very skillful of also thinks that was defeating them, considered is insufficient by the strength. ” The people nodded, Zhao Hai deep voice said : waits a while I to arrange, delivers rear area the person who these severe wounds cripple recuperates, other wounded I have made the person process, after going back, you want the appease good your person, God Race such will not consider as finished, moreover I am worried, Demon Race there also will possibly have the sound, such words our days were sadder. ” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” felt had a heavy heart, when has not fought with God Race, they will not have such idea, but has handed over a hand with God Race truly, they knew huge the disparity with God Race, God Race so was difficult to hit, if were adding on one with God Race similar Demon Race, their days only sad. Looked at people said : to be good, just had fought a war, everyone/Great Clan was also tired, went back to rest well, dispersed.” People have stood, turn around walked to a Zhao Hai ritual ”. When people leave, Zhao Hai immediately was bringing Lizzy their returned to in Space, Laura they also in Space busy, mixing of various types of commodities they were responsible for by Laura, must say that Laura and Ryan were in several people are most laborious. Zhao Hai greeted several people, after several people sit down, Zhao Hai then said : today's and God Race war time, God Race summoned another person this to say by the God Race person for on god, can hearthis person also to want existence of Advanced level from this name compared with God Race, but this person also truly was fierce, he was only small Doppelganger projection, on can injure, if were not Cai'er responded that quick, today I on the danger, God Race have been able to summon a person like this, on. Possibly summoned second, if in appears several such people, we were dangerous. ”

Laura they also know certainly today's bad risk degree, therefore several people frowned, Lizzy deep voice said : „does that Elder Brother Hai your Venerable think?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : we must be ready, if God Race can summon many such people to come, we must complete momentarily the person on Continent, shifts in the preparation to Space, do you look?” Laura nodded said : looks like also can only be this, had, now comes such one that God Race and Demon Race suffice us to receive also to want existence of Advanced level compared with God Race, if that person of real appears in here, that really can only shift the people on Continent to Space in comes.” Lizzy look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do we want to tell Patriarch of various clans this matter? Let them also well have a preparation.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present do not say, in order to avoid causes the wide scope the panic, that has troubled, waits first, hopes that did not want an accident.” In this time, Zhao Hai complexion suddenly changes, his hand revolution, has put out Message Fish, this Message Fish is Zhao Hai and Queen Elf hold a conversation special-purpose that Message Fish, what matter at this time did Queen Elf ask him to have? Elven Race there has any accident. Zhao Hai is immediately/on horseback what matter Your Majesty asking me to Message Fish said :?” Was saying him while refers to child referring to the screen, Cai'er immediately brought Elven Race there the picture lane on screen, picture appears of queen on the screen. Present Queen Elven Race looks like very anxious, her complexion is somewhat pale, probably lived any fearful matter to be the same. The queen hears the Zhao Hai sound, immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : mister, has had an accident, our Elven Race Divine object, the tree of life is withering, asking mister to come to see.” Zhao Hai has gawked, his immediately has thought that prediction of Dwarf Race, in that prediction of Dwarf Race has one is the Elf tree is dry, said is Elf clan the tree of Divine object life.

A Elf clan the tree of life regards their gods same has been respecting, they have thought that is the life goddess regarding a gracious gift of Elf clan, but doing of tree of life to Elf clan with also truly is very big, the tree of life not only can make a Elf clan regarding the comprehension of life Magic quicker, the fluid of life he secretes, is one type of wound treatment and good Potion that speeds up practicing, in Spatial Water most from the beginning is the ingredient of fluid of life. The tree of this life don’t know had grown for how many years, had not withered, even if like Zhao Hai the status, Elven Race has not made Zhao Hai look at the tree of life now, obviously attaching great importance to degree of Elf race's tree to life, has not actually thought that now the tree of life starts to wither unexpectedly, this regarding a Elf clan, absolutely is the prime important matter. Zhao Hai one hear of Queen Elf said that also anxious, his quickly said: When presently? What's the matter.” Facial expression still anxious said : of queen is today, I to went to the life to set up in the past same there carries on to pray, presently among the trees of life however appears the situation of withering, I know that in the prediction of Dwarf Race has mentioned this point, therefore wants to ask that mister has any means.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : first has blocked this information, other to know, my immediately.” Zhao Hai very clear, if makes the Elven Race person know that the tree of life is withering, that will make these Elf insane absolutely, its consequence meets to make Elven Race know that God Race and Demon Race must invade are serious. The queen complied with one, Zhao Hai immediately received Message Fish, then the personal appearance moved on appears in the Elven Race Tree of Life city, then directly soared the imperial palace. The Zhao Hai present status is long old of Elf clan, in adding on now is the special time, therefore these Elf looked at Zhao Hai to come, thinks that was frontline also has any matter, has not cared, Zhao Hai opened access to the Elven Race imperial palace. Queen uneasy whether sitting or standing walks in Great Hall of imperial palace, outside one hear transmitted the notification saying that Zhao Hai arrived, queen immediately/on horseback said : invited quickly.” Waited for Zhao Hai to enter Great Hall, guard said : of queen immediately/on horseback to in front of the door exited, doorkeeper closed, to disturb.” That two guards complied with one, turn around left Great Hall. When the guard exited, Zhao Hai turns the head to queen said : Your Majesty, this what's the matter? Why will the tree of life wither?”

The queen shook the head said : my also don’t know, today I on the tree of present life have leaf unexpectedly Huang Zi, before this is, has never had the situation, mister comes with me.” The Zhao Hai point, the nod, queen has then led Zhao Hai to walk toward Great Hall behind. Great Hall behind has small courtyard, in courtyard stopped two voiceless sound birds, the queen is sitting carrying on the back of voiceless sound bird, Zhao Hai sat another back, the voiceless sound bird has flapped the wings to shoot up to the sky, flew toward the place above of Tree of Life city. Tree of Life city high, Zhao Hai and don’t know, he only knows that very high, the too high place he has not gone, therefore above has any him also and don’t know. The voiceless sound bird is almost straight upward flies, non-stop flew for about hundred hours, this stopped on a tree branch, this branch not very thick, most only tolerated a person to walk above, had Tree Hole in root there of branch, inside was dark, did not see clearly to have any thing. The queen carries on the back from the voiceless sound bird, walks toward Tree Hole, walks while said : for these years, mister is first sees outside clansman of tree of life.” Zhao Hai queen, wants to come in him, tree of certain very tall and big this life, grew after all these many years, Zhao Hai has thought the Tree of Life city is the tree of life, now looks like probably is not. Quick Zhao Hai entered that Tree Hole on the queen, enters to Tree Hole do not turn curved, then linked has been turning two curved, this made this Tree Hole appear somewhat black, in this time, Zhao Hai was actually feeling that front resembled green radiance to show, then Zhao Hai felt that a very formidable strength was dispersing slowly. The queen has not spoken, actually unconscious putting lightly the footsteps, Zhao Hai also knows that went to the place quickly, put lightly the footsteps, they one after the other, slowly proceeded. Front green light is getting more and more bright, Zhao Hai felt that strength that is also getting stronger and stronger, this strength although very formidable, but actually gives people the one type of very temperate feeling, looks like warm sunlight, like mother's hand, he gently is stroking you, making you feel warm, felt that the mind is tranquil.! ~!