Entered a small arched entrance, Zhao Hai and queen entered one are not very big in the room, this room added also more than 100 square meters, but actually about five meters high, in the middle of this room, pool, ” grew one in the pool middle is not being very high small tree. This does not set up long very unusualall over the body is the green . Moreover the entire tree is transparent, looks like looks like that green Crystal carves, a point cannot look at this is plants. But most makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange isthis tree unexpectedly only then nine withies, on each withy only grows a leafeach leaf is also being is similar to Crystal carves to be the same, is only the color in leaf vein place deeply, appears attractive. However in these nine leaves, now actually the leaf became slightly somewhat yellow, looks like probably is the leaf slowly is losing plant to be the same. In this pool, is putting several Pu Tuan, can look at these Pu Tuan very much to be clean, understood at a glance that some frequent people use. The queen has arrived on Pu Tuan, has knelt gently, was doing obeisance three to do obeisance to pond in small tree, this has stood, turned the head to Zhao Hai said :, mister, this was Divine object of our Elf clan the life of life, before on the tree of this life all leaves were the greens, but today my time, actually presently a leaf turned into yellow, this on had been remembered a that prediction of Dwarf clan by me, therefore please mister come to see. ” Zhao Hai nodded, has arrived at pool, this pool is not very big, inside packed the water completely, Zhao Hai approached the pool nearby to know, the fluid of this water lifecompared with fluid of Advanced level that life his first time obtaineddensity even bigger. But the tree of life on long in this pool, in this pool does not have earth ” the tree of this life probably is the parasitism is the same on this giant tree. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, to be honesthis don’t know empties Fujian whether to revive the tree of this life ”, if Space can revive that to sayif cannot revive, a trouble of Elf clan was big. Queen look at Zhao Hai complexion, cannot help but in the heart sinksshe to think that Zhao Hai does not have the means to revive the tree of life, but she asked said :, what means did mister have?”

Zhao Hai turned the head to look at a queen, deep voice said : „I have been able to try to find the solution, but I not full assurance, moreover I cannot treat and cure in here, brought to bring the tree of life to a place, was treating and curing, if the Your Majesty agreement, I can try, if Your Majesty did not agree that” that I did not have what good means. ” As soon as the queen listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, then he knit the brows said : mister, the tree of this life regarding our Elf clan was really too important, I did not have means immediately/on horseback to decide that” I want in the person with clan to discuss was answering mister. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, but this matter regarding a Elf clan means that anything Your Majesty should compared with me clear, I was not many said that I hope that Your Majesty do not create a panic of Elf clan, ” under fox, if made me carry off the tree of life, I had the eight layers assurance to cure him . Moreover the time will not be long. ” As soon as the queen listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawkedthen she to nod said :, good, mister asks feel relieved I to process, mister invited. ” Said that leads Zhao Hai to move toward tree outside walks. They arrived at outside Tree HoleZhao Hai not on voiceless sound bird, but turned the head Your MajestyI not to remain in here to queen said : „, obtained frontline to have a look, if you agreed that made me treat and cure, informed me to be good with Message Fish.” The queen nodded said : well, so on trouble mister.” Zhao Hai bowed personal appearance flashesto vanish slightly in same place to the queen ”, queen immediately rode the voiceless sound bird, flew in the direction of imperial palace. They do not have immediately returned to Shan Rucheng there, but entered Space, has assigned out Shan Rucheng there picture look at in Space. Shan Rucheng there to is nothing, Zhao Hai has counted next today's fight, now in Space of team Magic Beast Level Up, what what a pity wasmajority of only arrives at 9th levelnot to arrive at God Rank Magic Beast, moreover he received many Undead Creature, in these Undead Creaturetrue God Rank were not many, mostly now is 9th level, Space promoted. Does not have the means that today homicide mostly is God Race Heavy Armor Cavalry and Light Cavalry, these two branch of the services also don’t know what's the matter, the status in God Race possibly are not very high, their strengths limited.

Moreover Zhao Hai also present, God Rank was a ridgeSpace not like before, can easily he must wait till conditions are ripe to be good the level promotion of Undead Creature ”, looked like promotes his Light Element Undead Creature, was because in Space join god Sacred Techique standard and other types of Light Element Divine Artifact, this let the Light Element Undead Creature liter God Rank, but Darkness Element labor dead life form, was because received punctured shade this Demon Race God Rank Expert, level was promoted, Fire element Undead Creature, was because accepted Huan Hu and many Fire element God Rank Expert, this obtained. Has raised. But reason that the Zhao Hai inference, Space meets appears this situation , because the reason of Undead Creature quantityin his Space largest Undead Creature, is actually Water element, what minimum is Light Element, because Light Element Undead Creature are few, therefore only received the god Sacred Techique standard and other types of Divine Artifact, energy sufficed Light Element Undead Creature Level Up in Space, but dark was black Undead Creature is also not many ”, therefore after Zhao Hai accepted punctured the shade, Darkness Element Undead Creature also Level Up, but Fire element Undead Creature were many, therefore in Huan Hu God Rank Expert energy not means by these Undead Creature Level Up, returned to many Fire element God Rank Expertthen to meet the energy requirements of Level Up, Fire element Undead Creature was Level Up. Now looked likehe wants in other Undead Creature Level Up in Space, was not that easy, with massive energy join that Undead Creature tallied, can Level Up succeed. Today his although has killed many God Race people, but in these God Race people have a large part not to achieve God Rank, even has not achieved 9th level, therefore Undead Creature in Space does not have Level Up, but he grasps today many living Magic Beast, these Magic Beast level are very high, therefore Magic Beast Level Up in Space. although this is only the guess of Zhao Hai, but he thinks possibility that one guess not wrong, but he wants to confirm, Zhao Hai immediately called Cai'er, asked the relationship Space Undead Creature Level Up situation. Really, obtained a ten points preparation from Cai'er there Zhao Hai[ answered] case, with similar that he suspected, wish lets the Undead Creature liter God Rank, must have with his attribute equal energy join ”, moreover general energy was not good, must be also related with Undead Creature, energy that to was dying. Probably is the god Sacred Techique standard, although they are Divine Artifact, but they after all are the thing, energy that in them contains, dies, not like trees or grass these life form, they[ body] energy that in contains lives, but these live energyregarding Undead Creature useless. But reason that punctures the shade and Huan Hu can let Undead Creature Level Up in Space, that is because they were killed, they after being killed,[ body] in energy dies by live turning, can therefore promote these Undead Creature. One hear of Cai'er said Zhao Hai also on understand, his present understand why Bubble join to Space time, Undead Creature in Space did not have Level UpBubble although to seem like the dying thing, actually he had his Spiritual Wisdom, his equal to was a living creature, he[ body] in strength, these Undead Creature also had more than enough, therefore these Undead Creature did not have Level Up. Also very much not bears regarding this situation Zhao Hai, it seems like later wish lets these Undead Creature Level Up, can only kill with them God Rank Expert with attribute, can only make these Undead Creature have enough energy Level Up with this.

Sighed, Zhao Hai has put down this matter, he turned the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, can you analyze, the tree of that life what's the matter? Why will turn into that appearance?”, Cai'er shook the head said : Young Master this now unable to analyze, only then attains after the tree of life Space, ” possibly can analyze. ”, Did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : that you to think Space the tree of life curing?”, Cai'er smiles said :, did not have issue Young Master you to forget, in Space can dying is about one month of plants resurrectingcures the tree of life certainly not to have the issue, moreover looked at the appearance of tree of that life, probably was very formidable, if received in him Space, perhaps Space can Level Up. ” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Hope so.” Zhao Hai changed to Yangping city there the Space screen, he wants to have a look at the Demon Race person to have any soundDemon Race there still not to have the sound, their God Rank Expert still in increasingnow their God Rank Expert the population have achieved 10,000, this made Zhao Hai complexion uglier, Demon Race these God Rank Expert fighting strength very strong ” the present one were also many these many peopleZhao Hai to keep second tone city there God Rank Undead Creature, was not enough to resist Demon Race, this time time he also gave second tone city there to send to some Magic Cannon and Crystal Stone fortunately, they should be able to resist one, but. Feared that could not resist the multi- time, when the time comes Zhao Hai must rescue. Now the issue came, if God Race and Demon Race person, simultaneous moving attack, Zhao Hai will unable to attend to one thing without losing track of another thing, feared that is very difficult to keep in view two heads, their true troubles came. Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai does not have what good means that although his in hand good thing to be many, but these good thing, to deal with a side, but also exempts may, if simultaneously starts with two sides, insufficiently looked. Now Zhao Hai in hand Main Force is these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature united the opposite enemy to say fortunately, one, but they separated, that will let God Race and Demon Race all defeatsone, but these Undead Creature were eliminated, Zhao Hai the strength of hand quantity will lose most, when the time comes did not have noon the means to cope with God Race and Demon Race.! ~!