Chapter 747 anxious Elf Zhao Hai static is taking a walk on Space outside Prairie, after Space since had Wind Bead, some once for a while breeze will have blown, this made also in Space more comfortable, Zhao Hai comes out to relax now own. God Race looks like with Demon Race two huge mountain same pressures on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, he almost all time is used to think now how to God Race and Demon Race to fighting, this makes tight, does not have moment relaxation of his nerve has collapsed, this makes Zhao Hai feel tired. Happen to now he just repelled an attack of God Race, Demon Race there did not have the sound, Elven Race still to discuss, he also on rare had a rest time, therefore he comes out to relax. Slowly, Zhao Hai has arrived around Universal Machine unexpectedly, the digit that on look at Universal Machine beats, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, obtained a treasure he is very happy, but behind this treasure that enemy, was lets the Zhao Hai headache not by, that was must let existence of head pain compared with God Race. Zhao Hai has rubbed own brow gently, now his probably each matter is not very satisfactory, matter one after another, lets Zhao Hai is tired out by dealing with. However these matters he has to deal with, troublesome in here, Zhao Hai cannot help but also sighed, looked at the figure of that beat, now looks, when had less than two days, that Tiny Pagoda can Level Up succeed. To be honest, regarding that Tiny Pagoda ability, Zhao Hai very appreciates, so long as this Tiny Pagoda can Level Up, perhaps be able to lead Undead Creature Level Up, moreover he can also through this Tiny Pagoda, understand that matters about these Immortal Cultivator, he is also good to make a preparation. Also transferred a small meeting in the surrounding, relaxed the mood well, Zhao Hai returned to in the room, Laura they also finished, was sitting in Space the look at screen, brightly teaches country there that on the screen demonstrated that now God Race has taught country there to seize brightly, moreover they have been based on various big city markets, has established giant military compounds. But sees these military compounds, Zhao Hai also understand, why God Race ships in these huge Magic Cannon that to use, these Magic Cannon are placed on city wall of God Race several most army camps now, it seems like that artillery is the city garrison artillery, no wonder moves to be so difficult. Laura they looked at Zhao Hai to come back, several people have stood hastily, Laura puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you went to that how just to have found to owe you on the screen?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to go to that transfers the extension to outside, relaxes, did you finish? What kind of?”

Laura nodded said : present material to transport had been on the track, various countries know how must coordinate, therefore did more relaxed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be good, should not be too tired, now also don’t know Elven Race there discusses how, if can bring the tree of life to Space in, possibly Space can also Level Up, be what kind of that don’t know they discussed.” Laura smiles said : „to comply, if they do not comply, can only the look at life tree of helplessly lose plant, Elven Race cannot bear such attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at God Race these military compounds, sighed said : this to fear that was only God Race part of armies, will be more at the quantity of Rear Army team, if our strengths were not very when the time comes big, feared that could not block God Race attack.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they were also silent, over the two days God Race attack can say that is not violent, the population is also not extremely numerous, God Race mainly establishes these military compound give priority to evidently now, Zhao Hai they looked, God Race has established many military compounds, but in these military compounds, has not been filled up with, this also no wonder, before the light taught the population of country's, but number by hundred million, but now the God Race army comes the multi- talents, but more than ten millions, possibly is how filled up with that many cities. Cannot be filled up with obviously, they also construct that my military compound, that only then explained that these military compounds establish to the following army, prepares for the later army arrival. In this regard, God Race truly be stronger than Demon Race, Demon Race although was to invade Ark Continent has prepared for a long time, but compared to with God Race little, therefore God Race had Radiant Church to do to aid, can use up the people in wise teaching country's to carry on Sacrificial Offering, making God Race change Law of the Heaven and Earth, now God Race is relaxed had own temporary lodging, not like Demon Race, but must construct the city. Lizzy turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, if later God Race and Demon Race together attacks us, what to do we can?” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : that only to draw back, falls back on Accra Mountain against silk there, blocks the attack of God Race and Demon Race in there, so long as we have blocked their attack, when the time comes I do not believe God Race and Demon Race can continuously that peaceful is together.” Laura nodded said : this is also our beforehand plans, but before us, somewhat had underestimated God Race and Demon Race strength, wants to turn into a giant battlefield Buddha Empire here, now looked like is not too possible.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, if God Race and Demon Race such are increasing the armed forces to get down, we can only fall back on Accra Mountain there have defended on all fronts, but we must drag them in here as far as possible some time, enabling Accra Mountain defense line there to have more time to prepare.”

Laura nodded, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that we must deliver to father there Blood Lightning Bead, lets father research well, perhaps the father can manufacture Might even bigger weapon.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, Blood Lightning Bead was extremely dangerous, if injures to the father accidentally is not good, Blood Lightning Bead to Elven Race they then with being OK, as far as possible the promotion that now we must do their strength, was right, a while I brought some Spatial Water to exit, first made the mountain such as city here person level enhance was saying.” Laura several people nodded, Zhao Hai looked at Shan Rucheng there one, there to is all is very normal, after all just passed through war not long after, everyone/Great Clan was very tired, has been resting. Lizzy turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you also sleeping well, after waiting to awake, was exiting, making them also well rest.” Zhao Hai looked at Shan Rucheng the there situation, nodded said : well, everyone/Great Clan goes to rest well, several days, God Race had feared that must have the movement.” Laura their these days also is really tired unbearable, fights one to link, although Laura they do not need to break through enemy lines, but this logistics work trouble, tired, they had good long time not to rest really well. Sleeping of well, next morning, Zhao Hai getting up early, has prepared massive Spatial Water, this walked out from Space, now entire Shan Rucheng is livelier than others. The war later people will be very tired, but similarly, will make people feel that unprecedented excited yesterday is because was too tired, therefore these people have rested, today rest well, the excited vigor has actually come up, therefore they started coming out to move. After Zhao Hai to Shan Rucheng City Lord Mansion, on immediately the people of several clans found, gave them Spatial Water, making them give all 8th level following people, moreover told them, in the following two days of time, they did not have any fight duty, they mainly promote their strength. The people of several large clans naturally are very happy, they were already waiting for this day, do not look the army that the person of this several clan sends is Elite, but truly achieves 8th level few, currently have such opportunity, their naturally happy. Potion just got down, Queen Elf gave Zhao Hai to receive a letter, agreed request of Zhao Hai, agreed that Zhao Hai carried off to treat and cure the tree of life.

This to is makes Zhao Hai somewhat stare, he has not thought that Queen Elf so will be unexpectedly good to speak, but he was immediately to the Elven Race imperial palace, just arrived at the Elven Race imperial palace, he presently here atmosphere was very not right, although in these ordinary guard don’t know what's the matter, but Elf imperial palace here is actually standing now the elder character of extremely, on additional these 9th level Expert appears in the imperial palace, has not gasped for breath who the atmosphere in imperial palace constrained. Zhao Hai looked that this situation stares, his immediately entered the imperial palace, queen in imperial palace, but she has not sat, in her side, stands in several Elven Race Level 9 Elder, before these long Old Zhao seas, has not seen, it seems like it is in Elven Race the character of true old probably old rank, but those who most let Zhao Hai happy is, in these elders, there are some strength close God Rank, might evidently break through God Rank anytime. However Zhao Hai also present, mood very fishy of these elders, person spiritless, actually appears anxious exceptionally, the matter of tree of life, is very evidently big to their stimulation. Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, if these elders maintain such state of mind, they are forever impossible to break through God Rank, it seems like that the matter of tree of this life must be solved as soon as possible is good. The queen looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately/on horseback welcomed, face anxious said : mister you may come, I agreed that the request of mister, mister followed me quickly, asking mister to rescue quite the tree of life.” The appearance that Zhao Hai looks at the queen, cannot help but some said : „did Your Majesty, what matter live?” The queen looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed said : to frank, mister, this morning, the leaf of tree of life the piece withered, the time has not allowed us to wait.” Zhao Hai has gawked, this knows the gravity of matter, the tree of life altogether nine leaves, two days time, two pieces withered, if in does not treat and cure, in less than several days, feared that was the tree of entire life has lost plant, such loss, a Elf clan could not withstand. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : good, asking Your Majesty to carry off, our immediately/on horseback went to setting up of there life.” The queen nodded, walked toward the backyard of imperial palace, sits the voiceless sound bird, the straight rebirth life set up there to fly, today she has not prepared Mount to Zhao Hai, she knows that the Zhao Hai strength, did not need Mount he to be also same can fly, moreover today is not a Zhao Hai person does not need Mount to fly, the Elven Race these 9th level elders set up there to fly with the Zhao Hai together rebirth life, therefore the queen do not give Zhao Hai to prepare Mount. ro! ~!