Chapter 748 opens, Magic-type background Zhao Hai when one time arrives the life sets up there, really lived the change of tree of life, yesterday only then a leaf changes yellow, today had two pieces, although has not fallen from the tree in these two leaves, but on that leaf is spiritless, was not having Life Force to measure. Side of tree of Zhao Hai arriving life slowly, careful looks to measure the tree of this life, this tree does not look at any wool from the semblance present, so is still attractive, is only that two pieces of yellow leaves, actually somewhat destroyed the aesthetic sense of tree. The queens and these elder somewhat anxious look at Zhao Hai, they feared that Zhao Hai suddenly said that he could not govern, that Elven Race ended. Actually Zhao Hai looks how long is the tree root of this life tree, he quite gathers, but does not injure to arrive at the tree root, looked some little time, Zhao Hai present a special place, yesterday Zhao Hai has thought that the tree of this life is the parasitism on this giant tree, now carefully looks present, simply is not that a matter, the tree of this life, lengthens by joining unexpectedly in the water, his root on that the plate in the water, not and this big tree has any connected place, can say that the tree of this life, on is floats. Aquatic. This presently makes Zhao Hai feel that very surprised, he has not thought really that can be this unexpectedly, but this also made him gather the process of tree of this life more relaxed. Zhao Hai turns the head Queen look at said : Your Majesty, I must carry off the tree of life now, most late tomorrow will have information, does not know that Your Majesty may agree.” Queen Elf turned the head to look at these 9th level Expert, these 9th level Expert nods of silently, the tree of life regarding Elven Race was really too important, but Zhao Hai was they finally hopes, if could not treat and cure Zhao Hai, on that Continent also nobody can treat and cure. Reason that these people will have such big confidence to Zhao Hai , because before Zhao Hai , helping them fix the Divine Artifact Elf bow, regarding Elven Race, Elf bow and tree of same important life, therefore they can such trust Zhao Hai. The queen looked that these elders nod, she then turns the head to nod said : to invite mister make a move to Zhao Hai, we agreed.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, the tree of Space rift rebirth life covers together, these Elf one face anxious look at that said Space rift, they feared that said Space rift on the wound to the tree of life. Zhao Hai very arrived regarding Space rift control now, crack along pool side slowly downward covers, has not bumped into tree of the life, but also the pool fluid of life, has all taken into Space.

Waited for Zhao Hai to receive Space rift the time, tree of life the pool fluid in of life vanished, Zhao Hai then let out a long breath, turned the head to queen said : Your Majesty, I find the way, tomorrow our imperial palace to see now.” The Zhao Hai flashes body entered Space. Zhao Hai just arrived at Space, immediately the let out of tree of life from Warehouse, put Space pool there, the tree of life just appears , in Space immediately had transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Lives is polluted, includes the great quantity Wood element energy life, seeking treatment from life form must spend Host 1 million gold coins, treats and cures.” Zhao Hai one hear of Space prompt sound, is happy, is grieved, what happy is the tree of this life can ask, what is grieved, this 1 million gold coins such vanished. However Zhao Hai or deep voice said : immediately/on horseback treatment.” In Space in the view raised a white light, according to the tree of life, the tree root of life came yellow, becomes dies the heavy leaf, unexpectedly slowly changed green, moreover looked like probably compared with before bright. Before long white light vanishes, the tree of life restored such as beginning, moreover looked like compared with former spirit, the appearance of tree of Zhao Hai look at life, cannot help but let out a long breath. In this time, Space in one time is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Presently massive Dark Energy from this life, withdraws energy, increases this life anti- Dark Energy pollution capacity, Dark Energy that withdraws, may be used in Universal Machine in the Level Up object in Level Up, in Space increases Wood element energy, meets the Five Elements balanced standard, may use Strength of Five Elements, is carrying on Level Up to Universal Machine in the Level Up object, may carry on Level Up to Host Life Source Magical Artifact Dao Lotus, whether Level Up.” Zhao Hai one hear also has this good deed, immediately/on horseback said : immediately/on horseback Level Up.” The Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : „the Level Up Universal Machine Artifact body, must increase the Level Up time 12 hours, Level Up Host Life Source Magical Artifact may immediately/on horseback carry on, does not need gold coins, whether needs Level Up.” Zhao Hai in affirmative said : immediately/on horseback Level Up.” His voice just fell, five colors Divine Light fell his body together, Zhao Hai felt that this five colors Divine Light one has crashed in his within the body, after his within the body transferred two, one has spilled into the dantian, entered in Dao Lotus, after Dao Lotus attracted this energy, appeared tenderer more and beautiful, but Zhao Hai actually very clear, this tender and beautiful was only the semblance, do not look at Dao Lotus looks like probably is the delicate appearance, actually after Water Refining, in adding on present Level Up, now the intensity of truth, compared with that Tiny Pagoda difference, even on strong several. Share. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, under him that Monster Core of dantian place, received moistening of Strength of Five Elements probably, could become golden, moreover in increasing slowly, above Monster Core, but also appeared a golden dragonet, this dragonet was not the Ark Continent here dragon, but was Chinese dragon, this strip Dragon Pan above Monster Core, closed one's eyes, probably in sleeping soundly to be the same.

But on him that villain in dantian place, became congealing, this let Zhao Hai being startled, he presently his spiritual force also obtained very big growth, moreover among the Five Elements air/Qi to Heaven and Earth, the feeling was keener. Zhao Hai turned the head to look to Universal Machine, Universal Machine there has not lived any too big change probably, Elf that but beaten, increased for 12 hours. At this time Laura they arrived at outside of villa, the tree of curious look at that life, Cai'er has also flown the Zhao Hai side, but Zhao Hai present, the Cai'er height resembled double increased, now the Cai'er height had the arm of adult to be so high. Zhao Hai look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, does the tree of this life have the advantage to you very much?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, has the advantage very much, not only the tree of this life has the advantage to me, in all plants to Space has the advantage, if in our Space plants tree of the life, Space in slowly these Level Up time long plants, will become will have Spiritual Wisdom, will look like that monster colored clan is the same.” Zhao Hai stares, then his immediately/on horseback said : „can the tree of that this life have the intelligence?” Cai'er shook the head said : „unable, the tree of this life looks like Energy Converter, he can transform Wood element energy all energy, if lives one in Space, not only can let plants in Space long is better, will also be very likely to produce Wood element Crystal Stone, before the tree of this life, cannot transform Dark Energy, but after Space transform, now has also been OK, I estimated that Young Master your Dao Lotus and that Tiny Pagoda, feared that also had similar ability.” Forced smile said : that the tree of Zhao Hai look at this life, not bears was a pity that the tree of this life must give back to Elven Race, not so raising in Space, may not be really small to our advantage.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, how you have forgotten, now the tree of life in the list of Spatial Shop, you have been able to buy a seedling, then waits slowly his is long.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : that must wait for many years, the tree of this life in Elven Race there had grown for how many years, has grown into this appearance, feared that was he had grown up, my don’t know died many to return.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master this don’t know, Elven Race there is not the tree of very suitable life to grow actually, the there land cannot meet the growth requirements of tree of life, therefore Elven Race tree of the life, can only be a handicap physically weak this person, will therefore get sick, moreover long so is small, but in Space the growth of tree of very suitable life, like his will actually live long time big reduction, moreover long compared with this on big many.”

What Zhao Hai great happiness said : that also waits, immediately/on horseback buys two types by the room, plants in there can? Can plant first on Farming Ground?” Cai'er smiles said : not to need, to plant has been OK in villa gate both sides, the tree of this life is not only Energy Converter, a energy accent cuts, has these two trees, later Space Strength of Five Elements balanced.” Said that Cai'er bought the seedlings of trees of two life to plant by big gate of villa, Zhao Hai saw these two seedlings that in the store bought were happy, these two seedling each were not smaller than Elven Race the tree of that life, it seems like Elven Race tree of the life, but also was really a Innate physically weak kid. These two seedlings just bought, listens to Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: After the Space improvement, can adjust energy plants, introduces this plants because of Host, achieves the Level Up condition, Space Level Up to seven Level 10, Host may in buying ten background, in presently massive Magic-type because of Space moves plants, achieves to open the special background request, Space opens Magic-type background, Host may in discussing constructs to buy Magic-type background.” prompt: In Magic-type background has the massive special geographical environments, in these environment, Host can train many unusual Magic-type to move plants, will bring the even bigger pleasure to Host, invited the Host multi- in addition diligently!” Zhao Hai dull is listening to this prompt sound, he first time hears such prompt sound, Zhao Hai at once some do not understand what's the matter, his immediately/on horseback turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what is this?” Cai'er smiles said : to congratulate Young Master, these time gained in a big way, Space opened Magic-type background, in other words Young Master can buy some only appears to meet appears special background in the Magic novel, for example some floating islands, had special Magic Formation background, background of some extreme terrains, later Zhao Hai are many to have been possible to be let plants variation and Level Up place on equal to.” ro! ~!