Chapter 749 Magic background use Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that some understand Cai'er were any meanings, before Zhao Hai , on Earth, the Magic novel little had not looked that he naturally knows, some ordinary thing on Earth, to the Magic-type novel, in some special environment, possibly became some extraordinary treasures. But before his Space, although has plants that makes from Ark Continent much, but does not have to lose face, like some Heaven and Earth Treasure that Ark Continent here spreads, in Space are really not many. Now in Space must compound some Potion, ginseng that on the Earth on the main body uses, black and so on thing, because of this, therefore Space wants to compound God Rank Potion to require that long time. Just just Space prompt was, he can buy some Magic-type background, in other words, he can buy some quite special environment, was he can buy a volcano likely, because this volcano was the back, therefore his thermal energy was very possibly strong, forever will not actually spurt, but in such place, so long as planted some medicinal herbs, slowly by the energy invasion of Fire element, finally variation became some odd things Heaven and Earth Treasure, this regarding Space and Zhao Hai, was the big good deed. Moreover these background can also be used to train Magic Beast, for example some special Magic Beast, you, if a snake, has put your Carrion Swamp such place, his variation slowly becomes deadly poison Poison Snake. But in beforehand Space may not have such environment, now he can buy has background of such environment, then can be used to train plants, later Space available medicinal herbs will be more, possible Magic Beast will be also more, available Potion will be also many, this increases may, not only several environment special background are so simple. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs, grasps Cai'er, has kissed one on she tender slippery small face, this lets loose Cai'er, laughs. Cai'er actually by Zhao Hai own small face one red, hid Laura embarrassed they, Laura their although do not understand Zhao Hai why happy, but saw Zhao Little Hai happy their also happy, look at Zhao Hai that all people smiled. Some little time Zhao Hai calm a mood, turned the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, are these Magic-type backs expensive, if inexpensive, your immediately buys ten, has remembered, wants some environment to be special, can train Magic Beast, can plant herbal medicine.” The Cai'er small face somewhat is red, but one hear of Zhao Hai such told that immediately/on horseback said : Young Master feel relieved, these background not very expensive, the gold coins quantity in our Space very sufficient, I will arrange.”

Zhao Hai selected that to be good to said :, this matter handed over give you, so long as there are these background, but let some ordinary medicinal herbs variation, did we manufacture God Rank Potion are simpler?” Cai'er nodded said : is Young Master, so long as leaves some animal and plants with these background variation, our later when will manufacture God Rank Potion to be quicker.” Zhao Hai then knit the brows said : these background unable like Farming Ground here, can shorten the time that plants grows, this arrives is a little troublesome.” Cai'er smiles said : not Young Master, now spatial was rose seven Level 10, you can turn into the Black Soil place the red soil, not only produced increases, but also the mature time will also fly, but in these background there, you can in some specific places, divide to increase the plants mature land, land total quantity that delimited, but 1% of background land total quantity were OK.” Zhao Hai one hear of great happiness said : good, these on the give you plan, I do not want to manage, but these must spend money probably, Cai'er your also look at office, if money is really insufficient, thing that in Space has no need for temporarily, you can buy for Space directly, wrapped the appears [gold/metal], these Level Up to us were most important, other was not anything.” Cai'er sweet has complied with one, Zhao Hai gives her these is absolutely correct, because Cai'er unified with Space in together, she knows that in Space that feared small change , because of this, she can better use Space, in additional Space here variation that computation, thing that Cai'er plans, will not compare anybody to be bad. After telling these, Zhao Hai relaxed, when he turned the head look at these already restored such as beginning, even compared with most from the beginning enters Space don’t know many tree of life, turned the head their said : a while I to be shy the tree of life to send back to Elven Race to Laura, in our Space had in any case.” Laura smiles said : wait, this how long, you just took to give to cure, that Elven Race person will be what kind, he he, lets on their anxious one also good.” Zhao Hai laughs said : also right, walks, returns to the room, rest a while well, today's harvest was really too big, what Magic background also had a look at Cai'er to buy while convenient.” After several people enters the room to sit down, Cai'er turned on the store page, opened has decorated a fence, was however the there surface has many Magic-type back design to lift a ban.

These design some look like very beautiful, some looks like actually some gloomy terrors, Cai'er has selected ten, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, currently speaking, these ten background most suits our.” Zhao Hai looked, in these ten background anything has, active volcano that he thought before, the scenes of some snow and ice, several other have been full of the background design of Magic taste, Zhao Hai is very satisfied, only then last design Zhao Hai do not understand, that is a very gloomy design, you even can see some skeletons in the design with Zombie, other ghosts, moreover there probably not Sun, in sky, only then a round blood red moon, the entire design looks like, probably was Hell that constrains had been same. Zhao Hai puzzled look at that design said : „can Cai'er, why buy such background? It looks like probably is very scary.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, this background actually Demon Realm is primary form background, but here I look not too likely am Demon Realm, this background name is Hell, has strong Dark Energy in this background, these Dark Energy regarding Undead Creature, help is very big, Young Master you will not forget, now your in hand Undead Creature, level is not very high, if we can put in this background Undead Creature, perhaps their strengths must be promoted, moreover in environment like this , has some plants to exist specially., These plants without any exception has very big use, therefore I want to buy this background.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you to be careful, good, all listens your, how you want to make how make, if can promote Undead Creature level, that this back regarding us, was too possibly important.” Cai'er nodded with a smile, waves, has all bought that several background, Zhao Hai look at Space gold coins quantity, by one type of frantic fast is dropping, did not have to say anything, he thought the these money colored value too. After Cai'er buys these background, Zhao Hai arrived in that several background to look, each background careful strolling, he these background this processes, regarded travelled. But Cai'er is actually busy putting various Magic Beast and herbal medicine toward these backs in now, not only herbal medicine, some ordinary agricultural crops, Cai'er has also planted toward there background in much, what change wants to have a look at these ordinary crops to change. However had same thing, Cai'er has actually planted in each background, that was the tree of life, the tree of this life was the accent cuts each every energy in background, but he was not multipurpose, that known as Hell background that for example Cai'er bought, the tree seed of life in there, will not let there Dark Energy information, became is the same with ordinary background, various was energy is balanced, he will only carry on under suitable moving to cut, transformed some Dark Energy can Wood element energy, in plants by that background, easy survival., Lives the variation probability also to meet even bigger. Zhao Hai has not managed Cai'er to make anything, he to Cai'er complete feel relieved, whom must speak of most to know that he wants anything, that definitely is not Laura they, but is Cai'er, Cai'er unifies with Space, but Zhao Hai is Space Host, in other words, Cai'er equal to is the intelligent processor that Zhao Hai various people use, this processor or in his mind, are almost clear to his all ideas, what Cai'er most know Zhao Hai to need.

How many Magic background transferred the extension in that Zhao Hai on returned to Space Villa, to be honest, Magic-type background, watches the picture is very attractive, but you, if lives really in there, will not feel that was so comfortable, you think that you year to year will live by a thermal astonishing crater? Obviously that is impossible. To the Space villa, time already not early, but Zhao Hai has not gone to Elven Race there, but turns on the screen, looked at Shan Rucheng the there situation. Shan Rucheng the there present situation is very good, has plenty six, 7th level Warrior, rose to 8th level , some level are quite low, now is still trying hard, these liters to the 8th level person, each and every one is a happy expression of face, is familiar with own energy utilization. Is likes seeing that regarding this situation Zhao Hai, but after he prepares and other people to rise to 8th level , to them rises to 9th level Potion, then lets their taking in turn, this in these person of Level Up processes, God Race has attacked, he cannot uninhabited available. Now war time, what situation may live, Zhao Hai has to be careful that prepares completely safe, possibly considers all people. God Race there person, does not have what action, is very obvious, they now also, when their army arrivals, can at one fell swoop they gave to tidy up Zhao Hai, now their in hand although has nearly army surely, but in these people all was not God Rank Expert, 9th level and 8th level also has occupied a large part, but Zhao Hai in hand near 20 millions Undead Creature, these Undead Creature actually all was 9th level, if the frontage bumped hardly, by the God Race person present strength, what has not asked to good, therefore they want and other reinforcement to arrive, at one fell swoop. Has tidied up Zhao Hai. ro! ~!