Chapter 750 sees the prediction Zhao Hai calm appears outside the Elven Race imperial palace, walked toward the imperial palace, imperial palace there guards Elven Race puzzled look at Zhao Hai, they knew Zhao Hai this are the two days three times come Elven Race, their really understand, does Zhao Hai was not do, if were the frontline war had problems, they should know that but had not heard frontline had any issue, this made them very puzzled. However they had not asked that because the queen ordered, after Zhao Hai, can look for him directly, does not use the circular, politely therefore their guests dare asked Zhao Hai to walk toward the imperial palace. The queen and Great Elder are waiting for Zhao Hai information in the Elven Race imperial palace, at this time, their impossible returned to own dwelling went to closed-door cultivation, if were the tree of life had problems, that all troubled. In this time, his hear of elders are opening eye said : to come.” The people in Great Hall have stood, the anxious look at Great Hall big gate direction, Zhao Hai slowly walked before long, queen immediately/on horseback wielded draws back followed in Zhao Hai guard, Zhao Hai welcome to Great Hall, in Great Hall all person eager look at Zhao Hai. The appearance that Zhao Hai looks at the people, shows a faint smile said : good fortune not to fail in one's mission!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Elven Race these Supreme Elder and queens could not bear cheer, this matter regarding them was really too important. Queen their simultaneously bows to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai lets come said : hastily Your Majesty, everybody is too long, you were too polite, we now are the allies, no matter who there is any difficulty, the mutual help should be, everybody does not want this line of politeness.” The queen and Elven Race these Supreme Elder, have stood, queen look at Zhao Hai said : mister although so said that but this ritual, mister should receive, the tree of mister possible don’t know life to mean anything regarding our Elven Race, this mister helping us revives the tree of life, then has rescued our entire Elf clan on equal to, by our ritual too should.” These Elven Race elder although have not said anything, but each and every one also face grateful look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : Your Majesty, various elders, we invited the tree of homing life, frontline also had the matter, I cannot leave too long time.” Queen quickly said: Good, mister please come with me.” Said that led Zhao Hai they to arrive at the backyard of imperial palace, sat the voiceless sound bird, direct that secure governed cavern of tree of life.

After that cavern, Zhao Hai not polite, has put in the tree of life that pool directly, look at compared with the tree of former more energetic life, these Elf cannot help but in some time left the cheers. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile, turn the head to queen said : Your Majesty, the tree of this life form was not any sickness, but by the massive Dark Energy invasions, therefore slowly will wither, I have used Secret Technique, these Dark Energy attracting, has used some Potion, now the tree of life has not been fearing the invasion of Dark Energy, but this matter you must pay attention, said darkly in Elf Forest place like this, was should not have Dark Energy, this was really strange.” Queen Elf and all Elders listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then what how many person of stern-faced look at Zhao Hai said : mister said was really? Was the tree of life invaded by Dark Energy really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this point does not dare to hide the truth from Your Majesty, the tree of life truly is invaded by Dark Energy, this point will not be absolutely wrong.” The empresses turn the head look at all Elders, these elders also mutually looked at one, then sighed said : not to think that on this day came.” Zhao Hai one hear of these elders said that stares, then puzzled look at they, the queen see the Zhao Hai puzzled appearance, deep voice said : mister possible don’t know, in our Elven Race, actually also has a prediction, however our predictions are different from Dwarf Race that prediction of Dwarf Race, writes in their clan in the first page of history, but the prediction of our Elven Race was actually sealed, only if encounters the one type of special situation to open.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that what Elven Race will have to predict, but he, as soon as listens to the meaning of queen, almost understand, he did turn the head Queen look at said : „the meaning of Your Majesty is?” Queen Elf nodded said : „, when the tree of life was invaded by Dark Energy, when is will open the prediction.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : „, but if I do not treat and cure the tree of life, how you know that the tree of life was invaded by Dark Energy?” Queen said : this point can also know the time length, needing, when the nine leaves of tree of life turned into yellow, then when slowly turns into the black, represented is invaded by Dark Energy, but this situation presently has not crossed, when the leaf of tree of life started changes yellow, we one hurried, has forgotten this speech, mister told us luckily, otherwise the tree of our don’t know life was also invaded by Dark Energy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that queen Your Majesty whether to open the prediction, making me also look.”

The queen turned the head to look at all Elders one, all people nodded, the queen then turned the head mister to come with me to Zhao Hai said :.” Said that goes out that Tree Hole that the tree of life is, sits voiceless sound bird returned to the imperial palace. After imperial palace, the queen asked Zhao Hai to sit to Great Hall in slightly, she went to inner room, took out not a big devil wood box. The queen has put on the small box small table in Great Hall, then opened the box gently, what making Zhao Hai accidental is, this box any mechanism, has not been only a very ordinary wooden box, even has not added any seal, with ease was opened. However other Elven Race people in Great Hall actually do not think that they saw queen such relaxed opened the box, is the complexion single layers. Zhao Hai looked that the appearances of these people know the here surface has certainly the article, his puzzled look at same face shocking queen, the queen looked up Zhao Hai one, looked that Zhao Hai complexion knows Zhao Hai in thinking anything, her deep voice said : mister had not to know, before this box cannot open, our Elven Race has also thought many means must open this box, had not actually succeeded, we mainly want to take a look, predicted that what on has written, because the tree of life regarding our Elven Race was really too important, we were impossible to see his nine leaves. Huang Diao, but this box simply could not open at that time, even if before is, Elven Race God Rank Expert takes this box not to have the means that therefore we have also found out another means that is all Elven Race queens, every month the person tries to open box one time, when has a look to open the box.” Zhao Hai nodded, the queen turns the head to long Old Daoist: Couple of days ago I had tried one time, at that time was unable to open the box, has not thought that now is OK unexpectedly.” The queen said that very careful opened the box, opens all people in box Great Hall to stare, because this box looks indifferently, is a spatial box, but careful looked that the people have also felt relaxed, in the base of box, but also is putting a paper! Not wrong, is a mistake, normally this box don’t know has put many years in Elven Race, inside really has the paper words, feared was also already rotten cannot look, but this paper looked like is actually pure white such as new, probably in just put is the same. The queen took up that paper gently, on the paper has written some green characters, the queen looked at these characters, the brow cannot help but wrinkled, has given nearby Supreme Elder conveniently. That Supreme Elder received that paper, look at above character slowly, knitting the brows head, reading said : in a soft voice „, when Darkness and light, simultaneously become our enemies, when the skeleton and steel and iron, and are built on between Heaven and Earth, when Heaven and Earth merged, can salvation person, only have Pure Land!” This prediction very short, like Dwarf Race the straightforwardness of prediction, does not let some people do not understand, when Zhao Hai hears this prediction, is actually the body gently trembles, he now regarding in the person who in Dwarf Race and Elven Race leave behind the prediction, felt was really startled and admires.

Person do not understand this prediction of Elven Race is any meaning, some of his understand, in this prediction, Darkness should actually refer to Demon Race, the light finger to be God Race, that meaning in other words, God Race and Demon Race simultaneously will become the enemies on Continent, but the skeleton and steel and iron, command(er) may be Undead Creature and Magic Cannon, but Heaven and Earth merged, will refer to possibly was God Race changed Law of the Heaven and Earth, and let God Race a piece Continent descend to Ark Continent on, at this time, can the salvation person, only have Pure Land. But Zhao Hai almost does not need to know, here surface Pure Land finger can only be the same thing, Space! Except that Space there, Zhao Hai really cannot think, there can be called Pure Land, Zhao Hai sighed said : I to think this above said should be the situation on present Continent, the light with Darkness, should be God Race and Demon Race that referred, but the skeleton and steel and iron, referred to possibly was Undead Creature and Magic Cannon, but Pure Land refer to anything, my some were not quite clear.” As soon as the queen listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked slightly, then two eyes one bright, turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister to be also modest, I think that here Pure Land, referred to be Black Wasteland there, now Black Wasteland there became on Continent the safest place, should be able to be called Pure Land, it seems like that this prediction was similar to the prediction of Dwarf Race, meaning in other words, mister you were the entire Continent Savior.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that the queen will talk into Pure Land is Black Wasteland there, in the queen their don’t know has in the situation that Space has, they Black Wasteland there that Wang talked into only , a point was not overrated. Black Wasteland there is giving shelter to the people of various clans now, moreover Black Wasteland there regarding different race also some the conditions of giving favored treatment, different race said that there is Pure Land, is passable. However this prediction is really such simple? ro! ~!