Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in Space, Laura they sits in the Zhao Hai side, they sit outside of villa now, has suspended small table on meadow, puts a chair, on the table is putting a pot sub, in them behind not far away, is the trees of two life ” , if not outside has God Race and Demon Race, this easy life should beautiful. However now Zhao Hai does not have the mood to enjoy own happy life, in fact he is the prediction of Elven Race, but in enmity, because he after Elven Race there returned to Space, more wants more to think that prediction is not that simple. In that prediction, the light with Darkness refer to God Race and Demon Race, this he to can understand, but that skeleton and steel and iron, refer to is really Undead Creature and Magic Cannon? Zhao Hai thought that resembles some not to suit. What meaning however Zhao Hai cannot find out is, finally must shake the head, sighs ” the Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, grieved said : good Elder Brother Hai, did not want to think the present Shan Rucheng there people rose to 8th level , should we carry on the next step plan? ” Zhao Hai one was called to recover by Laura, he turned the head to look at a Laura point, nodded said : „, should carry on next, you said that our first time did turn into 9th level Expert who is good?” Laura thinks that said : „the words that wants me to choose, I choose Elven Race.” Lizzy and Megan also selectedZhao Hai to look at three people of one, showed a faint smile said :, what reason said?” Laura said : these Elven Race uses the Blood Lightning Bead best person, their harp Sagittarius, can wield to a big way Blood Lightning Bead Might, looks at the God Race appearance, now they a short time will not have attacked, at this time, we most should propose the Elven Race strength first or on, like this, was God Race there has attacked, Elven Race can also become your one big helps.” Lizzy nodded with Megan, Lizzy said :, now we can cope with God Race weapon are not many, Magic Cannon that was needless to say our Human Race used best, but Blood Lightning Bead is different, after Beastman Race attained Blood Lightning Bead, can only throw with the hand outward, the distance nearly did not say that ” frequency will also be greatly affected, Dwarf Race was similar to the Beastman Race situation, they were more suitable to deliver the Battle Soldier type, but Elven Race actually most suited the farfight, especially their harp Sagittarius coordinated Blood Lightning Beadto become Ultimate Weapon, that continuously and secret Ji attack, may not. Is the average person can achieve. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that such settled I make Elven Race level promote first, in female five dozens of greeting, enters lets the person in their clan quickly , to promote to 9th levelthis time I go to Elven Race there the time, told the queen, making her not want to disturb these Elven Race Supreme Elder closed-door cultivationthese Supreme Elder strengths to be very strong, must add on the Elven Race life to be very big, many Supreme Elder might break through to God Rank very much, the queen complied, must also tell various Continent clans toyou this information., Making these in their clan practice to 9th level 9th level Expertclosed-door cultivation of entering quantity, can perhaps break through God Rank, but 9th level Expert that these medications promotefirst makes them prepare fight ”, only then through massive fights, they may wield the 9th level Expert complete strength, finally slowly rises God Rank. ”

Laura they nodded9th level Expert on present Continent to be many, but majority is Zhao Hai with genuine who Space raises to emptyto practice to 9th level is not many, but with Space promotes, wants to break through God Rank in oneself, somewhat was difficult. They have not experienced bit by bit have fallen from Inferior level to Advanced level that difficult process, therefore on after their mental state could not have reached the true 9th level Expert level ”, they want to break through to God Rank ”, only then two methods, one type of with Space God Rank Potion, another one type of through the massive fights, making them fully adapt to the 9th level strength, then in comprehension bit by bitslowly became God Rank Expertthis process feared that will be will not be short. Zhao Hai most favors, the general will possibly have the large quantities of God Rank Expert appears two races, is actually Elven Race and Sea Race, like militant Beastman Race, population many Human Race also has strength not bad Dwarf Race likely, not in Zhao Hai gives priority to the case. Beastman Race, Human Race, Dwarf Race, these three races have a mister weakness, was the life is too shortthis not to be considered as that before any weakness, because of Beastman Race, Human Race and Dwarf Race, practice of these three racesgenerally was meets Sea Race and Elven Race on quick many. However Sea Race and Elven Race this type the lives of three clansactually appeared their superiority at this timein these two races, there are massive 9th level Expert, although and not necessarily are more than Human Race and Beastman Race or Dwarf Race, but these 9th level Expert strengths were actually not weak, so long as gave them some time, broke through God Rank is almost the matter of being settled. But Human Race, 9th level Expert although in Beastman Race and Dwarf Race are many, however their strengths, has not achieved Advanced level, wants to break through God Rank, but also needs many times, now therefore Zhao Hai most favors is Elven Race and Sea Race. although said that on Continent first break through to God Rank boundary 9th level Expert is Origin Sword Saint, but do not forget, beginning of the universe sword, Saint 9th level Expert that but on Continent became famous, but had him also to practice that long time in Space, although said that he did not break through with the help of Space, but the Space here Magic energy element, actually compared with Ark Continent there in many, can say that Origin Sword Saint can break through, has been lucky Space. But in Elven Race and Sea Race, the has plenty person, they have not actually practiced in Space ”, but their strengths are not worse than Origin Sword Saint, therefore Zhao Hai placed the great expectations on these two clans.

” The present makes these average people on Continent turn into 9th level Expert regarding Zhao Hai, is not the too difficult matter, reason that he wants control these 9th level Expert quantities, does not want to think obtains is too easy, thing that is too easy to obtainis not valuable. Moreover he does not want to cope with God Race and Demon Race with the huge-crowd strategy, if puts together the population the logical expression, Ark Continent feared that does not put together God Race and Demon Race. Therefore Zhao Hai only wants to let some Ark Continent here multi- appears God Rank Expert now, only then many God Rank Expert appears , Ark Continent here has with the qualification of God Race and Demon Race to war. After explain/transfer ended Laura their matter, Zhao Hai came out from Space, this time his in hand is taking a blood red big jar, inside installs is the Blood Pond water, these water take to the Elven Race person, can make them break through 9th level in a short time. Zhao Hai appears in the mountain such as city here, immediately sent for various clansman people welcome to City Lord Mansion, the people of various clans regarding Zhao Hai this suddenly appears , the style that also suddenly vanished became accustomed, did not have what discontented performance, they know that Zhao Hai was very busy, was busy a lot compared with them. After several people arrived in the City Lord Mansion doing fighting room, Zhao Hai please several people sit down, this turned the head to people said : you now is 8th level Expert, so long as were taking these Potion, can achieve 9th level.” Was saying Zhao Hai while refers to look at that jar that a blood red jar on tablepeople also flushed to cut. Looked at complexion one eyes of people, Zhao Hai only then said : I knows that you think the quick point became 9th level Expert, but this time I actually cannot make you simultaneously take these Potion.”, One hear of Zhao Hai said that the person in room has cannot help but gawked, but their immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, now God Race momentarily possibly has then hit, if wanted them to take Potion to practice at this time, time when God Race hitthey possibly busily could not add on, therefore several people nodded. Zhao Hai looks at several people of appearances, this also feel relieved, after he turns the head look at people said : with this Potion you promote to 9th level, you want in becoming God Rank Expert on very difficult, undergoes has not abandoned for you have experienced from 8th level to the process of 9th level breakthrough, depends completely is Potion, this will let they do not have the means absolutely wield own strength, only then after massive fights, may break through to God Rank, did I say these your understand?” Several people nodded, can sit in here, does not have one is the fool, they from anything, practice slowly the present, all levels of between breakthrough they do not know that what's the matter, even if breaks through from 6th level to 7th level very difficult, do not say that broke through from 9th level to God Rank, therefore they also understood words that Zhao Hai spoke.

Zhao Hai looks at their understand, this then said : „the present situation, I also can only promote you to 9th level first, after waiting, I when strict research investigate God Rank Potion, is helping you.”, The people he he a chuckle, they do not believe Zhao Hai can that relaxed leaves God Rank Potion on research, in their opinion, that is almost impossible. Zhao Hai has not cared about their laughter, these 9th level red medicinal preparations that then said : today brings, I prepare to make Elven Race take first, what opinion do you abandon?”, The people in hall have gawked, then turned the head to look at one that handsome, but depended on the ice-cold Elven Race person throughout, as soon as that Elven Race person listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has gawked, on ice-cold face rare appears a dull expression. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, has not waited for them to ask that immediately said : makes Elven Race break through first, for is they can more effective use Blood Lightning Bead Blood Lightning Bead Might I think that everyone/Great Clan knowsBlood Lightning Bead must project on the talented person to wield his Might ”, but general archer, simply will not shoot this type of bead, only then Elven Race meeting, so long as they promoted 9th level, their fighting strength will obtain qualitative to leap, was adding on the help of Blood Lightning Bead, even if facing the God Race God Rank Expert army, they also had strength of the fighting, everyone/Great Clan did think? ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that people have cannot help but pondered, quick everyone/Great Clan agreed that Blood Lightning Bead that Elven Race projects they seelethality is very truly big, if made them rise 9th level, was using Blood Lightning Bead, truly was the best choice.! ~!