Chapter 752 Demon Race change If in has not swept before God Race fights, various clans also will possibly have some opinions, in does after God Race has fought one time, they do not have the opinion. Their very clear, what Zhao Hai said is right, God Race was formidable they to ask for advice, at this time, made Elven Race break through first, was the safest procedure. Looked that the people do not have the opinion, Zhao Hai then to turn the head Noah Kristen to that Elven Race team leader said :, you bring back in this bottle of Potion the camp, as soon as possible makes all people promote 9th level.” Noah has complied with one, careful takes up that jar, then to a Zhao Hai ritual, turn around walked, Noah also knows, now he most important first makes the Elven Race person strength promote, other is unimportant. After Noah walks, after Zhao Hai turns the head to people said : Elven Race promotes, is Dwarf Race, the Dwarf Race strength was increased, their doing will fight the way diversification, was Beastman Race, finally was Human Race, everyone/Great Clan do not worry, Potion I also had, certainly will make you promote 9th level completely.” The people rumble complied with one, Zhao Hai nodded said : this time, although God Race has not attacked, but everyone/Great Clan wanted very careful, special Dwarf Race, displayed your imaginations, turned into a big battlefield to me outside the city underground.” Baker complied with one, Zhao Hai turned the head Beastman Race mounted scout also all release to Beastman Race said : to go, otherwise hoped to have any God Race person to be able in our don’t know situation, rushed to Shan Rucheng the nearby.” Beastman Race has also complied with one, Zhao Hai then turns the head to Human Race soldier said : „you are in Human Race most Elite soldier, before you have not arrived at 9th level, used to me Magic Cannon, you also know that Magic Cannon had the service life, Crystal Stone was also same, you made an artillery every time, if wants, in your, 9th level Expert to that Magic Cannon to be able, sufficiently how I to you find out to wield the biggest method Magic Cannon Might, that feared that was only theoretically.” The Human Race military officer has complied with one, he is the Rosen Empire person, to Zhao Hai, only then respect, he is very clear, this chieftan's status in Rosen Empire Your Majesty heart. After explain/transfer good these matters, Zhao Hai to their said : in life, if there is any need, told me that does not need to be polite with me, Baker, your fellows, later little drinks a liquor, because if drinks to mess things up, looked how I tidy up you.” Baker embarrassed smiles said : who to make the elder your drinking so tasty, the elder invited feel relieved, we later certain control.”

Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head I to know before Beastman Race person said : Beastman Race brothers you little eats the green vegetables, but you cannot, because eats too many green vegetables, but by own fighting strength drop, the green vegetables I had the matter, does not fear you to eat, but the meat is Beastman Race should eat, understand?” That several Beastman embarrassed flexure scratching the head, has complied with one, difficult blame Zhao Hai saying that before these Beastman, has not eaten to have been to many green vegetables, to Shan Rucheng here, that green vegetables has naturally wanted to eat many to have many, these fellows quickly turn into Elven Race now, everyday takes the green vegetables as the food, many soldiers eat having diarrhea, Zhao Hai then warn their. After explain/transfer ended, Zhao Hai was good to their said :, goes back, today's matter arrives at here, after going back, with your under the hand/subordinate explanation well, at this time, the unity was most important.” Several people complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai then let out a long breath, sat on the chair, Xu Wanying has stood in the Zhao Hai side, he to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, making Beastman Race send the mounted scout to be useful?” Zhao Hai sighs said : not to have anything to use greatly, but must look for a matter to do to them, must achieve balanced, after Beastman Race Cavalry only then 9th level, can wield their Might to come, if we anything does not make them do now, these Beastman think one very useless, is not good to their influences, adjusts their mentalities, later promotes 9th level to them also very has the advantage.” Xu Wanying nodded was not speaking, his present understand Zhao Hai was laborious, Zhao Hai not only need with God Race and Demon Race deal with, but must consider that the balances of various clans, making the Continent backyard not be on fire, this may not be the easy matter. Zhao Hai turned the head previous these raging bull of dying to Xu Wanying said :, has given Beastman Race to process?” Previous Zhao Hai release large quantities of raging bull have coped with these God Race Heavy Armor Cavalry, the raging bull casualties of result several hundred thousand heads are negligent completely, Zhao Hai has not turned into Undead Creature these raging bull, but gives Beastman Race processing these raging bull directly, these raging bull meat, have not compared general Potion to miss now, moreover after having eaten, can have the strength, defense strength is stronger, their skins, can be used to make leather armor, the defense capability is also very good, Bone of cow, gives Beastman Race to make some long-distance attack weapon, not only hardness, moreover is very heavy, will become Beastman Race in hand. Ultimate Weapon. Because has these ideas, therefore Zhao Hai has not turned into Undead Creature these raging bull, but gives Beastman Race processing. Must speak of the manufacture made of iron weapon and helmet, was needless saying that was Dwarf Race is naturally best, but must say that manufacturing leather armor, Dwarf Race was inferior to Beastman Race, most people in Beastman Race put on leather armor, these leather armor may be they use beast skin to manufacture, leather armor of Beastman Race manufacture, compared with race manufacture other leather armor defense strength, put on comfortably. Xu Wanying nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, has given Beast King Your Majesty, Beast King Your Majesty will process.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : to deliver some to Beast King Your Majesty and Blood Lightning Bead equally big stone ball goes, lets Beast King Your Majesty when manufacture long-distance attack weapon, if wants the means to inlay that stone ball to weapon on, like this, we can provide Blood Lightning Bead to Beastman Race, Beastman Race can also make Blood Lightning Bead wield even bigger Might.” Xu Wanying nodded, he also knows that these matter Zhao Hai also they will possibly be saying to Laura, reason that now tells him, is makes him help, if after Zhao Hai, has forgotten, Xu Wanying can also remind his. Berry turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you must also help Dwarf Race think that what drawing back regulation weapon they should with carry on attack, the Dwarf Race long-distance attack ability was too weak.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also knows the Dwarf Race issue, how on finding out but makes him make Dwarf Race be able now to wield Blood Lightning Bead biggest Might for a while, he could not have thought. Has thought for quite a while, felt one were really not the design weapon material, Zhao Hai has to stop, turned the head to think to Xu Wanying said :, after going back, said to Billy Patriarch this situation that making them try to find the solution, was right, told them that Blood Lightning Bead was not very stable, cannot undergo the too strong hit and vibration.” Xu Wanying complied with one, Zhao Hai looked at sky one outside City Lord Mansion, sighed, is bringing their returned to Space, arrived at Space Xu Wanying to process Zhao Hai to give his matter to go, Zhao Hai and Berry went to Universal Machine there to look, this returned to in villa. When there are less than two days, that Tiny Pagoda can Level Up complete , after don’t know that Tiny Pagoda Level Up, what can be, but Zhao Hai believes that will not be weak. Now medicinal herbs in Space quickly suffices to manufacture God Rank Potion, when these Potion do, Zhao Hai prepared to Junichi has used, the Junichi strength was not weak, waits to be increased their strengths, was giving others to use. Zhao Hai hopes that now that ten Magic background there medicinal herbs can use as soon as possible, when the time comes he can make many God Rank Expert, so long as there is army that God Rank Expert composes, even if cannot expels Ark Continent Demon Race and God Race, the self-preservation absolutely did not have the issue. Sits in Space, Zhao Hai in one time turned on the screen, on the look at screen God Race and Demon Race, they also in busy, is busy establishing the military compound, is busy constructing the city. The God Race light teaches these cities of country's, turned into military compounds, Magic Cannon were arranged on city wall, in the city often has the army to go on patrol.

At this time Laura they walked, they just handled the Zhao Hai explain/transfer matter to go, the people who now Shan Rucheng there many severe wounds cripple had packed off, these people arrived on Continent, on the impact on Continent is also very big. Various clans send out is Elite, but they hit to overcome the hand, almost with the God Race direct engagement, had not arrived at this degree, if were not Zhao Hai has blocked God Race attack in the frontage, they feared was one living did not have. The person on Continent is knows now God Race was fearful, Zhao Hai has not said hurriedly, God Race and Demon Race are very fearful, before the person on Continent, does not think God Race and Demon Race are fearful, completely by the one type of misconception misleading. This misconception is not other, is Zhao Hai, these people on Continent looks like, a Zhao Hai person can block God Race and Demon Race, that these two races can any degree, very be fiercely obvious, Zhao Hai has not begun to them, this also allows them not to understand the Zhao Hai fierce place. However these in front soldier, actually very explicit told them the Zhao Hai fierce place, Zhao Hai currently is completely competent, easily on destroying completely Continent any country and race, such strength is they cannot imagine. However the effect is not very good, after all now injured person minority, these people cannot raise any storm on Continent. However Zhao Hai does not have the mood to pay attention to these now, Demon Race there had the change. Passed through these many years to adjust the armed forces, one crosses 20 millions in the quantity of Demon Race there army, moreover arrived at Ark Continent here God Rank Expert, the population has achieved about thirty thousand, but also kept had God Rank Expert to arrive, these many people, God Race that city of constructing was impossible to install, therefore God Race deployed troops now Demon Capital City there, eyed covetously to the Yangping city. ro! ~!