Chapter 753 talented person must detain Zhao Hai stands on city wall of Yangping city, is listening to the report of Bass, these days Bass is not the matter has not done in Yangping city here, now Yangping city here outside the city by Dwarf Race scraping out a person of huge underground battlefield, moreover in the city also several retreat with the tunnel, has prepared completely safe. Zhao Hai naturally not to Yangping city here stingy, now Yangping city here all garrison troops, no matter Human Race or Dwarf Race or Elven Race, all people became 9th level Expert, looked like the Human Race war shape is 9th level, Zhao Hai has gotten down the initial capital to here. Zhao Hai on Continent large-scale promotion 9th level Expert, first promotes is the Yangping city here person, because of that time Demon Race threat even bigger, but Yangping city here is frontline, therefore person attach great importance to of Zhao Hai to here. Bass has not disappointed him, Yangping city here preparation was fuller than Shan Rucheng there, this arrives lets Zhao Hai very happy. Bass was saying the arrangement of here, while look at Zhao Hai complexion, looks at Zhao Hai very satisfied nod , the team then relaxed, turns the head mister your time to come to here to Zhao Hai said :, but to inspect defense?” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly under shook the head said : „my also to have the mood to do this specially, this time, mainly because of Demon Race in the Demon Capital City there wall soldier, has believed that they will have the movement quickly.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Bass stares, then does complexion change said : that mister comes here, what to do Shan Rucheng there?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : present Shan Rucheng there God Race not to have what sound, they resemble waiting for reinforcement, but now Demon Race arrived at the Ark Continent here army to cross 20 millions, now Demon Capital City there in massive increasing troops, is believing that they will have the sound quickly.” Bass knit the brows said : by the Demon Race present strength, when cannot block them depending on our Yangping city here simply, following defense line although the prepare, however there many have not promoted level, fights that with Demon Race difficultly.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is some hard to deal with, but we must do now, is the protracted time as far as possible, making Accra Mountain fortress there have more time to prepare, so long as Accra Mountain fortress there prepares, we must by depending on Toha Kraya book fortress carry on to ambush to God Race Demon Race, we are longer in the time that here delays, Accra Mountain there preparation is full.” Bass one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded said : well, mister, my understand, we certainly as far as possible will delay Demon Race some time, but Magic Cannon, Crystal Stone also has Blood Lightning Bead, feared that will consume many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this point your feel relieved, I will supply fully your, if Shan Rucheng there hits, I feared that was impossible to give a thought to this, when the time comes here must depend on you, the following several cities, I also in this several days time, as far as possible promotion their level, making them have with the strength that Demon Race fought.” Bass nodded said : well, mister invited feel relieved, I tried certainly to constrain Demon Race.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to leave behind some God Rank Undead Creature to help you in here, but these Undead Creature, are impossible to be victorious these Demon Race people, therefore you are certainly careful, so long as God Race has not attacked Shan Rucheng there, I can help you in here, if God Race attacks Shan Rucheng, here depended entirely on you.” Bass firm nod, he felt that the shoulder pole on own shoulder was heavier, but he also feels very happy. Bass before has not contacted Zhao Hai don’t know Zhao Hai is who, at that time he only heard that Zhao Hai is ten points overbearing, person who very hides shortcomings, the time of when with Zhao Hai contacting grew him to know that Zhao Hai was a how just and selfless person, he for entire Continent running in all directions, for entire Continent, has put out oneself in hand all good thing, for entire Continent, provided leadership, fights in the first line, Bass has regarded own idol Zhao Hai, the god in his heart same respected, this time Zhao Hai gave him such important duty, he naturally very happy, at the same time. Feels very heavily, because he fears himself unable to complete, disappointing Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai look at Bass intense appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, did not use such anxiously, actually now in Accra Mountain fortress prepared was similar, you were mainly the protracted time, do not want always to cling to tenaciously the city, such center Demon Race below cherished, they can the elimination our in hand effective strength, you probably remember easily, protect the talented person is most important, these people have battled with Demon Race, released regarding Demon Race military strategy very ripe, this we and Demon Race war useful very to later, you was also a general, you should know . The battlefield veteran, can go against several recruits, these people with Demon Race has battled the veteran, doing that later they can wield uses, is the difficult imagination, understand?” Bass stares, he also really wants to use Yangping city here, spells with Demon Race hardly, cannot make Demon Race cross Yangping city one in any case, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that Bass cannot help but suddenly open, he nodded said : is, mister, how my understand should do.”

Zhao Hai patted Bass shoulder said : to do well, I was also open about the facts you, now the person on Continent, but also thinks much God Race and Demon Race did not have what to be good to fear, I can block them, however the true situation you also know that I did not have these people of means on with Continent to explain, therefore can only depend on these in the frontline soldier, I can turn into Undead Creature the deceased person, making them then fight for me, but I will not turn into Undead Creature the person on one's own side, then fought for me, each soldier precious of here, I need you.” The eye of Bass was moist, he is pure soldier, does not want that at sixes and sevens matter, however his at heart really some to be Zhao Hai airs a grievance, on these people to Continent is angry, simultaneously is moved to regarding as important of Zhao Hai. Bass flutters said : mister, do we such do for what? We use our lives to protect the person on Continent, is their actually simply don’t know we laborious, do we such do, are worth?” Zhao Hai serious look at Bass said : Bass, this do not ask, are you who? soldier, does soldier do? Protects our homes and defends our country, this is your responsibility, what not having to be worth, does not do each matter to be concerned for the success and failure, even if most successful Merchant, cannot achieve this point, we are keeping off God Race Demon Race in here today, for our children can free the life on Continent, but will not become the God Race slave, or under Demon Race blade undead, you, understand?” Bass makes an effort has wiped the tears in eye, he nodded said : is, mister, my understand.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Bass said : Bass, your family member now in that? Told me, I sent for receiving Black Wasteland to go them, in there security.” Bass one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but excited, his very clear Zhao Hai said this saying is any meaning, Zhao Hai this has regarded the person on one's own side him, he tells a Zhao Hai address hastily, Zhao Hai nodded said : present Demon Race not to attack, but you must be ready, I must go back to handle something first, waited for God Race to come the time, I.” Bass complied with one, Zhao Hai then turn around walked, quick Zhao Hai sent Xu Wanying receiving Black Wasteland the Bass family member, later Bass on equal to was the Buda Family person. Zhao Hai already present, Bass in commanding a war aspect very one set, this is a talented person, is the talented person must detain, therefore Zhao Hai can such treatment Bass.

Lizzy they are observing the Demon Race sound in Space, Demon Race obviously be more careful than God Race in the military action, they in massive military baggage of Demon Capital City there preparation, moreover mixing of army also very reasonable, a not anxiously not slow appearance. Lizzy frowns the look at Demon Race movement, comes not to pay attention including Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked that Lizzy is so earnest, smiles said : What happened? these Demon Race people very difficult to deal with?” Lizzy one recovers, she turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : „, very difficult dealt with, Elder Brother Hai you looked, defensive very strict secret of these people, although in own domain, did not have point lax, a most important point was, you looked at their military movements, the coordination of branch of the services very reasonably . Moreover the first reassignment by the Battle Formation situation, momentarily can deal with situation suddenly, can say that in facing on fighting, Demon Race must be more difficult than to deal with God Race absolutely.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : that was natural, where you do not have a look at Demon Race are, there is almost going to war all year round, these Demon Race armies can have such fighting strength not to feel strange that was good, do not worry, light thought so, is not useful, after waiting for true exchange hands, in research slowly, said it, your energy is limited, but must attend to God Race this head, here gave Bass to be good.” Lizzy shook the head said : I to study the doing of Demon Race to fight the way, until now, I have not found out to cope with the Demon Race best means that ok, does not think that but looked appearance that God Race there is busy at work, feared that was their reinforcement this several days must come, when the time comes did not do well us to take two to make war, Elder Brother Hai, did you prepare for?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : I can also make anything to prepare, God Race this threatening, instead to is the Demon Race some not anxiously not slow appearance, I to cope with God Race give priority to, Demon Race is by delaying give priority to, so long as Accra Mountain there complete prepares, we retreat slowly, resigns Buddha Empire to come, I do not believe that God Race and Demon Race will reach an agreement, gave Buddha Empire to the half minute.” ro! ~!