Chapter 754 icefield Dark mist North Polar Icefield, North Polar Icefield here had not iced now, after all the here ice source had been taken away, because of the reason of solar sunshine, North Polar Icefield here, is still one of the entire Continent coldest places. Zhao Hai, no matter obtained Wind Bead to take away Bubble, actually he entire North Polar Icefield searching clearly, the point that because Zhao Hai went to at that time only then, found Beast God Spear, therefore he after finding Beast God Spear, thought North Polar Icefield not anything noteworthy, therefore went back, is not thorough toward extremely north wilderness here. But in fact, then North Polar Icefield truly did not have anything noteworthy, but now is different, in Zhao Hai also for the Demon Race attack how dealing will already arrive, about possibly two clans of arrival besieged, but headache time, North Polar Icefield here was living the unknown change. In North Polar Icefield here, no matter daytime or dark night, here almost only then the one type of color, the white, except for almost cannot see other any color by you in vain, but now in this white, actually appears a little bit black spot. Actually explained the black spot, area were many, that was one group of black mist, Fang Yuan about hundred meters, this on piece of white North Polar Icefield, probably was on a white paper, had the drop drop of ink to be the same, very obvious. But now North Polar Icefield here and nobody, therefore also nobody presently change of here, if Zhao Hai really present change of here, that can certainly calculate, this black mist appears time, first of the leaf Elven Race tree of life withers. Zhao Hai does not have the time to pay attention to North Polar Icefield here now, is only the person who God Race and devil sufficing lets his headache, his has that leisurely mood, but also pays attention to North Polar Icefield. With the lapse of time, that rolls Dark mist to be getting more and more thick, area also getting bigger and bigger, most afterward crosses ten thousand meters Fang Yuan . Moreover the Dark mist most center, turned into the black ink to be the same probably. Slowly in that black ink type thing, started appears the intermittent white smog, but this type of smog was not likely black mist that baseless appears , this type of white smog probably was you with including the intense corrosive liquid, was corroding the white smoke that any thing braved. However this black mist corrosion is actually not other any thing, but is the Space barrier, two days later, circular black hole emptily by this Dark mist corroding, many Dark mist has then emitted, that original hole also getting bigger and bigger.

suddenly, a Dry-Bone arm has extended from the round hole, then walked out of a skeleton from the round hole, he four looked around, with Dry-Bone finger flexure smooth slippery bald, where puzzled, then started four to look around probably. Really has not seen anything, that Undead Creature proceeds to walk, he was not looking in all directions, proceeds to walk. Shortly after that skeleton walks, another skeleton drilled from that round hole, has made with that skeleton similar movement, after he walks, was skeleton appears . Then more and more skeletons drilled from that round hole, they are taking a walk in all directions, probably does not have what point, but they unfold actually very much opens, takes that round hole as the point, fan-shaped dispersing, walks around. don’t know altogether appears many skeletons, a suddenly giant bone claw has extended from that getting bigger and bigger round hole, then huge, the Magic Beast skeleton has put from that round hole, this Demon Realm looks like looks like Dragon Race, but they have not been winged, was smaller than on some Dragon Race, moreover his Bone is incomplete, has lacked several non- bones, unceasingly several ribs, have looked like look like are broken in the battle is the same. This only undead puts on this after the round hole, cannot help but face upwards to roar, although he only called the next skeleton, but actually really a huge sound, but roared along with his, walked toward his side to his nearest/recent several skeletons, to him side, dull standing in there, was listening to his verbal command to be ordinary probably. That undead has roared, these skeletons then scattered in all directions were getting out of the way, this only undead also slowly proceeded to walk, slowly left that round hole to be getting more and more far. Walks in this undead, keeps has the skeleton to walk from that round hole, before long also has grows walked out of Zombie that the green is growing hair from that round hole. After these Zombie walk, double some grows walked out of Zombie that iron cyan is growing hair from that round hole, but in these Zombie behind, innumerable Darkness life form, these thing also walked out slowly, in all directions is nosing like these Undead Creature. But Zhao Hai is actually being the Magic Beast matter worried at this time, the demon puts to deploy troops in Demon Capital City there, this itself makes Zhao Hai feel that was very impatient, do not say that these Demon Race soldier has not sent out scouting now.

Original Zhao Hai was Demon Race headache, now Demon Race sends out to scout this although in Zhao Hai material definitely, made Zhao Hai feel very fearful. Opposite party suddenly sends out to scout, represented them to attack, but yesterday Zhao Hai presently they increase troops toward Demon Capital City there, today they have sent out scouting, it seems like Demon Race also had to worry. Scouting of Zhao Hai look at these Demon Race, sighed lightly, turn the head to Lizzy said : Lizzy, you said that must send out Elven Race Sagittarius, scouted Demon Race these tidies up.” Lizzy looked at these Demon Race on screen to scout, sighed said : to speak the truth lightly Elder Brother Hai, we should scout these have tidied up, but you must know that Demon Race beforehand defense that strict, scouted regarding these, they had certainly oneself special contact method, if we moved, even if eliminated these to scout, will certainly cause them to pay attention.” Zhao Hai nodded, scouting of look at these Demon Race, suddenly said : makes the Elven Race person eliminate them, they must attack in any case, if we do not counter-attack, instead to will make them think that we have feared him, hits, scouts to hit these, what response I to have a look at Demon Race to have.” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai said that has hesitated, has not been saying anything, immediately transmitted orders, now Yangping city there these people, although do not fear the attack of God Race, but they have not actually sent out to scout the army, can say that they are at the one type of very passive conditions, but Zhao Hai the duty, is makes them be startled really. However Bass actually immediately value good the order of Zhao Hai, he thinks that Zhao Hai got down such order that certainly to have the reason, Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of Demon Race, regarding the assurance of Demon Race motion, compared with his much stronger, therefore Zhao Hai has issued such order, he was many words not saying that immediately made the Elven Race person leave. Motions of Zhao Hai look at these Elven Race person on the screen, the Yangping city there Elven Race people have achieved the 9th level strength now, moreover they have provided Blood Lightning Bead, can say that these time is to examine, when Elven Race person has achieved 9th level, after having used Blood Lightning Bead, their strengths how. Quick Zhao Hai knew, these Elven Race people, are divided into every hundred people of squad, scouted the advancing direction to leave toward the Demon Race armed forces. These Elven Race people are Elite in Elven Race, and has provided Blood Lightning Bead, it can be said that now in Elven Race strongest Combat Squad, if they in cannot defeat these Demon Race, the plan of that Zhao Hai must go bankrupt.

However these Elven Race people have not disappointed Zhao Hai, these Elven Race people after leaving, quick had found the Demon Race scouting squad, must know that scouts is in an army fiercest existence, scouting of these Demon Race naturally are also such as some, they in Demon Race there are strongest existences, after Ark Continent here, not with the Elven Race positive engagement, therefore they are not think highly of the Elven Race person very much. These Elven Race people naturally not polite, has projected stone ball, they have not projected Blood Lightning Bead, how they want to try these Demon Race defense capabilities, therefore they project stone ball that Elven Race has habitually used. However these stone ball project, they present fierce of Demon Race, these act as the Demon Race person who scouts are not 8th level on 9th level, level not very high, in this case, their live rounds should be able to cause the damage to them. However the fact is actually, Elven Race stone ball, with does not have to these Demon Race person points, these fine clansman body very formidable, fear stone ball in their explosions, regarding these Elven Race people, lethality also very limited, Cannot in the situation, the Elven Race person must with these Demon Race people's deal with in sky, these Demon Race people are not quick, compared with Blood Hawk, but also has missed a point, the Elven Race person does not fear by the Demon Race person overtaking. At this moment, Elven Race person suddenly has projected Blood Lightning Bead, must say that Zhao Hai the Blood Lightning Bead lethality is not really small, Blood Lightning Bead minimum can the demon within opposite party original 20 meters range put the constitution injury, but if several Blood Lightning Bead shoot is not far, will provoke the chain-like response, several Blood Lightning Bead effects can superimpose unexpectedly, as the matter stands lethality on even bigger. Might that as the matter stands Elven Race fires from horseback was put in a big way, but Demon Race these time sends is not the large unit, but is some scouts the squad, after first several rounds stone ball fires, Demon Race these scouts the squad, thinks own Elven Race attack does not have the effect to them, but they completely have the strength to catch the whole lot in a dragnet Elven Race, therefore these Demon Race scouting squads, almost at the same time, have made the same decision, pursues Elven Race. At this time, Elven Race has projected Blood Lightning Bead, Blood Lightning Bead including existence that God Race God Race must fear, do not say that these eight, 9th level Demon Race, although these Demon Race people have been able the blood to explode, but self-exploding needs to prepare, even if their Life Force, by Blood Lightning Bead such formidable existence to attack, could not be borne, at once, the Demon Race scouting squad vanished in airborne, directly by Blood Lightning Bead gasifying. ro! ~!