Dreading of Chapter 755 Demon Race Demon Capital City and between the Yangping cities has very long distance, wish stands in the Yangping city sees Demon Capital City there is impossible, Zhao Hai also passed Space to supervise god these Demon Race, was because of these, therefore Berry of without release scouting, was the don’t know Demon Race there sound, can only remind him by Zhao Hai. Must say that Berry also really supports now does not feel better, he wants to constrain Demon Race, but is inferior to Zhao Hai regarding these different race control ability, therefore he imagines Zhao Hai same command(er) these different race to fight, is almost impossible. But Yangping city here, most suits the army that makes to scout is Elven Race, he command(er) motionless Elven Race, therefore this scouts Yangping city here to have equal to almost not to have. Elven Race looked that listens to the Bass words in the Zhao Hai face, will not listen completely, therefore scouting of Yangping city here has on equal to does not have. However these time is actually the order under Zhao Hai Bass, that the people of life do not give the Bass face, actually does not dare not to give Zhao sea surface, Zhao Hai treats in the different race issue, is very fair, if they were punished by Zhao Hai, not only in their clan will not say anything, instead to may be punishing their one time. Because of this, therefore Elven Race will go to battle with scouting of these Demon Race, moreover wins total victories, besides a small number of several people, other Demon Race people was almost eliminated, the although population is not many, but regarding the Yangping city here soldier, to is a very big promotion. Zhao Hai looks at these Elven Race movements, very delighted, doing of these Elven Race is very good, what most important is, he through this matter, knew 9th level Elven Race strength, how use 9th level Elven Race this issue later, he can also achieve knowing fairly well. Situation that Demon Capital City there Demon Race although don’t know these scout, such that just like Lizzy said that they have gone to the reach a high degree of proficiency situation in control of army, these scout, if several hours do not come back, represented them to have an accident, otherwise that knot will scout not to come back, if came back late, these scouted to probably be punished. Therefore the Demon Race person after presently their scouting to the time had not returned, immediately knows that these scouted, their immediately sent out the Battalion troops to seek for these to scout, finally was anything had not certainly found. These Demon Race person understand, anything had not found, that only then one type of is possible, by Human Race eliminating, Demon Race these person of understand, these that they sent scouted, even if were killed, will not leave behind any knot rope, because they very tragic, Zhao Hai can turn into Undead Creature the person, even if were Zhao Hai has killed in many people, they cannot presently any presently rope.

Because knows this situation, therefore these Demon Race people, will send out the large unit to seek for these to scout, but has sent out the Battalion troops, they do not dare to approach the Yangping city. Obviously these Demon Race people regarding Zhao Hai dreaded that , before enough strength, they will not have gone to Zhao Hai. Motions of Zhao Hai look at these Demon Race people on the screen, looked that they do not have immediately/on horseback to attack Demon Capital City, cannot help but relaxed, reason that this Zhao Hai will make Elven Race go to battle \; first, wants to have a look at Elven Race fighting strength, two are wish lets Demon Race to his dreading, without grasping does not dare to attack. However this situation also has the shortcoming advantageously, Demon Race when has not grasped does not dare to attack absolutely, when they dare to attack, has prepared completely safe, at that time, feared that was Zhao Hai personally goes into action, could not block their attacks. But most feared that is, when the time comes Zhao Hai possibly did not have the means to act, now God Race reinforcement although has not arrived, however all sorts of signs indicated that their reinforcement immediately must arrive. God Race these armies, day and night toward each every military compound assignment commodity, with is also cleaning up Radiant Church each every city, this signs indicated that God Race reinforcement must come. The Zhao Hai look at God Race appearance cannot help but sighed, his really understand, why God Race such did not want to obtain Ark Continent here, God Race there originally was high level plane, properly speaking Ark Continent here what has not been is worth them such doing, but they such have done, God Race had one type of conquer inborn **? Must say that God Race for the Ark Continent here person, this view speaks the truth somewhat cannot be justified, the God Race itself person are many, after their children were born, has the Ark Continent here 8th level level, after growing up, almost arrived at 9th level, practices is God Rank, in this case, will they settle on the Ark Continent here person? Ark Continent here wants to practice to 9th level is very difficult. However Zhao Hai changes mind thinks that these God Race Heavy Armor Cavalry, probably are not God Race the clansman with, after these Heavy Armor ride, each and every one long like wild man, God Race is impossible to have such race, this explained after these Heavy Armor ride, what energy is also God Race Slave Race, has the possibility or Iron Hammer very much their don’t know place, some Slave Race that subdues. This situation is not impossible to live, Iron Hammer they did not have tens of thousands years in God Realm there, tens of thousands years, can live too many matters, what show God Race there has, they are impossible to know.

If these Heavy Armor Cavalry are really one type of Slave Race that God Race subdues, why that Zhao Hai must attack Ark Continent on understand God Race, they also want Ark Continent here, to turn into another Heavy Armor rides the rear guard support the habitat. To be honest, Zhao Hai believes that God Race these fly to ride Light Cavalry possibly are Slave Race that God Race subdues, not in if the words God Race the clansman, how they possibly let these people before has not become God Rank Expert, after turns into Light Cavalry such, must know that the Light Cavalry casualty rate is also very high. If Light Cavalry and Heavy Armor Cavalry are the God Race person in Slave Race that its place do not subdue, that God Race on was too scary, because they subdue the Slave Race place possibly are are not in God Realm, but in other plane. The guess of Zhao Hai is not a point acts according to does not have, Ark Continent here only then nearly less than 10,000 years of history book, but Iron Hammer told Zhao Hai , before was several were grown the matter, at that time Ark Continent can also some people of ascend arrive at God Realm, that explained that the Ark Continent here person at that time was very strong. Moreover Iron Hammer is unlucky, in God Realm there, God Race that Ark Continent here goes, had lived the war with God Race of God Realm native place, their these different race gods have lived the war with the Human Race god, this a few words words do not have anything superficially probably, but you careful one want understand, are many Ark Continent here ascend to the God Realm person, they have been able to form an influence, lived to fight with God Race of God Realm native place. If this is really the case, that also in other words, God Race there, tens of thousands years ago, on some don’t know many Ark Continent God Rank Expert ascend to God Race, in other words, God Race Continent don’t know had how long. God Race there continuously very formidable, after tens of thousands years of show, only formidable, they can invade Ark Continent with this method, can't invade other Continent with this method? If God Race can also invade other Continent with such method, these Heavy Armor Cavalry and Light Cavalry source could also be imagined. This also happen to can explain why God Race must invade Ark Continent, they are think that many colony, is adding on Ark Continent here to have a grudge with them, they naturally must cope with Ark Continent here. Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while look at screen, God Race also in busy, however Zhao Hai worries at heart more and more, sets up some military compounds that from God Race now, their minimum can also send the several ten of millions person toward Ark Continent here, but the Ark Continent here army quantity, in addition feared that will be will not have the several ten of millions person. The Lizzy look at Zhao Hai appearance, in a soft voice said : Elder Brother Hai, do not worry, most at least we now know that Demon Race with God Race is not one group, so long as they are not one group, regarding us is opportunity.”

Zhao Hai nodded, has patted Lizzy hand said : feel relieved, all right, no matter they are one group, we easily in giving up Ark Continent here.” Lizzy nodded, unknowingly, a day passed by, on this day Zhao Hai just got out of bed, Cai'er flies nearby him Young Master to Zhao Hai said :, good information, medicinal herbs to suffice produce one bottle of God Rank Potion, I started produce, moreover in several minutes, Tiny Pagoda has risen to be successful, Young Master must have a look.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : goes, naturally must go, you wait / etc. I.” Said his quickly went into the washroom, fast reorganized the personal hygiene, then runs toward Universal Machine there. Laura they also got up now, they also received same information, they also fast reorganized themselves, immediately goes to Universal Machine there. Laura they like these girls on Continent, a picture makeup on minimum a half hour, sometimes even have not crossed for one hour, they now complete not such custom \; first, because they do not have that time, everyday they are busy from the morning, that has that time class fee on the picture makeup. Two are because they do not need, before they drew the makeup for by themselves attractively, but absolutely does not have that necessity now, their everyday drinks is the water in Space, eats is thing in Space, the skin good to pinch can appear out of the water(water outlet), in this case, they in mark the thick makeup toward their face on, that is looks for the crime to receive absolutely. Due to the two reasons, therefore Laura they almost do not draw the makeup now, but washes the face, then reorganizes under one, wore clean clothes to be OK, was unnecessary regarding them in many dressing, did not need completely. ro! ~!