Chapter 756 has Immortal Cultivator really Zhao Hai and Laura they to Universal Machine nearby time, Tiny Pagoda Level Up only remaining two minutes, but God Rank Potion on nearby Universal Machine just started to process. Zhao Hai look at Universal Machine, frowns to Cai'er said : Cai'er, now is the money in Space sufficient? Later if these medicinal herbs under Magic background can use, money that Space here can produce many God Rank Potion, when the time comes spend is not a small number, Space here feared that doesn't have that much money?” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master not to need to be worried that because of present Space Level Up to seven Level 10, has cleared Magic background, uses medicinal herbs in Magic background to manufacture God Rank Potion, will spend little a lot of money, the money half of spending, only then two hundred thousand gold coins, moreover in Magic back there, I, not only has planted some medicinal herbs, but also has planted many economical crops, these thing, sell toward Space, can sell a lot of money, can definitely achieve self-sufficiently, is adding on because of Magic background medicinal herbs must Advanced level be more than ordinary background medicinal herbs, therefore Universal Machine manufactures the medicinal herbs time. On short many, originally can manufacture Potion with 48 hours, uses medicinal herbs under Magical Medicine-type background, has only been OK with eight hours, therefore later Young Master complete does not need to be worried that Divine Medicine Potion is insufficient.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that this relaxed, after he has not thought of Space Level Up to Magic background, unexpectedly so many advantage. Laura turns the head look at Cai'er said : Cai'er, you may probably keep several Potion to us, I heard after the person arrived at God Rank, the skin can become good, but can also Immortal not be old.” Zhao Hai cannot bear has scratched the cold sweat of forehead, turned the head your present skins to Laura said : to be very good, if your skins because of were good, later I hugged you to fear really could not grasp the too slippery hand.” Laura they cannot bear the face one red, Laura was white Zhao Hai said : few talk nonsense.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master to is not talk nonsense, actually God Rank Potion mainly restores human body energy, making the body cell of person more energetic, will therefore make the person look like young, your several are staying in the Space city daily, cell his vigor did not fear after God Rank Potion strengthens the person, therefore you do use God Rank Potion.” Laura stares, then happy said : real? That said that so long as does not exit in Space, certainly will live compared with outside person for a long time . Moreover the process that ages can also slow.” Cai'er smiles said : is this not wrong, but now Space level is too low, therefore the people have not been able to achieve Immortal not to be old in Space, if can obtain better plants, Space can also Level Up, the life of people be when the time comes longer, even if cannot achieve Immortal, but achieves is not old.” look at Cai'er that Laura their two eyes shines, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at Laura in the eye of their each and every one is dodging green light probably, cannot help but being startled, does he hold arm said : you to do? I told you, if you want to come, I will not agree that I can rebel.” look at Zhao Hai appearance, Laura they cannot help but aerobic, is funny, several people almost simultaneously extended make a move pinched in the waist of Zhao Hai, effort have twisted, twisted a Zhao Hai pitiful yell.

After twisting, Laura snort|hum said : who has then let your talk nonsense eight, Elder Brother Hai, if later we go to God Race or Demon Race, must look for some plants or Magic Beast comes, to let Space Level Up as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai traces own waist, has smiled bitterly next step: When the time was saying that was good, do not think that many, Tiny Pagoda Level Up has completed, has a look at Tiny Pagoda now is any appearance.” Zhao Hai just said that on Universal Machine flash of white light, Tiny Pagoda appears in the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai looked this Tiny Pagoda stayed, this Tiny Pagoda original Zhao Hai has seen now that completely different, originally that Tiny Pagoda all over the body is the black, looks like very strange, but this Tiny Pagoda, looks like is actually almost transparent, looks like a ten thousand years of thick ice color. Laura they also curious look at this Tiny Pagoda, this Tiny Pagoda all over the body is almost the transparent same white, but Tiny Pagoda actually turned into the octagon, moreover in Tiny Pagoda each small corner/horn, wind chimes, but the wind chimes are actually divided, white, green, black, red, yellow and other five colors. Zhao Hai understand, these five colors are representing Five Elements, but these five colors actually arrange according to the Eight Trigrams position, do not divide is, two white, two yellow, two azure|cyan by, red, black, these eight minutes awakes is representing Five Elements attribute that Eight Trigrams is representing, separately is, does( [gold/metal]) to exchange( [gold/metal]) to shake( wood) to( fire) Xun trigram( wood) ridge( water) Gen trigram( earth) Kun( earth), therefore eight wind chimes will have five colors. But in this Tiny Pagoda spire place, is actually a small Yin-Yang fish design, rotation that design probably also keeping, appears mysterious exceptionally. Zhao Hai just handle extended, that Tiny Pagoda on one has flown in the hand of Zhao Hai, in revolving that in his hand keeps, resounding that the Breeze bell in tower also keeps, that sound very delightful, looks like a child in cheerful smiling. Zhao Hai somewhat infatuated look at this Tiny Pagoda, this Tiny Pagoda was really too attractive, he could not bear put out a hand, traces Tiny Pagoda, but made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, this Tiny Pagoda unexpectedly like a child, gently was rocking the tower, has rubbed the hand of Zhao Hai, likely was not a child, with own small head, was rubbing father's hand to be the same. Zhao Hai cannot help but happy, could not bear the horse mind slowly sink to Tiny Pagoda at heart, entered with Tiny Pagoda, immediately had an information to pass to the head of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has gawked, looked at that information, he quickly presently, that information this Tiny Pagoda application method and ability. This Tiny Pagoda ability is very strong, may attack, may defend, attacks, can use the strength of Eight Trigrams, Strength of Five Elements, the strength of Yin-Yang, the strength of Nine Palace, but can also come in handy the sound wave Elf attack method to carry on attack to the enemy, defended was extraordinarier, Tiny Pagoda can turn into one layer protective shield, protected on the body of Zhao Hai, can block physical attack, can attack Spiritual Attack, can block Magic attack, can block the magic arts attack, can block Magical Treasure attack, the defense capability was absolutely strong, But most lets is actually, Tiny Pagoda that Zhao Hai moves can also carry on to swallow attack, so long as covers the clan enemy with Tiny Pagoda, Tiny Pagoda can turns into inside tower energy flesh and blood and soul of enemy, so long as this person in Five Elements, is in Eight Trigrams, cannot escape Tiny Pagoda attack. This has not calculated that Tiny Pagoda can also Strength of Five Elements, the strength of transformation Eight Trigrams be Dark Energy, for the Darkness life form attraction, can Dark Energy, transform into Five Elements energy and Eight Trigrams energy, for the world myriad things attraction, overbearing is unusual.

Knows after this Tiny Pagoda ability, cannot help but laughs, he never expected this Tiny Pagoda strength unexpectedly such. His spiritual force withdrew from Tiny Pagoda, immediately/on horseback said : Artifact Spirit came.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, form appears of person on Tiny Pagoda, this person is not that Zhao Hai sees with the appearance of person he fights, but is a small child sound, puts in one to have the small bellyband of Yin-Yang fish, black hair, the head grips two slightly to grasp with the five colors rope investigates. Zhao Hai saw that this Artifact Spirit cannot help but has gawked, then does complexion change said : „you are Artifact Spirit? Original Artifact Spirit?” That Artifact Spirit returns to the Master words to Zhao Hai said :, original Artifact Spirit turned into pure energy, had been absorbed by me, thing that but Master feel relieved, Artifact Spirit knew, I also know that Master wants to know anything, asked that I was good.” Zhao Hai one happy, nodded said : to call me Young Master, you said that this tower original Master is any background, he came from a world of Immortal Cultivator.” The babies nodded said : are, Young Master, this tower original Master the world from Immortal Cultivator, in that world, is Immortal Cultivator, these Immortal Cultivator rules myriad plane, but this in which small plane that is only they rules.” Zhao Hai stares, then frowns said : they to rule that many plane, why cannot direct descend to this plane on, but sends out projection?” Baby said : returns to Young Master, they rule myriad plane, but is not the direct rule, but lets the people in these positions, Faith they, regard the god same respect them, provides Strength of Faith for them.” Zhao Hai frowns said : „saying that Immortal Cultivator plane level or the minute, were saying why this Strength of Faith uses.” The babies select accordingly said : „ the level division of Immortal Cultivator, is divided into 8th level , 1st level and 2nd level, each level of 12 Stage, 3rd level to 8th level , each level of nine Stage, 1st level is Forged Body Level, this 1st level is mainly exercises Immortal Cultivator **, lets Immortal Cultivator ** formidable, can better study Immortal Arts, second Stage be Qi Refining Level, this Stage mainly practices being eternally grateful of body city, making this air/Qi adjust own body, when repairs on the body some body tempering shortcomings that leaves behind, can use well. The condition studies true Immortal Arts. Third Stage is Foundation Establishment Level, the person of this rank, was true touching to the Immortal Cultivator threshold, can the air/Qi in own body, transform strength/Origin Qi, official start Immortal Cultivator.

Fourth Stage is Gold Core Level, Immortal Cultivator of this rank has been able to achieve 2000 to 3000 life, they can form Gold Core in the body, can make Gold Core help them absorb energy, to Gold Core Stage, they absorbed energy, compared with Foundation Establishment Stage wanted on quick about ten times, moreover can use Gold Core attack, Might was infinite. Fifth Stage is Nascent Soul Stage, Immortal Cultivator of this rank, Gold Core of his within the body will crush, then forms Nascent Soul in within the body, this Nascent Soul leaves Immortal Cultivator himself on equal to, can help the Immortal Cultivator practice, can help Immortal Cultivator absorption energy, can use Advanced level Immortal Arts, can be attached by oneself part of Divine Sense to an object on, turns into projection, even if Immortal Cultivator ** was destroyed, does not have the infant, so long as escapes, can from the new seizing shed from living, before , and that Immortal Cultivator of Young Master war, on is Nascent Soul Stage. Sixth Stage is Divided Spirit Stage, Immortal Cultivator of this rank, he can be branched out many by his Divine Sense, this Divine Sense branches out, is different to Nascent Soul Stage, Nascent Soul Stage Divine Sense branches out, must attach to some Magical Treasure, moreover can only wield own strength about 1/10, but to Divided Spirit Stage, Divine Sense could exist independently, forms status Incarnation, such status Incarnation, with according to own strength, can wield five layers with main body strength generally to six layers about, can attach to some Magical Treasure on, can not use, existed by Divine Sense independently is also.. Seventh Stage is Transcends Tribulation Stage, Immortal Cultivator of this rank, it can be said that in Immortal Cultivator strongest existence, they can Incarnation myriad, each Incarnation be able to use the main body nine layers strength, but their main bodies, actually in comprehend Heavenly Dao of time, prepare to greet Heavenly Tribulation, therefore was called is Transcends Tribulation Stage. Eighth Stage is Immortal Stage, Immortal Stage Immortal Cultivator, is pass through Heavenly Tribulation Immortal Cultivator, the legend they have been able with the Heaven and Earth same longevity, Immortal not to be old, Law of the Heaven and Earth cannot be managing them, therefore said Immortal! ” Speaking of here, the baby caught one's breath, then said : this Strength of Faith, was the Immortal Cultivator essential one type of ability, however general Immortal Cultivator could not use, they could not feel, only then Nascent Soul Stage Immortal Cultivator, has been able to feel Strength of Faith, Strength of Faith not only can help the person practice, but can also promote Immortal Cultivator use Magical Treasure Might, ten points, therefore in Immortal Cultivator there, so long as were Immortal Cultivator who Great Sect came out, almost by the minute to several plane, these plane specially will be given him to collect Strength of Faith, these plane that minute of coming out, general was some compared with Inferior level. Position, the strength of there person, are most Foundation Establishment Stage.” Does Zhao Hai frown said : Immortal Cultivator impossible descend to plane that they rule?” The babies nodded said : not to be impossible, Nascent Soul Stage following Immortal Cultivator, cannot break the Space barrier, only if from the Inferior level plane liter to the Advanced level position, Nascent Soul Stage Expert, cannot break the Space barrier, in cannot be Law of Space extinguishes, even if Transcends Tribulation Immortal Cultivator is not good, to Immortal Stage Immortal Cultivator yes, but Immortal Stage was too difficult to achieve, even if has achieved, he also turned into Law of the Heaven and Earth is part, will not destroy Law of the Heaven and Earth, opened the Space barrier, in destroying Law of the Heaven and Earth.” Zhao Hai one hear, the brow wrinkles was tighter, deep voice said : „, but present here God Race, actually opened the Space barrier using Magic Formation, this is not considered as that destroys Law of the Heaven and Earth?” The babies shook the head said : not to calculate that plane of Immortal Cultivator, refers to big plane, but big plane, is divided into many small plane, Ark Continent that Young Master is, God Realm, Demon Realm, belongs to small plane, innumerable small plane have composed big plane, but this big plane is the Immortal Cultivator rule of normalizing Nascent Soul Stage, in this big plane, there are oneself part of unique Law of the Heaven and Earth, but regarding entire Universe, like this big plane was really too many, what small plane in big plane lived to change, simply cannot affect the change of entire Universe Law of the Heaven and Earth, therefore God Race breaks among the Space barrier with Ark Continent, but tosses about in big plane, is not anything, Law of the Heaven and Earth not any effect on entire Universe.” ro! ~!